Opinions about Fanola Nutri Care

Main advantage:

Its restructuring, conditioning and detangling power, to treat curly and rebellious hair, is its main advantage. To do this, it has a formulation that includes milk protein; thanks to which you could achieve easy-to-comb, silky, hydrated and shiny hair.

Main disadvantage:

The fragrance that this product has may not be pleasant for some sensitive people. However, for many it is a mask with a rich aroma.


Verdict: 9.8/10

It is one of the best-selling masks on the web, given its affordable price, its XL format and its effectiveness as a nourishing and revitalizing treatment.

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Main Features Explained

Brand and utility

Fanola is a renowned Italian brand that stands out in the hair care market. Its prestige is due to the high quality of its products, formulated with high standards and specially designed for professional use; so it is a manufacturer that has earned the trust of many hairdressers and stylists who work with various types of hair.

However, not only professionals will be able to use its high-end products, since its extensive catalog is also easy for anyone to use at home. For this reason, you can now treat your hair at home with professional quality products and obtain the best results.

Although Fanola has a solution for every hair need, among the hair masks offered by this prestigious brand, Fanola Nutri Care stands out; a mask formulated with the purpose of meeting the special requirements demanded by wavy, curly, dry and rebellious hair.


Maintaining control of curly hair is not an easy task, so a care routine is essential to improve its appearance. Curly hair is classified as: curly, wavy and frizzy; each differs based on how tight and dry the curl is.

Wavy hair presents more hydrated and open curls. Likewise, the curly ones show a more marked spiral and with brittle ends; while curly hair reveals small, tight, dense curls with a dry texture. For this reason, regardless of the size or type of curl you have, you need a special treatment to avoid breaking the hair fiber.

In this sense, we present you one of the best hair masks of the moment; Formulated to restructure and deeply nourish curly hair. It is also ideal for treating dry, dull and brittle hair; In addition, it is recommended for those hair that have been subjected to bleaching processes, since it provides softness and extra moisture.


The composition of a hair mask is the most relevant aspect of the product, since its effectiveness in treating various hair problems depends on it. Likewise, the ingredients present in its formula are those that inspire confidence and positive user opinions. For this reason, this Fanola mask has an active ingredient based on a natural ingredient that provides great benefits for the hair: milk protein.

The hair fiber needs a large amount of protein so that its tissues are repaired and grow stronger. This mask, with its enriched formula, nourishes, repairs, hydrates and provides the necessary vitality for healthy hair. Milk protein provides excellent moisturizing power, so this could be the ideal hair product to achieve shiny and hydrated hair.

Going even deeper into the subject, you might be interested to know that milk contains two types of proteins: casein and whey. These elements contain up to 22 different amino acids, they also contain glutamine that favors the growth of the hair follicle; Likewise, it has lipids that are characterized by providing ultra-regenerative properties. Hence its relevant role in the care of wavy hair, especially when it comes to providing restructuring, conditioning, nutrition and detangling power.

Presentation and use

Its presentation is given in a bottle with XL format, so it offers you up to 1500 ml of mask. That is why, given its high performance, it is a recommended product for beauty salons, hairdressers, beauty centers and also for home use; in which case, you will have a bottle with enough to cover several months of treatment. On the other hand, it is a mask that provides a smooth texture and is easy to apply.

The manufacturer advises before using the mask, wash the hair with the restructuring shampoo of the same brand; Remove excess water and apply the mask evenly on the middle and ends. Let it act for a minimum time of 5 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. Finally, you should know that you can use it 2 times a week to enhance its benefits.

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