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Our selections of the best Sant Jordi gifts

Whether you want to know some of the gifts that have triumphed for Sant Jordi in this 2022 or if you are looking for an original idea to give next year, we have chosen 10 very interesting ideas for you. Some ideas among which the usual gifts are mixed with other interesting gifts, although always related to the legend and tradition of this very special festivity.

LCCL beauty and the beast

One of the most classic gifts for Sant Jordi is the rose. But in this case, we wanted to go a bit out of the ordinary, so we chose the LCCL rose. This model is inspired by the new version of the Disney movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and is presented with the same design. 

Something that includes details such as the urn in which it is enclosed or the petals detached from it. All this on an elegant wooden base, which serves as a closure and support for the product, while making it easy to place it anywhere.


This pretty rose will not deteriorate or wilt over time like the real thing. In addition, it includes LED lighting, to give it an even brighter and more attractive appearance when necessary.

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The Legend of Sant Jordi 

For the little ones to know the legend of Sant Jordi, nothing better than the book “La Llegenda De Sant Jordi”. This work clearly presents the entire history that gave rise to this festivity, in which Sant Jordi kills the dragon that was ready to eat the princess of Catalonia, the king’s daughter. 

Best of all, this book is specially adapted for children, so that both the drawings and the texts are very pleasant and easy to understand.


In addition to the fact that the text has been duly adapted to children, the book also has texture and other interesting elements, ideal for children to learn and have fun with this book.

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Forging Art Bcn Eternal Rose

Among the most durable alternatives to natural flowers, we always have the Forging Art Bcn Rosa Eterna model. This rose has been forged by hand by craftsmen of great value and experience, which is perceived in the details and definition of the piece.

It has a length of about 20 centimeters, from the base to the tip, with an estimated weight of about 125 grams. Best of all, being a handmade product, no two pieces are the same. An aspect that adds a touch of exclusivity to this gift.


As a curiosity, this rose has been forged in Cardedeu, Barcelona, ​​so it is ideal for those who want to replace the natural rose of this day with an eternal model that lasts forever.

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Topelek GELE052AB 

Among our selection of cheap gifts we find the Topelek GELE052AB reading light. A light and efficient product that will be highly appreciated by those who like to read in bed and do not want to disturb their partner or simply want to read anywhere with adequate light. 

To do this, this model has three color temperatures, being able to choose the most appropriate at all times. It also has a dimming system, which adjusts the light so as not to be more annoying than necessary. And as if that were not enough, being LED light, it is homogeneous and takes care of the view.


This model is light, with an approximate weight of about 90 grams, also including a clip support system that is duly caught on the book cover, to give the user more comfort.

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Planetcase Mug 

If you need a gift for coffee lovers or to brighten up anyone’s morning, the Planetacase Sant Jordi model is all you need. This original mug stands out for having a print in which Sant Jordi himself appears, the dragon and a greeting alluding to the date, with a very original and fun design. 

This print is presented on a mug with a white background and 330 milliliters of capacity, so the mug is just as practical as any other you can find or give as a gift.


This mug has been made of high-quality ceramic, so that it can be safely used both in the microwave and in the dishwasher. Something that does not affect its durability or that impression that makes it so much fun.

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Let it be love Roses

Since nobody is bitter about a sweet, what better way to combine Sant Jordi roses with a good combination of the best Ferrero chocolates and sweets. Well, this is just what they have done in Let it be love, with a complete batch, different and very sweet. 

Specifically, this lot includes 14 to 20 roses, as well as a good combination of chocolates such as Kinder Bueno, Kinder chocolate bars or Kinder Chocobones balls, among others. All the content is presented in a beautiful basket and is prepared so that its perfect content is kept until it reaches its future owner.


As proof of the care that the company puts into its products, the roses have been cut at the right point of freshness, also maintaining a design and presentation, which helps them keep their best appearance for longer.

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CoverRing brand cups

If you don’t know them yet, the Cover Rings are a very original idea to give any glass a different touch. Specifically, we are talking about small, circular pieces that are placed around the foot of the glass and dress any special occasion with a different look. 

And since Sant Jordi could not be an exception, the brand offers us this two-piece set, in which we find motifs alluding to the festival, such as the famous rose and the book that usually accompanies it.


The placement of the pieces on the cups is simple, thanks to the hooks located at the back. This also makes it easy to remove them from the glasses when cleaning, without affecting their structure.

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IconsGR Mp7G

If you are looking for a different gift idea, the IconsGR icon with Saint George on his horse is another of our proposals. We are talking about a handmade wooden icon, with dimensions of 12 centimeters high by 9 centimeters wide, in which the moment in which Sant Jordi kills the dragon is represented, which gives rise to the legend of this festival. 

A moment that is traced entirely by hand on a piece of solid and specially treated wood, using high-quality polychrome techniques that are reminiscent of the most traditional.


Although it is a current manufacturing product, different artistic aging techniques have been applied to it, in order to give it a more traditional and ancient touch, while improving its resistance against the elements.

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Kindle Paperwhite

For those who don’t give away just one book, nothing better than thinking about the Kindle Paperwhite. This Amazon e-book is one of the best known and best valued on the market, offering its future owner a 6-inch diagonal screen, on which to read with great comfort. 

To do this, the screen has a resolution of 300 dots per inch, without reflections and with water protection, so you can take it wherever you want. Inside, hundreds of works can be stored, thanks to the 8 GB of memory it offers. The same goes for its battery, which lasts for weeks and never stops reading halfway.


It is one of the best-known models in the Amazon Kindle range, offering pleasant reading, a soft and light touch and everything you need to keep hundreds of books stored and under control on different devices.

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Balvi Book Crush

The Balvi Book Crush bookmark is another of those original gifts for Sant Jordi with which to surprise anyone. We are talking about a bookmark in the shape of an avid reader that will be “wallpapered” between the pages of the book to remind us where we left off. 

Luckily, the feet stay off the pages, so locating and rescuing him for further reading is always easy. All this in a model made of flexible PVC, but with the necessary resistance to withstand use and the occasional accidental fall.


This product is half fun and half practical, since it can be used as any bookmark in all kinds of books. And the best thing is that, in order to rescue his character, he will surely encourage more reading.

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