Rowenta CF4132 Reviews

Main advantage:

The number of accessories included in the set will help you style your hair in a variety of ways, so you don’t need to look for separate accessories. Plus, each head snaps together easily for hassle-free appliance transformation. 

Main disadvantage:

The possibility of regulating the temperature is missed, especially if the hair is damaged or too fine. However, the temperature it reaches is not considered excessive.

Verdict: 9.9/10

For women who change their hairstyle frequently, this curling iron set with accessories can be a good alternative for its good value for money.

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Main Features Explained


Although there are a large number of hair curlers on the market, each model is distinguished not only by its price but also by some details that are worth analyzing. By taking them into account, you will have a greater chance of finding just the one that offers what you need. 

For example, in the case of the Rowenta Multistyler curling iron, one of the features that users rate positively in their opinions is its ceramic coating, because it offers several advantages when styling. First of all, due to its soft texture, it does not damage the hair fibers and allows the heat to be distributed evenly in the barrel, but it can also give the hair a greater shine. In addition, a smooth release of the strands is achieved after having worked them, which is why the waves that you have created in your hair are not damaged.

Other aspects that might interest you in this curling iron are its ergonomics and ease of use. In this sense, it should be noted that its diameter will allow you to comfortably hold the device while you comb your hair. While on the other hand, you only need to press a button and voila, the device will take care of keeping the heat in the barrel.

Versatility and practicality

When it comes to styling hair, every woman is different. While some prefer to keep the same style, others enjoy always looking different, experimenting by changing the volume and texture of their hair. If you identify with the second case, then it is possible that when choosing the style of each day you need a large number of gadgets so that the result is as expected.

Thinking about satisfying your needs, the Rowenta brand brings together in this practical curling iron set a series of very practical accessories that add versatility to the device. With them it is possible to achieve 7 different hairstyles, among which we can mention surfer waves, well-defined curls or simply a straightened mane. Thanks to this, you can change your style whenever you want without having to search separately for brushes, tweezers, combs and other accessories, thus saving a little money and also space in your chest of drawers, avoiding filling it with accessories for the hairstyle.

On the other hand, the way to transform the device into the complement you need every time is very simple. To achieve this, Rowenta has included a coupling system called Smart Switch, with which you could exchange the heads safely and without complications.

efficiency and accessories

Although it is not a secret that the success of curling irons has to do with heat, the truth is that no matter how fast you may be in these devices, they should not be heated too much, since the hair is made up of very fine fibers and can be damaged by their efects.

In this sense, the device has a thermostat that will prevent overheating, constantly regulating and maintaining a stable temperature of 180 ºC, which is considered sufficient heat to model the hair without burning it. Although, you should always be very careful not to exceed the exposure times of each strand, which should be chosen according to their texture and also in relation to how marked you want the curls.

Since we have talked a little about the accessories, it is convenient that we analyze them in detail, since in this feature it is an important point for which users prefer this model over other options, considering it as the best hair curler. The set includes several curling tongs, 32 mm for you to achieve wide waves and another 16 mm to create more pronounced curls. Also includes a spiral attachment, smoothing plates and a detachable brush. On the other hand, so that the styling process is carried out easily and in an orderly manner, when purchasing this package you will also find some tweezers and hairpins included.

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