Revlon Colorsilk Reviews

Main advantage:

This hair dye provides a wide coverage of reeds because it is permanent, which favors the duration and shine of the hair after applying it. In addition, thanks to its 3D color technology, it provides more natural finishes.


Main disadvantage:

The coverage in some types of hair may be less intense, so you should turn to a specialist to guide you in the procedure to follow and thus avoid inconveniences.


Verdict: 9.9/10

In addition to being cheap, this dye offers good qualities to change the color of the hair. Likewise, it keeps you healthy by being enriched with UV protection.

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Main Features Explained


Technology and protection

Technological advances are also present in hair dyes. For this reason, Revlon was in charge of incorporating a formula that penetrates each fiber of the hair, providing softness and protection for a convenient benefit. It is the revolutionary 3D color Technology hair coloring cream, which offers good qualities, leaving a color that looks completely natural, in addition to enhancing the multidimensional finish of the hair color.

This 3D color technology is characterized by combining conditioners and special polymers, which together with the colorant provide a multi-tonal range from root to tip. In the same way, it provides volume and shine so that the hair appears healthy and abundant.

Likewise, you can safely use Colorsilk from Revlon, since it has the quality of not containing ammonia. The advantage of ammonia-free dyes is precisely that they prevent harmful damage to health such as respiratory problems, irritation in the nostrils, itchy throat or eyes, among others. In addition, it does not harm the scalp as much and reduces its dryness.

On the other hand, it contains UV protection against solar rays, which allows care and in turn maintain the color for much longer. In addition, it could provide you with security and confidence when going on vacation to the beach.

Quality and practicality

When looking for the best ammonia-free dye, user opinions indicate that the brand and the quality of the product are qualities of great importance for choosing it. In this sense, many people prefer to use products with a high level of prestige, which is why Revlon stands out among the numerous brands of beauty products that exist on the market, since in the case of hair dyes it offers radiant colors, coverage up to 100%, long-lasting tones and care for any type of hair fiber, providing results that meet the expectations of its users.

On the other hand, to make the coloring process simple and practical, the set includes everything you need. Inside the presentation box you will find a 59ml permanent hair dye, a 20 volume developer cream and, to make your hair soft and manageable after the color change, you can’t miss the conditioner.

In relation to the texture of the product, you should know that it is dense enough so that the application is comfortable to carry out, since it acquires a gel-like consistency, which adheres to the hair, facilitating its work and avoiding annoying dripping, indistinctly. whether the product is distributed throughout the hair with a brush or with its included applicator container.

Definition and durability

From the implementation of natural and ammonia-free formulas, dyes have become the best ally for those who want to dye their hair. Not only because they provide a convenient definition in terms of the shade of the desired hair fiber, but also because they efficiently cover from root to tip.

In this sense, this Revlon dye stands out for having a high coverage in the disappearance of reeds, covering them 100%, providing a good color definition and improving the conditions of the hair, since it penetrates and enhances the shine. In addition, by containing nutritious silk proteins combined in its formula, they give the hair a healthy appearance and a very soft texture.

Similarly, durability is an important factor. Therefore, this hair pigmentation product is permanent. Hence, if you want to have long-term benefits, Revlon offers you a product at a good price in 11 different shades, which could meet your economic and beauty expectations, since this permanent dye could last between 4 to 6 weeks without losing its color, depending on the number of washes that are made to the hair.  

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