Philips HC7460/15 Reviews

Main advantage:

One of the most striking features of this equipment is its innovative electronic interface, indicated so that you know at all times what setting you have selected. To this is added that it offers a whopping 60 length positions.

Main disadvantage:

It seems that the guide combs are somewhat delicate, so care should be taken when handling them.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a highly technological and advanced model that, contrary to what you might think, has an excellent value for money. It is accompanied by several combs and has very interesting features such as the Turbo button.

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Main Features Explained


A feature that does not go unnoticed at all of this Philips hair clipper is that it incorporates an advanced interface that will allow you to know the selected position at all times. This screen is accompanied by buttons with which to choose between more than 60 length modes.

You can use the trimming comb to trim with a precision of 0.2mm from 1 to 7mm. From 7 to 42mm, you can dip into 1mm increments. The option you have chosen will appear in the interface, so that you know exactly what finish you are going to obtain.

One feature of this hair clipper that we cannot ignore is that it reminds the user of the last selected position. Thus, when you turn it on, it will automatically activate the position you chose last time. In case this seems little to you, this machine has the Turbo function, through which the speed is increased when detecting the thickest hair. Considered the best hair clipper today, there will be no hair that can resist.

DualCut technology

And if you are wondering why its benefits, the answer refers directly to DualCut technology. This advanced technology is responsible for trimming all types of hair, regardless of its thickness and length. To do this, it combines a double-sharpened cutting unit with less friction on the skin. The result is exactly what you expected.

The blades of this equipment are made of stainless steel, so they will always be as sharp as the first day. These provide a cut and close as you want, without damaging the face. Stainless steel, moreover, is present in the entire device, so that you have before you a robust and durable model.

The cutting unit is designed to cut twice as fast as other Philips clippers, so you don’t have to spend as much time on each session.


One of the qualities that are most mentioned in the opinions about this hair clipper has to do with the guide combs. In total, the lot includes three accessories. The first is indicated to cut from 1 to 7 mm; the second, from 7 to 24 mm; and the third, from 24 to 42 mm. It’s as simple as placing the most appropriate comb-guide for your goal and sliding the machine through the beard area.

If you prefer, you have the option of using the clipper without the comb if you want to achieve a 0.5mm trim.

Also, you will like to know that the combs of this equipment are motorized, which means that, once you have selected the preferred length position, the system locks it. Thanks to this mechanism, you will be able to cut all the time depending on the chosen setting and achieve constant results throughout the entire session.

Battery and autonomy

One last aspect that we cannot ignore has to do with the battery of this hair clipper. This is lithium-ion, without a doubt, the latest in the market in the field of batteries. This means that it will allow you to carry out the trimming without worrying about staying halfway.

It is enough to charge the equipment for one hour and you can enjoy a range of up to 120 minutes. This is a quality highly applauded by users, especially those who doubt whether it is an ideal item to use in any circumstance.

The answer is yes because you can use it both corded and cordless. Best of all, in view of all these features, you might think that the price of this Philips hair clipper is a bit high. Nothing is further from reality, because the truth is that it has a great balance between quality and cost.

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