The 3 Best Normal Nail Polish Dryers of 2022

Normal nail polish dryer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are times when, for one reason or another, we don’t have time to wait for our nails to dry after painting them with polish. Hence, nail dryers seem like very useful gadgets. Its function is, as you may have guessed, to help reduce the drying time, so that you can get going as soon as possible. If the enamels you use are normal, the machines are usually much simpler than in the case of those designed for permanent nail polish. If you are looking for regular nail polish dryers, here are some interesting models. Available in a beautiful red colour, the Brino Hot/Cold model has two air modes and is designed for both personal and professional use. For its part, the TOUCHBeauty TB-0889 dryerCombines air and LED light for faster drying. It draws attention for its flirty hemisphere design.

Buying Guide – What is the best normal nail polish dryer on the market?

Nail dryers are indispensable tools in the vanity of those people who frequently paint their nails. These devices generally emit hot air to dry the nails more quickly. We advise you to take a look at our guide to buying the best normal nail polish dryer. Next, we offer you the aspects to take into account.

Nail dryer size and design

In the case of regular nail polish dryers, size is an important deciding factor. The ideal is that they enjoy a compact design that allows them to be moved from one place to another with total comfort. At this point, it should be noted that if the device makes it possible to dry the nails of both hands or feet at the same time, then the logical thing is that its size is greater.

This means that if the model is suitable for drying all 10 nails at the same time, its size will most likely not be less than 30 cm. If, on the other hand, you do not mind that it allows you to dry only five nails at a time, you will most likely be able to identify much smaller models, such as 15 cm in length.

According to the height, this does not have to exceed 10 cm. Likewise, it is not difficult to find nail dryers on the market that are portable and therefore suitable for traveling.

In relation to the design, everything will depend on personal tastes. In the market, the options in terms of color or format are numerous, so the key is to spend a little time until you find an inexpensive normal nail polish dryer that fits your preferences.

Nail dryer power

A nail dryer is basically an air blowing machine, designed to help speed up the drying process. For this reason, it is essential to consider the power of the airflow. It is a parameter, therefore, closely related to the time it will take for the product in question to dry our nails.

A power of around 100 watts could be more than appropriate. On average, these types of devices usually take 5 minutes to do their job.

Convenience of using the nail dryer

In addition to being effective, another detail that we could not forget in a comparison of normal nail polish dryers has to do with its comfort of use. This is a decisive factor when choosing one model or another.

The comfort of use is related to, for example, the ergonomics of the product. Evaluate, then, that the space to support the hands or feet is sufficient and comfortable. Likewise, consider the activation mode of the model, that is, if it is through a switch or by contact.

Finally, look at the way the nail dryer is powered: with a connection cable to the power outlet or by batteries. Depending on your needs, one option or another will be more useful.

Additional functions

If you want to know how much a normal nail polish dryer costs, you should keep in mind that the price will depend on various factors. One of them is closely linked to the additional and innovative functions, if any, that it offers.

Normally, nail dryers that are indicated for normal enamel are very simple devices. They are usually equipped with a switch that activates the emission of the air flow and, sometimes, they also have lighting.

However, there are newer models that offer interesting extras to users. For example, there are dryers that not only have a hot air function, but also cold air. There are also models that are activated by an intelligent sensor, that is, they do not require switches.

Lastly, there are nail dryers that combine airflow with LED technology for optimal results.

The 3 Best Normal Enamel Nail Dryers – Opinions 2022

1. Brino Nail Polish Dryer Blower

Main advantage:

This dryer has a switch to select hot or cold air, which adds versatility to the product. With a power of 110 watts, it is an appropriate model both for use at home and in a professional beauty salon.

Main disadvantage:

This product is around 30cm in size, so maybe not the best model to take on the go.

Verdict: 9.9/10

An article with a functional design that meets expectations with flying colors. Professional in appearance, it incorporates ample space to place each hand, adding comfort to the waiting time while the nails dry.

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design and size

In a bright red colour, this nail dryer from Brino is the perfect accessory that cannot be missing from any dressing table. It is a very functional and at the same time decorative item, thanks to its simple but careful design.

Of rectangular format and with rounded shapes, it has dimensions of 29.6 x 19.8 x 9 cm. These measurements may not make it the best nail dryer to take on a trip or to move from one place to another, however, its size allows drying time to be much more comfortable, thanks to the spaciousness of this model..

For this reason, it is a suitable device both for use at home and in a professional beauty salon. It has a small transparent window at the top of the dryer to view the nails at all times.

hot/cold function

One of the most interesting features of this product is that it has a heat and cold function. Both options can be selected by means of a convenient switch located in the upper area of ​​this dryer. The combination of both functionalities, without a doubt, will make it possible for the nail drying time to be much shorter.

In this way, the user can select the hot air fan just by pressing the corresponding option on the switch. To finalize the finish, you can do the same with the cold air selector.

The addition of these features means that this dryer is not only suitable for drying gel polishes, but also for deodorization and sterilization. In conclusion, it is a model for drying normal enamels that is more complete than many other conventional dryers on the market that only offer hot air.

Power and power supply

The power of a normal nail polish dryer is highly related to the drying time. As you may have guessed, the higher the power, the shorter this waiting time will be. In the specific case of this product, it offers a power of 110 watts. This feature makes it a powerful and efficient dryer, capable of drying nails in just a few minutes.

In relation to the power supply, it is a device that works through a cable connected to the power outlet. For many users, this is a much more useful modality than those dryers that work with batteries.

Among its advantages, you will not have to worry about the batteries running out and, therefore, leaving you stranded during the process. It is enough that you identify a nearby plug and you can enjoy this article for as long as you need.

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2. TouchBeauty TB-0889 LED Nail Polish Fan Lamp

The hemisphere design in violet tones is perfectly suited to the functionalities of this TOUCHBeauty dryer, considered one of the best normal nail polish dryers of 2022. As it works with three batteries, it can be used at any time and in any situation without depending on a Plug.

To activate it, it is enough to place the fingers (whether of the hands or the feet), in the front hole. In addition to being one of the cheap normal nail polish dryers that you can find on the market, it has the advantage that it is activated by an innovative pressure sensor.

Its interior fan is in charge of drying the nails conveniently in just a few minutes. Its dimensions (11.9 x 11 x 7 cm) give us an idea that it is a light and portable model, so if you don’t know which normal nail polish dryer to buy to take on a trip, this could be a good option..

Identifying the best normal nail polish dryer of the moment is not an easy task, although this model is one of those interesting options that you could value.


Design: Design is one of the aspects that users of this product value the most. With a hemispherical shape and in purple and white, it is presented as a very elegant hair dryer.

Versatile: This dryer is suitable for both fingernails and toenails. Thanks to the fact that it has a very wide hole to support them, comfort is guaranteed.

Sensor: It is a model that is not activated by a switch, but is equipped with a sensor that turns it on when you press the base. Batteries: It works with three batteries, a very convenient system that makes it unnecessary to depend on a plug.


Size: Due to its size, some users recommend only inserting four fingers and leaving the thumb for last.

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3. Nobebird UV LED Nail Lamp 

Although it does not belong to the best brand of nail dryers for normal enamel, the Noberbird 180340 model is a great proposal for drying traditional, semi-permanent enamels and also for gel nail work.

This product has a power of 84 watts, much higher than that of other models on the market. The result is a more powerful, efficient and executed drying in less time. Something that helps an interior designed to give you the best results and with a good space to place your hands or feet.

The entire drying process is controlled through the top panel, which includes an LED display and buttons to set the drying time. The ideal complement to always have the process under control and operate the lamp safely.

Leave your nails perfect thanks to the considerable power of this high-quality nail lamp.


Power: Its 84 watts of power reduce the time needed for drying, improving results.

Automatic sensor: The automatic sensor saves you time and makes it easier to use the lamp.

LED therapy: The lamp includes two additional lights, which adequately protect the eyes and skin during the use of the product.


Materials: The outer plastic is somewhat improvable in terms of its resistance, although treating it carefully there is no problem.

Heat : Obviously, the heat generated by the lamp is higher than that of other similar products.

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How to use a regular nail polish dryer

Waiting long enough for the polish you’ve applied to your nails to harden may take longer than you’d like. Especially if the weather is cold and wet. To fix this, you can use a normal nail polish dryer. If you want more information about its use, here we provide some.

Read the instruction manual of your model

The functions that make one model different from another are specified in the instruction manual or specifications provided by the manufacturer. It is worth taking a look at these data so that you know them. In this way, there will be no surprises because some use you want to give the dryer is not included. You may also find information regarding its care, which will help you keep your device better and longer.

Check the connection cable or insert the batteries

In the event that your model is powered by a cable to the electrical network, a good precautionary measure to avoid accidents is to analyze whenever you are going to use your dryer that it is not damaged.

You must verify that it has not become detached from the device or has any cracks. This can cause short circuits and/or a small flame that could burn something nearby. Once you determine that there is no problem, proceed to plug the device into the socket that is closest to the place where you will paint your nails.

As an additional recommendation, always try to have everything at hand before starting to paint your nails, this way you will avoid possible damage to their finish. Now, if it is a dryer that is powered by batteries, place them in the compartment, always avoiding mixing batteries with rechargeable batteries.

Apply the nail polish

Normal nail polish is best applied in thin layers, drying each one very well before applying the next. This will prevent the perception that it has dried, when in reality the deep layers that we have applied are still fresh, which causes them to be damaged when performing any activity with the hands, with the consequent discomfort that this causes.

Check that it has dried

To find out if the enamel has already dried and proceed to apply another layer, you can do the following test. Very carefully, let two of your nails that you have previously painted touch on the enamel side. If you notice any difficulty when trying to separate them, then you still need to apply more drying time.

Store your dryer

Once you have finished using the dryer, you should store it, either in its box or somewhere you have planned, to prevent dust and other factors from entering the blades that generate the air flow and this then settle on your freshly painted nails.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to properly use the nail dryer for normal polish?

To get a manicure or pedicure with professional results and in the comfort of your home, nothing better than having a nail dryer. But for all your work to be perfect, you must learn to use it correctly. The first thing you should do is plug the device into the network or, if it works with batteries, verify that it has the necessary charge.

Proceed to apply the polish on each nail, trying to make it in thin layers and then place the nails under the dryer. Depending on the model and the power of the air flow, you will have to wait a few minutes for it to dry completely. Once the indicated time has elapsed and the enamel is dry, you proceed to apply a second layer on the nails and let them dry again with the device.

In the event that the polish or manicure you are doing requires a third coat, you will need to place your nails back into the device. The idea is that no matter how laborious the work you are doing, you will be able to use the normal nail polish dryer whenever you need it and without the risk of injury or burn, as is often the case with UV lamps.

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¿Cuál es el mejor secador de uñas esmalte normal del 2022?

Pese al auge actual de las uñas de gel, siguen siendo muchas las personas que utilizan lacas de uñas convencionales. En este caso, las uñas no se secan con las modernas lámparas UV que tan de moda se han puesto, sino con secadores de uñas que podemos encontrar de forma fácil en el mercado. Unos productos que, con estos consejos que te ofrecemos, podrás elegir de forma efectiva. También hemos analizado un secador destacado dentro de este segmento, para que sepas qué esperar de este tipo de productos.

Cuando le echamos un vistazo a los diferentes productos que tenemos en una comparativa de secadores de uñas, la primera cuestión que debemos valorar es el sistema de secado. En este caso, lo habitual es que el secado se realice mediante aire caliente, que se vierte directamente sobre las uñas, dejando así los diferentes esmaltes o lacas de uñas debidamente secos en poco tiempo.

En este caso, conviene verificar que el flujo de aire sea adecuado y que la temperatura también lo sea, pues si no tendrás que esperar mucho a que las uñas se sequen.

Otro aspecto importante, que sí comparten con las lámparas de uñas convencionales, es la comodidad de uso. En este apartado, debemos fijarnos en la zona donde se colocan los dedos. Esta zona debe ser lo más amplia y abierta posible.

Esto facilita colocar los dedos sobre la misma o incluso poder colocar los dedos de los pies para secar también estas uñas, en caso de lo que necesites.

Para finalizar nuestros consejos, es momento de ver la fuente de alimentación del secador y sus medidas. En el lado de la alimentación, esta puede ser enchufada o a batería.

Este último modo tiene la ventaja de hacer el producto autónomo y poder llevarlo a donde quieras. Algo a lo que ayudará contar con un modelo de tamaño compacto y peso ligero, que puedas guardar en tu neceser.

Best Zeller F0525113

Ventaja principal:

Este secador de uñas activa el flujo de aire caliente con solo presionar la base del producto, así que el secador solo funciona cuando las manos están en su lugar.

Desventaja principal:

El producto funciona con pilas, no contando con la opción de utilizarlo enchufado de forma tradicional. Por tanto, conviene tener pilas nuevas a mano para no quedarte a mitad del trabajo.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Una solución de coste ajustado y diseño sencillo con la que secar tus uñas mediante aire caliente con solo colocarlas encima del producto.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Sistema de secado

A diferencia de los modelos para gel que utilizan lámparas para el secado, este producto sigue la línea de los secadores convencionales, incorporando un ventilador y un generador de aire caliente. Este aire se dirige sobre las uñas de forma directa, lo que permite ir secando las diferentes capas del material de forma efectiva, pudiendo así pintar encima de ellas sin tener que esperar demasiado.

Este sistema de aire caliente se enfoca directamente sobre las uñas, de modo que el esmalte se seque de forma efectiva y sin complicaciones. De hecho, al ser un proceso de secado progresivo, el resultado final es más satisfactorio que en otros productos que pueden acabar agrietando el esmalte por un proceso de secado demasiado rápido o brusco.

Comodidad de uso

Una de las principales ventajas que nos ofrece este modelo es su sistema de activación. En concreto, el secador se activa mediante la colocación de las uñas en la zona de la base, de modo que ahorrarás energía, ya que el producto se apaga una vez que no se realice esta presión. Algo que también ayuda a colocar correctamente las manos para que el flujo de aire se dirija a donde debe.

También cómodo resulta el diseño de la zona de colocación de los dedos, que ofrece un espacio muy abierto. Esto facilita colocar tanto los dedos de las manos como los dedos de los pies, simplificando así el proceso de secado de tus uñas. Sobre todo, porque esto también ayuda a colocar las uñas hacia la salida del aire de forma fácil y, de paso, evita que el producto se sobrecaliente mientras no tengas las uñas colocadas.

Medidas y alimentación del producto

Para finalizar nuestro análisis, valoramos las medidas y la alimentación del secador. En el lado de las medidas, el producto tiene unas dimensiones de 15 centímetros de fondo por 10 de ancho y 6 de altura que, junto a su peso de 240 gramos, por tanto, no ocupa demasiado espacio.

Algo que ayuda a llevar el producto contigo a donde quieras. Una cuestión en la que su alimentación con baterías convencionales también ayuda. Basta disponer de dos pilas AA para utilizar el secador. Por tanto, no tendrás que ir buscando enchufes para ponerlo en marcha. Y dado que el funcionamiento se detiene automáticamente al retirar las manos, las pilas aumentan su duración efectiva, reduciendo la frecuencia de cambio.

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