Opinions about Jean Paul Gaultier Le male

Main advantage:

Its appeal lies in the combination of floral, amber essences and oriental spices to form a unique and easily recognizable fragrance. Without forgetting that its notes evoke sensuality, masculinity and leave a pleasant trail for several hours. 

Main disadvantage:

It can be said that the olfactory notes of this perfume are appropriate for warm climates, because if it is used in cold times its wake can be heavy. However, it is a very subjective element and varies according to each user.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a perfume with 25 years of experience and one of the most popular by Jean Paul Gaultier for highlighting masculinity with a fusion of unique olfactory notes. 

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Main Features Explained

captivating scent

Jean Paul Gaultier’s perfumes are a representation of that rebellious child personality that the designer has conveyed in his irreverent and controversial collections that have been so successful, which is why he decided to merge his designer work and his innovative perfume lines.

In this sense, since 1995 the perfume for men Le Male became an emblematic fragrance to represent the daring and sexy man, evoking the concept of the sailor who arrived at the ports and who could not go unnoticed among women.

For this reason, the olfactory notes that are perceived at the beginning of the application of this perfume are bergamot and cardamom as well as artemisia and mint with a spicy touch. From this combination you can perceive the mixture of lavender with orange blossom and the presence of cumin with cinnamon are accentuated in the heart of the perfume.

From this fusion of feminine and masculine elements derives the sensuality of the fragrance, being unique in its category, which has served to establish itself as one of the best perfumes, according to its users.

On the other hand, as a top note, the fragrance becomes sweeter and more woody, giving way to amber, sandalwood and cedar, softened by vanilla, thus achieving that oriental touch of tonka bean. 

masculine packaging

The exquisite and sensual designs that distinguish Jean Paul Gaultier are also evident in Le Male’s packaging, which has been crafted with close attention to every detail. 

It should be noted that this container that characterizes Le Male was designed in the 90s and emulates the fun bottles of the 30s and 40s, thus moving away from the minimalist trend of the time to adopt the shape of a well-defined and sensual male torso., dressed in a striped shirt like that of an attractive sailor.

The combination of blue tones makes this perfume stand out visually, while the creative concept of the design tries to reflect the narcissistic and sensual image of French sailors.

On the other hand, this model presents another difference with respect to conventional perfumes and that is that the cardboard box is replaced by a cylindrical can with the name in relief and a very nice shiny finish. 

Likewise, the different versions of this perfume have been signed by the perfumer of the original fragrance Francis Kurkdjian, the best known being the 2007 Fleur du Mâle with notes of fern, coumarin and petit grain in a totally white bottle; and the 2013 Le Beau Mâle version in which notes of peppermint, sage and lavender are perceived. 

Path and preference

With the more than 20 years that this perfume has been on sale, its price has varied due to its popularity, and although it has tried to be imitated by other brands, users express in their opinions that Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is a fragrance unique and special, easy to distinguish by its characteristic notes.

This perfume is a good option to give to an attractive, sensual and self-confident man, whose personality is noticed wherever he goes, so this fragrance will be the best reflection of his seductive spirit and indomitable masculinity.

The duration of this perfume on the skin is another of the reasons why users prefer it, since its longevity is wide and the projection too, so it is recommended to apply it in strategic points so that the skin absorbs it better and lasts longer..

Consequently, the chest, back, neck and joints should be the central focus for using the perfume and to form a unique and unmistakable aromatic layer. 

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