Reviews about Revlon Colorstay 24H

Main advantage:

If you have combination or oily skin, you can benefit not only from the oil-free formula of this makeup base, but also from the satin finish it provides. Its practical dispenser will allow you not to waste a bit of product.

Main disadvantage:

The texture is somewhat liquid, a detail that can bother those users accustomed to more solid ones.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Available in a total of 22 shades, it is a makeup base that provides 24 hours of coverage, so it will stay intact on your face without you having to touch it up. A professional finish ideal for all types of events.

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Main Features Explained


One of the qualities that make this product one of the best makeup bases today is its formula based on salicylic acid to balance the skin, as well as other ingredients. But the best of all is that it does not contain oils or fragrances, so it is an article that bets on natural substances.

Likewise, in its formula it incorporates moisturizing agents that control shine, which is why it is especially indicated for mixed and oily skin. In this way, users can be calm, because their face will not only be unified and free of fat, but also with the precise moisturizing.

Its formula, in addition, is responsible for leaving a pleasant sensation on the face, while it is responsible for illuminating the skin. So, if you notice oiliness on your skin and, at the same time, you notice that it is much duller than usual, you may have to resort to a cosmetic like this one presented by the famous Revlon brand. Its enormous trajectory is the best proof of its effectiveness.


The coverage offered by this product is total, hence it is a feature that does not go unnoticed among users and can be seen in the opinions about this makeup base. According to the manufacturer, it is a cosmetic specifically formulated to last 24 hours. This means that you can apply it in the morning at home and, when you come back after being out all day, you will see that it is still intact on your face.

The finish it provides in this period of time is impeccable, as it not only hides imperfections, but also keeps other inconveniences of the face such as shine and oil production at bay.

The coverage is completed with the fact that it incorporates sun protection factor 15. This means that it is a perfect base even on the sunniest days, since your face will always be safe from the harmful sun rays.


If you are looking for makeup bases, it is normal that the first thing you notice is the tone. Not surprisingly, the first rule of these cosmetics is that they be similar to our skin color, since the goal is for the effect to be as natural as possible.

In the case of this Revlon model, identifying the appropriate tone will not be a problem, thanks to the fact that the collection includes a total of 22 shades. Among them, there are lighter tones such as Sand Beige, medium tones such as Toast or darker tones such as Mocha.

Each of these shades offers the same duration and coverage, so all you have to worry about is finding the one that best suits your face. It absorbs quickly, so it won’t take long to notice the impeccable finish that is the hallmark of this foundation.


The price of this makeup base is very surprising, considering the high quality of the product and the practical container in which it is presented, among other details. Specifically, we came across a 30 ml transparent glass bottle that allows you to see the content, so that you have no doubts that you have indeed chosen the appropriate color.

But, in addition, this bottle is completed with a useful dispenser that will undoubtedly facilitate each application. You just have to press a little and you will get the amount of product you need, without wasting anything.

To apply this foundation, you can use a sponge or a makeup brush. Being liquid in texture, you can even use your own fingers to spread it over your face to your liking. With a few light touches on the face, spread in circular movements until it has been completely absorbed for a much more satisfying result.

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