The 5 Best Hot Tubs of 2022

Hot Tub – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A bath helps you relax, but nothing like a hydromassage bath to forget about all the problems you may have had during a very stressful day. This is because the water rotates constantly, to offer a good massage while you bathe. Some include additional systems for aromatherapy and chromotherapy, with the Grafica Ma.Ro Srl Harmony model standing out in this category. This has a control panel, to regulate the hydraulic pressure and control the speaker system and LED lights. Another well-known model is the Simba Miami, whose 135 x 135 cm tank and headrests make it ideal for enjoying the bath as a couple.

Buying Guide – What is the best hot tub on the market?

Hydromassage bathtubs are a good option for those who want to enjoy and relax in the company of their partner or their whole family. In addition to this, when using hydromassage bathtubs, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the different benefits that they provide, among them are: the activation of circulation, reduction of fatigue and muscular fatigue. You can also avoid cellulite and sagging.

There are multiple options of bathtubs that are offered in the market, some of them cheap and others at very high prices. Therefore, if you are looking for one that is good and cheap, it is important that you know more about the operation and design of these products.

You may be wondering how much it costs, which is the best hot tub, and how to choose the right model. To help you, we provide you with more information about them and their operation.

What should I know before buying a hot tub?

If you are looking for the best hot tub of 2022, it is important that you take into account certain aspects related to the design and operation of these products before making your choice.

It is recommended that, before making your purchase, you evaluate the number of people who want to use it at the same time and the space you have allocated for its installation.

Apart from these factors, you should also take into consideration the budget you have available to make this purchase. Through the following guide to buying the best hot tub, we hope to help you make a more accurate choice.


Depending on the manufacturer brand and model, each bathtub is likely to have the ability to perform different functions that will help you relax more while you enjoy them. One of the functions that usually varies between one model and another is the massage system that these equipments have. Some are capable of releasing water and air, because they have nozzles for both. Thanks to them, they can give you a vigorous massage.

If instead you want to have a bathtub that gives you softer massages, the most appropriate thing is to have a model that has an air system. These have nozzles at the bottom that release the water in the form of bubbles and disperse the liquid evenly.

Those with a water/air and more air system have the ability to combine both forms of massage and therefore are likely to provide you with more benefits when relaxing. Some also allow you to combine massages with aromatherapy and chromotherapy, because different aromatic essences can be added or they have lighting systems. These will help you relax more.

Others have massage programs that you can vary at your convenience. They also integrate extra functions such as anti-spill systems, level sensors that make the massage start only when the water has reached a certain level, and pipe drying. Depending on the price you are willing to pay, you can also find hot tubs that even have Bluetooth and digital start functions.


This is one of the aspects that you must take into consideration before making your purchase, since the model you are going to choose will depend on the space you have in your home to carry out its installation and the number of people you want to use it..

There are hot tubs that are made to be installed outdoors. Thanks to their level of resistance, they can withstand climatic variations and have a good level of durability. These models are usually large in size and have seats for several people. For that reason, you can enjoy relaxing massages in the company of your family or friends.

Also, you should make sure that it has a sufficient number of seats and that they provide you with a good level of comfort so that you can enjoy the massage to the fullest. For those people who have little space or just want to enjoy with their partner, a good option is the hydromassage bathtubs for two people.

Another aspect to consider is the shape of the bathtub. There are rectangular, irregular and circular models. To decide between one and the other, it is also important that you take into consideration the space. Regardless of the size, shape, functions and massage system that these products have, the most important thing is that they will help you relax and in them you will be able to share pleasant moments.

In the following section we present a comparison of hydromassage bathtubs in which some of the advantages and characteristics of the most recommended products are explained, so that you can learn more about them and choose a model that you like.

The 5 Best Hot Tubs – Opinions 2022

Relaxation, activation of blood circulation, reduction of muscular fatigue and the possibility of avoiding flaccidity and cellulite are some of the advantages that you can obtain by having a hydromassage bathtub.

When choosing one of these items, it is important that you carefully analyze each of its characteristics, as this will help you buy the best hot tub of the moment, one that suits your needs and provides you with the highest level of comfort..

If you have doubts about which is the best hot tub, then you can learn more about the models that users currently recommend the most.

1. Grafica Ma.Ro Srl Spa with whirlpool Bath Harmony

Main advantage:

The tub is equipped with a 1.5HP motor that supplies enough power for the 6 nozzles at each end and the 4 sides. Thus providing a relaxing massage by the action of water, allowing the flow to be adjusted through the switch. 

Main disadvantage:

The noise of the motor can be uncomfortable, but by playing your favorite music on the built-in speakers you can relax to enjoy the hydromassage, alone or with a partner. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

This bathtub incorporates speakers and light to complement hydrotherapy, offering greater comfort to users. In addition, its design is compact and elegant for small bathrooms.

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Hydromassage therapies are recognized for their extensive benefits in relieving muscle fatigue, reactivating blood circulation and relaxation in general. That is why having a hydromassage bathtub like the Harmony model by Grafica Ma.Ro Srl can be a contribution to your health and that of your partner. 

In this sense, its operation depends on the Whirlpool 1.5HP motor with 12 nozzles, 6 distributed at each end to offer a punctual action of the water on the back. Also, there are 4 side nozzles, arranged in parallel with a larger size for a more powerful flow. 

To regulate the water pressure, the hot tub has an easy-to-use switch. In addition, it includes an American model waterfall that increases versatility when relaxing and filling the tub. 

construction and space

When thinking about investing in a hot tub, we must focus on the quality of the construction materials that offer us resistance and durability. An aspect that Grafica Ma.Ro Srl takes into account to provide the best quality to its customers.

For this reason, the Harmony bathtub has been made of high-resistance sanitary acrylic, with an elegant white finish, incorporating steel and glass elements in the structure, which add elegance to the design of this product. 

As for the size, this bathtub measures 180 x 90 cm and 60 cm high, being suitable for two people, so headrests were added at both ends. Regarding the assembly, this is very simple, since all the accessories and instructions are included to facilitate its installation and handling. 

Complementary functions

This model stands out in the category of multifunctional hydromassage bathtubs, as it incorporates other elements to optimize the user experience and generate a very complete atmosphere of relaxation in the environment.

That is why in this product we find a pair of built-in speakers with a control panel, in which you can manage the radio without any risk, because it has an automatic protector against electrical leaks. In this way, you can play your favorite music for a romantic occasion or if you prefer melodies of nature to take advantage of hydrotherapy and meditate a little.

For its part, the LED lighting in this bathtub allows you to complement the hydromassage with chromotherapy, using colored lights to improve your mood and even physical ailments, according to the principles of alternative medicine. 

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2. Simba Jakuzzi whirlpool tub Corner spa tub

Designed with a corner format, Simba’s Miami model is a product positioned among the best hydromassage bathtubs of 2022, due to its characteristics.

First of all, we must mention its measurements of 135 x 135 cm, which make it ideal for sharing a bubble bath with your partner, in a session of relaxation and romance. 

Second, we highlight the water supply with elegant American waterfall-style faucets and a traditional shower head. In addition, it incorporates 12 water jets distributed throughout the bathtub, whose power depends on the included 1.5HP pump.

Additionally, this model has a control panel with protection against electrical leaks, from which the speakers and music playback are managed, as well as the lighting configuration. All this in order to improve the hydrotherapy experience, including music and colored lights. 

If you don’t know which hot tub to buy, we recommend you take a look at the pros and cons that we find in this model. 


Manufacturing: The bathtub is made of sanitary acrylic, with an elegant design in white and chrome accessories that allows it to adapt to different types of decoration. 

Accessories: This product optimizes hydrotherapy with music and colored lights, by incorporating speakers in the structure of the bathtub and LED lighting. These elements are configured through a safe control panel against electrical leaks. 

Power: There are 8 small nozzles and 4 large jets that this bathtub emits with adjustable power, thanks to the 1.5HP force pump. 


Size: For people taller than average, this bathtub is not as comfortable to be used as a couple.

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3. Grafica Ma.Ro Srl Hydromassage bathtub Hypnotic Model For 2

If you prefer a different design, without losing elegance when choosing the best hot tub, we recommend reviewing the characteristics of the Hypnotic model.

Its main attraction is the shiny black color, which makes it the center of attention in the bathroom. This tone, combined with chrome accessories and faucets, makes any decoration stand out, especially when the LED lighting is activated. 

This complement, together with the built-in speakers and radio, represents an advantage for users who want to take a relaxing bubble bath, enjoy hydrotherapy with lighting according to the occasion or simply listen to good music while being massaged by the jets of Water.

Now, with respect to that power, the culprit is a 1.5 HP motor that offers good performance so that the 16 nozzles, in total, expel a strong or softer flow of water, depending on your preferences. 

For some users, Grafica Ma.Ro Srl is the best brand of hydromassage bathtubs, this model being one of the most popular in its catalogue. Therefore, we will talk about its positive and negative aspects below.


Size: This bathtub measures 1.80 x 90 cm and 60 cm high, so with its rectangular design it offers a comfortable space for the couple to take a break and receive the hydromassage they have been waiting for all day.

Assembly: Explicit instructions are included with the bathtub to make the connections of the shower heads, taps and make the necessary adjustments, as a Teflon roller is included to prevent water leaks. 

Protection: You can use the radio and light control panel while you shower, very safely, thanks to the protection system that interrupts the power in the event of any threat of electric shock. 


Weight: If you need to move the bathtub from one floor to another, you will have to seek help because it weighs 100 kg.

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4. Grafica Ma.Ro Srl Whirlpool bathtub Corner bathtub for 2 people

For those who are interested in receiving a comfortable hydromassage, in the company of their partner and in a spacious bathtub, the characteristics of the Lulu model will seem very attractive. Starting with the measurements of the tub, which are 170 x 132 cm and 65 cm high. 

This design, without a doubt, provides ample space to lie down while you receive the force of the water on your body and eliminate tension, stress, muscle pain, among others. 

In total there are 14 nozzles, commanded by the 1.5 HP motor, which have the capacity to propel the water through the entire tub. This model also incorporates a disinfection and sterilization system to maintain the highest hygiene in each use of the bathtub. 

Likewise, the music and radio playback functions are available in this product, since the structure has a speaker placed on the external side of the bathtub. 

In the following section we have separated some positive and negative aspects of this model, which will help you make a successful purchase.


Space: The large dimensions of the bathtub will be used by couples, since the space it has allows you to lie down comfortably, use the headrest and enjoy good music. 

Faucets: Chrome faucets are included with the bathtub, in addition to the American model waterfall that gives a very elegant touch to the water supply, during the filling of the tub.

Safety: The protection system against dispersion of electricity reduces the risk of accidents, especially when you handle the control panel with wet hands.


Hot water: The bathtub does not have the option of hot water, but you can call a plumber to quickly solve this deficiency.

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5. Grafica Ma.Ro Srl Hydromassage bathtub Model Privilege

The extensive catalog of Grafica Ma.Ro Srl in this category makes you wonder which is the best hydromassage bathtub you can buy for your home. 

Mainly, you should know that the Privilege model measures 180 x 90 cm and 60 in height, being indicated for two people of average height. This factor is favored by the headrests at the ends of the bathtub, which offer greater comfort to the users, while facing each other receiving the force of the water jets. 

As for the whirlpool itself, this particular product has 10 holes in the bottom of the tub and they are powered by a 1.5HP motor; also incorporating a disinfection system to keep the bathtub in the best conditions.

Like other models of the same brand, the Privilege bathtub has a certificate from the European Union that confirms the quality of the product and the low complexity of the assembly. Now we want to invite you to read the pros and cons that we distinguish in this product. 


Construction: The bathtub is made with 100% acrylic material of sanitary quality and a comfortable design to enjoy the hydromassage as a couple, listening to the radio and appreciating the play of colored lights. 

Headrest: This element made of acrylic stands out with a beautiful blue color, providing elegance to the whole set.

Faucets: The faucet accessories come with the purchase of the bathtub and one of them is used to place hot water. In this way, you should not increase your investment with the purchase of other accessories.


Price: The value of the bathtub is high, but its robust construction, hydromassage design and music and lighting accessories compensate for the value paid.

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How to use a hot tub

In today’s world there is nothing more relaxing than receiving a good rest after long hours of work, running tedious errands or after intense sports routines.

That is why we must have a good hot tub, which allows us to leave behind all the inconveniences and stress caused during the day through relaxing and comfortable massages that recover us from those exhausting activities. In order for you to use your hot tub efficiently, you will find some recommendations below the article.

Enjoy a good massage

When you use your hydromassage bathtub you will receive a good relaxing and vigorous massage that will leave you as if you were a few years younger, thanks to the fact that these products have nozzles capable of releasing water and air that will give you good relaxing massages. It is recommended that you enter the bathtub without shoes and with the appropriate clothing to fully receive a good relaxing massage.

Strong and durable materials

A fundamental characteristic that you will find when using your hot tub is that you can install it in the garden or in the patio of your house, since these products are made to be used outdoors thanks to their level of resistance and durability that allows them to withstand any climatic condition no matter how strong it is.

Control the temperature

Another feature available when using your hydromassage bathtub is that you can adjust the temperature of the water at your convenience, to make your stay in the bathtub more pleasant, since most of these products incorporate an LCD control that regulates the heating of the water.

Where to put the hot tub

Carefully choosing the place where the bathtub will be placed is a step that should not be skipped, since it will depend on it that it can be used comfortably by the user or users.

Before proceeding with the installation of your hydromassage bathtub, it is recommended to choose the place where it will be placed; At this point you must evaluate the size of the bathtub, the available water and power outlets; Of course, the taste and preferences of the user are important too.  

Take advantage of your capacity

Hot tubs vary in capacity depending on the brand and model; this capacity can vary from 2 people to 6 or more, as already mentioned, all depending on the model that the user has.

Whatever the capacity of your bathtub, do not hesitate to use it; if it is small, you can relax alone or with your partner and if it is much larger, then it is the perfect opportunity to share with family or friends.  

Take advantage of your design

Hydromassage bathtubs not only represent a great opportunity to relax and receive a good massage, but they can be part of the decoration of your bathroom, patio, garden or terrace, depending on the model you have.

These bathtubs come in beautiful and delicate designs, which can be used as decorative pieces, which even without being used are capable of transmitting peace and relaxation to those who look at it.

The most popular brands

One of the best ways to mix cleansing with relaxation is by using a hot tub. This device is ideal to have in any bathroom and to use it you only need to sit on it and let the water jets massage the most tense parts of your body. Because it is a highly sought after product, there are several brands that create such bathtubs such as Jet-Line, Beliani, and DUWILUX. Although there are many others, these three companies have excelled in the manufacture of these devices, therefore, they are some of the best alternatives on the market.

Although this company established in 1971 is famous for being a distributor of products and equipment for swimming pools, Jet-Line has also created other products that, due to their great durability and quality, have managed to stand out, such as hydromassage bathtubs.

The bathtubs of this brand are characterized by their elegant design and their multiple water jets. In addition to that, most models have LED lighting and headrests so you can have a very relaxing bath whenever you want. The company is located in the United States, specifically its presence is located in 3 states: New Jersey, New York and Texas.

Despite the fact that its main activity is focused on the US, its products can be obtained in different parts of the world, as they are distributed by various stores and, in addition, they can be found online so that more people have access to the artifacts. Jet Line.

Beliani is a brand that has shown that you can be very successful as a company based entirely on e-commerce. This online company progressively expanded the number of manufactured products and since 2009 it has offered artifacts for different areas of the home such as bedrooms, bathrooms and even the garden.

The origin of this company is Swiss and it is managed through sales on online platforms to minimize costs and thus offer high quality products at affordable prices for most people who want them. Currently, this brand already has more than 200 workers and also approximately 400,000 clients around the world, since Beliani has already reached the international scene, precisely in 19 countries that benefit from its creations every day.

Beliani whirlpool bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to properly fit different types of bathrooms. These devices can be suitable for domestic and professional use such as saunas and spas, since they have an appropriate resistance for constant use and, in addition, they have a great capacity.

The experts in hot tubs are all the people who are part of the DUWILUX brand. This company is located in Düsseldorf, a province of Germany. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of various models of hydromassage bathtubs, therefore, it is one of the most recognized brands in this area.

Each of its products have characteristics that make them special, however, they also have important aspects in common that make them stand out, such as the fact that all bathtubs are TÜV certified and resistant structures that represent great German quality. Thanks to that, many people have decided to use DUWILUX products and the brand has accumulated several positive opinions supporting them.

All hot tubs are beautifully designed, but some have see-through walls to give you a spacious feel when using them. In addition to that, they come with headrests and multiple high-pressure jets so that you can spend hours, if you wish, relaxing in your bath time.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Beliani Spa exterior Jacuzzi Bañera de hidromasaje

Ventaja principal:

La versatilidad en los chorros de esta bañera que arroja agua y aire a la vez, permite que puedas obtener un masaje reconfortante y alcanzar una relajación en cualquier día, contribuyendo a mejorar tu calidad de vida.

Desventaja principal:

Si te decides por este producto, debes tomar en consideración sus amplias dimensiones, ya que necesita un buen espacio para su montaje.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

La Beliani 3961 es una bañera amplia en la que puedes compartir cómodamente con familiares y amigos, ya que tiene capacidad para 6 personas y su función de hidromasajes aporta muchos beneficios a tu cuerpo.



Esta bañera de hidromasajes está diseñada para ser colocada en el exterior de la casa, el jardín o la terraza, pues mide 200 x 200 x 93 y necesita un gran espacio, por lo que cómodamente pueden sentarse en ella 6 personas. Por su parte, es de destacar que 3 de los 6 asientos son ergonómicos y cuentan con reposacabezas, aumentando el confort mientras los usas.

Entre otras características, es preciso acotar que la Beliani 3961 está fabricada en materiales de alta calidad, ya que en el interior es de acrílico revestido con una superficie antibacteriana y la parte externa está hecha de madera sintética, ofreciendo una gran resistencia a este producto que le permite soportar los cambios climáticos, garantizando que la bañera sea duradera en el tiempo, para que puedas disfrutar de tus sesiones de spa en casa.


Gracias a su versatilidad en cuanto a las salidas de agua y aire combinados, la Beliani 3961 tiene múltiples funciones, gracias a las 40 boquillas de drenaje que permiten la salida de agua y aire de diferentes formas, pues está conformado por un chorro tipo volcán, 25 chorros de agua y 14 chorros de aire para proporcionar un masaje revitalizante.

De igual manera, esta bañera cuenta con un termostato regulable que ajusta la temperatura entre 26 y 40 grados centígrados, además de un control de computadora LCD digital con calefacción incorporada con el que puedes programar los tiempos de encendido y apagado de la calefacción. Por otro lado, debes saber en cuanto a la fuente de alimentación q

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