Opinions about SESDERMA C-Vit

Main advantage:

The most notable feature of this product is that it includes vitamin C among its ingredients. For this reason, you have at your disposal an eye contour with a triple effect: antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and depigmenting.

Main disadvantage:

There are those who may find its texture a bit greasy, although this perception will depend on the user.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you feel that your facial skin lacks light and is visibly fatigued for some time now, you may need a quality eye cream. In this small 15ml tube, you have everything you need to restore radiance.

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Main Features Explained


The hydration and skin protection that the eye contours promise are defined by their composition. In the case at hand, it is a model that has very interesting active ingredients.

First of all, we note that it includes sweet orange extract, which means that it is a source of vitamin C. For its part, ascorbyl glucoside is a soluble derivative of this vitamin. Its mission is to enhance the effect that this substance has on the skin of our face. As you know, vitamin C has antioxidant properties, which translates into a much smoother and more resistant skin. Similarly, it inhibits the production of melanin in order to make the skin tone look more homogeneous.

Another ingredient that we identify in the formula of this eye contour is sweet clover extract. The virtues of this substance are numerous. For example, the fact that it reduces dark circles and their characteristic dark tone, as well as that it removes the action of free radicals and strengthens connective tissue.


The effectiveness of this product is proven in the opinions of users about this eye contour. This cosmetic is one of the great forgotten in the beauty routine, although its benefits are endless. If you would like to get rid of dark circles and eye bags, there is no doubt that you need to use this Sesderma brand model.

This cream not only eliminates these common inconveniences typical of the passing of the years, but also prevents the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet. In short, it is an ideal ally to fight against the most common signs of fatigue.

The best thing is that it is an article indicated for all skin types, so it does not matter how yours is. Another good news is that, being formulated with vitamin C, the results are longer lasting. Thus, you will soon see how this sensitive area of ​​the face improves.


It is clear that the first thing that jumps out at you from an eye contour or any cosmetic product is its presentation. Hence, we cannot ignore the packaging of this Sesderma model.

It is a bottle that contains 15 ml of cream. This is a common format in this class of articles, since the amount required is minimal. So, you do not have to worry because, although it seems that it is a small size, the reality is that it goes a long way and you will have an eye contour for several months.

The price of this eye cream has an excellent relationship with the quality and, in fact, we can say that it is quite cheap if we compare it with other models on the market. You will be pleased to discover that this bottle incorporates a cute gold cap that prevents spills.

How to use

It is very important to know how to use this eye contour. Using it properly is essential to achieve the desired results. The manufacturer points out that it can be used both during the day and at night, which may be of interest to the user.

To apply it, remove the cap and gently press the tube until you obtain the ideal amount of product. Spread with the fingertips on the eye contour, always from the inside to the outside, using soft touches. This is the best way for it to penetrate deeply.

This cream is absorbed immediately, hence it is considered the best eye contour today. Its daily application stimulates the synthesis of collagen, so it will not take long to see how the dark circles are fading, as well as the bags under the eyes. Applying it on the skin around the eyes, you will gain smoothness.

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