Opinions about Mac Prep Prime

Main advantage:

The application of this primer from the Mac brand translates into a visible reduction in redness on the face, providing greater luminosity and improving the tone. Its gel texture greatly facilitates its use.

Main disadvantage:

The price is the most prominent drawback, as it is by far the most expensive cosmetic on the list of recommendations.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This primer is an ideal cosmetic for any skin type, so it will become your best ally. Many users no longer conceive their beauty routine without the application of this Mac product that makes the face look better than ever.

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Main Features Explained


Primers are cosmetics that are responsible for preparing the skin of the face to subsequently apply makeup. Their mission is, in this sense, fundamental, since they unify the tone of the skin so that it more conveniently receives the cosmetics that will come later. Hence, it is also known as primer.

But this is not its only job, as it is a beauty product known for its enormous benefits for the skin. In particular, this Mac brand primer offers several advantages, such as the fact that it reduces skin redness by around 14%. And speaking of unifying, it evens out skin tone by 20%.

The luminosity of the face is also favored with the use of Mac primers. All this without causing acne, one of the main enemies of the face. Seeing all these benefits, we can understand why most opinions about this primer are positive.

Formula and texture

The quality of a primer responds, how could it be otherwise, to its formula. Hence, this Mac cosmetic is a leader in the field. Its composition is based on different silicones whose purpose is to provide special effects to the face and all kinds of benefits, such as those seen above.

This is a primer with a light gel texture that greatly facilitates its application. Being a gel, you can enjoy a pleasant sensation of freshness that will remain on your face for several hours. Another great advantage is that it has a non-greasy texture, so you won’t have to worry about it.

For all these reasons, this cosmetic manages to improve the application of the makeup base, as well as the powder. Not in vain, for the skin to accept and enable a more lasting makeup, it is essential that it is in optimal conditions, something that a primer will take care of doing.


Ease of use is one of the most outstanding qualities of this Mac cosmetic. It is worth mentioning, first of all, that it is a lotion indicated for all skin types, which means that it adapts to the requirements of both oily and mixed, dry or sensitive.

To enjoy its benefits, the first thing is to spread this primer all over your face, although you can also apply it only to strategic areas. It should be applied right after moisturizer and before foundation – this is the correct order.

To spread it over the face and make it uniform, you can do it with the fingertips giving small touches or also use a specific brush or sponge. Carry out this process without haste and you will obtain the desired effect in just a few minutes. Thus, your skin will be ready to receive the makeup session.


The packaging is another aspect to which we must pay attention. It is a black bottle with a very sober design that incorporates a small dispenser. You will have to press it slightly to obtain the desired amount of product. Of course, it is accompanied by a cap so that the first one does not accidentally come out in the toiletry bag or during transfers.

This container has 30 ml of content. In relation to the price of this first one, it is higher than the rest of the models on the list of recommendations, although its quality is also very high. Who has tried it, repeat.

All these qualities make this product one of the best primers on the market. There is no discussion worth. Especially since it is an article that is endorsed by a brand of recognized prestige and experience in the sector, as is the case of Mac. This Canadian firm has been providing beauty solutions that make a difference for more than 30 years.

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