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Everything you need to know about Locerin

The lack of shine in the hair, the loss of volume and the fragility of the filaments that make up the hair are not always problems associated with a poor choice of shampoo. Sometimes, those who suffer from hair loss do so because they do not ingest the necessary vitamins and elements in their diet to effectively nourish the follicles. Therefore, despite spending money on cosmetic products, it is not possible to completely stop the problem.

In this sense, if you are wondering what Locerin is for, we can affirm that it is an easy-to-use product, whose active ingredients are of proven efficiency, and that it stimulates the blood supply of the scalp, so that, day by day, get the nutrients you need. In this way, the hair manages to stay healthy and improve its appearance. Also, Locerin is responsible for providing substances such as silica, zinc and very specific plant extracts to give new life to the mane.

Best of all, Locerin is an alternative that you can buy online, without intermediaries and at a cheap price, something that contrasts with other products that are purchased in pharmacies and have a high cost. 

On the other hand, it is a product recommended by women who have already used it, who noticed a clear difference between before and after taking the treatment. The opinions, left in some beauty forums and on the brand’s own page, are a reference of its effectiveness, therefore, it is convenient to take them into account when you want to improve the general appearance of the hair, but attacking its underlying problems.

The best prices – How to buy Locerin

It is very rare that in pharmacies you find interesting offers related to hair wellness or, well, they are limited to certain special times. In addition, when purchasing products in stores such as Mercadona, Amazon or an herbalist, there is always the problem that the supply will depend on the decisions of the company that sells it. 

In this context, a more efficient method of purchasing an original product is directly from the manufacturer. In this way, you avoid intermediaries and can have access to more attractive offers. With this, you do not have to invest a large amount of money to achieve the results you expect.

This is just the way you can get the Locerin formula. You just have to access their site and buy online, with the additional advantage of receiving the product in the comfort of your home and discreetly.

Below, we show you the packages that Locerin offers at the moment, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget. However, you should keep in mind that the treatment works best when done for more than a month.

Presentation Duration Price
Optimal package: 3 boats + 3 free 6 months €147
Standard Package: 2 bottles + 1 free 3 months €98
Basic Package: 1 bottle 1 month €49

As you can see, you will have the opportunity to acquire enough product to notice the results and even share it with a friend who is also interested in improving the health of her hair.

What are the benefits of Locerin for your hair

Locerin is not considered to be a cosmetic product. Therefore, its effect is not to smooth or cover the imperfections of the hair, momentarily, so that it has a better appearance for a few hours. Instead, it is a very complete formulation, which brings together natural extracts from various plants, as well as vitamins and minerals, in the right amount. Due to this, it helps to promote the production of hair from its root. Also, it strengthens each follicle and gives greater elasticity to the filaments that make up the hair, not forgetting to mention that it is capable of promoting growth. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that the opinions regarding its use are positive, because the notable improvement in appearance comes from a real health that is favored every day by consuming the product.

In this sense, by ingesting Locerin twice a day, the body assimilates the substances contained in the pills and is responsible for taking them to the place where they are most needed. In this way, your hair will have a constant and sufficient supply so that the results are gradually noticeable and the hair looks shinier, healthier, grows longer and the damage caused by daily styling is reduced.

In the same way, it can prevent its fall, which is achieved, after several months of use, a more abundant, strong hair and, even, with a lower percentage in the appearance of gray hair.

How Locerin works

Locerin works in favor of hair growth and health by deeply nourishing the root of the follicles. Thus, the hair does not suffer from deficiencies, which allows it to continue its normal process and fulfill the functions for which it was created. Therefore, with the disciplined intake of the pills, in the recommended dose, the difference between before and after starting to take the product can be noticed. The hair acquires a greater shine, is less brittle and has a notable increase in its length, without the ends splitting.

The best thing is that the active ingredients of the product will not only benefit the hair, but also the general health, since they are substances that the body needs every day. In this way, even the nails and skin could improve their appearance.

In order to notice the effects, it will be necessary to ingest the treatment for at least a couple of weeks. However, the best effects will be noticeable after several months, so you will need to be consistent and disciplined to avoid skipping shots. 

Likewise, it is a safe product that does not require a prescription and is cheap, when compared to other treatments that claim to transform the hair in just a few sessions, but without attacking the underlying problems.

How to take Locerin correctly

Locerin is indicated for use by women only and is therefore not recommended for use in male hair loss. 

On the other hand, ingesting the formulation is a very simple project, given its presentation in pill form. They should only be ingested twice a day, at the rate of one per dose, and accompany it with 300 ml of water. Likewise, the tablets have an easy-to-swallow format and no perceptible taste, so there are no inconveniences related to their presentation.

In other important aspects, it is worth knowing that each container contains 60 capsules, which will be enough to complete a month of treatment.

Locerin – Ingredients

A formulation to treat hair problems has to be made up of ingredients that have shown their effectiveness. In this sense, the laboratory that has developed Locerin has included the following extracts and substances that we invite you to review.

Biotin: It is a vitamin directly associated with hair growth, which is involved in the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Due to this, it is beneficial to give greater elasticity to the hair, preventing the strands from breaking with daily handling. Among the capillary systems that benefit from biotin are the roots and the tissues that surround them. In addition, it also increases the oxygenation of the hair bulb.

Zinc: Those who suffer from hair loss need to increase their intake of this substance. It is an important trace element that fights bacteria and viruses that can attack the scalp and strengthens the immune system. By including it in Locerin, the appearance of diseases that are responsible for hair loss is reduced.

Alfalfa: It is well known that this vegetable is very rich in proteins and vitamins, therefore, it is helpful when you want to contribute to hair growth. Among many functions, it benefits the blood supply and this helps nutrients reach the root of the hair.

Silica: When silica levels are low, the appearance of gray hair increases. Therefore, by consuming it in the right proportion, you can maintain healthy and young hair. In addition, it helps to give shine to the hair.

Nettle: A hair with volume always attracts the attention of the eyes. The nettle present in Locerin takes care of this. Similarly, its vitamins and essential oils strengthen the roots and strengthen the hair.

After having analyzed these ingredients, it is not uncommon to find positive opinions left on forums about this product.

Locerin – Side Effects

If the recommended dose is followed, that is, take two capsules daily, there are no records of any type of unfavorable reaction. However, if you know that you are sensitive to any of the components of the formula or, for any medical indication, the intake of biotin is not recommended, you should consult your doctor beforehand.


After analyzing the composition of Locerin and the reviews that have been left of it in the forums, we can conclude that it is a product capable of offering positive results for those who seek to improve the appearance of hair from its composition and structure. In addition, thanks to the fact that it can be purchased online, directly on the manufacturer’s site, there are no authenticity problems.


Likewise, it is a product with a cheap price, compared to other hair treatments, so we recommend you take it into account.

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