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There are timeless styles when it comes to nails, although many do not believe it, and this is demonstrated by the French manicure, as it has been maintained over time and is still used quite frequently. Doing it the traditional way or in one of its variants is not that difficult, you just need to know the steps.

A beautiful manicure does not have to be very bright, with extravagant designs that attract attention or with various decorations that contrast with each other. In fact, there are those who prefer a natural manicure , which enhances the beauty of the nails without the need to hide them behind a strong color.

Although it is not a fashionable manicure in beauty salons, perhaps because most people prefer to do it at home or because it is very traditional for many tastes, the original French manicure is a good alternative for those who want their nails to have a beautiful appearance, which look neat and elegant.

This style has existed since the 1920s and, since then, it is still used, as it is a versatile type of manicure. French nails manage to adapt to any type of occasion.

How to paint nails with this type of manicure?

If you want to take a trip to the 20th century with an original French manicure, then you will only need two types of nail polish: a white one and a gloss to bring out the color of your nails.

To start painting your nails, it is preferable to get a tape with adhesive to help you follow the correct line when applying the polish. However, if you have a good pulse then this is not really necessary.

If you need help, lay the decal horizontally on your nail, leaving room only for the white paint line at one end. This will prevent you from over painting and damaging the design you want to wear.

To start with, get a flat, stable surface. In this case, even a gaming or dining table can be used, since the process is not very difficult.

Shake the nail polish so that it has the correct fluidity, open it and apply the color gently in the outlined space. To do this, place the brush head at one end of the nail and instead of moving it, let the movement be done by your finger itself so you have more control. When finished, wait 10 minutes. After the polish dries, take a small brush with acetone and brush off any excess paint, in case you smudged. Wait about 5 minutes.

Finally, when all the white lines are dry and perfect, apply the glitter so that the color can stand out and the nails are strong and shiny.

This can also be a French manicure for short nails, since the only thing that will change is the size of the lines that will be made. In fact, that white color at one end makes the nails look longer than they are.

Types of French manicure

Although the original style continues to attract attention, this manicure, like any other, has gone through changes and variants that adapt to new trends. That way, people can add a personalized touch to the old style, which offers a good balance between innovation and security.

1) Colorful French manicure

One of the best known and easiest variants to do is this, the colored French manicure. This style is not very different from the original and only varies in the following: it does not use the natural color of the nail as a base, but a polish of your choice.

When it comes to these designs, the color red is usually one of the most chosen, especially for formal occasions. However, to look more like the traditional style, some prefer to wear a “nude” base.

2) Decorated French manicure

As its name says, this style is the same as the original or the colored one, with the addition that the manicure comes with a decoration for some or all of the nails. Among the most common decorations are diagonal lines, crossed designs, flowers, stars, etc.

3) Gradient French Manicure

To get a gradient French manicure, you must have, in addition to your nail polishes, a small sponge.

Use the glitter or polish that you want to wear on your nails, painting them very well. When you’re done, allow your nails to dry for about 10 minutes before you can continue.

When your polish is completely dry, cut a small square out of a brand new sponge. Paint a white line on one end of the sponge and, below it, paint another line in the color of the base polish.

To continue, press the sponge on one nail, and repeat the process on all the others. You will notice how the white line remains on your nail, but it has a nice gradient.

4) Semi-Permanent French Manicure

Achieving a semi-permanent manicure depends a lot on the preparation given to the nails. Therefore, before you begin, remember:

You should use a putty knife to push back the cuticles, then you should clean the nails of any paint residue and run a soft file over them. Follow up by applying a nail base gel that will provide resistance; this gel will need to be cured in special lamps.

Proceed by applying two thin enamel bases, drying each one in the lamp. When finished, apply semi-permanent white nail polish and cure nails for another 60 seconds in the special lamp.

To finish, apply a nail finisher gel or “top coat”. This should also go to the lamp to dry. Lastly, apply a cuticle oil and wait for it to dry naturally.

Thanks to all these steps it will be possible to enjoy the manicure for up to 20 days.

5) French manicure with design

Instead of making a simple horizontal white line, some people use different designs such as diagonal or “V” lines. There are also those who paint the lower crescent, in an inverted French style.

The designs usually vary depending on taste, for that reason, here you can show all your creativity. The French manicure is a good way to explore different styles and variants, therefore, surely in a short time you will discover which of all the types of French manicure is your ideal technique. 

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