Opinions about Kenzo Flower

Main advantage:

The duration of this perfume is long, without being overwhelming, since the olfactory note is floral with oriental origin, being fresh and delicate, with a soft scent of talcum powder. This combination favors the contemporary and minimalist character to represent femininity today. 

Main disadvantage:

The use of different types of flowers, mainly violets, may be little admired by those who prefer more fruity fragrances. However, its trail is suitable for daily use due to the moderate intensity offered by each note. 

Verdict: 9.4/10

It is a floral perfume with accentuated notes of violet, highlighted by its sweetness, modernity and with almost 20 years on sale it is valued positively by its users.

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Main Features Explained

flowers and more flowers

The name of this perfume is definitely a reflection of its olfactory notes, a combination of different types of flowers together with fruit essences and resins.

The perfumer who signed this fragrance is the renowned Spanish Alberto Morillas who was in charge of creating one of the most representative perfumes of the new millennium for the Kenzo brand. This is how Flower was launched in 2000 with the intention of rescuing the traditional essence of violet to show it with a more contemporary touch, standing out for its femininity, sweetness and delicacy.

Initially, notes of blackcurrant, mandarin, Bulgarian rose and hawthorn can be perceived. But, in the heart, jasmine, rose and Parma violet are accentuated, a vintage yet fluid combination that avoids forming an ornate and old-fashioned trail. On the contrary, this fusion of flowers increases its attractiveness without losing its simplicity.

Finally, incense and vanilla sit at the bottom of the fragrance along with white musk to keep the sweetness going until the end of the trail. It is precisely that spring sensation that is perceived in the first notes and that later becomes warmer that gives this perfume versatility to be used at any time of the year, being considered one of the best feminine perfumes on the market.

Design and aesthetics

For women, perfumes, in addition to smelling great, must have an attractive and pretty image that invites them to try the fragrance. Well, if we are sure of one thing, it is that most women are very visual, that is, if a product does not catch their attention, it is very unlikely that they will be interested in trying it. 

Similarly, many of the women who have an affinity for wearing different types of fragrances also enjoy collecting their bottles, or at least keeping them on the dresser to make them more visible while they are within reach, and that is why brands care about offer beautiful, striking and elegant designs. 

In this sense, we can highlight the minimalist design of the Kenzo Flower bottle devised by the glass sculptor Serge Mansau, who has worked for different brands such as Givenchy, Dior, Lancome, among others. 

For Flower, the French sculptor opted for a slender bottle with a slender, slightly curved silhouette that is completely transparent, whose main attraction is the poppy flower displayed in different positions depending on the presentation of the perfume: 30, 50 and 100 ml. Clearly, the price varies depending on the size chosen. 

For its part, the perfume box maintains the same minimalist style in white and the color focus is given by the imposing poppy flower in red and green. 

Longevity and seasons

According to the opinions of the users, this perfume has a very marked presence without overwhelming, its longevity is wide, resulting in just a few sprays for several hours of duration. 

Its strong character is pleasant for most people, however, the body chemistry of others can affect the fragrance, making it more acute and loaded with musk, so its daily use would be alternated for special occasions, since the elegance that characterizes this perfume well it can complement a formal outfit for a dinner or a romantic date. 

For its part, the ambiguous sensation that the combination of flowers offers makes this fragrance suitable for use in spring and summer. But, there are those who prefer to use it in the fall as well. Again, it is a subjective point that varies according to the preferences of each user.

What many women who use this perfume do agree on is that its application cannot be abused, that is to say that it should be used in moderation because otherwise the effect generated can be totally opposite to what is expected, being even overwhelming for people. that surround you, due to the smell of talc that is perceived in the fragrance. 

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