Opinions about Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless

Main advantage:

This makeup base is responsible for concealing the pores and mattifying the skin, so that you get rid of the tedious shine. The result is uniform and, above all, natural, being a product suitable for both combination and oily skin.

Main disadvantage:

Among the ingredients, we identify titanium dioxide, an element that is currently in question.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A product that enjoys a great value for money, so you can show off a more beautiful and cared for face without damaging your pocket. In addition, it is available in more than a dozen shades.

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Main Features Explained


One of the fundamental requirements that any makeup base must meet is that it suits our skin tone. Not in vain, the ideal is that the finish is as natural as possible. In relation to this Maybelline brand product, this is not a problem since it comes in more than a dozen shades. In this way, surely it is not difficult to identify a base that fits your face.

In the case at hand, we must talk about the 120 Classic Ivory shade, a medium shade that will go like a glove with your skin, as long as it is neither too light nor too dark.

To find out if it is exactly the shade of foundation that you need, professionals in the world of cosmetics always recommend trying it on the side of the face or on the neck and not on the back of the hand, as we have always seen.

Type of skin

One of the main advantages, according to some opinions of this makeup base, is that it is ideal for combination and oily skin. This is a very interesting feature, as this class of skins always seems to have a hard time identifying the right product.

As you well know, combination and oily skin has a somewhat oily texture and tends to suffer from unsightly shine. Hence, any cosmetic on the market will not work for them, since they should always look at more specific makeup bases.

In this case, the packaging already makes it very clear, so there is no room for doubt. This product is presented as a fluid cosmetic that is responsible for erasing shine thanks to a matte finish, but not only that, because it also hides small imperfections on the face. So if your skin is oily, you just found the best makeup base on the market.


Not only the price of this makeup base is highly valued among users, but also the coverage it offers. It is normal that, when purchasing one of these items, our desire is to select one that covers the imperfections of our face, so that we look perfect for longer.

This objective is effectively fulfilled by this cosmetic, capable of eliminating not only shine, but also pores, thanks to the fact that it is endowed with erasing micro-powders. The result is a makeup base that adapts to your skin tone, but also to your requirements.

But in addition to providing maximum coverage, it is worth mentioning that it offers a matte and uniform finish. In this way, your complexion will look homogeneous and ready for any event. In addition to this, it provides a very natural finish that will allow you to show off your best face without looking like you’re wearing excessive makeup. Without a doubt, an indisputable all-in-one.


We are also struck by its texture of this makeup base. The type of texture that a cosmetic with these characteristics has will be directly related to the application and finish.

Specifically, the texture of this model is fluid and light and, therefore, very easy to apply. You can do this with a small sponge or a brush, depending on your preferences. You will immediately notice that it spreads without complications and, best of all, it fits perfectly with your skin.

While hiding shine and imperfections, it restores a very pleasant texture to your skin. In short, it is a makeup base that, in a 30 ml container, spreads more than it seems. You will not need to spread a lot of product to obtain that long-lasting and beautiful result that you expect. Users point out that it lasts for several hours without the need for retouching, so you won’t have to worry about anything else.

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