Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Reviews

Main advantage:

Its pencil-brush format is specially designed to carry out delicate and precise applications on the face, fulfilling a defined triple function; Well, in addition to lighting, you can contour and correct any defect, being appropriate to carry it in your bag and make touch-ups on any occasion.

Main disadvantage:

To use it the first time it is necessary to press the dispenser several times, in this way the product moves to the brush. But then it is applied without problems to do your touch-ups at all times.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an illuminator with 25 years on the market, created to eliminate dark areas of the face and give it light naturally, being the favorite of many professional makeup artists.

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Main Features Explained


There are many highlighters on the market in different formats, but this pencil-brush version of the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat highlighter is highly innovative and practical to keep in your bag, which is a great advantage if you are one of those who retouch several times at certain times of the day.

Another interesting aspect of this highlighter is that its texture is fluid and light, acting quickly to illuminate different areas of the face and to cover imperfections, thanks to the fact that it has a formula based on luminocaptides, which is a concentrate of crystalline pigments exclusive to Yves. Saint Laurent, which attract light to your skin 24 hours a day. 

Likewise, it incorporates color pigments that are responsible for fulfilling the corrective function, putting at your disposal its unifying properties to attenuate your imperfections, as well as to reduce the dark tone that is generated under the eyes as a result of tiredness and fatigue..

We should also point out that this product comes in different shades that can be chosen according to the type of skin, presenting a total of four different types.

texture and function

If you are looking for the best highlighter, we recommend this iconic Touche Éclat Radiant Touch highlighter from Yves Saint Laurent, which has been in the cosmetics market for 25 years, being one of the favorites by make-up professionals, because its texture is It melts easily, which allows it to be applied several times during the day without being heavy or leaving a greasy effect on the skin. In addition, its price and quality ratio is quite satisfactory, since it is a high-end product.

On the other hand, its illuminating function is combined with a corrective and unifying effect, which is appropriate to make the signs of tiredness and fatigue disappear from the face, beautifying all skin types. It is also ideal for contouring your face almost instantly.

Additionally, this illuminating pencil has earned a place in the makeup kits of many professionals, being recognized worldwide and becoming the best seller in this category, so it has many favorable opinions from users who are satisfied with its effect and good results on the face..

Illuminator Application

Regarding the application of this Yves Saint Laurent illuminator, you will notice that it is very easy to use it, either with clean skin or without makeup, as well as after applying your base. 

For the eye area, make-up professionals recommend placing two dots in the area under the eyes to hide dark circles and in the contours, as well as in the tear duct to give extra lighting, while on the arch of the eyebrows you will have an effect of more open eyes, all appropriate for a more striking look. In this part of the face it is recommended to blend the product with the fingertips to create a more natural appearance.

If you want to enhance the cheekbones, forehead and nose area, makeup experts recommend applying this highlighter by gently tapping on the points of your forehead that you want to highlight, extending a fine line down the center of your nose, around your lips and under your eyes, blending the highlighter until it blends into your skin. Keep in mind that these small touches can be done with a suitable brush to facilitate the work.  

You can also apply it to the corners of the lips and the hollow of the chin, all directly with the highlighter brush, blending very gently with your fingertips so that it blends with the skin. If you want to highlight your mouth area, you can apply Touche Éclat to the arch of your lips, blending the highlighter for that touch of sensuality and shine.

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