Opinions about Philips hp8232/00

Main advantage:

This Hair Dryer has a ThermoProtect temperature setting and ionic care, to give the user more natural results, thanks to both its nozzles, which allow shaping, and the different speed settings incorporated in its design.


Main disadvantage:

Its power may not be the highest among the devices, when compared to a professional hair dryer, so its use is more recommended for those users with less abundant hair.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a practical model that has a good rating on the web, both for its functional design and for the trust that the brand provides.

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Main Features Explained



Functionality and optimal performance is the most important feature when choosing the best hair dryer and these qualities are present in the Philips hp8232/00, as it is a dryer that offers great features in its various functions. For example, we can highlight that it is a device equipped with ThermoProtect technology, which provides quick drying of the hair and without the need to overheat it excessively, since it protects the hair and scalp from mistreatment, since the air flow does not exceed 57ºC. For this reason, you will be able to find the letters TP on its handle that allow you to use this function in a simple way.

Likewise, it has the ionic care function, a negative ion technology that prevents hair from frizzing and greatly reduces the drying period. In addition, it intensifies the shine, softens and conditions the hair, having favorable results, such as an attractive hairstyle.

On the other hand, this electromagnetic device complies with the quality of having cold air shot, which is why some users, among their opinions, comment that it is very useful for shaping hairstyles and giving the final touches. To activate this function, it has an easy access button located on its handle.

brand and power

Currently there are many brands of hair dryers and one of the market leaders is the Philips brand. This Dutch company, with more than 100 years of experience, has an extensive catalog of products, among which its personal care and beauty line stands out. In addition, it is present in more than 100 countries.

In this same order of ideas, it must be added that Philips dryers have earned the trust of many people and are increasingly valued, due to their qualities that facilitate their use regardless of the hair that each user has. In the specific case of the Philips HP8232 model, we can say that it is a dryer that allows you to change your look according to your preferences, style or fashion and for this, it has professional-level power, thanks to its 2200 W motor; so you’ll get plenty of airflow with enough power to get good results.

Likewise, it is easy to use, since it has a selector with 6 positions that allows adjustment of both the heat and the power of the air. Due to its combination of power and speed, styling and drying your hair will be easier and faster than using a conventional hair dryer. So you can have your hair ready and groomed every morning and without delay.

design and accessories

If we focus on its appearance, we can see that it has an elegant and subtle design, very comfortable to use. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle so that its grip does not provide difficulty for drying hair. On the other hand, this product has a price that many users are attracted to, due to its distinguished model and the features it has.

A hair dryer is a device that is naturally exposed to heat, a factor that can affect its appearance if it is not made of robust materials. In this sense, it should be noted that the model is made with ABS-type materials, a plastic resistant to impact and to the temperatures generated by the dryer itself. On the other hand, its structure has a matte white color with glossy finishes, which emits a radiant effect on its casing. Also, it provides a practical ring to hang it comfortably, which facilitates its storage.   

Likewise, it has dimensions of 10 x 22 x 31 centimeters, with an approximate weight of 839 grams, which makes it a robust dryer but at the same time easy to maneuver. In addition, it provides a 1.8-meter power cord, which provides good mobility for styling.

To adapt the device to the needs of your hair, the Philips hp8232/00 hair dryer provides two useful accessories such as an asymmetrical volume diffuser to be used on wavy hair, which allows a flow of moderate hot air for a efficient drying. It also has a 14 mm fine nozzle to give your hair shape and better finishing precision.

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