Opinions about ISDIN Ureadin

Main advantage:

Thanks to the incorporation of a sun protection factor of 20, you will not have limitations to take advantage of all the moisturizing power of this cream, since you can use it during the day, without fear of ultraviolet radiation penetrating your skin.

Main disadvantage:

Because the chemical formula of the cream offers a high level of hydration, it may not be advisable to use it on combination skin, as it would create an unwanted shiny appearance.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a cream with a formula capable of providing intensive hydration to the skin, which will last all day and even longer and prevents the tendency to suffer from dryness.

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Main Features Explained

Active ingredients

ISDIN Ureadin is considered by critics and users to be the best possible moisturizing cream, since, thanks to its combination of active ingredients, it provides the skin with great benefits of nutrition, repair and protection. Among them, vitamin E stands out, which acts directly between the cells, restoring the damage caused in them due to the so-called free radicals, thus helping to prevent the signs of aging. Also, this cream is rich in ceramides, which is a lipid formed by fatty acids, amide bonds and carbons present in the cell membrane.

On the other hand, the natural oil of borage is incorporated into the chemical composition, extracted directly from the seeds of said plant that, for decades, has been used for the preparation of traditional medicines both in the Mediterranean and in Syria, which is its country. originally.

This extract is a source of the fatty acid known as Omega 6, whose function is to restore the hydrolipidic film in the tissues. Finally, this moisturizing cream contains the Urea ISDIN molecule, dermatologically recognized for its ability to retain water within skin tissues. In this way, optimal hydration is achieved. In addition, said ingredient stimulates cell renewal.

method of use

Moisturizing creams are products of great importance in skin care for both men and women, since these products are responsible for providing water and lipids to each of the cells. In this way, a significant nutrition of the complexion is achieved and, at the same time, a noticeable increase in elasticity, softness and shine. All of them, characteristics of healthy skin.

However, to obtain these nourishing and repairing results, it is not only important to have a quality cosmetic cream, but also to be consistent with its daily application. Otherwise, the results will not be as desired and we will end up blaming the manufacturing laboratory.

Regarding the method of using the Ureadin moisturizing cream, you should apply small amounts of the product to the “T” zone, cheekbones, arch of the face, neck and décolleté. To do this, you must distribute the cream using gentle touches made with the ring finger, which is the one with the least force and, therefore, will cause a low impact on the skin. As far as possible, you should try to ensure that all these movements made during the placement of the product are from the center of the face and neck outwards, that is, towards the sides.

sun protection factor

The deterioration suffered by the ozone layer in recent decades is no secret to anyone, which leads us to be an easy target for UVA and UVB rays. This type of radiation is absorbed daily by our skin, penetrating the epidermis and dermis. As a consequence, a series of harmful effects are generated that can range from the premature aging of cells to suffering from melanoma, which is a well-known type of skin cancer. These radiations from the sun are two of the main causes of skin lesions throughout the world.

For these reasons, it is important to protect the skin at all times and apply treatments to it that create a barrier against this type of rays. In this sense, the Ureadin cream is a good alternative, which deeply nourishes the skin and at the same time incorporates a sun protection factor number 20.

This means that 10 minutes after application, you will be safe from sun damage for at least three hours. It is a cosmetic product that, according to the opinions of the buyers, is quite effective, is easily absorbed, does not leave a sticky sensation like some protectors and has a really competitive price.

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