Remington Pearl S9500 Reviews

Main advantage:

Its ceramic coated plates and real pearl compounds can give very smooth wear and add shine to hair. On the other hand, it allows temperature control in a range of 150 to 230ºC, to adapt it to the needs of your hair type, whether fine or thick.

Main disadvantage: 

It may not be the most compact and light hair straightener, but it could help you finish straightening your hair quickly due to the length of its plates.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are looking for a cheap but effective iron, you can look at this Remington model, since for an affordable price, it offers a good quality product.

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Main Features Explained

heat distribution

Getting the hair to achieve the straightening you expect depends not only on each strand being placed between the plates of the straightener and sliding carefully. According to the opinions of styling experts, it is also necessary that the temperature between these sections of the flat iron is correct. It doesn’t have to be so hot that it damages the delicate hair fibers, but it doesn’t have to be so cold that it fails to shape, making the styling project take too long. 

To adapt to the needs you may have to style your hair, Remington has included a very easy-to-use digital temperature control in its Pearl S9500 model. You simply have to press the side buttons identified as + or -, so that on its digital screen you can clearly see the increase or decrease in temperature chosen with its illuminated numerals. In this way, you can precisely choose the appropriate heat for each occasion and be aware of the process, taking care of every detail.

Also, you should know that its temperature range is quite wide; starting with a low temperature of 150ºC, which could be useful for delicately combing fine or damaged hair, but you can also style thick and rebellious hair, since its maximum temperature is 230ºC. So, given its versatility, we can well include this model among the best hair straighteners currently offered online, and we can add that it could even be convenient to share it with other family members, if it were to be. necessary.

Agility in ironing

Finishing your hair straightening quickly could make the difference between leaving home on time to go to work, on the contrary, being late. Therefore, choosing among the hair straighteners on the market one with extra long plates can be a good idea, because it could speed up the process.

In the case of the Remington iron that we are analyzing on this occasion, you will be able to enjoy fast straightening, thanks to the fact that it offers a length of 110 mm in its plates. Thus, you could work with slightly more abundant strands of hair than those you would have to choose with a conventional model.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this section of the iron has a tilting function, so it will easily adapt to the strand and slide smoothly.

Now, if you are wondering how long it takes to start styling with this straightener once you have chosen the temperature, you should know that it is one of the fastest on the market, since it could heat up in just 10 seconds. Thus, it will be more likely that you will be ready in less time.

practicality and style

Among the most practical qualities that we can mention about this iron, we will start by saying that its 3-meter cable will allow you to use it comfortably, regardless of whether you have a plug nearby. 

On the other hand, in relation to its compatibility with the type of electrical network you use, you should know that it could be very useful if you frequently have to travel, since it has universal voltage. Thus, you will not have to do without your straightening iron in the event that you choose the Remington Pearl as your favorite. In addition, you can add it to your belongings easily and in an orderly way, since it has a case to store it.

Moving on to another topic, which does not directly influence the effectiveness of the product but does make it more attractive, we must mention the care that the brand has put into creating a device with good aesthetics. Among the most striking details that we can observe in its structure, we find its contrasting combination of black and white colors. But in addition, in its upper part it shows a beautiful decorative detail with floral motifs, which adds a touch of style to your hair styling sessions and could make them more pleasant.

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