Philips Bodygroom Series 1000 Reviews

Main advantage:

This shaver is capable of cutting both fine and thick hairs, whether they are wet or dry, which favors versatility. In addition, it incorporates bidirectional tips that cut the hair regardless of the direction in which they are.

Main disadvantage:

The guide comb is made of a type of plastic that is delicate under pressure, so it is advisable to incorporate the piece into the machine with due care to avoid breaking it.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This is one of the cheapest and most compact body shavers from the Philips brand. In addition, it works with an AA battery that provides good autonomy.

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Main Features Explained


It is one of the most gentle body shavers with the skin, since it has an exclusive system with rounded tips that protect while cutting. In this sense, it allows you to comfortably trim small hairs that have a length from 0.5 mm, but without the edge of the blades coming into direct contact with the skin, thus avoiding irritations and accidental cuts, even in the most delicate areas. body delicate. It is important to mention that both the tips of the blades and those of the guide comb provide softness to the touch, which favors comfort.

For added efficiency, the trimmer head can cut bidirectionally, so it’s capable of catching and trimming hairs growing in different directions to suit your needs. Also, this allows you to efficiently trim hairs on different body contours for added versatility. Additionally, it has a 3 mm guide comb that allows you to make different types of cuts for greater versatility.


According to the opinions of some users, this is one of the best body shavers today, since it is resistant to continuous use. In addition, it can be used directly under the shower for greater functionality. In this sense, it is capable of withstanding direct contact with water, making it a device that you can wash under the tap when you finish using it to remove hair from the blades more easily. On the other hand, it provides optimal results on dry, wet, fine and thick hair, which makes it suitable for beards, armpits, groin, legs, chest, abdomen, among other parts of the body.

It is important to know that for its operation it requires an AA battery that is included in the package at no additional cost, which allows you to use the machine immediately after receiving the package. Also, being battery-powered, it can provide up to 2 months of autonomy, even if you use it regularly for last-minute touch-ups. Similarly, we must warn that the operating time could vary according to the frequency of use and the type of hair.

In any case, batteries are an advantage over battery models that lose effectiveness and durability after a short time, so in the case of this shaver, you only have to change the battery to obtain the same performance as when it was brand new.


This model has a compact and lightweight structure that gives you maximum control over the shaver. In addition, it includes a small cutting area that allows you to work on removing hair from the most hidden parts of the body, offering you good finishes with a single pass. In this sense, it does not represent any risk of cutting or pinching the skin in delicate areas.

To promote a better grip, the handle of this shaver is ergonomic and rubberized to prevent the razor from slipping, even when using it to trim wet hair or in humid environments. In this way, it is possible to hold it comfortably in and out of the shower.

In the lower part, it has a hole to insert the red rope included in the package. Thanks to this, you can carry the shaver attached to your wrist during use for added safety. In this sense, the rope is made of rubber and allows you to hang the machine in any space in your bathroom or bedroom when you are not using it. On the other hand, it has a simple design with smooth lines and a black structure with red details, which favors the attractiveness of the machine.

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