The 5 Best Facial Massagers of 2022

Facial massager – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Facial massagers are products designed to maintain the cleanliness and health of the face. To help you choose a high-quality device, we have spent our time analyzing the most outstanding devices and summarizing for you the most efficient ones. Among the most important data when choosing any of these models, you should look at their operation, size and feeding method. For this reason, a comparison can be quite useful to obtain all the necessary information. In this case, we will study the Silk’n SkinVivid, which is a massager with different functions, for wireless use and with two temperature ranges, depending on the effect that is expected to be achieved. In the same way, we will review the characteristics of the Quimat SK-1068that works with a rechargeable battery, has adequate dimensions to use without inconvenience and can serve as a cleaner and massager at the same time.

Buying Guide – What is the best facial massager on the market?

The skin of the face is very delicate and needs certain care to keep it smooth and fresh all the time. The use of creams and specialized formulas helps a lot, however, with a massager it will be possible to greatly improve its texture and, depending on the equipment chosen, it will probably be in less time than expected. With the following guide to buying the best facial massager, you will surely have a clearer idea of ​​what to look for in this type of product.


Massagers are used, above all, by those people who are advancing in age and notice how the elasticity and texture of the skin is being lost. However, it is not necessary to resort to expensive treatments, with the choice of the correct function in this type of equipment, good results can be obtained.

The vibration will be the function that will allow the muscles of the face to relax and help the following phases to be carried out without setbacks.

On the other hand, a rotation function can also be chosen, which is responsible for cleaning the surface of all the impurities that tend to accumulate frequently, either due to the use of cosmetic products such as makeup or due to normal contact with the environment. environment.

Heat is another work mechanism that is quite useful, since it helps blood circulation to register better, which is essential for the skin to acquire a more vivid tone and its entire contour to look better.

Getting a team that has all these functions and is also cheap may seem like a complicated task, but it is always possible that, at least, there is the valuable option of one with the best price-quality ratio.


The measures of the massager are another aspect in which it will be necessary to pay attention very well. Obviously, the ideal is that it can be easily held with one hand and be able to handle it without major inconveniences. But, depending on what is expected, there is the possibility of going for one or another option.

There are facial massagers whose long length helps to reach all areas of the face with less effort, while the smaller ones are lighter and their portability allows them to be moved anywhere.

The size of the head also influences. When these have a larger diameter, they can occupy a larger area of ​​the skin, making the work be done in less time. Meanwhile, those with smaller heads have the advantage that they can focus on more specific areas, doing more specific work. Accessories that can be adjusted and that will help meet different objectives can also have an influence on the size.

In addition, the influence of the size of the equipment itself and the number of accessories they may have will be decisive for the manufacturer to decide how much the product costs.


To work, facial massagers need a source that provides them with energy to achieve all their functions. This will be a key aspect to consider when evaluating any comparison of facial massagers.

There are models that obtain what is necessary through batteries. These are beneficial in several aspects, as they avoid having to regularly spend on spare parts, they tend to have an acceptable lifespan, but they do need to be charged often.

On the other hand, there are the battery-operated massagers. Obviously, in this case it will not be necessary to have their periodic charge pending, but the batteries wear out and, therefore, lead to an expense that must be covered regularly to have the equipment in optimal operation.

In addition, it may be that, depending on the functions that the massager has established, there is a greater or lesser consumption of energy, causing the sources to wear out faster in both cases, so the convenience of each one should be measured more carefully.

The 5 Best Facial Massagers – Opinions 2022

If you want to do a domestic treatment to rejuvenate the skin of your face, we invite you to know the characteristics of the products that are outlined as the best facial massagers of 2022.

1. Silk’n SkinVivid SV1PEU001 Facial massager with vibration mode

Main advantage:

It has two forms of use for each temperature, allowing the use of up to four different levels. At the same time, it has a very practical and ergonomic design that is comfortable to use without major inconveniences.

Main disadvantage:

Several users believe that it is a mistake that the massager does not have the vibration-only function, since this mode can only be activated by accompanying the cold or heat function.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a massager that works with different systems, making it possible to create a facial therapy that lasts over time and obtain the expected results for healthier and rejuvenated skin.

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work areas

One of the main concerns when choosing this type of equipment is the impact it will bring to each area of ​​the face. Well, in this case, the Silk’n model acts as a firming method for the areas of the nose, forehead and cheeks.

Likewise, it can exert a diffusing effect on the bags that are frequently generated under the eyes, achieving a smoother skin. It is also capable of applying a reducing method to the pores, to prevent them from becoming contaminated and causing annoying blackheads or pimples.

And, for people who are a little older, cold massage is capable of helping to improve the presence of wrinkles.

heat application

When the heat method is selected, the equipment will exert a massage function that will relax the skin. This is adequate to help even distribution of the skin, without the annoying accumulations in areas such as jowls.

If the treatment is complemented with facial creams, the heat causes the absorption to be done at a better level, making its effects also increase.

You should know that the equipment has the possibility of activating a sound vibration when it is in heat mode, which is appropriate to make the heating effect more efficient and circulation improves considerably.

benefits of cold

The effect obtained in this modality is binding to the rejuvenation of the skin, which makes mature faces look smoother.

Therefore, it can generate a progressive reduction of wrinkles and expression lines, an aspect that is obtained with more emphasis when the temperature is set to the maximum level for this mode, which is 6º C.

Using the facial massager in this mode before applying makeup can give it a better fixation, as well as increase the type of duration, making it suitable for day-to-day use or, failing that, at times when there will be some important exit and the greatest desire is to be radiant.

And, as a final point, it must be said that a cold massage in the area of ​​the temples can help reduce headaches and combat muscle tension that is usually frequent when you have lived a complicated day with a lot of stress.

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2. Quimat SK-1068 Rechargeable Sonic Facial Cleanser and Massager

In this case, we present the best price-quality facial massager, according to the opinion of consumers who have had the opportunity to use it. This is because it exerts a deep cleansing mechanism that is capable of eliminating any type of impurity that is lodged in the skin, regardless of its origin.

To do this, it makes use of a vibrating mechanism that the user can place at any of its 15 levels, thus ensuring that he will obtain the expected effect for each need.

Regarding the power supply, it is based on a USB cable that can be connected to a plug or to any other equipment that the person prefers, thus increasing the versatility in terms of this procedure.

Another key point is that this type of manufacturing does not require the use of head replacements, which is often so common in other versions of products that perform similar functions.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest facial massagers, this model could be your best option. But, to be more sure, do not miss the following selection of positives and negatives.


Light: With 68 g of weight, it is a device that can be kept in hand for the time of use without feeling tired, in addition to being very portable.

Waterproof: The entire structure of the massager is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if your face is a little damp after washing it.

Battery: It has a good level of duration, allowing a full charge to last up to a month, using the equipment twice a day.


Bag: Although the seller claims that the product includes a bag to store the machine, some consumers report that they did not receive it.

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3. Brino Electric EMS Facial Skin Massager Mask

To find one of the best facial massagers of 2022, it is necessary to review the characterization of this product that stands out for its innovative technology. In the first instance, thanks to the EMS system, all the muscles that the mask reaches relax without causing damage because the process is done through biological waves.

Another aspect that is also very striking is the way of working that resembles an acupuncture routine, this oriented to working each one of the zones in a specific way, thus achieving a more optimal performance.

As for the usability of the product, it is configured to carry out 15-minute sessions that are activated under an intelligent procedure, but without being complicated to use.

All these benefits make it easy to use in different settings, such as the home, a spa or a beauty salon.

Thanks to all these positive data, Brino is considered by some users to be the best brand of facial massagers. Even so, it is better to review all the pros and cons of the product to make a better decision.


Benefits: One of the purposes of the massager is to reduce expression lines, repairing damaged skin and favoring the absorption of cleaning and facial care products.

Manufacturing material: The piece is made of silicone and the internal part contains stainless steel that has a magnet effect for massages.

Charging: The massager works with a battery that can be charged using a USB cable that is included.


Instruction Manual: The manual that comes with the product is in English, so the user may have trouble understanding how to use it.

Price: Although it has very good features, it is the most expensive product in this comparison.

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4. Dangshan Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager

Although at first glance it looks like a traditional razor, this particular model from Dangshan is an efficient facial massager suitable for efficiently toning the entire face.

Its design makes it easy to apply the treatment to areas such as the forehead, cheeks, eyes or nose, as well as the neck or arms. Its vibrating system improves blood circulation and efficiently tightens the skin, while increasing the presence of oxygen in these areas. A process that helps the regeneration of the treated areas and improves the skin’s immunity.

Its quality manufacturing also helps in this process, with a 24-karat gold-plated exterior. This material has a high quality, does not cause allergies and is very suitable for creating a good massager like this one. Regarding its operation, it does not require more than a simple AA battery, without adding more weight to the product.

Recover the tone and good appearance of your skin in a simple way thanks to this interesting high-quality facial massager.


Power: The vibration system integrated in the equipment is capable of moving no less than 6,000 times per minute, toning the skin and accelerating metabolism.

Design: The product has a high-quality design, capable of offering good results both on the face and on other areas of the body.

Finish: The 24-carat gold finish gives the product a suitable touch and avoids problems with allergies during use.


Time : It is necessary to take some time when carrying out the treatments, since the application area is not particularly large.

Speeds : It is missing to have several speeds, to adjust the massage to what you need at all times.

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5. Moonssy Facial Radiofrequency Device

Among the best facial massagers on the market, a model based on radiofrequency technology could not be missing. This is the basis of the Moonssy model, which we discuss below.

This product has a head equipped with this technology, which is responsible for adequately stimulating the deepest layers of the skin efficiently. A treatment that stimulates blood circulation and is very useful for efficiently reducing the presence of acne, blemishes or redness.

This radiofrequency system is combined with LED light technology under EMS, which increases the benefits of the product. Something that helps to eliminate wrinkles and improve cell renewal. All this in a product that is easy to use and that does not generate problems of allergies or reactions.

Enjoy the most advanced technology in this complete first-rate massager, suitable for almost any area of ​​the body.


Dual technology: This massager has radiofrequency technology and LED light, to obtain better results.

Effects: Among the beneficial effects of this product we find an improvement in blood circulation, the filling of holes in the skin and a more efficient renewal of the epidermis.

Design: The design of the product makes it easier to apply the massage to any area of ​​the face or body with comfort.


Application: It is key not to keep the head in the same area for more than three seconds, and it is also important to learn the necessary movements for the correct application of the massage.

Power : It is advisable to start with the lowest powers until you take control of the massage system, at which time you can increase it, if required.

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How to use a facial massager

The face is the mirror of the soul and says a lot about our health and well-being. A sleepless night or a concern will quickly show on our faces. For this reason, facial massagers are designed to revitalize this important part of our body. Not only do they help us relax, but they also help care for and cleanse the face. In this article we tell you how to use these instruments.

insert the batteries

Generally, facial massagers are battery-powered. So, to start using these devices, the first thing to do is open the compartment and insert the batteries. Typically, you will need two AA-size batteries.

Choose the head

These products come in packs with different heads. Take a little time to consult the instructions to fully understand what each of them is for. Depending on the brand and model of massager, the accessories will be different, but, in most cases, this will include a sponge, brush, scrub and massage head. So, depending on the effect you want to achieve, you must choose one or the other.

Place the head on the massager

Once you have selected the head, it is time to place it on the device. The heads are usually very easy to put on, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the instruction manual again to make sure you’ve placed it correctly.

Wash your face

Before you start using a facial massager, it is a good idea to wash your face. This must be clean for the treatment to be as effective as possible. After washing, do not dry your face as you usually do, since the skin should be damp.

turn on the massager

With a clean and slightly wet face, take the massager and press the power button. Depending on the model, it could have various speeds. The best thing is that you try an intermediate one and, later, go to a faster one to get used to it little by little, especially if it is the first time that you use devices of this type.

Massage with circular movements

You can apply a facial gel or cleanser a little before using the massager. Do not forget that this tool is ideal for getting the product to better penetrate the skin.

To extend it, make circular movements with the massager and, in addition, be slow. It is a process to enjoy and make you end up relaxed, so there is no rush.

You can start with the cheek area and then go over the nose and chin area with the massager. You can save the forehead for last.

Wash the head

After each use it is advisable to clean the head that you have used. To do this, use water and a little soap. This will remove any impurities left in it.

Properly store the massager

Finally, it is convenient that you store the massager in a case or similar to prevent it from filling with dust until the next use.

The most popular brands

Environmental factors, stress and daily routine can affect the smoothness of your face and age it faster with the appearance of fine lines. To do this, various brands have developed facial massagers that help keep your skin healthy and is an effective beauty treatment to reduce wrinkles. These are the most popular brands according to users:

This initiative was born from the inventiveness of a group of engineers, scientists and experts from the business world, who decided to start creating non-invasive beauty and health products for users, creating a brand called Silk’n.

With more than 10 years of experience, the brand has specialized in the area of ​​products for rejuvenation, hair removal, acne and cellulite with remarkable success. With more than 10 million devices sold worldwide, the company has positioned itself as one of the most important internationally, thanks to its innovations in skin care.

All Silk’n technologies have high quality standards and are rigorously tested by dermatologists with extensive experience and knowledge so that they provide fresh and innovative ideas to improve each product that the company develops.

One of the most popular devices of the organization are facial massagers, which provide users with smoother and softer skin, while reducing the stress of daily routine, being a suitable device to maintain the care and beauty of your face..

Malloom is a brand dedicated to the development and manufacture of products for beauty, health, leisure and even clothing for users. It is a versatile company based in Guangdong province, China, which has a team of professionals in various areas, who are responsible for designing and marketing various products.

It is a very popular brand that offers all its items through various virtual stores, in charge of managing the shipment of these through various companies that are dedicated to the transfer of packages to all parts of the world. Its productive capacity is quite important, due to the wide range of items and devices it manufactures, including watches, straps, headbands for girls, stickers, rechargeable batteries and bikinis.

One of the company’s best-selling products are facial massagers, due to their robustness and efficiency in skin care and their anti-aging properties. Malloom wants to be present in the lives of its customers with articles that stand out not only for their quality, but also are functional, while their components are solid enough to have a long useful life.

It is a leading brand in the manufacture of cleaning devices in general, also developing equipment for water distillation, among other devices, that seek to help improve the quality of life of users.

The technologies that LifeBasis offers are above other brands, which through similar articles do not achieve the same results that the company has obtained. Its corporate policy focuses on the rigorous supervision of all production processes, as well as the test applied to each of its artifacts, a guarantee with which they have been able to conquer the market.

Although the company’s specialty is the development of ultrasonic cleaners, LifeBasis has had important sales with the distribution of facial massagers, air quality monitors, dental irrigators, water stills, nasal aspirators, anti-snoring devices, nebulizers, among others.

Everything related to good cleaning, done in an effective and easy way, is the main purpose of this brand, which constantly works to generate innovations and undertakes new projects to create products with a higher quality than the existing ones.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to use ionic facial massager?

The ionic massagers are very similar to the electric models that are on the market, however, the aspect that differentiates them is that they are used, most of the time, without the need for cables and that, in addition to offering you the vibrations of a common massager, they also have the quality of emitting positive and negative ions to give you various benefits such as cleaning your skin and keeping it vigorous.

All you need to do is turn on the device and bring it close to your face to enjoy the massage and its great features. If you have a wireless model and it has run out of battery, then proceed to charge it and in a short time you will be able to continue with your massage.

Q2. How to use an electric facial massager?     

Using an electric facial massager is one of the simplest things you can do, as the device is designed to take care of all the necessary massages and movements while you only need to hold it firmly on your face, making sure you receive the power and rhythm suitable on your skin. That is, your effort will be minimal.

The first step you’ll need to do is unpack it and plug it into a power outlet. After you do that, turn on the massager and take it to the area of ​​your face that needs a massage. If your massager has several speeds, always start with the lowest so that the touch with your skin is not so abrupt. From there, you will be able to increase the power.

When you finish with the massage, check that your skin does not need a treatment given by another head, because, on certain occasions, it is necessary to use different functions of the massager. If this is your case, then turn off the massager and very carefully change the head.

When you have done so, repeat the initial process of use and, when finished, proceed to turn off the massager and store it in its place to prevent it from being damaged.

Q3. Does the electric massager work for facial paralysis?

In order to minimize the effects of facial paralysis, it is absolutely necessary to receive massages that help the effective circulation of blood as well as the strengthening of the muscles of the face, however, although the electric massager is useful for facial paralysis, it can never replace treatment by a health professional.

People specialized in this type of condition work with specific massagers for the treatment of facial paralysis and, depending on the type of paralysis and its level, they may only need to use their hands when doing massages.

Therefore, never try to treat facial paralysis from home unless you have the medical knowledge to do so, otherwise you could inadvertently hurt yourself more. However, if your doctor tells you to massage your face with an electric

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