Philips Lumea Advanced SC1999/00 Reviews

Main advantage:

Probably the highlight of this epilator is the safety it offers, as it comes with smart sensors to take care of skin type, detect the area of ​​use and, apart from that, provide protection against UV rays.

Main disadvantage:

A negative point of this product is the fact that it must always be used connected, so your mobility could be reduced when performing the hair removal process.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This epilator is a good model for those looking to have a device that provides fast and efficient operation. Avoiding exposing yourself to light for a long time to see the results.

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Main Features Explained


When your goal is to find the best pulsed light epilator, then surely the power is an important aspect of the device that is worth knowing, as it will determine the effectiveness of the results and also the speed with which it is possible to obtain them.

In this case, this Philips model is an option that meets these power requirements that most are looking for, as it is capable of providing up to 250,000 light pulses and minimizing the time you spend in the treatment. Waxing your legs will only take about 8 minutes or so, while your underarms and bikini line can take 2 minutes or less each.

This time can vary depending on the level of power you want to use, or what you support, in case you have very sensitive skin. This range is divided into 5 levels, but even if the hair removal takes a few extra minutes, the result will be just as satisfactory and this is what really matters. After about three sessions, approximately, the hair on your skin will be reduced by 85% and, as time goes by, its growth will be slower and less abundant, since the pulsations act on the roots of the hair, which which ensures permanent result.


Despite the various positive opinions that pulsed light epilators may have, these may not apply to all cases, as there are models that are designed to specifically treat a type of skin or hair. When it comes to such devices, they can be great for some people, but uncomfortable and even unsafe for others.

However, in the manufacture of the Lumea Advanced SC1999/00 model, Philips has taken this aspect into account, creating a device that manages to adapt to the different needs that people may have. The product can be used on different types of hair and also on various skin tones. In fact, this epilator is equipped with a sensor that is able to identify the person’s skin type and adjust its intensity to achieve better results. And, of course, not to damage the skin.

Added to this is the fact that it is a suitable product for men and women, and that, additionally, it can handle hair removal in different areas of the body alike. You can use the device on the legs, groin, belly, arms and also on the upper lip, chin and sideburns. The facial hair removal head provides greater safety, due to how delicate this area is.

Technical specifications

After verifying the price and the previously mentioned qualities, then it is possible to go on to learn more about the pulsed light epilator, simply by paying attention to the technical specifications of the product. With this information you will be able to discover more about the structure of the device, the mode of use and other characteristics that may be important.

When it comes to its dimensions, this epilator measures 14.2 x 27.4 x 19.4 centimeters to fit ergonomically in the hands, facilitating comfortable handling. In addition, the product has a light weight of 780 grams, so you will not get tired when holding it and it will be easy to move the device to where you need it.

In the upper section of the epilator you will find a panel that shows the level of intensity that the product is using, giving you more control. To get started, you just have to connect the product and use one of the 3 heads included, depending on the area you are going to treat. As it has a built-in UV filter, you can be sure that your skin will be protected. In case you don’t know how to use the epilator, the user manual included in the purchase will help you better understand how it works. Additionally, when you finish using the epilator, you can clean it with the cloth that comes with it.

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