Rowenta powerline plus CV5090f0 Reviews

Main advantage:

A hair dryer that stands out for its modern and light design that is easy to handle, which allows it to dry quickly. Likewise, it favors maintaining healthy and manageable hair, thanks to its negative ion emission technology, which suits any type of hair.


Main disadvantage:

The color of your design may vary with continued use. However, by applying proper cleaning and avoiding prolonged exposure to ambient light, it could preserve its aesthetics for longer.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This model is accepted by many users, since it provides good results in hair styling, regardless of the type and length, in an adequate amount of time.

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Main Features Explained


One of the qualities that stand out among the opinions of the users is the modern and light design that characterizes this Rowenta model in particular, within its wide range of hair dryers, since it is a dryer for domestic use that presents a conventional format in which they adequately distribute their 500 grams of weight, to provide the user with the comfort they require when drying their hair, whether it is fine or abundant hair.

To delve a little deeper in terms of its finishes, it is made of resistant plastic and has a particular aesthetic appeal, thanks to its white casing with silver-tone details, which make it stand out in any bathroom, room or place. where it takes In addition, it is provided with an ergonomic handle that is properly integrated into the compact body of 22 x 29.1 x 9.5 centimeters, where the command buttons for handling and control are strategically located.

On the other hand, this dryer has a subtly incorporated fastening ring in the lower part of its handle, to facilitate its storage; as well as a long enough power cord to provide greater freedom during use.


Currently, dryers have become an everyday beauty helper. For this reason, the manufacturer incorporates ionic technology into its operating system, which emits negative ions in order to reduce the annoying static electricity of the hair, obtaining soft, frizz-free hair. In addition, as it contains a ceramic coating, once the punch is turned on, it combines with the ionic generator, emitting gentle radiant heat, reducing damage from prolonged exposure to hot air.

However, for each person in particular to use this device properly, in terms of heat and air intensity, in order to define the appropriate drying temperature and avoid progressively damaging their hair, this dryer has two levels of air speed and three temperature selectors, easily adjustable through their control buttons. Similarly, it has a cold air function to give the desired finish to the hairstyle.

On the other hand, the powerline plus CV5090f0 model, like most of the Rowenta dryers, is characterized by being powerful and silent at a price according to the budget of any user. Said power is provided by its direct current motor that emits 2300 W, for ultra-fast and efficient drying, even for long and abundant hair.

Accessories and maintenance

When looking for the best hair dryer, one of the qualities that many users hope to have is that it has accessories that make it easier to create each look or improve the imperfections of their hair. For this reason, this unique model comes with an air concentrator nozzle that, in addition to drying effectively, provides a well-defined and well-cared smooth.

But, as not all users have or like to have a straight hair, this dryer also comes with a diffuser of conventional size that facilitates giving volume with a natural finish or to improve the characteristics of curly hair, since these are more difficult. to comb and dry, because they tend to be mistreated more easily, therefore, they require that their care be a little more rigorous.

On the other hand, we must not neglect the maintenance or cleaning of the parts of the dryer, because this, together with careful and not excessive use, will allow it to prolong its useful life, guaranteeing its long-term economic investment. Therefore, a clear advantage that this model presents compared to its peers is that it has a removable grid, in which dust and other impurities from the environment accumulate, preventing them from entering the interior of the device. This accessory can be easily disassembled so that it can be effortlessly cleaned and put back again.

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