Opinions about Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream

Main advantage:

Available in a good number of shades, this BB cream will allow you to say goodbye to the imperfections on your face. Its formula based on botanical ingredients is accompanied by moisturizing and soothing properties.

Main disadvantage:

It is possible that the light texture of this cream offers a somewhat grayish result on the skin of some users.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are looking for a very complete BB cream at an unbeatable price, then this is the model you need. Enjoy an anti-stain, anti-wrinkle result and, in addition, sun protection.

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Main Features Explained


The effectiveness of BB creams is defined by their composition. Observing the ingredients of this model, we will immediately understand that we are facing a very complete model. Its formula contains extracts of rosemary and chamomile. These substances are mostly known for providing a calming effect on the skin.

In the second instance, we see that it also contains Gatuline RC. It is an active ingredient that is extracted from beech shoots and is known in the world of cosmetics for its regenerative properties.

Another highly valued ingredient that users praise in the opinions of this BB cream is hyaluronic acid, noted for its moisturizing properties. This component, thus, is responsible for nourishing the skin of the face in depth, leaving it much more elastic and cared for. Lastly, the composition includes ceramides, elements that help reinforce the skin’s natural barrier, isolating it from external aggressions and free radicals. Overall, we can say that it is the best BB cream of the moment.

3 in 1

A quality that does not go unnoticed of this product is its multifunctional nature. Not in vain, the firm Missha proudly boasts of BB cream 3 in 1. This means that it offers your skin three benefits in a single product. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

First of all, it is an anti-stain fluid. This feature is one of the most applauded by users, as it makes the skin look uniform and keeps imperfections at bay. Say yes to a much more homogeneous face.

Second, we came across an anti-wrinkle BB cream. Thanks to its formula, it is an effective cream in the fight against these first signs of aging. If you are worried about wrinkles, with this model you can forget about the problem.

In the third instance, it is a fluid that draws attention for incorporating a sun protection factor. Specifically, it has SPF 42, so that your skin will be protected from radiation.


In addition to the price of this BB cream, which is obvious for not being high at all and, on the contrary, suitable for any pocket, another of its most interesting qualities is that it is available in different shades.

Surely more than once it has happened to you that you had identified the best cosmetic to solve your beauty needs, but unfortunately it was not the right one for your skin tone. Well, this will never be a problem in the case of this BB cream from Missha, since it comes in more than half a dozen shades.

To choose the appropriate one, examine what your skin tone is like, so that you find the most similar shade. You decide if you prefer the lighter color or honey, gold, caramel or natural. You have the last word to see yourself splendid.

How to use

Lastly, it is essential to refer to the method of application of this 50 ml content BB cream. Following the step by step is decisive for you to achieve the desired results, which is why you have to be very aware of the manufacturer’s instructions.

To start the application, the first thing is to carry out basic skin care as usual, that is, wash your skin with a specific cleanser and apply a toner, if applicable. Then, pour a certain amount of product on the tips of your fingers, in order to apply it evenly.

Spread well all over the face, until you get the desired effect. In the opinion of the manufacturer, you can finish the application using face powder. Also, remember that you do not need to apply sunscreen, because, as we mentioned before, it is included in the formula. As you can see, you don’t have to be an expert to show off a radiant complexion in just a few steps and with a product that is as practical as it is economical.

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