Soft Focus Glow Drops: hydration, nourishment and shine control all day

Rodial’s Soft Focus Glow Drops primer is developed to achieve a bright, healthy face without the annoying shine characteristic of oily skin. It is a product with a light body that will blend with your complexion easily and quickly, avoiding the stiff effect after applying the foundation.

The primer is a product used to condition your complexion, the purpose of which is to make the most of the coverage of the foundation applied later. Its selection, like that of any other cosmetic product, will depend on your skin type. Let’s remember that mixed and oily skin can generate many complications regarding the duration of makeup, since the skin will become oily in the “T” zone if the appropriate formula is not used.

The secret of applying a primer is that its body is light to be quickly absorbed, perfecting the skin so that the foundation, shadows and blush manage to maintain the desired shade all day. In this sense, we refer to the primers with gel and spray presentation. However, serum primers are also another good option that more and more women are incorporating into their makeup routine.

Soft Focus Glow Drops is a product that is causing a stir due to its light texture, aroma of roses, easy-to-apply dispenser container and effect on the skin. It is a product developed by the prestigious Rodial brand and that today is positioned among the best primers of 2022 (check some options to buy in this link).

Soft Focus Glow Drops: Cosmetics developed to take care of your skin

Although Soft Focus Glow Drops prepares the skin so that the foundation finish is as natural as possible, it is also true that its composition blocks the action of free radicals. This means that it provides the skin with a series of enzymes, minerals and vitamins that carry out this antioxidant process. In addition, it is a natural skin purifier because its active ingredient is the well-known unicorn root, to which is added a mixture of active compounds that accelerate action on the skin.

Regarding this root, we must comment that its scientific name is Aletris farinosa and it is native to North America. Its shape is compared to that of a unicorn’s horn, the leaves are approximately six centimeters long and have no stem.

The opposite case occurs with the flower, which is born from its center, with an erect stem that can be up to a meter long. The flowers are bell-shaped and the given fruit has a series of seeds inside. Among the properties of this plant used by the laboratory is its high antioxidant level, as well as its power to combat skin blemishes.

On the other hand, we have the incorporation of the chemical compound C 30 H 62 or squalane. Its purpose is to achieve a balance in the skin with respect to the natural production of sebum, eliminating the shine of the final finish. In addition, it provides silkiness, thanks to the fact that it derives from olive oil and, therefore, moisturizes the skin.

The Good and the Bad of Soft Focus Glow Drops

Every product has a series of positive aspects and others that are a little less flattering, which, as users, we must investigate and evaluate to define if its purchase is really convenient for us. Primers are no exception, especially since their composition is not always the most suitable for our skin type.

Rodial’s Soft Focus Glow Drops serum is a product with a chemistry designed for combination skin with an oily tendency, which hydrates the skin and allows makeup to acquire an even and shine-free finish. In addition, it has been formulated to treat the skin and nourish it in depth. Next, we present the good and the bad of this primer.

The good

  • Formula

The product is specially formulated to prepare the face, illuminating and moisturizing it. In this way, you will project a healthy appearance even when you do not apply any type of makeup on it. On the other hand, it has antioxidants that prevent the action of free radicals, lightens skin blemishes and purifies it, restoring its silkiness.

  • Smell

This product, unlike other primers with formulas with a similar effect, has a delicate aroma of roses that has been quite pleasant, according to user experience.

  • dispenser

A very positive aspect of this primer is its container with a practical and ergonomic dispenser, which has been designed so that you save significant amounts of product.

  • Application Method

The application of this primer is quite simple, since the container has been provided with a practical dispenser. Thus, you will save a significant amount of the product. In addition, it achieves a wide coverage on the skin, which will allow you to use only a couple of drops in each application.

One of the peculiarities of this primer is that it does not force you to use it only before placing the base, but it is also possible to use it alone. In this way, you will hydrate your face and enjoy a healthy appearance that everyone will notice. But if you want a much more wet look, you can mix the primer directly with the foundation.

The bad

Although this product does not have a 100% negative characteristic that affects buyers, it is possible that you are allergic to any of the ingredients used for its formulation. In this sense, you will need to carry out a test by applying the serum behind your ear or on your wrist and wait at least 24 hours.

About the manufacturing company

Rodial is a manufacturing firm with a marked history in the world of cosmetics, which began in 1999 in the city of London, under the direction of Maria Hatzistefanis. For 20 years now, the firm has been attending to the needs of different skin types, since its products, rather than being formulated to offer long-lasting makeup, treat the skin in depth.

In this sense, they provide essential nutrients and minerals that are responsible for complementing the daily care of our complexion. On the other hand, it is important to remember that the active ingredients of each of the formulas are of the highest quality. In addition, they are tested in laboratories without causing any animal damage.

Rodial is present in physical luxury stores in approximately 35 countries around the world. Likewise, its products are used and recommended by Hollywood actresses and important influencers.

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