Reviews about Dyson supersonic 305967-01

Main advantage:

This product has modern technology that mixes a novel air outlet design and a 1600 W motor. In addition, it is easily adjustable to different flow rates and heating settings through its practical operating buttons.

Main disadvantage:

Its cost is high, compared to conventional format dryers, but the quality and technology applied to its design, as well as the good results it offers, make up for it.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a hair dryer that deserves the consideration of any user by integrating a modern body and negative ion emission technology for a professional finish.

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Main Features Explained

Technology and power

There are many factors that could make this model the best hair dryer, but the main one and the one that makes it stand out in the market is that, like all Dyson products, it has Air Multiplier technology, characterized by the absence of blades To do this, it incorporates a powerful digital motor located in the handle, which disperses the air flow of 41 l/s evenly through the hole that makes up its body, to obtain fast and precise drying with a natural style and without frizz.

As for its power, it is 1600 W, which can be adjusted to three levels for either soft, normal or fast drying depending on the user’s taste. Likewise, the technology applied to the design of its handle prevents both the heat and the vibration generated by the motor from being perceived.

But despite the fact that it has a very fast speed and a great flow of heating, you should not worry about hurting your hair during its use, since it has a glass thermostat that regulates the heat by measuring the temperature and therefore, it prevents the hair from being damaged and burned by excess heat, on the contrary, maintaining its natural shine and health, regardless of the frequency of drying.


This electromechanical device, in addition to having good opinions for its aesthetic finishes and striking colors incorporated into its casing, is also highly commented on by users for its easy handling, lightness, and ergonomics. It has a compact weight of 618 grams well distributed, thanks to the fact that its motor is located in the handle. This factor, in addition to differentiating it from conventional hair dryers, allows you to level your balance when gripping, resulting in a lighter and more comfortable no matter how long you use it.

On the other hand, the practicality of this product is also appreciated by having a series of buttons that facilitate both its operation and its handling, even with just one finger, as they are located in highly accessible areas such as two on its head and two in the lower part of its handle, which correspond to the on and off options, in addition to the control of the variation of the hot air flow and the cold air outlet.

A detail that many users appreciate is having a cable long enough to facilitate its connection to any power source. For this reason, this model stands out as it has a 2.7 m long cable, which together with its comfortable dimensions allow it to be used anywhere.


In order for women to go to their jobs, parties, meetings and other events with a flattering look, whether straight, wavy or curly, the manufacturer incorporates five accessories into this dryer, which allow its adaptability to different types of hair, volumes, styles and drying, as well as for safe storage.

Within them you can find a diffuser that is the largest and roundest accessory, conducive to providing a better finish to those curly hair. Likewise, it incorporates a wide nozzle suitable for improving the appearance of straight hair and a narrow nozzle, which goes hand in hand to improve any imperfection. These accessories have been subjected to quality controls to guarantee their results and durability. Regardless of the type of nozzle, its change and assembly to the dryer is easy to adapt, since they have a magnet system that makes the coupling task quick by means of a simple turn.

On the other hand, the remaining accessories correspond to a mat to rest the dryer when it is hot or when you do not want it to rub against the surface and a cord to facilitate storage. It should be noted, on the other hand, that thanks to the innovative design and quality of these accessories, which reinvented modern dryers, their price is a guarantee of durability and resistance for demanding users.

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