The 5 Best Facial Cleansing Machines of 2022

Facial Cleansing Machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Removing from our skin the remains of pollution, makeup and dead cells that are deposited on our skin day by day, can make a big difference in its texture and appearance. However, it is convenient to use methods that are gentle and do not irritate it. To achieve this, facial cleansing machines have been designed that, through subtle vibrations, are capable of releasing these particles, so that some moisturizing and nourishing products also penetrate better. If you are looking for options, let us recommend the Braun Face 810 machine, which offers the versatility of transforming into a precision epilation machine for the face, due to its interchangeable heads. But if you’re looking for something compact and really smooth, the FOREO LUNA mini 2It could be what you need, since it is a brush with hypoallergenic silicone bristles that combines sonic vibrations and in just one minute it can cleanse your skin in a deep way, to help it stay radiant.

Buying Guide – What is the best facial cleansing machine on the market?

If you do not know where to start to analyze this type of cleaning device, do not worry, then you can learn more about these devices for personal care in our guide to buying the best facial cleansing machine, where we mention some features that should included so that they are efficient in their task of leaving our face free of impurities.

cleaning techniques

To begin to describe the most relevant features of cleansing machines, we must start from the fact that their purpose is to remove from the surface of the skin everything that has been deposited on it throughout the day, and that could prevent natural processes such as oxygenation or that these residues damage it due to its acidity.

To ensure that they are removed efficiently, these devices use some mechanical mechanisms such as rubbing or exposing the skin to certain vibrations, which, aided by the application of a cleaning gel, facilitate the detachment of any dirt particle.

Both techniques are very efficient and if you wonder how much some machines cost compared to others, the truth is that it is not a very determining factor, some devices even tend to combine them to achieve better results without increasing their cost too much.

However, we invite you to take into consideration the sensitivity of your skin, so that the procedure is the least irritating and there is no redness that causes concern or discomfort in your daily care routine.


It is also important to analyze that the heads or brushes that are responsible for cleaning the skin are also as clean as possible, so it is convenient that they are made of materials that are not porous, so that in this way it is possible to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in them, This will provide better results. Products like nylon or silicone can be good options. In any case, try to ensure that the head or brush always dries properly after each use.


Each person may have different needs regarding the size of these types of devices. While for some a medium-sized device is not a problem, for others who have to travel from one place to another frequently, a compact machine could be more practical. Analyze your expectations in this regard and look to add those that offer what you need to your comparison of facial cleansing machines.

On the other hand, you have to consider that the device provides you with good ergonomics, so that you can hold it comfortably while you carry out your routine. Also, that it is made of resistant materials so that it does not deteriorate in a short time and you do not have to spend more money in a short time to replace it.

In the same way, you might be interested in a machine with good aesthetics, which helps to make your care routine enjoyable and pleasant every day. You will find good and cheap options that without compromising quality, provide attractive designs and even colors that can go according to your personal preferences.


Regardless of whether the machine has one or more heads or complementary functions, all these advantages that it offers you must be easy to use, so that you can take advantage of them without having to spend too much time understanding them by reading manuals or practicing how to access them. On the other hand, the assemblies, if they exist, must be easy to make, so that you do not spend so much time preparing the device each day.


When we refer to this quality, there are several points that could be involved in it, for example, it may be of interest to you to know if the device needs a connection through cables or if it uses batteries or has a battery. This way you could move more or less easily to pass the device all over your face.

In the case of those that are rechargeable, it is important to analyze how many times you can use the device before having to recharge again, in this way you will have an idea as to whether you have to allocate a plug daily for this device, or you could forget for several days of providing you with cargo.


Some models include accessories in the set that may interest you, such as a transport and storage bag to prevent the device from being damaged, additional heads to cover some other needs or items that help you keep it always clean. Check if they are useful to you.

The 5 Best Facial Cleansing Machines – Opinions 2022

We know that there is no better way to choose a good product than by comparing, for this reason we have selected those with the best qualities among the market options and we provide you with a summary of them so that you can get to know them. Probably among our featured products you will find the machine you are looking for.

1. Braun Face 810 Facial Epilator with Facial Cleansing Brush

Main advantage:

Probably the best advantage of this model is its versatility, since it includes the possibility of both removing facial hair with its epilation head, and keeping the skin free of impurities, thanks to its brush accessory that, by means of oscillations, also gives massage

Main disadvantage:

The hair removal procedure can be painful and you need to go through the machine several times, which can be irritating. For this reason, it might be convenient to do a preliminary test to determine if this type of hair removal is right for you.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Being a machine that provides two functions in the same device, which are hair removal and cleaning, it can be very practical. It also has a good value for money.

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If you are one of the people who wants to keep your face free of hair in areas such as the upper part of the lip or the section between the eyebrows, but you are also interested in providing your skin with a deep cleansing so that it stays fresh and radiant, you are probably one of the opinion that this model is one of the best facial cleansing machines of 2022. This is because you can have both functions in the same machine, which prevents you from having to look for other accessories.

In addition, due to its 100% waterproof design, you can carry out your cleaning routine in the place that is most comfortable for you; either in the shower, or in the sink. Thus, you could take advantage of the fact that the pores of the skin dilate and give rise to a less uncomfortable epilation when they have been exposed to water and heat.


To talk about this feature, we must mention that the hair removal head included in this device can offer 4 times greater efficiency than when using wax, since it is estimated that it is capable of holding hair of 2 mm in length.

In addition, because its motor provides 200 movements per second and its head includes 10 micro openings, it can remove hair from the root with a process that takes little time.

As far as your brush is concerned, it provides a deep cleaning but without irritating the skin, so you can easily remove the remains of impurities that are embedded in the skin throughout the day due to powder or makeup, so that you have a better appearance and the creams can be better absorbed. In addition, you can complement the set with other brand brushes that have specific characteristics.


We cannot help but notice the attractive design of the device, which is highlighted by its white color and the delicate shiny metallic detail on the body that adds elegance. Likewise, it is characterized by being a machine that offers good ergonomics, so you can hold the device comfortably during cleaning and hair removal processes without slipping, while its weight of only 300 g helps so that you do not get too tired..

Also, its epilation head is small enough to provide precision in those places that require it. In such a way that you can remove only the hair you want. For all this, it may well be the best facial cleansing machine of the moment.

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2. Foreo Luna mini 2 Facial cleanser with anti-aging mode

If you are looking for a gentle but effective cleaning, the Luna mini 2 model could provide you with this advantage, since it is the result of including several design improvements to its already well-received previous model.

This device consists of a compact brush with soft silicone bristles with rounded tips, which when rubbing your skin manage to remove traces of dirt, makeup and oils from the surface, while removing dead cells that affect the appearance of the skin.. Also, it should be mentioned that by including in its design 3 areas of bristles of different lengths and T-Sonic pulsations, it cleans deeply and delicately.

Its use is very simple and you can choose between 8 power levels, to adapt it to your needs and the specific characteristics of your skin. You can also choose a color from among the 5 available ones, so that your routine is both effective and pleasant.

We invite you to analyze in detail the most relevant features of this model, probably after knowing them you will be able to determine which facial cleansing machine to buy.


Efficiency: Its design that includes silicone bristles and its efficiency, which is due to its T-Sonic pulsation technology, allows for comfortable and deep cleaning, without skin irritation.

Size: Because it is a compact device, you could easily store it in your drawer without taking up too much space or take it on a trip.

Design: Its 5 available colors add attractiveness to the brush, to make your cleaning routine more enjoyable.

Speeds: Thanks to the fact that it has 8 power speeds, you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you and is appropriate for the area to be worked on.


Cost: Some users may not rate this as an affordable device, however, it has garnered good reviews due to its effectiveness.

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3. Remington Reveal FC1000 Facial Cleansing Brush

The model offered by the Remington brand on this occasion could be the best value for money facial cleansing machine, so showing off always clean skin does not have to cost you too much. To describe it, we will start by saying that its system to remove impurities and dead skin cells consists of two actions: vibration and rotation, which is why it is considered efficient.

On the other hand, not only can you clean, but you can also benefit from its vibrations to massage your skin. While on the other hand, if you have detected that some areas of your skin are more sensitive than others, you can give each section the care it needs, because it includes a soft cleansing brush.

You will also be pleased to know that it is a waterproof device and its autonomy can reach up to 30 cleanings with just one charge, which saves you from worrying about charging it every day.

If this model has covered your needs with its characteristics, you could think that Remington is the best brand of facial cleansing machines. Here is a list of its best features


Practicality: By including three brushes with different functions, you can adapt the machine to your needs to achieve better results on your face.

Rechargeable: Thanks to its rechargeable battery, you don’t need to buy batteries for its use and it provides cable-free convenience.

Water resistant: Due to its waterproof protection, you can use the model wherever you want without any impediment.

Autonomy: You will be able to use the model up to 30 times before recharging it, which can be a reasonable time.


Instruction manual: It is recommended to know in detail the use of the model in order to take advantage of its advantages, since some of its functions may not be very intuitive, such as those of the timer.

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4. Beurer FC45 Splash Resistant Facial Brushes

The Beurer brand presents us with many qualities in this machine that could meet the expectations of users who seek to cleanse their skin without complications and at a reasonable cost. First of all, it is a compact machine measuring 23.4 x 15.5 x 8.5 cm, which also stands out for its ergonomics, since its body facilitates comfortable holding through its angle of inclination.

On the other hand, it has two intensities, so you can use the one that is most convenient for the characteristics of your skin and does not irritate it if it is too sensitive.

In addition, because it is a device with IPX7 water resistance, you will have no problem using it both in the shower and dry, which will allow you to carry out your routine in your favorite place. Likewise, we do not want to fail to mention that the brand offers compatible brushes separately that might interest you.

Let’s see in detail the pros and cons of this model that several users could qualify among the options on our list as the best facial cleansing machine for 20 euros.


Design: As it is a machine with good ergonomics and compact size, it can be easy to hold and comfortable.

Efficiency: Because it includes two power levels, it adapts to the characteristics of the skin to effectively clean each place without damaging it.

Cost: It is one of the most affordable models, so keeping your skin clean does not have to cost you too much money.


Batteries: The model is not rechargeable, but some users value it positively because it does not consume too much charge, so you can forget about buying spare parts for a long time and the batteries are included in the set.

Accessories: The model could include a bag to store the device, but it is not essential.

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5. Quimat SK-1068 Facial Cleanser and Sonic Massager

Another model that competes to be one of the most affordable is the one presented by the Quimat brand. However, its qualities make it one of the best options to gently cleanse your skin day by day.

Among its features, we can highlight its design that includes medical-grade silicone bristles, which can be an alternative for those people who may have unfavorable reactions to nylon bristles.

In addition, its rounded tips and its cleaning technology through sonic pulses is effective in removing dirt from the skin and you can choose between 15 different vibration modes through its easily accessible buttons.

In addition, its attractive waterproof design provides comfortable use even in the shower. While its autonomy can be enough so that with a full charge you use it for a whole month one to two minutes per day. That way you don’t have to worry about this detail too often.

If you do not want to invest too much money in a cleaning machine, but you are looking for good results, perhaps this alternative, which is one of the cheapest, is what you need.


Materials: Because it has bristles made of soft medical-grade silicone, it offers comfortable cleaning without irritation, which may be suitable for sensitive skin.

Waterproof: Its waterproof design allows you to use this machine without worrying too much about it getting wet.

Autonomy: Thanks to the fact that its use does not consume too much energy, it offers an autonomy of about a month, which is a reasonable and practical time.


Cable: The cable to charge the device is probably a bit short, but since it is rarely used, it might not be a major problem.

Colors: The model is not available in colors other than pink, which could be a drawback.

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Braun Face 810 Facial epilator with facial cleansing brush

When it comes to facial care and women’s beauty in general, Braun is a brand that has been dedicated for decades to making the newest and most interesting products on the market.

With their Face 810 brush model they have achieved it once again since it is a fierce candidate for the best cleaning machine of 2022; at least that is what the hundreds of positive comments found on the web around the model affirm.

With one of the most elegant and compact designs that you can get on the market, this article is a single head model, which includes a soft bristle cleaning head designed to deeply cleanse the pores of the skin; As if all this were not enough, it is at the same time an ideal facial hair removal machine to remove unwanted hair.

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How to use a facial cleansing machine

The face is for many the presentation of a person, it expresses their state of mind and many other aspects about them. That is why we pay so much attention to taking care of it and keeping it clean to give a better impression. If you purchased a facial cleansing machine and have doubts about how you could use it properly, here is more information.

Charge the battery of your device or insert the batteries

Depending on your model, you will need to provide it with the power supply it needs. If it’s a rechargeable device, make sure you first charged it according to the manufacturer’s specifications, which generally state that it should be fully charged for some number of hours without unplugging.


Although it might seem a bit strange, it is; especially if you have placed a considerable amount of makeup on your face. It is best to remove this upper layer that will probably have been mixed with dust and grease, to achieve this, use a soft product. Once you have made sure to remove these traces of makeup from your face, proceed to moisten your skin.

Use the cleaner of your choice

Now comes the time to apply the product that will be responsible for dissolving the impurities that could have remained on your face after the makeup removal process. Use the facial cleanser of your choice unless your device indicates otherwise. Among the options, it could be a gel product, foam or a bar of soap. If it is foam, apply it to your face more or less evenly.

In the event that you use a gel, you can apply a few drops to places such as the forehead, cheeks and chin. Now, moisten the cleaning machine, you can do it with a spray bottle or by placing it directly under running water from the tap.

Turn on the device

Once you have the cleaner wet, proceed to turn on the device. Also choose, if this is the case, the level of pulsations that seems most appropriate to you. If it is the first time that you use it, the recommendation is that you start your cleaning routine in a low speed; As you get to know the device and use it, the better you will know which level is best for your skin type.

Now, pass it by sections through the skin of your face, if your model has a time indicator, we invite you to use it, in this way the cleaning will be carried out in a more organized way and without exceeding the time.

Avoid using it for longer than recommended

Facial skin is generally delicate, so subjecting it to excessive pulsing or considerable rubbing could damage it. If your facial cleansing machine does not indicate a time limit to use it in each session, we recommend you have a timer or a clock on hand, so as not to overdo it.

Occasionally use steam

As we already know, steam, due to its temperature, can dilate the skin and open the pores so that the remains of dirt that could have remained in them are eliminated. That is why we recommend that you use it at least once in a while before cleaning with a machine. So you can get better results.

» Review information from previous years

¿Cuáles son las mejores máquinas de limpieza facial del 2022?

Durante los últimos años hemos visto surgir en el mercado, la más amplia gama de productos vinculados a las máquinas de limpieza facial; las marcas de belleza más populares, y también las no tan populares, han desarrollado sus propias versiones del producto trayendo a los usuarios un complemento perfecto para la rutina de cuidado facial; estos cepillos faciales ofrecen una limpieza mucho más profunda y una manera de tratar en casa toda una serie de problemas de la piel.

Puesto que muchos de nuestros visitantes usuales parecen interesados en conocer nuestra opinión en torno a los distintos artículos que dominan dicha categoría en el mercado; nos hemos tomado el tiempo y el esfuerzo de analizar las mejores máquinas de limpieza facial del año, realizando una comparativa entre los distintos modelos en base a los requisitos esperados en un producto similar.

Puesto que consideramos que nuestro entendimiento en el área nos capacita para traer a todos los lectores una recopilación de aquellos modelos diseñados para cumplir con los requisitos esperados.

Lo primero a tomar en consideración cuando se estudian productos en la presente categoría de artículos, es el diseño básico de los modelos; a menudo dichos dispositivos consisten en una cabeza de cepillo con movimientos giratorios o pulsantes, sus diminutas cerdas vibran y se frotan directamente sobre tu piel para ayudar a liberar el cutis de impurezas.

El diseño de agarre del mango, así como las facilidades generales que puedan ser introducidas en el modelo son siempre bien recibidas, así como también procurar que las cerdas están hechas de materiales muy suaves que no vayan a estropear la piel; su diseño debe prestarse para destapar los poros y dar a la piel un aspecto más luminoso, nunca para estropearla.

Un siguiente aspecto a considerar ante la compra de un producto similar es la capacidad de multifunción; que bien puede ser un tema determinante para algunas personas y para otras no. El diseño básico de estas máquinas de limpieza fácil es la de un pequeño cepillo de limpieza complementario, sin embargo, muchos desarrolladores incluyen en sus modelos una diversa de cabezales que potencia las cualidades del artículo a nuevas funciones.

Finalmente mencionar que fueron muy tomadas en cuenta para la realización de la presente comparativa la opinión que llegan a tener los consumidores que han utilizado el producto; evaluando los cambios que se han visto en la piel de cara al uso prolongado.

Sunmay XN-KC5000-UK

Para que el proceso de limpieza y cuidado de tu piel sea más sencillo, puedes confiar en el cepillo limpiador facial Sunmay XN-KC5000-UK. Este modelo combina la tecnología vibratoria con un sistema de rotación que llega a las 8800 rotaciones por minuto para cuidar adecuadamente tu piel.

Una labor en la que también puedes confiar en la calidad de sus cepillos, fabricados con cerdas de seda de DuPont de 0.05 milímetros que eliminan de forma más eficiente tanto la grasa como cualquier elemento que no deba estar sobre tu piel para mantenerla con su mejor aspecto.

Un modelo que puedes mojar sin miedo, dado que cuenta con protección IPX7, protegiéndote así de posibles riesgos eléctricos.

Lavany RLSDYZ16173

A la hora de eliminar la suciedad de tu rostro, el cepillo Lavany RLSDYZ16173 te ofrece un sistema eficiente con un motor con dos velocidades diferentes.

Esto te permite realizar todo tipo de limpiezas sobre tu piel, para lo que cuentas con hasta siete accesorios diferentes. Estos cepillos te permiten eliminar la suciedad y las impurezas, realizar un masaje en el rostro o incluso cuidar tus pies gracias al cabezal de piedra pómez que se incluye.

Un modelo completo que también puedes usar en el baño o en mojado, dado que incluye una adecuada protección contra la humedad para hacerlo todo más fácil.

Ckeyin RCS30B

Para todos los que no están seguros sobre el tema de los cepillos faciales y desean hacer una prueba con un artículo de bajo

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