The 5 Best Hot Rollers of 2022

Hot Rollers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To achieve a beautiful and healthy curl in your hair, nothing better than hot rollers, which use the traditional technique, with the difference that the use of heat provides much faster and longer-lasting results. Before choosing a model, we recommend you take into account some aspects so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Ideally, the equipment should be powerful enough to achieve rapid heating. It is also important that the rollers are made of a material that maintains uniform heat and are coated to protect the hair from abuse. Among the thermal rollers with the best rating we have the BaByliss Soft Style, with a power of 400W and capable of reaching a temperature of 130ºC. We also highlight the Remington Proluxe H9100, which has rollers of different sizes with an innovative fastening system to prevent the hair from falling out and to give you defined curls.

Buying Guide – What are the best hot rollers on the market?

Hot rollers are practical beauty tools used to curl hair through the action of heat. With them you can quickly and easily turn a straight and bodiless hair into a beautiful mane with loops. To help you recognize the available options, we have developed this guide to buying the best hot rollers on the market, so we invite you to continue reading.

Like any other hair product, the key to its success is to use what best suits your hair type or your own style, a recommendation that you should keep in mind when you are comparing hot rollers, that is,, before deciding which model to purchase.

Hot rollers work by connecting to electricity and, once heated, they are placed on the hair in the same way as traditional rollers, so you can easily and quickly obtain soft or very defined curls or, if you prefer, give them as just an extra body and volume to your hair.

They are usually worn on completely dry hair, but some models can be used on damp hair. They are a good alternative to use at home, as well as an economic resource, especially when you are in a hurry and need a quick fix of your hair, since they heat up instantly.

Hair care and beauty specialists say that hot rollers can be used in combination with gels, creams, oils, and other products to control frizz, increase shine, or maintain perfect curls longer. Remember to use each product, either before or after placing the rollers, according to the recommendation of each manufacturer.

What kind of hot rollers is best?

Hot rollers are an effective tool to achieve a salon finish at home, because they allow you to add volume or curl to your hair through a fairly simple and easy process, without damaging your hair.

speed of use

Hot rollers usually work with a power of more than 400 W to reach temperatures above 110 ºC. They begin to heat as soon as the device is plugged into the mains and reach the optimum temperature to start using them in a matter of a few minutes. Once they reach their maximum heat, they are able to maintain it for between 15 to 30 minutes, but you can decide to leave them on your head for longer, without affecting the results.  

The best brands have equipped the rollers with cold tips so that you can use them comfortably and quickly. They also include fasteners to fix the cylinder to the hair, once rolled up, allowing you to dedicate yourself to other activities with peace of mind while the heat exposure time elapses.

hair protection

Most hot rollers have a velvet or Teflon coating to protect your hair and provide better results. This coating provides a smooth glide through each strand of hair, reducing pulls and facilitating coiling, providing shiny, frizz-free hair.

Other models also feature a ceramic/tourmaline core to improve heat distribution and extend cooling time, so you get firmer, longer-lasting curls that are even from root to tip. This is very advantageous for very long hair or hair with a very fine texture, which often rejects the formation of a curl.

You can also opt for hot rollers that work with ion technology to avoid static electricity, provide more shine and silkiness to your hair and obtain an excellent finish.

Different sizes and accessories

Depending on how much it costs, a set of hot rollers typically comes with 10 to 25 cylinders of varying sizes, and the base unit has indicators to let you know when they’re ready to use.

The size of the roller and the exposure time influence the final result. If you want well-defined curls, you should choose to use the small diameter ones and keep them longer. If, on the other hand, you just want to add a little body or volume to your hair, then you can use medium or large sizes and keep them for less time. However, it is recommended to keep the rollers on for at least 30 minutes and not remove them until they have completely cooled down.

In addition to the support and charging base, most models also include clips, hooks or clips, to keep the rollers in place while you are using them.

The 5 Best Hot Rollers – Opinions 2022

Heated rollers can offer soft waves or well-defined curls, depending on the style you prefer for your hair type. If you want to try different styles at home, check out these quoted models and verify which one suits your needs and your pocket.

1. BaByliss Soft Style Flocked Hair Configurator Thermal Rollers

Giving your hair a special touch is easy with BaByliss Soft Style hot rollers. This lot has a total of 20 different pieces, with different sizes and a smooth quality approach. Something that makes it easy to place the rollers in your hair and properly apply the heat as your style requires.

To heat the rollers, a case with a closed design is included, which reduces heating time and keeps them warm longer, without losing temperature. This format has the advantage of keeping the rollers well stored and free of dust until they need to be used.

Best of all, this heating is adequate in the application area, but it does not prevent you from comfortably handling the rollers, with edges that do not burn. The set is finished off with two clips, suitable for holding the hair when necessary.

Give your hair a different touch with this complete proposal from Babyliss, as versatile as it is varied.


Variety: The variety of sizes of the rollers makes it easy to create all kinds of hairstyles on your hair, according to what you need.

Case: The case has a lid, which makes it easy to close the heating zone and prevents the temperature from being lost. It also keeps the rollers clean until you use them.

Format: The smooth format makes it easier to place the hair and for it to properly absorb heat during use.

Tweezers: In addition to the rollers, the product is accompanied by two tweezers, with which to hold the hair when it is necessary to comb your hair.


Heating: The heating time of the rollers is somewhat longer than would be desirable, so you will have to wait a bit for them to take on temperature.

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2. Remington Proluxe H9100 Hot Roller Kit

Having the perfect curls, most of the time, is a process that requires time, patience and effort, as it is difficult to keep them in place and make them stay that way. However, with the advent of hot rollers, this process is much easier and doesn’t take too long.

This model, for example, has 20 rollers that will allow you to have beautiful curls in your hair with different volumes and styles. The kit comes with 12 large 32-millimeter rollers and 8 medium 25-millimeter rollers. To make the curls, you only have to heat the rollers and, after 90 seconds of heating, you can get the hairstyle you want in about 5 minutes only.

With this product you should not worry about the tweezers falling off, as they have a “Grip Tech” finish that will prevent hair from escaping. In addition, the design of these will prevent the hair from getting tangled causing discomfort.

These rollers serve to give you a good hairstyle in a short time, safely and comfortably. Therefore, they are a good option for most people.


Kit: With the purchase of this product you will get 20 rollers. 12 of them have some measures, and 8 of them others. That way, you can choose the ones you like the most.

Grip Tech: The Grip Tech system that these rollers have stands out for providing a secure grip, preventing the hair from escaping and also preventing it from getting tangled, which will minimize the risk of pulling when combing.

Time: With just 90 seconds of heating you can make each of your curls. This process will take approximately 5 minutes. So you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Fastening: You should not worry about accidentally burning yourself when using these rollers, since their cold end will give you the space you need to be able to hold each piece without risk.


Humidity: If the environment is humid, it is possible that the curls lose quickly.

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3. BaByliss RS035E Ceramic Thermal Roller Set

BaByLiss is an internationally recognized brand for the quality of all its hair products. In this case, this set of thermal rollers stands out in the market for providing results in a short time. There are 20 pieces that come in a modern black case with a transparent lid, divided into 3 types of size: 8 large 32 mm, 6 medium 26 mm and 6 small 19 mm. So you can choose your look and customize it to your liking.

The set comes with 20 metal hairpins, to be resistant to constant use, and 10 large clips to better manage the hair. The rollers will reach a temperature that varies between 90°C and 140°C; you just have to regulate it until you find the ideal temperature for you. Fortunately, the heating will be instantaneous.

In addition, with this product, getting your hairstyle to look great will take about 30 minutes, maximum, and the result will be hair with defined curls with great volume and mobility.

If you want to surprise everyone with spectacular curls, this set of rollers may be the right option for you.


Set: So that you can have a more complete experience, this purchase offers a set of 20 hairpins, 10 clips and 20 rollers that vary in 3 different sizes. Depending on your choice, you can have curls of different sizes.

Temperature: These rollers offer instant heating so you don’t have to wait long. You will only need to choose the ideal temperature, between 90 and 140°C, to make your curls.

Quality: This product has the quality seal of BaByLiss, a company noted for its portfolio of hair care devices.

Curls: After about 30 minutes of use, you will be able to obtain fairly defined, soft and voluminous curls.


Roller diameter: If you want more compact curls, you will have to choose another model, since the smallest diameter of these rollers is 19 mm.

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4. Remington Fast Curls KF40E Hot Roller Kit

The KF40E model is another Remington option among the best thermal rollers. Features Teflon coating that provides ionic conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair.

They start heating up in 3 min and reach the optimal temperature for curling in just 10 min. They have a wax core, which retains heat for 15 minutes, so you can form longer-lasting curls, they also have a cold tip to make your work easier.

It contains 20 rollers of different diameters: 4 small 19 mm to create compact curls, 10 medium (21 mm) and 6 large (26 mm) to obtain loose curls and soft waves, and give various shapes and styles to your hair. Each roller incorporates a clip to hold the tip of the lock and roll it evenly. Includes 20 clicks.

If you’ve ever wondered what the best brand of rollers is, Remington may have crossed your mind. So here are the pros and cons of your KF40E:


Coating: this model of thermal roller set has a Teflon coating, which allows the units to be used without the risk of fixative remaining on them.

Time: it is capable of reaching its maximum temperature in just 10 minutes, so you can get your look in no time.

Technology – Uses ion heating technology, so your hair will look radiant and healthy.


Clips – It was learned that some customers had problems with the included clips to hold the rollers as they left marks on their hair.

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5. Babyliss 3038e Case of 5 thermal rollers

As the last option in our list of the best models among thermal rollers, we want to introduce you to the 3038e from Babyliss. This model of thermal rollers is designed to offer you large size rollers so that you can opt for a striking look or combine it with smaller rollers.

It has five thermal units of 4 centimeters in diameter so you can fix your hair quickly by being able to assemble several rollers at the same time.

In addition, with the intention of making your task as easy as possible, Babyliss has included with this purchase five butterfly clips and five metal pins so that you can place the thermal units easily and without risk of burns.

The special case is capable of giving the curlers a temperature of up to 115° centigrade, so you can enjoy firm and beautiful curls in a very short time. In addition, this case allows you to store them and take them with you very comfortably.

Thanks to the characteristics mentioned, we consider it important that you can take into account the pros and cons of this model:


Quantity: As the main advantage of the Babyliss 3038e thermal rollers model, we must mention the fact that it includes five thermal units so that you can assemble five rollers at the same time.

Temperature: In addition, these units are capable of reaching a temperature of 150° centigrade, so they will allow you to assemble them very quickly and firmly.

Surface: The heating units are covered in velvet so that you can use them without damaging your hair or suffering from accidental pulling.


Hair: you must take into account the volume of your hair to be able to make good use of this type of thermal rollers since the number of units may fall short.

Time – Some customers have indicated that it may take longer than stated to reach the maximum temperature.

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How to use thermal rollers

This personal care product allows you to quickly and comfortably curl your hair by using heat. Thus, you can change your appearance, incorporating loops to your hairstyle, for example. It all depends on the characteristics of your hair and the aesthetic style you want to adopt at a given time. Different brands and models of these handy little hair beauty tools allow you to choose the most convenient one for you.

What is new about the technology they incorporate?

Unlike our grandmothers’ hot rollers, today’s hot rollers heat up comfortably, sitting on a stylishly designed stand. It is a base, connected to the outlet, which supports up to 20 rollers of various sizes. There are cold tip rollers that make it easier for you to manipulate.

There are models that come with a complement of accessories that include metal barrettes, butterfly clips, a set of combs, brushes and a mini travel bag. The coating of the rollers varies from Teflon to velvet, passing through ceramic.

Ionic rollers prevent static electricity in your hair. The power of each piece of equipment directly affects the heating speed of the rollers. The common advantage of this product is that you get a salon finish by doing it yourself.

Choose the right rollers for your hair

Remember that smaller size hot rollers work for narrow curls and vice versa. The longer and more voluminous your hair is, the more rollers you should use.

prepare your hair

With your hair clean, now proceed to apply the fixative (gel, lotion, foam or spray) of your choice, applying it evenly. Now, you are going to divide your hair into sections that allow you to work with maximum comfort. Secure it with bobby pins so you can keep it controlled and displayed.

How to wind the rollers

Start rolling the rollers from the forehead to the back and keep going in this same way. Roll tightly from the end of the hair and secure each roller you put on. Then tackle each side section of your hair and proceed the same as before. Do not get impatient and avoid removing the rollers prematurely. Let them act until they cool down to get more persistent curls.

Remove the curls

When removing the rollers, do so gently, avoiding pulling on your hair. If you want to get more hair volume, tilt your head and move it in a semicircle in front of you. Use your fingers to style your hairstyle. If you want to touch up your hair with a comb or brush, you have to be extremely careful not to undo any curls.

Maintenance of thermal rollers

At the end of the process of curling your hair, disconnect, clean, dry and neatly store all the components of the equipment, avoiding leaving any trace of moisture. As far as possible, avoid the use of electrical extensions and thus forget about the risk of surges.

The great advantage of selecting this method of hot rollers is that you get casual-looking curls that swing naturally over your shoulders, framing your neck and face. With this simple act of feminine self-indulgence, you can treat yourself to a new look and refresh your appearance, doing it yourself in the privacy of your own home.

The most popular brands

Thermal rollers add volume and movement to your hair, giving it a professional style in the comfort of your home. When buying a hair curler, you should look at the model that best suits your hair type. To help you choose this, we have prepared a small list of the most outstanding brands on the market: Babyliss, Remington and Revlon, taking the opinions of Internet buyers as a reference.

Originated in 1961 in Paris, France by the Parisian stylist Lelièvre, who started the company by manufacturing the first electric curling iron knowing that fashion is constantly changing, as well as the needs of people. This brand has established itself as a pioneer in the development of new technologies for beauty products thanks to its professional team of engineers and stylists who work full time to cover all the needs of its clients.

BaByliss products are designed to protect the hair and offer aesthetic finishes instantly, among its products we can find thermal rollers, brushes, braiders, dryers and hair straighteners, it also has a small line of aesthetics for the skin with systems of laser depilation.

BaByliss thermal rollers are small cylindrical tubes with an approximate diameter of 19 mm, with 5, 12 and 20 cylinders depending on the model, the material of the rollers varies between silicone, ceramic and velvet. The rollers come assembled in an electric case with a power of 400W that allows them to reach a maximum temperature of 130 °C in a few minutes, maintaining it for approximately 15 minutes.

Remington is affiliated with the Spectrum Brands company that distributes personal products, household items, appliances, pet products and home accessories through brands such as: Black & Decker, Eukanuba, Healthy-Hide, Marineland, Dingo, among others.

Spectrum Brand products are sold in more than 160 countries and generate annual revenues of approximately 4 billion dollars. The headquarters located in Wisconsin, United States has 15,000 employees distributed in 50 countries around the world. The Remington brand offers a wide variety of products for personal aesthetics, with examples such as curling irons, shavers, straighteners and hair clippers.

Remington thermal rollers are very easy to use when giving your hair a more creative touch, their cylinder has a wax core that heats evenly to give your curls and waves greater durability, and they come lined with a velvety surface. ionic that eliminates frizz and gives your hair a unique shine.

Remington curling irons are included with forks and clips that secure the cylinder to obtain long-lasting waves with a natural look, their thermal pilot has a power indicator that warns at the exact moment when they have reached the ideal temperature. Without a doubt, this product helps you achieve the perfect look of professional, frizz-free curls before you leave home.  

This American company was founded in 1932 by the brothers Charles and Joseph Revson at the hands of the chemical engineer Charles Lachman. The company specializes in the market for cosmetics, skin care and beauty products such as hair dyes, fragrances, antiperspirants and all kinds of aesthetic applications for hair care.

The company managed to introduce its products to the international market starting in the 1950s by debuting in Japan, where Japanese women were eager to acquire an American beauty aesthetic. Revlon’s advertising campaigns are focused on the artistic expression of women through makeup and aesthetic beauty, and it also has support plans for women’s health problems.

Among Revlon products we can find nail paints, hair clips, irons, straighteners, tweezers, cosmetics such as lip paint, masks, brushes, etc. All its products are tested under advanced technological methods, excluding animal testing since 1989 and have a world-class scope, present in countries such as Italy, Mexico, France, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, China and Hong Kong., among others.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Remington KF20i Rulos calentables con tecnología de iones

Al buscar cuáles son los mejores rulos térmicos del mercado, otro modelo que resalta es el KF20i de la conocida marca Remington. Unos rulos calientes que trabajan con tecnología de iones para que puedas obtener un acabado sin encrespamiento.

Los rulos poseen un núcleo de cera para retener el calor por más tiempo, reduciendo el tiempo de aplicación y aportando rizos con rebote y duraderos. Cuentan igualmente con revestimiento aterciopelado para conseguir un deslizamiento suave y poseen extremos fríos para facilidad de uso.

Incluye una base de soporte con piloto de encendido, que cambia de color para avisar cuando están listos para usar. Contiene 20 rulos: 4 pequeños para obtener rizos compactos, 10 medianos para rizos más sueltos y 6 grandes para suaves ondas, con lo cual puedes crear cualquier tipo de peinado. Incluye 20 horquillas y pinzas de sujeción en 3 colores, a usar según el tamaño del rulo.

Si tienes pensado comprar uno de los más baratos, las prestaciones que te ofrece el modelo KF20i de Remington pueden convertirlos en la opción ideal para ti:


Relleno: uno de los pros más importantes que te ofrece el set de rulos térmicos KF20i es el hecho de que sus unidades están rellenas de cera, por lo que podrán mantener el calor durante más tiempos que otros modelos del mercado.

Tipos: el set incluye 20 rulos térmicos de diversos tamaños pensados para ofrecerte diferentes estilos tales como rulos pequeños para rizos compactos, más sueltos y ondas suaves para un look más natural.

Revestimiento: su revestimiento es de suave terciopelo, por lo que será una delicia pasarlos por tu cabello además de que se evitan los tirones y las incomodidades.

Indicadores: además, el set incluye un par de indicadores que te permitirán saber cuándo está encendida la base y cuándo los rulos alcanzaron la temperatura deseada.


Duración: algunos clientes indicaron que los rulos no les duraron demasiado pero según lo expresado por profesionales, esto puede deberse a que no se utilizó la suficiente cantidad de fijador.

BaByliss 3060E Set de rulos térmicos

Otro modelo de Babyliss que se incluye dentro de los más baratos y mejores rulos calientes del 2022, es el 3060E, un set de 20 rulos térmicos de distintos tamaños: 8 grandes de 32 mm, 6 medianos de 25 mm y 6 pequeños de 19 mm, para que puedas crear las últimas tendencias de la moda.

Estos rulos calientan rápidamente, hasta alcanzar una temperatura máxima de 115 °C, y mantienen el calor por aproximadamente 15 min, para luego ir enfriando suavemente, lo que te permite crear rizos más duraderos.

Además, tienen un diseño cóncavo, lo que te permite llegar más cerca del cuero cabelludo, a fin de que puedas obtener el rizo desde la raíz y conseguir un maravilloso volumen. Pueden ser usados en cualquier tipo de cabello, sea seco o húmedo. Incluye 20 clips para sujetar fácilmente los rulos.

Otra manera de poder decidir cuáles rulos térmicos comprar es conociendo la potencia y número de unidades que se incluyen, de esta forma podrás obtener tu estilo más rápido. Ten en cuenta esto cuando leas a continuación los aspectos del 3060E de BabyLiss:


Ganchos: el set de rulos térmicos 3060E de BabyLiss te incluye todos los ganchos necesarios para mantener en su lugar a la unidad mientras esperas que se forme el rizo.

Accesorios: este modelo incluye un práctico peine para que puedas preparar tu cabello para la aplicación del calor.

Temperatura: el set es capaz de otorgarle a los rulos una temperatura máxima de 115° por lo que podrás obtener tus rulos en muy poco tiempo y salir más rápido de casa.


Dificultad: se pudo conocer que uno que otro cliente tuvo dificultad para utilizar los ganchos especiales.

Tiempo: además, también comentaron que tardan un poco en alcanzar la temperatura deseada por lo que deberás tomar las precauciones por si tienes prisa.

Clatronic LW 3371

El modelo LW 3371 de la marca Clatronic es otra alternativa para adquirir rulos para el pelo que se calientan a través de corriente eléctrica.

Con una potencia de 400 W, consiguen un óptimo calentamiento en aprox. 12 minutos, y mantienen el calor durante aprox. 30 min, antes de enfriarse completamente. Un indicador LED se ilumina en rojo cuando empieza el calentamiento y en verde cuando se ha completado, para usar solo en cabello seco.  

Contiene 24 rulos, 8 grandes, 8 medianos y 8 pequeños, para que tengas libertad de conseguir el estilo que prefieras o que más se adapte a tu tipo o longitud de cabello.

Con los rulos grandes/medianos podrás proporcionar volumen a un cabello largo y liso o realzar suavemente la onda de un pelo ondulado. Para el cabello corto o rizos bien marcados puedes usar los

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