Temperature problems with your hair dryer? Tips to avoid overheating

The hair dryer is one of the appliances that we use the most at home for our beauty routine, because nobody likes to go out with wet hair, but it is very important to guarantee the useful life of this appliance to control its temperature and use it considering some recommendations.

It is common that when we style our hair using a dryer we do not take into account the time we keep it on, or if we do, it may be to avoid damaging the hair. However, it is also necessary to keep this in mind in order to reduce overheating problems or that our device may end up damaged. Next we are going to give you some tips on how you can use this utensil more safelyThere have been cases of dryers that had to be withdrawn from the market because they caught fire when they overheated, making them very dangerous. In this sense, you need to know that the hair dryer is an electrical device that must be used with caution, and if it is used in excess, its temperature level may cause the equipment to collapse, being necessary to pay attention to some tips for the correct use of this appliance.

1. Usage time

In principle, it is necessary to control the time of use of the dryer, so you should avoid keeping it on for more than 15 to 20 minutes continuously, since it can happen that the equipment overheats. If you plan to use the dryer for a long period of time, it is advisable to buy a device with a power greater than 1500 W, to avoid forcing the motor and therefore having problems with the temperature, because this way you can use it for longer. without any risk.

2. Safety thermostat.

It is also recommended that the hair dryer has a temperature thermostat for greater safety, as this way you can control the level of heat you need to avoid overheating of the equipment. But if it also has a speed selector that gives you better control, in the intensity of the heat, it is much better. Some equipment also have a selector for cold air, which is ideal for dehydrated hair.

Other more modern devices include an optical sensor capable of measuring the degree of humidity in the hair and thus adapt the temperature of the dryer to the level of humidity. So, depending on the appliance you have, it is advisable to alternate between the heat and the cold of the dryer, since if you use the cold air, the possibility of overheating is likely to be delayed. This may interfere a little with the cost of the device, but over time, it may last longer.

3. Unplug the dryer.

If while using the dryer you realize that the temperature is excessive, it is recommended to disconnect the device from the power for a few minutes, to let it rest from the transit of electricity, because otherwise an electrical short circuit could be generated and it would be a very unpleasant experience. Likewise, it is important to bear in mind that the hair dryer cable could be damaged, so it is advisable to check the cable before connecting it to the power supply, and if you notice any damage to it, do not use it.

4. Use the accessories.

Most hair dryers come with some very useful accessories to help make the drying effect last longer, such as the included diffusers and nozzles. These elements serve to distribute the air over the hair more efficiently without damaging your hair, so you can comb or dry your hair in less time. In any case, remember that if a very narrow nozzle is used for a long time, the device could be forced, which would also cause the equipment to overheat.

5. Away from the water. 

One of the main recommendations for any electrical equipment is to keep it away from water, and in the case of the hair dryer, this warning is even more acute because, generally, we tend to dry our hair in the bathroom, after showering, next to the sink, where any surface may have traces of water, which is highly dangerous if the device in use comes into contact with this liquid. So we recommend that you do not use the dryer near any water tank, and once you stop using it, always unplug the cable from the outlet. If at any given time, the switched-on dryer accidentally falls into a container of water or the bathtub, do not try to remove it with your hands.

6. Keep the dryer clean.

Another way to prevent your hair dryer from overheating is to periodically clean the lint filter, which is located on the back of the dryer. For this cleaning you can use a toothbrush that you no longer use, and remove the hair or lint that could adhere to the air inlet of the equipment. Next, you can open the dryer and with the brush remove everything that is lodged inside the device, as well as the hair that is around the coil. Once you clean that entire area, you can reassemble the dryer, screwing all its parts. Keep in mind that by keeping the hair dryer clean, in addition to contributing to its good appearance, you can extend its useful life for much longer and it will work properly, avoiding the risk of overheating when you are using it.

7. Renew and invest in a new dryer.

The best thing in any case is to buy a quality hair dryer, from a recommended brand, that is capable of taking care of your hair and not damaging your scalp. So, it is advisable to invest in the best hair dryer of the moment (If you click here, you will find several products to choose from)And with proper use, you won’t have a problem with your computer overheating. Now, if your usual dryer has problems with the temperature or turns off for no reason, it is likely that its useful life has expired and it needs to be replaced, so it should be renewed for a new equipment. For no reason, try to repair the hair dryer on your own (unless, of course, you have all the necessary knowledge and tools), if you think that it can be repaired, you must take it to an experienced specialized technician, to evaluate the damage it has and if it can be remedied.

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