The 4 Best Hair Serums of 2022

Hair Serum – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Just like your skin, your hair also needs special care, depending on its specific needs. The good news is that the wide range of hair serums that we find on the market allows us to choose the most suitable for our hair. Products that are used for straight, wavy, dyed or damaged hair, including, in any case, special ingredients to repair and care for each type of hair. If you are looking for a serum to take care of damaged hair, for example, you can opt for the KERASTASE RESISTANCE THERAPISTE serum, which allows you to enjoy silkier and smoother hair, solving even serious problems such as split ends. If what you need is to take care of curly hair, then the Simon & Tom Argán serumis your alternative. A product enriched with argan oil, which reduces frizz and improves the tone and general care of your hair without problems.

Buying guide – What is the best hair serum on the market?

Hair care is as important as your skin or any other element of your body. Something that requires quality products, which we must assess both in terms of how much the product costs and its qualities.

So that you have more clarity about what aspects stand out in a quality product without ceasing to be economical, follow the advice in our guide to buying the best hair serum, thus knowing the most important aspects of this type of product.

Utility of the serum

If we take a look at any comparison of hair serums, it is easy to get lost. Although the good news is that almost all serums tend to have a specific or determined use, which simplifies the process of choosing the most suitable serum for what you need at any given time. Let’s see what kind of treatments you can access in the market.

Among these treatments, the most common is the care of damaged hair. These serums use different ingredients, both natural and artificial, that make it easier to repair the structure of the hair and even recover split ends. These are products designed to repair different levels of damage.

To avoid this damage, there are also protective serums, very suitable for taking care of the hair before treatments such as curling irons or ironing. Serums that prevent the heat from damaging the hair’s own structures. Finally, in this summary, we find serums that help to carry out different care and protection treatments on straight, dyed or curly hair, for example. A wide range that serves to improve the condition of different types of hair in particular.

Serum Ingredients

As with the utilities or applications of the serum, there is also a difference in the ingredients between what we can find. Ingredients that fit these uses, but should be verified, so that the more natural and organic these ingredients are, the better their effect on your hair and your health.

Among these ingredients, it is common to find ingredients such as argan oil, which offers moisturizing properties and tones the hair. It is also common to find plant extracts of all kinds, which also take care of the hair and give it a more pleasant touch. Elements such as jojoba, wheat germ or coriander are some of these ingredients, to give you a reference.

As a last piece of advice, it is advisable that you choose serums that do not include artificial or toxic ingredients such as parabens, which are used as preservatives, as well as phthalates, with plasticizing uses, which can cause certain problems in your body. And if they are also products that have not been tested on animals, without a doubt, much better.

Presentation of the serum

To finish our study, it is necessary to assess the presentation of the serum. Something that is important when evaluating cheap serums, since it is not only a question of price, but also of the capacity of the product.

Within the different existing presentations, the most common is the one that offers us the product as if it were a shampoo, so that it can be used in the same way.

We also have the applicator format presentation, which includes a sliding cap that provides the right amount of product that you need. Something that makes it easier to take advantage of it properly. Some even come in oil-like bottles, with drop application, which have the problem of requiring more control.

As for the amount of the presentation, this is also variable. We can find serums with presentations ranging from 100 to 500 milliliters, these levels being the usual ones. In this case it is important to see how much serum you can buy for the same money, in order to assess the real price ratio of each product.

The 4 Best Serums for Hair – Opinions 2022

When it comes to taking care of your hair, you will surely find it interesting to know which is the best hair serum that you can find. Something that leads us to find all kinds of products ranging from silicone-free hair serum to serum enriched with all kinds of top-level ingredients. A complete and wide offer, which we simplify for you with our selection of the best hair serums of 2022, with products for all uses and all hair types.

1. Kerastase Hair Serum 30ml

Main advantage:

This serum is suitable for hair with a high level of damage, between 3 and 4, as it is capable of repairing the hair fiber and offers a much healthier, smoother and shinier finish.

Main disadvantage:

A user thinks that the amount of product offered in this presentation might not be enough, especially when it comes to prolonged treatment.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This product offers the possibility of satisfactorily repairing the deepest damage to the hair. In addition, it has thermal protection of up to 230º for greater effectiveness.

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Kerastase Resistance Therapiste hair serum is specifically manufactured to treat hair with a high level of abuse, that is, on a scale of 1 to 4, it is recommended for levels 3 and 4. In this sense, it is responsible for repairing the damage caused by chemical products such as dyes or straightening treatments.

It contributes to the good health of the internal hair fiber and strengthens it to give it a stronger appearance. In addition, it seals the ends to prevent them from opening and restores the cuticle, thus favoring their growth, while preventing dryness and moisturizing it in depth.

On the other hand, thanks to its thermoprotective ingredients, it supports up to 230º of heat produced by the dryer or curling or straightening irons. In this sense, it promotes a much faster, more effective and safer drying.


One of the main components of this treatment are plant extracts, since they have the power to regenerate the internal cells of the hair follicles and help protect the scalp from free radicals and external aggressions.

Ceramides control surface damage and can restore the cuticle on the hair fiber, as well as restore hair strength from tips to roots. On the other hand, water provides all its natural properties in favor of hair repair, because it hydrates it deeply.

As if that were not enough, the proteins used for this product are the ones that are responsible for keeping the hair nourished and healthy. Likewise, they contribute greatly to maintaining shine and softness, thus avoiding dryness, frizz, among others.


The form of application of this product is after the shower, with the hair still wet. In this sense, it is recommended to apply an adequate amount to the length of the hair, massaging especially on the ends or damaged areas, and then drying with your favorite tool.

Another way to use it to rebuild and repair is by applying it to dry or damp hair, simply for easy detangling or styling, then letting it air dry. In this way, you will be able to give it a better appearance.

Finally, it is good to know that this serum comes in a 30 ml container, a sufficient amount to see benefits in your hair. In addition, it has a fairly comfortable size to have in the shower or in your travel bag without major inconvenience.

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2. Simon & Tom Oshun Professional Hair Organic Argan Oil

If your hair is curly, Simon & Tom Argan oil is a very interesting product for your hair. An oil that has a remarkable formulation where organic argan oil stands out, which controls frizz and improves curly hair.

The effects of argan oil are known precisely for nourishing and repairing the hair, giving it a pleasant touch free of chemicals or other harmful ingredients. In fact, this product is free of parabens, phthalates and is not tested on animals.

A complete product with which to intensify the hydration of your hair and that, having an adjusted price, could well be considered as the best hair serum for value for money of those that we have evaluated.

Recovering the appearance of your hair does not have to leave you without money and the Simon & Tom brand proposal is among the cheapest hair serums. Then you can analyze in detail what your product offers you.


Quantity: By providing a 100 ml presentation you can use it as a treatment for an appropriate period of time and it could be enough even for people with long hair.

Formulation: Thanks to the fact that it contains organic argan oil, you can receive the benefits of hydration and texture that this component provides to the hair.

Versatile: Because it softens the hair, it can be very suitable for curly hair or hair that has a clear tendency to tangle.

Healthy: As it does not contain parabens or phthalates, neither your hair nor your skin will come into contact with these substances that are harmful to health.


Quantity: Being an oil-based formulation serum, it is recommended to use only the appropriate amount of the product and spread it carefully to achieve the desired appearance.

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3. Nifeishi Serum Hair Growth Anti-Loss Hair

Many men and women when they reach maturity begin to worry about hair loss in certain areas. For them, the best thing to do is look for a serum formulated with ingredients that stimulate hair growth, but also that strengthen the root of the hair, thereby preventing its loss.

This is precisely what can be obtained with the Nifeishi serum, since it has been made from extracts of oriental arborvitae, hippophae rhamnoides and angelica. These plants stand out for their medicinal qualities and in this case, they promote the strengthening of hair fibers. 

Among the many benefits, we can say that they help with their antioxidants and nutrients to improve keratin synthesis, while contributing to a strong hair root. Thus, it improves its natural function of holding and nourishing the hair. 

On the other hand, this blend of ingredients can also increase the density of your current hair, helping it appear fuller.

If you are looking for a way to solve hair loss in your hair, here you can learn more about this product specially designed for this type of hair problem.


Versatility: It can be used for those who have fine, curly or straight hair. As well as for those who have treated it with a product to give it color.

Presentation: Due to its 30 ml container, it can last long enough to carry out a treatment for several days and test its effectiveness.

Natural: This formula is based on natural plant extracts, which can be attractive by avoiding the use of artificially synthesized products.

Application: The use of this product is simple, being possible to mix it with the shampoo and accompany it with a gentle massage.


Time: The results of this product are subject to the frequency with which the serum is applied, so you will probably have to wait some time to notice its positive effects.

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4. L’Oreal Paris Botanicals Source of Strength Fortifying Serum

Within its line of hair serums, L’Oreal has the Botanicals line, which offers different oils for various uses and applications.

In this case, we are talking about a Loreal hair serum that includes coriander oil among its ingredients, which offers a high nutritional power that is very suitable for strengthening fragile or weakened hair.

This oil is combined with others that reinforce its efficiency, in a hair serum without silicones, parabens or dyes, which offers a better effect on your health.

A complete product with a pleasant texture when applied to the hair, without forgetting its aroma and fragrance that give your hair a special touch during the treatment. And the best, it comes in a 125 ml bottle.

For those who want to experiment with new formulas, this could be the best hair serum for 10 euros. We have prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages so that you can analyze it in detail.


Formula: Because it does not include substances such as silicone, parabens or dyes, it is considered healthy and can help improve the texture and health of your hair.

Natural: Thanks to its herbal ingredients and coriander seed extract, you can benefit from the nutrients it provides to your hair without resorting to chemical formulas.

Dosage: Its dropper presentation can help you avoid using too much product and make better use of it.


Herbal – Some people may not be too attracted to herbal scents, however this is a fresh scent you could try.

Texture: Some people may not get very smooth hair compared to other serums, which could be a drawback, but after several days of use, it can help improve the structure of the hair.

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5. Ptkoonn Hair Growth Treatment Serum

The Ptkoonn brand offers a wide variety of personal care products, including this interesting serum, designed to help strengthen fine and dry hair. Its effectiveness is based on deeply nourishing the roots so that they are more resistant and hold the hair in place, preventing it from falling out. 

If you are wondering about its ingredients, you should know that they are mostly of natural origin, based on plant extracts such as ginseng, ginger, and grape seed oil, among others. All well known in the world of cosmetics for their nutritional and antioxidant values, so your hair can benefit from them through frequent application of this product.

On the other hand, it can also improve the appearance of the hair by making it softer, preventing it from becoming tangled and difficult to comb. All this is achieved by creating a thin layer that helps you retain your moisture despite external factors such as wind, sun and water.

Combing fine and delicate hair with ease is possible if you improve its texture with a serum like the one from the Ptkoonn brand.


Nutrition: Because its formula is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it can improve the health of the scalp.

Dosage: Its bottle with a dropper nozzle can facilitate the application of the product in the correct amount and without waste.

Conservation: The design of its darkened container prevents factors such as light from altering the beneficial properties of the serum.


Quantity: The container only contains 30 ml, which may be insufficient if you want to apply it to all your hair and you have very long hair. However, since its application must be combined with the shampoo, you can have enough for several days.

Duration: You must bear in mind that, after opening, you only have 12 months to use it before it deteriorates. However, it is long enough for its intended use.

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Kerastase Hair Serum 30ml

KERASTASE RESISTANCE THERAPISTE hair serum is a product manufactured by Kerastase and is very versatile, being suitable for use by both women and men. It is a product designed to repair damaged hair and add extra health.

A hair serum with components that are responsible for regenerating the hair efficiently, which allows it to improve the appearance of the hair and solve problems such as split ends, among others.

A serum that comes in a 30-milliliter bottle with which to carry out an appropriate treatment on your hair. A product that could well be considered the best hair serum of the moment, due to its characteristics and effects.

It is possible that this product is considered the best hair serum of the moment, we invite you to review the most attractive features that it offers, so that you can decide with greater security if it is what you need.


Quantity: Because it offers a 30 ml container, it is a portable presentation, which you can have on hand in your bathroom to apply it.

Efficiency: Its formula can help improve the appearance of hair damaged by chemical treatments, so it could be attractive for people who frequently dye or change the structure of their hair.

Dosage: Thanks to its packaging, only the necessary amount can be used in each application to avoid product waste.

Protection: Because from the first application it protects the hair by creating a covering that conditions it, helps to untangle it and prevents further damage while repairing it.


Frequent use: A constant application is recommended to observe favorable changes, especially after washing the hair. However, this is normal in this type of treatment.

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How to use hair serum

Due to the constant exposure of our hair to the outside environment, where there is a lot of pollution from the monoxide emitted by cars and dust in the air, the hair tends to lose its properties, becoming damaged and mistreated. An effective way to moisturize and restore shine to your hair is to use a serum, which concentrates the necessary components that your scalp needs, so that the hair can grow healthy. Do not miss the tips that we will give you on how to use a hair serum.

Clean your hair before

Before you start applying products that will nourish your hair, it needs to be clean so that the moisturizing components better penetrate the scalp. According to your hair type, use a shampoo and conditioner with a moisturizing formula with natural oils and salt-free, which help your scalp to strengthen. If your hair is curly, we recommend using anti-frizz products that will create natural waves.

Place a small amount of serum

If this is the first time you will use this product, start by applying a small amount of serum. Put a few drops on the palm of your hand and spread them all over the palm, even between the fingers. In this way, you will be able to apply the product better on damp hair.

Apply the serum on the scalp

Experts recommend applying the serum from the ends of the hair to the scalp, gently massaging each strand. Make sure to distribute it correctly throughout your hair. Do not use the serum excessively, as the hair could become greasy and heavy when combing.

Comb your hair normally

The serum is a product that will revitalize your hair, so you should not stop styling it as usual. With the passing of days, you will be able to see the desired results. It is recommended that if you are going to use tools such as hair straighteners, apply a heat protective spray to your hair to prevent it from drying out.

Increase the amount if necessary

As the days go by, you will see if the number of drops of serum you applied have been enough. If not, increase the number of serum drops to speed up results. At first, use up to two drops of the product. If your hair is very brittle, it is recommended to place up to five drops.

be consistent

The use of the serum is not sporadic. If you want to get the desired results, you need to be consistent in the application of the product. There are different ways to apply it: with damp or dry hair.

Either one works fine, as long as you’re consistent. However, if your hair becomes too dry, it is even recommended to use it both times to restore vitality to your hair, giving it a shiny and healthy appearance.

Try other products

In the world of beauty, especially the topic of hair, it is a trial and error experience until you get the right product. If you notice that your hair feels heavier and oilier, it may be time to try another brand of product until you get the results you want.

The most popular brands

Hair serum is a very important product when it comes to caring for our hair, since it deeply hydrates and repairs the damage that occurs in it. Over the years, this product has become popular for its great properties, but you should know that, according to users, the most prominent brands in the preparation of this product are: L’Oreal Paris, Revlon and Pantene.

On May 7, 1907, this company was founded in Clichy, France, by the chemist and entrepreneur Eugène Schuller. It is known as the most prestigious company in the manufacture and development of personal care and beauty products. It began as a hair dye business that little by little ventured into the world of beauty and skin care.

It is a pioneering company in the research and experimentation of new dermatological products that repair skin damaged by UV rays. It also ventured into the cosmetics industry, creating different lines of products according to the needs of customers, which are highly sought after today. It currently manages more than 500 brands internationally, being one of the companies with the greatest sales reach.

Each of its products is patented with the best quality standards in Europe. Its line of hair serum contains the necessary nutrients to restore vitality and shine to your hair, naturally and in a short time. Being a powerful company, it has branches in the United States, Japan, India and China.

It is a multimillion-dollar company founded in 1932 by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph, with the support of the chemist Charles Lachman, in New York, United States.

Nail polish was his first product launched on the market that was well received by the public. From there they went on to create a new range of nail colors that caught the attention of women of the time. For the period of World War II, she stood out by creating makeup for the American army, being awarded in 1944 with the “Award for Excellence”. She was listed among the best cosmetic houses in the United States.

It has an extensive inventory that includes products for skin care, fragrances, perfumes, beauty, makeup and personal care. The company began to market its products in 1950, with which it became recognized worldwide. Hair serums are one of their most requested items, since they are made with natural ingredients that restore silkiness and life to the scalp.

One of the great leaders in the hair care industry is Pantene. Founded in 1945 by Hoffman and La Roche, in Switzerland, it stands out in the European market for its divine aromas in glass containers.

From that moment on, the brand has done nothing but reap the rewards of their hard work. Every year it enters the market by launching a complete line of products for hair care and repair based on panthenol, a powerful hair cleanser and restructuring agent. The company promotes personal care by holding an annual “Pantene Hair Girl” contest, where the winner is featured in commercials around the world.

After decades of painstaking research, Pantene customizes products for its customers based on their needs and hair type, making it a select brand among users today. It has more than 100 points of sale around the world, since its articles are sold in pharmacy chains, supermarkets and cosmetic houses.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

L’Organic Cosmétique Serum capilar con aceite de Argán orgánico

Siguiendo la línea de muchos serums para pelo actuales, el serum L’Organic Cosmétique Hair 100 también ha sumado el aceite de argán entre sus ingredientes, contando con una fórmula llena de ingredientes naturales y muy agradables.

Entre estos aceites podemos encontrar el aceite de argán, de cuyas ventajas ya hemos hablado, junto con el aceite de jojoba o germen de trigo. Dos ingredientes que ayudan a mantener adecuadamente la estructura del pelo en buen estado, fortaleciendo los folículos de manera eficiente.

Un producto orgánico certificado, que protege, suaviza y acondiciona el pelo sin muchas complicaciones. En cuanto a su presentación, esta se realiza en formato líquido en una botella de 100 mililitros para disponer de una buena cantidad de serum a un precio razonable.

Aquellas personas que buscan productos orgánicos pueden considerar a L’Organic como la mejor marca de serums para pelo que se puede encontrar en el mercado. Aquí tienes un resumen de los rasgos más notables que te ofrece en su producto para que lo analices.


Usos: Por tratarse de un serum nutritivo puede ser adecuado para todo tipo de pelo, por lo que puede ser muy conveniente.

Composición: Sus ingredientes a base de argán, germen de trigo y jojoba pueden ofrecer múltiples beneficios de nutrición y textura al cabello, para mantenerlo saludable.

Textura: Gracias a que su formulación es de tacto no graso puede ser adecu

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