The 5 Best Cosmetic Mirrors of 2022

Cosmetic Mirror – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To take care of our appearance, it is necessary to have the right tools. One of them is an ideal mirror, which allows us to visualize our face in detail, either for a proper cleaning routine, makeup or simply daily grooming. To choose the ideal cosmetic mirror, check that the size is right for you and that it is made of a resistant material such as steel, aluminum or solid plastic. Among the cosmetic mirrors preferred by professionals and buyers on the Internet, we first highlight the Medisana CM 840, made of resistant chrome, with a rotating base and two reflective surfaces with integrated LED lights. We also highlight the model axentia 282800, which comes with a triple magnification on one of its sides, along with a 360° rotation angle to give you a better view of your face.

Buying Guide – What is the best cosmetic mirror on the market?

To give our best external image, sometimes we have to work a little. And to get the best image, it is important that the tools you use are the best. That is why it is key that, since the cosmetic mirror is just what offers you the image of what you are doing, you take into account the advice of our guide to buying the best cosmetic mirror on the market before making a decision. It may seem simple, but if you get carried away by how much that mirror costs, you can acquire a poor quality or inadequate product that will give you more problems than satisfaction.

The size

In this case, there is no doubt that size matters. The larger the size, the easier it will be for you to see what you are doing at all times. It is true that it is not necessary to have a cosmetic mirror the size of a car wheel, but it is of an adequate size to be able to work well, especially depending on where you place it.

At this point it is convenient to consider the distance to the mirror to adapt the size you need, since the further away you have it, for example in wall models, the larger the size of the mirror should be. If it is a desktop model, you can opt for a smaller size. In any case, don’t forget that the mirror always has a magnifying side, which will help you apply makeup more comfortably with an enlarged view of your face.

The format

Much of the size of the mirror is related to the type of cosmetic mirror you are considering buying. The mirrors are offered in different models and designs, depending on your needs.

On the one hand, we find tabletop mirrors, in many cases with light included, which are smaller in size, but allow greater proximity to the mirror. On the other hand, we have either fixed or extendable wall models. The latter can be extended to the desired distance at any time, while those with a fixed arm can get closer, but without this adjustment, so you should consider the available space before buying it.

Finally, we find the wall mirrors but with a suction cup, which have the advantage of not having installation, but that require very specific surfaces to prevent them from falling, although you can take it wherever you need it on a trip.

Cleaning and resistance

Since the cosmetic mirror will always be in complex places, especially the fixed ones that are installed in the bathroom, it is important that the chosen materials are prepared for such use. Therefore, it is not enough that the cosmetic mirror is good and cheap, but its materials must always be of high quality.

In the case of bathroom mirrors, the bet must always be on stainless metals, steel or aluminum, which allow the good appearance of the mirror to be maintained. In the case of plastics, these must be easy to clean and resistant. The same happens with the internal electrical circuits, which must be prepared to resist humidity. And for the mirror elements, these must be shiny, be prepared with anti-fog systems and allow easy cleaning without scratches or damage, so that they are always perfect.

Cleaning them should always be done with soft elements, but that does not mean that they must be prepared for possible blows or avoid scratches during use. Now that you know the minimum requirements for your choice to be successful, all you have to do is review a comparison of cosmetic mirrors and opt for the model that most convinces you.

The 5 Best Cosmetic Mirrors – Opinions 2022

Cosmetic mirrors are ideal accessories for the bathroom or bedroom and when purchasing them it is necessary to know and evaluate their characteristics to be satisfied. Here we highlight some facts of the 5 best cosmetic mirrors on the market to help you decide which one you should buy.

1. Medisana CM840 88550 Tabletop makeup mirror

Main advantage:

The mirror is one of the main pieces for anyone who wants to maintain an impeccable appearance before leaving home or doing any activity outside or inside it, that is why Medisana CM 840 allows you to see your face or skin in different magnifications. without any kind of effort and also having the necessary lighting to see an image in detail, that is why when we talk about cosmetic mirrors this is an excellent option between quality and durability due to its materials.

Main disadvantage:

As it is a cosmetic mirror with LED lights that works with batteries, its duration may be limited, which is why some people consider this to be its main disadvantage, since the original batteries may not have a prolonged capacity, however, due to their design, they can be replaced by some more durable ones or those that are known as rechargeable ones that prolong the lighting of this product.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With this cosmetic mirror you will be able to see in detail from your face, body, objects that are behind your field of vision and even spaces that are difficult to see, since with its 16 cold white LED light on both sides you will be able to illuminate almost anything you want to observe.  

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With a highly resistant material when we talk about cosmetic mirrors, the Medisana CM 840 is considered one of the best for its relationship between quality, price and functionality. It has a 360 ° rotating mirror with reflective areas on both sides of 13 centimeters in diameter, one presents the original image while on the other side you can find a quintuple magnifying mirror so you can see in greater detail.


This cosmetic mirror is made of silver chrome which gives a look of elegance and allows it to be easy to clean and keep looking new. It has a wide base of support so that its balance and stability when using it is total, also allowing you, due to its 360-degree rotation, to be able to observe any angle of your skin or perfect the makeup that you want to apply to your face.

As for the lighting of the Medisana CM 840, it is based on 16 cold white LED spotlights that allow total and uniform luminosity when looking in the mirror, so that no detail escapes. This also has an anti-glare frame to prevent light from bothering your eyes when it is on, since you can turn it on or keep it off depending on your preference with a simple lever located on one of its sides. It works with 4 triple A batteries that are included with the mirror.

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2. axentia Cosmetic mirror, 3x magnification for makeup shaving

Shaving your face correctly or leaving home with good makeup depends a lot on the mirror you have at home, therefore, it is necessary to have a quality one. In this case, axentia brings a quite striking model, since it has a 360° rotating angle to be able to show you each part of your face and, in addition, it has a 3x magnification on one of its sides, which allows you to notice even the smallest imperfections..

The cosmetic mirror has been made of stainless steel, which is important considering that it is usually used in bathrooms; although it can really be used in any room. Its structure also comes with a two-legged base that provides stability and safety, preventing the mirror from breaking due to a fall.

To give you greater ease of mobilization, this product only measures 17 x 17 x 0.2 cm and weighs just 300 grams. Therefore, the mirror will be able to accompany you wherever you go.

With a good mirror you will be less likely to leave uneven makeup or hair on your face. In this sense, this small and practical mirror could prevent this from happening.


Stainless steel: To preserve your mirror in good condition, this product uses stainless steel as the main material.  

Magnification: One side of the mirror has a triple magnification, therefore, you can use it when you need to see something in detail, without using a magnifying glass.

Rotation: Some parts of your face can be difficult to see, however, the 360° rotation gives you the opportunity to see everything you need.

Versatility: Due to its size and light weight, this mirror can easily be moved with you anywhere you want.


Screws: It may be necessary to adjust the screws on the legs, as these may be somewhat loose.

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3. Tweezerman Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror

This is an essential accessory when it comes to carrying out a detailed make-up, obtaining precision in shaving or hair removal and/or putting on contact lenses. It has a magnification of ten times the original size and a light at the top that allows the desired area to be properly focused without distortion of the reflected image.

It has three very powerful suction cups on the back that offers you the ease of being placed on any smooth surface. Its size is ten centimeters, which allows you to take it wherever you want and also comes with a protective cover to protect it from any scratches or scratches in transit.

It works with three AG10 batteries that are protected in a compartment with screws that is located on the back of the light mechanism.

If you are wondering which cosmetic mirror to buy, then it is time for you to read the pros and cons of the Tweezerman 6762-r, which also enjoys a good reputation among users.


Lighting: It offers a good degree of lighting, thanks to a simple spotlight located at the top of the mirror, so you can have better visibility when using it.

Fastening: In case you want to place it firmly on a surface, it has two suction cups that will help you install it more easily.

Magnification: It has 10x magnification, so you can have a detailed view of the areas you require, without the need to use other more expensive equipment or instruments.

Distortion free: It does not offer any degree of distortion in the reflected image, so it is optically correct and will not impair your sense of sight.


Size: In some cases, the size of this mirror is insufficient, but this will depend on the space available in the place where it is used.

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4. Fantasia Cosmetic Mirror with Suction Cup to Fix to the Wall

The Fantasia 1357 model is possibly the best value for money cosmetic mirror on the market. This accessory is specially made to be used in personal makeup or to wax the face with greater precision than if it were done in front of a normal mirror, since the reflection increases seven times the original size, allowing any part of the face to be seen in detail.

The mirror is framed in plastic with rounded edges to protect both the mirror itself and your hands.

It has a diameter of 23 cm and a thickness of almost 4 cm, measurements that make it perfect and totally manageable, both in its use and in its placement. It has three fixing suction cups on the back that are very powerful to place it on the wall or other reflective surface.

If you are thinking of saving money when making this purchase, you should know the pros and cons of one of the cheapest cosmetic mirrors on the market, the Fantasia 1357.


Adherence: It is an ideal mirror to place it permanently in your bathroom, since it includes three suction cups that allow it to adhere to various types of surfaces, so that you can always use it in the same place.

Size: The size is ideal to provide a good degree of visualization, without taking up excessive space in the area where you place it.

Magnification: It has a high level of magnification, 7x, so you will have a detailed view of your face if you require it, or if you have vision problems.

Design: Its design with a transparent frame gives it a modern touch that allows it to adapt to different types of spaces and decorative styles.

Light: It is a fairly light mirror, this explains the fact that it can be attached or carried comfortably anywhere.

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5. Beurer BS49 Makeup mirror with LED light

This Beurer model is an oscillating cosmetic mirror with light and 2 sides of 11 cm in diameter that can be rotated at your convenience. Both sides, one with normal view and the other with five times magnified view, allow you to observe any area of ​​your face with total clarity as you prefer.

It features a pivoting crescent-shaped support base and a highly resistant white and silver frame, complete with a high-quality chrome finish that provides an elegant and distinguished touch to any space.

This model incorporates an illumination of 6 LEDs that provide an intense and bright light in order to clearly enhance the observed areas of your face. The light source works with 3 AA batteries (included) and can be turned on and off for your convenience using the button on the base.

For those who are guided by a budget when choosing the product to buy, this proposal has been promoted by many users as the best cosmetic mirror for 20 euros, so we review its pros and cons.


Mirrors: It has two mirrors, one with normal magnification and the other with more magnification, so you can choose the one that offers you the best viewing range when you need it.

Chrome: It is made of a chrome material, which allows it to have a good level of durability, without the need to be replaced in a long time.

Lighting: It has a simple lighting system with six LED spotlights, which improve the range of image sharpness and help you have better visibility.

Magnification: It offers a 5x magnification, which is ideal for when you need to observe certain areas of your face in detail, without being too exaggerated.


Size: For some users, it is a small mirror, although it should be noted that this varies depending on the size of the person using it and the space available.

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Medisana CM840 88550 Table make-up mirror

Due to its features and functionality, this cosmetic mirror model is one of the best cosmetic mirrors of 2022. It has been made of high-quality silver chrome to ensure its strength and durability.

It is connected to a firm base on a 360º swivel joint that offers great handling and stability. It has two circular reflective surfaces with lighting, one side shows the image in real size and the other reflects it with a magnification of five times the original size, which makes it easy for you in daily facial care or makeup details.

The surfaces are framed in an anti-reflective frame with 16 long-lasting cold white LED lighting, which provides you with light efficiency and visibility with perfect clarity when using it. Works with 4 AAA batteries included.

Finding the best cosmetic mirror of the moment is not that complicated, you just have to review the pros and cons of the Medisana CM 840 and see if it is what you are looking for.


Rotatable: You can rotate it up to 360 degrees so that you have a complete view from the angle you want, without the need to use other types of mirrors.

Lighting: To improve visibility, it also includes a simple lighting system, made up of 16 LEDs, which you can turn on and off when you need it.

Resistance: It is made of a high quality chrome material, so it has a high level of resistance, so you will not have to buy another mirror for a long time.

Base: Offers a good degree of balance thanks to its base, which keeps the mirror in the position you place it, so you can use it comfortably.

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How to use a cosmetic mirror

There is not a man or woman who does not look in a mirror before leaving home. Taking care of the image is very important today, and in the case of women when they put on makeup, they need to use cosmetic mirrors to have a better view of how the makeup application is going on their face so that it looks perfect.

Please note the size

When you put on makeup, you need to have a general idea of ​​the look you’re taking on, not just the part of your face where you’re applying blush or lipstick, for example. This is why, when it comes to a cosmetic mirror, size is considered important. This should allow you to see the general look of the makeup, without having to hang an object that is too large on the wall.  

Choose the format

Cosmetic mirrors come in various formats so that you can put on makeup in front of the one that is most comfortable for you and meets your requirements. Tabletop mirrors can be put almost anywhere that is flat for added security. They are practical because you can move them away or closer to you according to your need.

Another type of format is the one that adheres to the wall or other surfaces such as ceramics, glass or marble using suction cups. These also have the advantage that they can be easily removed to change their place. On the other hand, there are mirrors that are fixed to the wall or are extendable, which allow you to move them closer to you, but with a greater limitation compared to the other two formats.

always keep it clean

Keeping a cosmetic mirror clean is very important because it helps to ensure that its quality is not reduced and, therefore, distortions in the reflection or scratches appear on the surface. Generally, these mirrors are framed in stainless steel or aluminum, which gives a lot of elegance and distinction to the design. When it is cleaned regularly, especially if it is placed in the bathroom and exposed to moisture, it will help its quality last for a long time.

where to put it

Depending on the size and format of the cosmetic mirror, it can be placed almost anywhere that is comfortable for you. However, the most important thing is that the place where you put it has good lighting. Ideally, it should be natural light, that is, placed near a window, but adequate artificial light is also good.

With or without magnification

Some models and brands of cosmetic mirrors incorporate magnifications, which is appreciated by those who use them because it allows them to have a larger and better image. However, there are other people who prefer the normal reflex, without magnification.

The increase in reflection can vary. This specification is indicated within the characteristics that describe the product. If you want it with magnification or not, it is a matter of necessity and taste that you should consider well, since the size of the image it reflects will depend on it.

The most popular brands

Cosmetic mirrors have up to 10 times more magnification than conventional ones, which makes them perfect for getting impeccable makeup or removing small blackheads or pimples from our face. The Fantasia, Medisana and Beurer brands are an excellent recommendation to buy this product, we will tell you a little about them and some of the characteristics of their models.

Fantasia is a family business of American origin with more than 30 years in the plumbing and bathroom applications market. Currently, the company is located in the IMS Design Center, next to downtown Minneapolis. The company works in partnership with restaurants and homes across North America, and has established local projects in various countries around the world, as well as a second factory located in downtown Bozeman, Montana.

With Fantasia you can completely remodel your bathroom, in the style you want and with the budget you have, you can find from tiles or stones to renovate the walls of your bathroom, all kinds of sinks, taps, showers, tubs, accessory furniture, shelves, mirrors, among others… Fantasia also offers complete remodeling services for your home, using elegant designs under efficient and intelligent consumption.

Fantasia cosmetic mirrors can be attached to any smooth surface thanks to their powerful suction cups, some buyers commented that after placing them it is difficult to remove them if you do not use a clamp or an object that enters the suction cup. They are made with a transparent plastic rim and come in 3 presentations with magnifications of 5x, 7x and 10x, with the latter you will only be able to partially observe your face and it is perfect for waxing or seeing any minor facial imperfections.

Medisana is a very famous company in the field of health and personal care. This German company has more than 25 years of experience applying home medical treatments and using alternative methods approved by large medical companies. The company is made up of a group of highly qualified scientists and doctors who develop and test all of its products before they are put on the market, this is the only way that Medisana guarantees its quality control.

At Medisana you can find everything from aesthetic treatments and accessories to products for health control and prevention, such as blood pressure monitors, scales, lamps, thermometers, purifiers, massagers, stylers, mirrors, among others.

Established in Germany since 1919, it has been dedicated ever since to manufacturing innovative healthcare solutions using advanced technologies to ensure that its products are best suited to people’s medical needs.  

The company has more than 12 delegations worldwide with a payroll that reaches 800 workers, Medisana products are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world, among the most important products we can name blood glucose and blood pressure meters, thermometers, nebulizers, scales, electric blankets, massagers, heart rate monitors, among others.

Beurer cosmetic mirrors can be screwed to the wall thanks to their retractable base or be placed on any surface if you want a pivot mirror, all mirrors come in 5x presentations and are illuminated by LED lights distributed around the edge of the mirror.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

MiroPure Espejo de luz plegable Espejo de maquillaje

Cuando se trata de maquillaje, no cabe duda de que tener una buena imagen es algo fundamental. Entre otras cosas porque si no vemos lo que estamos haciendo corremos el riesgo de parecernos más a un payaso que a una estrella recién salida de su esteticien. Para evitar estos problemas conviene disponer de espejos de maquillaje de calidad, como el modelo MiroPure A 111.

Este espejo tiene un diseño en tres zonas con una amplia superficie de trabajo para que veas todo lo que necesitas. Además, incorpora dos zonas con aumento para cuando necesites mayor detalle durante el proceso.

Un producto que también incluye luz LED, alimentada a pilas o mediante batería, que genera una luz natural con la que mantener la adecuada visualización del maquillaje sin modificaciones.

Y para que no te preocupes por el almacenamiento, una vez que acabes de usarlo, el producto se pliega y apenas ocupa espacio en tu baño o donde lo quieras guardar.


Medidas del espejo: El espejo cuenta con tres superficies de aproximadamente 25,4 centímetros de altura por 8,9 centímetros de ancho, para que tengas una amplia visión de tu maquillaje.

Luces: El sistema de iluminación LED te ofrece una luz natural, que no modifica el tono y te hace más sencillo el proceso de maquillaje.

Superficie de aumento: Las dos zonas de aumento de 2x y 3x hacen más sencillo visualizar en detalle tu maquillaje, para que no tengas que preocuparte por no ver cada elemento.

Alimentacion: Para que no tengas que preocuparte por la energía, este modelo puede utilizarse con cuatro pilas tipo AA o bien con el cable USB incluido para que lo conectes a un Powerbank o bien directamente a la red eléctrica.


Sensor: Debido a la ubicación del sensor, es posible que se pueda manchar algo el espejo al usarlo. Además el interruptor debe estar activado para poder usarlo.

Generica 0401E

Este práctico espejo se encuentra elaborado con latón de excelente calidad y una superficie de cromo pulido, inoxidable y anticorrosivo, que brinda durabilidad a toda su estructura.

De fácil instalación, ha sido elegantemente creado para montar en la pared con fijaciones de tornillo lo cual lo hace adecuado para cualquier espacio. La superficie del espejo tiene un diámetro de 8 pulgadas y la longitud del brazo se extiende hasta 12 pulgadas lo cual lo hace muy versátil para adaptarse a cualquier necesidad.

Tiene dos superficies reflectoras redondas, una muestra la imagen en tamaño original y la otra con un aumento de diez veces del tamaño real, para una perfecta visibilidad. Cuenta además con una base giratoria de 360 grados que permite fijarlo en cualquier ángulo. Posee un refinado diseño que lo convierte en el mejor espejo cosmético para cualquier decoración.

Quizá tu objetivo sea seleccionar la mejor marca de espejos cosméticos, así que al conocer los pros y contras de este modelo tendrás más opciones para decidir.


Fijación: Si deseas fijarlo, podrás usar su brazo de 12 pulgadas para colocarlo en tu habitación o cuarto de baño, contando también con un buen nivel de movilidad, y equilibrio al mismo tiempo.

Giratorio: Permite girar hasta en 360 grados, de modo que podrás colocarlo en el ángulo que desees sin ningún problema.

Fabricación: Está hecho con materiales resistentes como el latón inoxidable, anticorrosivo y duradero, a fin de ofrecer un largo tiempo de vida útil.

Doble: Ofrece un espejo doble, con un lado que funciona como espejo normal y otro lado con aumento de 10x, para que elijas el que te parezca más conveniente dependiendo de tus necesidades.


Luz: No incluye un sistema de iluminación, aunque dependiendo de donde lo utilices no será necesario este aspecto.

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