Opinions about Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Main advantage:

The freshness of this fragrance is defined by the notes of orange blossom and osmanthus, so it is a delicate and very subtle perfume for discreet women who want to delicately perceive their femininity, which is why it is appropriate for daily use. 

Main disadvantage:

It is not an intense perfume that is easily perceived, on the contrary, they are subtle olfactory notes. So if you are used to intense fragrances, this may not be the one for you.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a very delicate floral perfume, its fragrance is not intoxicating. However, it maintains a good level of hold, so many women use it on a daily basis. 

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Main Features Explained

olfactory notes

There is no doubt that the usefulness of perfumes goes unnoticed by some people. However, we can say that a woman feels more self-confident when she knows that she looks good and that she smells good. 

In this sense, the designer Narciso Rodríguez decided to create a feminine fragrance full of subtlety and charm, which does not ignore the woman’s sensuality, but rather keeps it discreet thanks to the combination of orange blossom, amber and honey, together with the musk; and thus For Her was born.

The sensation of clean and fresh skin that this fragrance gives, according to the opinions of its users, is due to the woody notes of musk, and although it is synthetic, its aroma feels natural, especially with the combination of vanilla and rose oil that increases its attractiveness. 

For its part, the orange blossom brings freshness to the perfume, helping to highlight the sweetness of the osmanthus notes at the entrance of the fragrance, which also has subtle transitions throughout its fixation. 

In this way, you can delicately perceive the orange blossom together with the sweet olive tree, a name by which the osmanthus is also known, to later give way to amber and, finally, feel the subtle notes of musk. 


With the intention of remaining in time as an ethereal perfume and suitable for different female generations, the bottle has been designed with discreet lines and a minimalist style by Nathalie Helloin, in which the pink lacquer stands out from the inside. of the container.

To contrast, the letters on the bottle are black, as is the box, also in black, an extremely elegant tone and with a delicate finish thanks to the pink letters.

It should be noted that this fragrance is also available as an eau de toilette and the colors of the bottle and the box are completely inverted from those of the eau de parfum, in this way you will be able to clearly identify which fragrance to purchase and the price to pay. 

In terms of quantity, this perfume is available in a 50 ml and a 100 ml presentation, both bottles with spray, in addition to a complete personal care line with the fragrance that includes deodorant, shower gel, body cream, among others. 

On the other hand, it is important to note that there are several versions and limited editions of this perfume, as well as the fragrance of the same line for men, so you can try the different combinations and choose your favorite to use as your favorite perfume. 

Inspiration and popularity

For many users, For Her by Narciso Rodríguez has been one of the best perfumes for more than a decade, as the designer was inspired by the self-confident woman, who is discreet but does not go unnoticed due to her successes and achievements.

For this reason, since 2003 this perfume was launched for those women who know how to maintain a balance between work and family life, who are looking for a subtle but captivating fragrance that represents their personality and that they can use daily without intoxicating people’s sense of smell. that surround her. 

In this sense, the For Her perfume gained a lot of popularity to project the success of Narciso Rodríguez as a perfumer and designer, increasing his recognition in the fashion world for combining these two works and for his haute couture designs to complement his fragrances for highlight the femininity that, in the end, is the greatest inspiration of this designer of Cuban origin. 

In short, this perfume is a good complement if you want to transmit sensuality without being aggressive, a way of being sexy and discreet at the same time, that is, the elegant combination that will make you feel prettier wherever you go, and that due to the intensity of its aroma, you can use it daily. 

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