The 10 Best BB Creams of 2022

BB cream – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

BB creams respond to the acronym for ‘beauty balm cream’, which would be something like a beauty balm cream. In short, it is a moisturizing cream that adds some color to our face, so it is responsible for blurring certain imperfections. On the market, we find very interesting models such as Garnier Skin Active Mattifying, which is enriched with vitamin C and adds a very nice medium tone. For its part, the Missha M Perfect Cover cream comes in a 50 ml bottle with a formula that contains chamomile and rosemary extract, among other ingredients, for more radiant skin.

The 10 Best BB Creams – Opinions 2022

For some time now, BB creams have become cosmetics that cannot be missing from any toiletry bag. Its moisturizing function is combined with a subtle color contribution to the skin that, for many girls, is more than enough, since it is not always necessary to apply deep makeup. Next, we present some of the best BB creams of 2022 so that you can choose the most convenient for you.

BB cream Garnier

1. Garnier Skin Active BB Cream Mattifying Correcting Cream

If you are looking for a Garnier BB cream for oily and combination skin, you should take a look at this 40 ml bottle. Garnier is a 100% trusted cosmetic brand, so you’ll only get the best results.

What is striking about this product is its formula with a high content of vitamin C, making it a cream with antioxidant power that will restore shine and luminosity to your face. Thanks to its natural pigments, it will not cost you any work to mattify the skin and, therefore, blur imperfections.

Another advantage of this Garnier BB cream is that it includes an SPF 20 sun protection filter, so you won’t need to apply additional sun cream. Dermatologically tested, it is one of the cheapest BB creams you will find on the market and, as if that were not enough, it stays on your skin for up to 12 hours, without the need for touch-ups.

If you have mixed or oily skin, bet on the best BB cream of the moment, a Garnier product that will not let you down.


Formula: Its formula contains vitamin C, making it a product with high antioxidant potential, capable of restoring radiance to your face.

Sun protection: As if that were not enough, it is a BB cream that incorporates a sun protection factor SPF 20.

Duration: It remains intact on your skin for 12 hours, so you won’t need to constantly touch up.

Function: It is a cream that moisturizes and at the same time reduces pores and imperfections, eliminates shine, mattifies and illuminates the skin.


Opening: Care must be taken not to squeeze the bottle too much, as the cream could spurt out.

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Missha BB Cream

2. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

To make your face look radiant without the need to use a makeup base, the Missha brand presents this product that is considered the best value for money BB cream. It comes in a 50 ml bottle and its formula is striking, in which we find ingredients such as rosemary or chamomile extract, with well-known soothing properties.

But, in addition, the Missha BB cream is completed with other agents such as hyaluronic acid and ceramide that favor the elasticity of the facial skin. We cannot forget to mention that it is a cream that incorporates sun protection factor SPF 42, so the harmful rays of the sun will not penetrate your skin.

It is, without a doubt, a multifunctional product in a beige tone that not only covers the imperfections of the face, but also evens out the skin tone and nourishes it.

If you don’t have much of a budget and you’re looking for cheap BB creams, we advise you to take a look at this model from the Missha brand.


Formula: In its formula, we identify elements as interesting for facial skin as chamomile extract, rosemary or hyaluronic acid.

Sun protection: Includes sun protection factor SPF 42, so you will not have to apply any extra product.

Multifunction: It is a multifunction cosmetic that is dedicated to deeply nourishing the skin, unifying the tone and eliminating imperfections.


Tone: Although it is a beige tone, depending on your skin color, it may be too light for you.

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loreal bb cream

3. L’Oréal Paris Make-up Designer Glam Nude

Available in various skin tones to suit all users, this BB cream from Loreal is presented as a miracle from heaven. It is a balanced 5-in-1 product that conceals the typical imperfections of the face and unifies the skin tone, but, at the same time, it does not provide a sensation of coverage and total opacity.

This can be explained by the fact that it has a light formula that is absorbed very quickly and does not clog the pores. Hence, it is considered the best BB cream on the market, as it adapts immediately to the skin tone.

We cannot forget to mention that it has great antioxidant power and, in addition, provides up to 24 hours of hydration. As if that were not enough, it has SPF 12, so that protection against the sun’s harmful rays is guaranteed. Never before have 30 ml spread so much.

Opting for the best brand of BB creams is the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises. With L’Oreal, satisfaction is guaranteed.


5 in 1: This 5 in 1 cream hydrates your skin while it covers light imperfections, unifies the skin, provides luminosity and texture.

Duration: Its effect lasts for 24 hours on the skin, so you will arrive home the same as when you leave.

Antioxidant: Its antioxidant power stands out and, in addition, it incorporates sun protection.


Tone: This model is a nude tone, which means that if you have a very dark face, it is not the best option.

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La Roche Posay BB Cream

4. La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur

In a 30 ml container, this La Roche Posay BB cream stands out for its mousse texture, so spreading it on the skin of the face will be a pleasure. Its main mission is to hide pores and imperfections, but also to absorb oil from the face, which translates into a perfect result that will last all day.

As for the tone, it is light-medium, so it seems to be suitable for any user. An important detail is that it is an oil-free BB cream, but not only that, it is also a paraben-free product.

Made in France, it is sponsored by a highly prestigious brand such as La Roche Posay, known for its extensive experience in the field of beauty and skin care. Finally, it should be noted that it incorporates SPF 20, a feature highly valued by users.

If you are undecided and don’t know which BB cream to buy, go ahead and check the characteristics of this model from the French brand La Roche Posay.


Tone: This cream has a light-medium tone, which makes it perfect for all skin types.

Oil free: It is oil free and it is also free of parabens. This means that it is appropriate for sensitive skin.

Sun protection: It has SPF 20, so you will not need to apply extra sun protection.


Quantity: It is a 30 ml container, an amount that many users could consider insufficient since other creams contain more.

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BB cream Clarins

5. Clarins Bb Skin Detox Fluid

In this case, we find a Clarins BB cream that, although it is not one of the cheapest in this ranking, is one of the most interesting. It lands in a very elegant 45 ml container with moisturizing properties for the face.

Its formula is especially indicated to obtain a balance in the skin, while mattifying it and providing a very natural color. Another of its most striking features is that it is free of oils and parabens and, in addition, it is a non-comedogenic product, that is, it does not clog the skin’s pores.

You’ll be glad to know that it’s a BB cream with SPF 25, so you won’t have to worry about UVA rays when you go outside. You can then use it all year round and have the guarantee that your skin will be protected from the sun’s action.

If you are wondering which is the best BB cream, you may be interested in examining the specifications of this product, as it will surely end up convincing you.


Packaging: It is presented in a very cute and elegant red container whose content is 45 ml of product.

Moisturizing: One of the benefits of this article is its moisturizing nature, so your skin will be in the best hands.

Oil free: It is an oil free cosmetic and does not contain parabens either. It is also in the category of non-comedogenic creams.


Titanium dioxide: Among its ingredients, we find titanium dioxide, an element that could cause allergies.

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Clinique BB Cream

6. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Blemish BB Cream

In a 30 ml bottle, this BB cream from Clinique is one of the most praised proposals in this ranking. Not only because it is accompanied by a renowned brand, but because it is presented as an anti-blemish product that will correct all small defects in a moment.

It is a BB cream for oily and combination skin, so if this is your case, you have just found the ideal article. Another of its most outstanding qualities is that it includes SPF 40, so it is suitable even in the months when solar radiation is more intense.

This cream does not contain oils and consists of a formula that allows a very simple application. This translates into a much brighter face that is free of imperfections. Specifically, this bottle offers a medium tone, so if you do not have too light skin, it will be perfect for you.

The best BB cream is one that needs no introduction. This is the case of this model from Clinique, a high-end American brand.


Anti-imperfections: If you want to acquire a cream that hides the small imperfections of your face, this is yours.

Oil free: In its formula, we find that it does not contain oils. Hence, it is indicated for oily skin.

SPF: It has a high protection factor, specifically 40. This means that it gives you coverage even in summer.


Duration: There are different opinions regarding the duration of this cream on the skin of the face.

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Maybelline BB Cream

7. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

This model is an example that a cheap BB cream is perfectly effective. With a price within the reach of any pocket, this cream lands as an 8-in-1 product. Among its benefits, we find that it consists of a sun protection factor (SPF 30), which moisturizes the skin and corrects small skin imperfections.

But not only that, but this Maybelline BB cream is responsible for bringing light to your face, so if you notice it dull, all you have to do is use it. Since it is available in several shades, you can choose the one that best suits your skin. Specifically, this model is great for normal skin.

It comes in a compact 30 ml container, ideal to always carry with you in your bag. As for its formula, it is enriched with pomegranate extract and does not contain oils.

This product is among the best BB creams on the market thanks to its ideal balance between price and quality.


Formula: Its formula is enriched with pomegranate extract. As an added bonus, it’s oil-free.

Effect: It is an 8-in-1 BB cream. Among its properties, its moisturizing character and the ability to reduce facial imperfections stand out.

SPF: Contains sun protection factor 30, so you can use it in summer without applying an additional lotion.


Titanium dioxide: Among its ingredients is titanium dioxide, an element that is in question.

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BB cream Skin79

8. SKIN 79 Super Plus BB Crème Gold

The first thing that strikes you about the Skin79 BB cream is its packaging. Not in vain, it exhibits a very elegant metallic color and a rounded format. Nor does its applicator go unnoticed, which is more reminiscent of a perfume than a cream of these characteristics. To obtain the product, you must press the upper part until it begins to come out of the hole.

In addition to impressing with its design, this BB cream includes ingredients such as gold and caviar in its formulation. The result is a model that offers 100% coverage, so you can say goodbye to blemishes and wrinkles, while your skin stays hydrated.

Its color-unifying effect is combined with an SPF 25 that will protect your skin from solar radiation. In short, it is a high quality cream with which you will not miss the makeup base.

If you want to discover a complete BB cream, don’t hesitate to take a look at the qualities of this product.


Formula: The formula of this cosmetic does not go unnoticed, since it is enriched with caviar and gold.

Effect: Offers a triple effect to the skin. It not only moisturizes the skin, but also covers and corrects spots and also reduces wrinkles.

Packaging: The packaging of this product is perhaps the most attractive on our list of recommendations.


Coverage: You must take into account that it provides almost total coverage, being very similar to a makeup base. If this is not what you want, you may want to consider another product.

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BB cream Dior

9. Christian Dior K-D3-60-03 BB Cream

Although it is the most expensive BB cream on the list of recommendations, the truth is that it is a product that goes one step further. You just have to take a look at its charming packaging to realize that it is a cream that will do everything for the well-being of your face.

With a quantity of 50 ml, it has moisturizing, protective and softening properties, which translates into a more cared for complexion after its application. It is ideal for all skin types and best of all, you will be able to observe how it immediately restores beauty to your face.

If that doesn’t seem like much to you, you have to add that it has SPF 30, so you have everything your face needs in a single product. There is no doubt that this Dior BB cream represents exactly what we ask of a cosmetic.

We constantly hear good references from Christian Dior, so this product is yet another example of his good work and professionalism.


Content: You have 50 ml of BB cream at your disposal, so it will last much longer than other models.

Results: After its application, you will see your face more luminous and with fewer imperfections.

Texture: The smooth and creamy texture makes it easy to apply. Extending it on the face will be a pleasure.


Price: This is one of the most expensive BB creams on our recommended list, an aspect that should be considered.

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BB Cream Estee Lauder

10. Estee Lauder BB cream Multifunction

For those users who want a high-end BB cream, they will not find a better one than this one from the New York brand Estèe Lauder. It is a lotion to apply in the morning, so that you can enjoy much more rejuvenated skin all day.

It comes as a multi-function cream, which means that it not only moisturizes your complexion, but also adds the shine that, for one reason or another, has been lost. And all of this is within your reach in a practical and elegant 30 ml bottle that you can always carry with you in your bag.

This Estèe Lauder BB cream, thus, is an excellent tool to protect your skin from external aggressions, as it acts by forming a layer. This results in medium coverage, giving you a much healthier look. With SPF 50, it is suitable for all skin types.

If the budget is not something that worries you, opt for this product from the Estèe Lauder brand, as it will give you a lot of joy.


Protection: This BB cream is an ideal product to protect the skin from external aggressions.

SPF: It incorporates sun protection factor 50, so your face will also be protected from radiation.

Coverage: Provides medium coverage capable of concealing small skin imperfections.


Budget: For its price, it is certainly not an item suitable for all pockets.

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Shopping guide

Faced with such a display of lotions and face creams, we may feel a little lost. Without a doubt, BB creams are one of those products that, once you try them, you don’t want to get rid of them. Check this guide to buy the best BB cream and you will have all the concepts clearer.

Type of skin

BB creams are, in principle, beauty products suitable for all skin types, although, yes, it is convenient to make sure that the model you are interested in is appropriate for you. Remember that the needs of dry or normal skin are not the same as those of oily or combination skin. In general, the packaging shows the skin class to which they are directed.

What’s more, if you have sensitive skin, there is also a good and cheap BB cream for you. You just have to pay attention to its formula and make sure that it does not contain parabens or other chemical agents that could be harmful.

Since one of the most common promises of this type of product is to bring light to the face, in the event that yours is dull, you will most likely notice the results much more. Sometimes it happens that, if you have very dry skin, the ideal is to previously apply a moisturizing cream so that the effect is optimal.

tone and coverage

The level of coverage is another fundamental aspect of this comparison of BB creams. It will depend on this that the small imperfections of the face, such as wrinkles or spots, are more or less hidden. In the market, there are options for all tastes. There are those who prefer a BB cream that provides full coverage, that is, that acts similar to a makeup base, while other users may simply want to add a little color to their face apart from hydration.

In general, these lotions incorporate a much lower percentage of pigments than a makeup base: between approximately 1 and 5%, while foundations can have up to 20%. Containing powders, they offer a certain matte effect, but don’t expect great opacity either.

As for the shades, it is important that you value the color of your skin in order to make it similar. In this way, the result will be more natural.


Another detail to seriously consider when purchasing a BB cream is knowing its formula. Ideally, it should not include chemicals such as parabens or certain preservatives. Although they continue to be legal elements, it is best to bet on natural creams, since your skin will thank you.

Be wary of those models with a sweet fragrance, because, with all certainty, this will appear due to the presence of chemicals. Instead, opt for formulas that incorporate argan oil, rose hips, honey, or plant extracts.

Asking ourselves how much a BB cream costs is absolutely normal, but don’t be blinded by its price, as it is also essential to know what its formulation is to find out in whose hands we are leaving the health of our face.

Another of the questionable ingredients that are usually included in BB creams (especially those with sun protection) is titanium dioxide. This, not in vain, acts as a sunscreen, but it has properties that reduce moisture from the face, so if yours is rather dry, this type of cream may not suit you.


Finally, we cannot stop referring to the packaging. Usually, BB creams are presented in bottles that range from 30 to 50 ml, because, in this way, their use will not last too long and their properties will remain intact.

Thanks to the small quantities, the bottles are usually quite compact and fit in any bag so you can take the cream with you whenever you go on a trip or even on a daily basis to touch up when you need it. And speaking of this, it is important that you look at the duration of the BB cream in question. There are some models that remain as freshly applied for a few hours and others last all day.

This is a decisive purchasing factor. For example, if you are going to attend an event, surely for nothing in the world would you want your face to begin to fade just a few hours later. For this reason, carefully examine the instructions on the packaging.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the best BB cream?

This is a difficult question to answer because the user will have the last word. However, if you are looking for an answer that comes as close as possible to the question, we could say that it would be the one that provides adequate hydration to the skin, hides imperfections without clogging pores, is anti-wrinkle and anti-blemish, and also offers sun protection (the higher the better). It can be an advantage that it is indicated for all skin types and that it does not include parabens, but it does include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or ceramides. Among the brands, you can trust Dior, Clinique or Garnier.

Q2: What do you put on first: the concealer or the BB cream?

BB creams are, after all, moisturizing creams that add some color to the face. Depending on their finish, they may completely cover the imperfections of the face or simply attenuate them. In any case, they do not replace a makeup base. If you usually apply concealer, you can continue to do so even if you use a BB cream, as the result will be much more satisfactory. To do this, you must first apply it as usual and then spread the BB cream

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