Remington i-Light IPL6780 Reviews

Main advantage:

One of the distinctive features of this model is that it is accompanied by a base that, at the same time, acts as a remote control, since all the settings are in it. It offers manual and automatic firing mode.

Main disadvantage:

If you request this epilator, it is possible that you will receive it in a conventional cardboard box and not in Remington’s own, although it is an unimportant detail.

Verdict: 9.6/10     

If you are looking for a device that guarantees permanent results in just three sessions, you have just found it. This Remington epilator has 300,000 shots, so it will last you the entire treatment without problems.

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Main Features Explained


The first thing that stands out about this model is that it is also accompanied by a base, unlike most epilators on the market, which only include the hand applicator itself. Both items are connected by a cable and feature a predominantly white and gray design.

The hand applicator has an ergonomic handle that facilitates its handling and, in addition, the trigger button that is responsible for activating the device is located on it. It incorporates a 3 cm2 screen, a size more than enough to cover the largest skin surface possible.

Regarding the base of this epilator, it is there where the different adjustment modes are located. For this reason, you must manipulate these selectors before starting the session. Its intuitive nature will allow you to learn what each of the buttons is for in a jiffy.


Before knowing how this tool works, it is necessary to mention what the Pulsed Light (IPL) technology consists of. This has been used for more than a decade worldwide, although it is true that until not long ago its use was exclusive to beauty salons. The good news is that this technology has gradually been refined to get closer to the individual user.

By pressing the shutter button, the pulsed light passes through the skin surface until it ends at the root of the hair. The hair follicle then absorbs all this light energy which progressively weakens the hair.

According to the manufacturer, the treatment is much more effective on dark hair, as the opinions about this epilator also testify. The results begin to be noticed around the third session.


This product has five intensity levels, so you can choose the most convenient for your skin tone and hair. Remember that it is a model suitable for white and somewhat tanned skin, although in those that are too dark, the results will not be satisfactory. The same happens with hair, since it does not work on blonde, gray or red hair. Not in vain, since they do not have a sufficient concentration of melanin, they are not capable of absorbing light energy.

It should be noted that this epilator has a skin sensor, so it will automatically identify your tone. As for the intensity levels, don’t forget that each number represents a skin type.

The higher the number, the more power will be applied. If your skin is very fair, then the ideal is that you select a number type 1 and 2. If, on the contrary, it is not too light, you can opt for 4 or 5. It is best to carry out a test first in the doll.


This article is considered the best epilator, among other reasons, because it is unisex, that is, it works for both women and men. Of course, we are referring specifically to the body head, since the facial accessory is only recommended for women.

Being clinically tested by dermatologists and approved by the FDA, you do not have to worry. An interesting detail that perhaps explains the price of this epilator is that it offers around 300,000 shots, enough to complete your hair removal treatment successfully.

In order to facilitate the handling of this device, Remington includes two firing modes: manual and automatic. With the first, you will be the one who must press the button to obtain the beam of light that will take you to remove unwanted hair. If you opt for the second, you will only have to slide the epilator through the area in question, since it will be this one that, every few seconds, will be making the shots. This last mode is an excellent formula in the case of legs, for example.

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