Piz Buin Allergy SPF 50+ Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a high sun protection cream that offers dermatological approval for very sensitive skin. It has filters of proven action and powerful defense thanks to Calmanelle and Feverfew PFE that prevent redness, dehydration and peeling of the skin.   

Main disadvantage:

It should be applied in generous amounts so as not to decrease protection to significant levels. So if you generally don’t apply much sun cream because you don’t like the way it feels on your face, this would not be your option. 

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a cream that represents a wise defense decision for sensitive skin that does not tan, but is prone to redness from burning. 

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Main Features Explained

Sensitive skin 

Searching among the best sun creams for the ideal one for sensitive skin that quickly reddens when exposed to the sun can have an answer with this fantastic alternative. The opinions expressed by many of the users who have used it describe its effects as optimal. If you are among the people who have this skin sensitivity, the application of this cream will be very convenient for you every time you know or schedule activities where you will be under the sun. 

The skin of the face is sensitive in itself and, in addition to this, it is generally uncovered, being the area most exposed to the sun’s rays. So this excellent facial protector will not be a simple accessory, but your best ally to strengthen the defense of your skin. The balance is given by the SPF that the Piz Buin brand began putting in its tanning protection products as early as the 1960s. 

In addition to this, this brand has developed a range of products designed to adapt to the needs of each skin type. In this case, your sensitive skin will be protected if you apply the cream to it before going out in the sun and every two hours while you are outdoors.

protective complex

Its SPF 50+ protection factor offers a continuous action both protecting and moisturizing your skin. This cream brings together ingredients that have achieved an exclusive formula of proven effectiveness in increasing the skin’s defense against the sun. All its action is based on an advanced protective complex that, apart from the powerful filters for UVA and UVB rays, has an additional composition with ingredients that make it very special.

Calmanelle is the star ingredient to make this cream an effective protective complex. This is a component that, in dermatological research, has shown a positive influence, reinforcing the defense capacity of skin cells against ultraviolet rays. In turn, the overall effect of Calmanelle is enriched by a great plant extract called Feverfew PFE. This is used for its antioxidant and regenerative properties that offer a great soothing and smooth sensation that helps irritated and highly sensitive skin.  

Choosing this cream is not opting for just any sunscreen, but rather an advanced filter for sensitive skin. Therefore, selecting this alternative for use will prevent harmful UVB radiation burns and the destruction of the skin’s own collagen by UVA rays. 

extra benefits 

The evaluations about this alternative are diverse and go beyond just effective sun protection. For example, the price of the best sun creams does not have to be exactly an inaccessible cost. So among other benefits that can be considered from this cream is the affordability of quality and convenience in protection. 

In addition to gently treating sensitive skin, its good texture and rapid absorption mean that its elements penetrate the skin very well, providing the protection and hydration it needs. It has been created with a water-resistant formula that provides protection during hours of swimming or physical activity in the sun. 

The success of defending the uncovered areas of your body against the intensity of the sun’s rays depends on applying a generous amount of the cream before exposure to the sun and every time you dry yourself from intense perspiration or when leaving the beach or pool. In short, it is an option that is among the most effective sun creams to maintain the balance between care and tanned skin. Surely, you will not hesitate about repeating your purchase. 

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