Opinions about Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Play FPS 50+

Main advantage:

It is a product that offers the extra protection that children’s delicate skin needs given its special sensitivity. There are 300 ml of a formula that creates a highly protective barrier against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Main disadvantage:

When spraying the product, try not to let it fall directly on the swimsuits so they don’t get stained. Failure to do so could create yellow spots, particularly on those with a white background.

Verdict: 9.3/10

It is not a common sunscreen, but one with all the necessary components for the soft and fine skin of young children.

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Main Features Explained

Children’s sunscreen 

Given the current environmental conditions on the planet, pediatricians and dermatologists strongly recommend protecting children’s skin from sunlight. However, thinking that the same protector you use will serve your little one is not the best idea. Compared to adults, their skin requires extra protection and it becomes more important when you decide to walk to the beach or pool. 

In general, apart from a dip in the waves, little ones enjoy playing in the sand losing track of time, which is why Nivea brings this great protector for children that will defend their skin from UVA and UVB rays while they play. You will see how, by applying its 50+ protection factor to all areas of your body that are uncovered and directly exposed to the sun, there will be no skin damage from redness and burns that later produce an annoying burning sensation. 

So if you are one of those who is serious about taking care of their children when it comes to letting them play in the sun, then this is the ideal option to select. You can be sure that both the filter system for solar rays and its extra resistance to water offer one of the highest and most complete protections offered on the market for these small users.


If you are wondering how this product manages to be among one of the best sun creams for children, the overall composition created by its important ingredients is the reason. In addition to its FP 50+ of immediate and effective action, it has components that do not neglect the delicate texture of the skin of the little ones. It is formulated to function as a long-lasting, deep-acting moisturizer.

For this, panthenol and vitamin E are the protagonists of this moisturizing. Panthenol, for its part, is a very powerful vitamin that provides its ability to stimulate skin regeneration, and vitamin E, in addition to being a great antioxidant, becomes a natural barrier for the skin against UV rays. All together, it produces a composition of elements so beneficial and harmless in children that it is risk-free for frequent application, creating one of the most advanced care protectors for delicate children’s skin. 

Beyond all this, it is a product that will not have negative side effects on the health of children or the marine ecosystem. Neither oxybenzone nor octinoxate is used in its preparation, so it is considered a product that also respects the environment and marine life.

spray gun

Nivea offers in its creams a variety of containers to choose from. So you can select the format that seems most convenient and practical. This presentation, in particular, comes with a spray gun that, in addition to being fun, is an easy and quick way to apply it. The light formula of this protector makes it perfect in texture both to spray and to be absorbed throughout the entire area where it is applied. 

The best sun creams for children also take care that they feel comfortable when it is applied to their bodies. There are no people more sincere than the little ones, so they will frankly show you their pleasure or discomfort when applying a product that they do not feel comfortable with. 

You should shake the can, apply the sunscreen and let it absorb into the skin before allowing your child to be out in the sun. Repeat each time you towel dry him or notice that he has sweated a lot. In short, the opinions about this protector describe it with a more than ideal price, container format, formula and brand support to make it a very good purchase.

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