The 5 Best Ionic Brushes of 2022

Ionic Brush – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When we think about the care of our hair, we must know that the different hairdressing devices have the drawback of generating static electricity on it, which among other things leaves a messy effect, being necessary to bet on ionic brushes, to compensate for the unsightly effects of the current on your hair. In this category we find the Rowenta Power Straight brush, whose adjustable temperature allows hair to be straightened from the root, with a healthy shine finish. For its part, the Ghd Glide maintains a constant temperature of 185 °, thanks to its ceramic technology, and whose two-height bristle design allows better straightening in less time.

Buying guide – What is the best ionic toothbrush on the market?

Ionic brushes are a useful and economical resource to maintain the silkiness and shine of the hair, keeping it smooth and loose for longer. Like many models of hair straighteners and dryers today, these brushes use what is called ion injection technology and, although they are a more recent invention, several of the most recognized brands such as Braun, BaByliss and Remington, to name just a few. important, they already have several of these models in their beauty and personal care line.

In this guide to buying the best ionic brush on the market, we will try to inform you about the basic aspects of these brushes. Although all models work with similar technologies, each brand has different characteristics, so when you make a comparison of ionic brushes available on the market, deciding on one or another model will only depend on your preferences and, based on your budget, How much does it cost to buy it?  


The ionic technology of these brushes is nothing more than the emission of negative ions that are applied to the hair during brushing, which neutralize the electrical charge that is produced. Consequently, it prevents the hair from frizzing or standing on end, providing a silky finish and greater shine to the entire mane.

Ion delivery technology is recommended for use on dry or slightly damp hair, and because ionic brushes generally have widely spaced bristles, they also help detangle hair and make styling easier. In addition, its use increases the effectiveness of conditioners and products that do not need to be rinsed, making the hair easier to style.

There are several brands and models of ionic brushes that you can find on the market today. To get the best model, do not stop studying the characteristics they have, as well as understand the advantages and disadvantages they have with respect to your own needs.


Ionic brushes can work connected to the current or wirelessly through batteries. Usually, they have a light or acoustic signal indicator, which alerts you when the ionic function is ready to be used.

The ion source can be in the handle or in the center of the brush and the sound they produce is almost imperceptible, so it does not bother its use. The jet of active ions reduces static electricity, eliminating frizz and roughness and restoring the hair’s natural shine and softness.

The operation of these practical tools is very simple, since you only have to press a button and style your hair, letting the ionic technology do its job.


A practical brush must be a light and compact accessory that you can carry in your bag when you go out and ionic brushes do not escape this requirement. Check that it also has an ergonomic grip, so you can hold it easily and comfortably, even for short periods of time.  

If you decide on a corded brush, do not forget to check that it is long enough to be able to comb your hair comfortably, preferably if the cord has a rotating base, which offers you greater mobility. If it is a battery-powered model, it has the advantage of being able to take it with you wherever you go, but also remember to always carry a couple of extra batteries, in case they are needed.

The bristles or bristles can be metallic or plastic, even natural like the boar bristles that some Braun and BaByliss models have, special for fine and delicate hair. In any case, the bristles should be long and with rounded tips and with a good separation to untangle and comb more easily, especially long hair.  

Accessories and other features

Some models include different heads with different diameters, some narrow, for short hair and medium hair, and others wider, for long hair, which you can alternate according to the style you prefer.

Other models combine the ionic brushing function with a curling iron, to achieve more volume or to achieve curls or soft waves, or with a dryer, to dry the hair while shaping it.

It is worth noting that ionic brushes are not a substitute for a hair dryer or straightener, they only reduce the frizz caused by static electricity in dry hair and provide hair with greater ease, softness and much more shine.

The 5 Best Ionic Brushes – Opinions 2022

There are many brands and models of ionic brushes and they all advertise that these products manage to reduce hair frizz, giving it shine and softness. We have compiled information on 5 sought-after models, the best on the market, with the idea that you can make a good investment if you are interested in acquiring one of these new devices.

1. Rowenta CF5820F0 Power Straight 

Main advantage:

This brush offers a temperature adjustment on three levels so as not to damage the hair with excessive heat, as it adapts to your hair type: thick, medium or fine, achieving straightening in less time, compared to using the iron. 

Main disadvantage:

Using the brush produces a bit of fatigue and tiredness in the arm. Especially, if you have very long and voluminous hair. But, with continued use, you get used to its weight.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Power Straight effectively eliminates static energy, straightening the hair in a short time with a shiny effect. 

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There are many ionic brushes available on the market, but few offer efficient straightening of frizzy hair. One of them is the Rowenta CF5820F0 Power Straight, which has been designed with triple action bristles, capable of catching, stretching and smoothing the hair from the root.

Operation begins with the 40 peripheral bristles that retain hair, followed by the ceramic-coated, heat-emitting internal bristles. These are the ones in charge of tightening the hair to eliminate frizz and give that straightening effect. 

Finally, the thermo-control technology in this device maintains a constant heat level, while the ionic generator gives hair a shiny finish, without the annoying static energy. 

All this is possible in a few minutes, which reduces the straightening time by up to 33%, according to the manufacturer, comparing the results with the use of the straightening iron. 


The action of heat on the hair fiber weakens the hair, especially if the temperature is very high and your hair is very fine. That’s why Rowenta has built a heat setting into this brush, allowing you to choose between three levels: 160, 180 and 200 degrees. 

In this way, you can use the temperature indicated for your hair type, being the lowest for fine hair, 180° for medium hair and the highest for thick hair. Consequently, the hair fiber will not lose strength with continued use of this device. 

It should be noted that, unlike straightening irons, this ionic brush exposes only part of the hair to heat, avoiding breakage, while offering a very attractive shine and more natural volume. Therefore, it is worth using hair products to increase hair care against high temperatures. 

Format and handling

Thinking about using this ionic brush almost daily, Rowenta has implemented a compact and ergonomic format in its design, maintaining the appearance of a traditional brush. However, its robust body can be heavy and fatigued for some users.

However, we can highlight that this brush has a 360° rotating cable that favors movement, while you comb your hair without limitations. On the other hand, the fast warm-up of just 45 seconds saves you time. Especially when you are in a hurry in the morning to go to work and you want to get ready as quickly as possible. 

In this sense, you will be able to untangle your hair, at the same time that you straighten it and forget about static energy, all this in the comfort of your home.

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2. Ghd Glide Electric straightening brush with ionic technology

This model is among the best ionic brushes of 2022, as many users trust the Ghd brand and its line of hair styling devices, such as dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners.

On this occasion, the brush with ionic technology offers to straighten frizzy hair with just a few strokes, maintaining a uniform distribution of heat and a constant temperature. This is possible thanks to the high-density bristles in two heights, which also favor the styling of voluminous sections of hair, so as not to take long.

Regarding the temperature level, this brush heats only at 185°C, an average level of heat that works efficiently for fine, thick, wavy and frizzy hair, without compromising the hair fiber. 

It is worth mentioning that the connection cable of this device has a length of 2.7 m, so you can comb your hair without limitation. 

If you are interested in this model, we invite you to see the summary of its characteristics in the following section.


Straightening: The professional design of this brush offers efficient and fast straightening of frizzy hair, eliminating any trace of static energy. 

Bristles: The different heights in the thermal bristles allow to comb large sections of hair, to reduce the time of use. In addition, the ceramic technology favors styling with just a few strokes of the brush.

Temperature: The unique level of temperature in this device protects the hair, and works effectively regardless of your hair type, without causing damage to the hair fiber.

Energy saving: With the power sleep mode, the brush automatically turns off after one hour of inactivity.


Price: The cost of the product is high. But, the evaluations of its buyers show that it is a satisfactory investment.

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3. Beurer HT10 Ionic detangling brush soft-touch surface

Many women, and men too, enjoy wearing their hair down, no matter how long it is. But, frizz can make hair look messy, making it necessary to comb it well. For this reason, it is very useful to always carry a brush in your bag.

Considering this situation, the German company Beurer designed the HT10 ionic brush, completely cordless, with a compact and manageable size, so that it is very easy to take it with you wherever you go.

The plastic bristles on this brush are soft and do not pull on the hair. For its part, the ionic technology in this device, which works with 2 AAA batteries, reduces static energy to leave hair soft and tangle-free.

Of this product we highlight its low cost, which is why it can be considered the best value for money ionic brush, a very useful tool for women, young people and girls, even men, who want to keep their hair well groomed.

Below we mention the pros and cons that we find in this product, one of the cheapest in our selection.


Format: The compact size and wireless design of the device allows it to be carried comfortably in the bag. In addition, its ergonomics and soft touch system of the bristles help to detangle hair efficiently. 

How it works: You can use the brush on dry, wet or damp hair. To activate the ionic function, you just have to press the on/off button and evenly pass the device from the root to the tip of the hair.

Price: The cost of the brush is affordable and it is a good investment to keep hair silky and shiny, with the ionic action of the plastic bristles. 


Straightening: This device does not have the ability to straighten hair, it is only designed to comb and untangle, maintaining the natural volume of the hair.

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4. Braun BR730 Ionic Technology Hairbrush

The renowned German brand Braun could not be absent when looking for the best ionic brush, and the Satin Hair Brush BR730 model is the next on the list, since, from the first pass, it instantly gives your hair shine and softness, with the single press of a button.

To protect the health of your hair, it is designed with Iontec technology which releases a jet of active ions to reduce static electricity, eliminate frizz and restore your hair’s natural shine. In addition, thanks to its uniform and seamless bristles, it also prevents hair breakage and protects the cuticle, leaving it soft and silky.

This ionic brush is absolutely portable as it has a compact size that fits easily in your bag, runs on batteries and includes a practical case, so you can look your best anytime, anywhere.

This Braun Satin Hair BR730 model has been rated as one of the cheapest on the market, so we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Removable: The base of the brush is removable, so you can store it in a better way and take it wherever you need it.

Bristles: It has a series of cells designed and strategically placed to eliminate frizz, protect and smooth the hair at the same time.

Cushion: The bristles are assembled on a kind of cushion that significantly improves the appearance of the hair and stimulates its shine and proper appearance.

Ergonomics: So that you can hold it comfortably, the grip of the brush is ergonomic, so you don’t get tired of holding it for a long time.

Simple use: You can manipulate it in a simple way, since it has a simple use mode, where you only have to press a button for the device to start working.

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5. BaByliss 2735E Rotary Hot Air Brush

The first option to consider as the best ionic brush for value for money in our selection is the Babyliss 2735E model, with which you can, through ionic technology, dry and straighten your hair, giving it volume and softness, and also, in less time, because it works with 1,000 W of power.

It includes a rotating head (both directions) of 50 mm, for long hair, with a ceramic finish to ensure the protection of your hair, comb it easily and without causing tangles. It also includes a 20mm round brush made with boar bristles, ideal for effectively brushing fragile and delicate hair in a single pass. The double straightening head with 20 ceramic teeth protects your hair while straightening it, and the diffuser gives your curls a natural look.

It has a swivel cord and 2 speeds or temperature settings with a cold air position so you can achieve a professional appearance. Includes travel case.

To find the best ionic brush of the moment, it would not hurt to review the most important features of the BaByliss 2735E, which users have recommended as one of the best options.


Power: It has a power of 1000 W, so a good level of heat is produced that is applied to the hair and two rotation speeds are reached to choose the most appropriate one.

Rotatable: Both the cable and the main brush are rotatable, in order to achieve a better appearance of the hair and a greater range of mobility when manipulating the brush.

Head: It has a double straightening head, which helps to achieve better results when styling, and also includes other very useful accessories when using the device.

Ergonomics: The brush can be held comfortably, as it has a good level of ergonomics and you can handle it for a long time without getting tired.

Protection: It offers a good range of protection to the hair, since the bases are made of ceramic, so as not to damage it with excessive heat.

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How to use an ionic toothbrush

Ionic brushes are one of the most innovative beauty products for hair, which thanks to the injection of negative ions manage to significantly reduce frizzy hair, providing extra shine to look radiant and beautiful.

That is why we recommend below a set of steps that will allow you to make good use of your ionic brush.

They are easy to use

With the simple act of activating a button, your ionic brush, whether current, cordless or battery, comes into operation; Through an acoustic signal or a light indicator you are informed when the ionic function is ready to be used.

The range of active ions that are produced in the handle or in the center of the brush reduce static electricity, eliminating frizz and roughness for healthy, soft, silky and shiny hair.

Ionic brushes can be combined for new looks

By using your ionic brush in combination with other items you can get very good results and show off hair with a new style. If you want to show off your hair with volume, with curls or soft waves, combine the brush with a curling iron or dry the hair when styling it combined with the ionic brush, these to name a few combinations.

It has accessories

There is a wide variety of ionic brushes that incorporate interchangeable heads as accessories, and thanks to their functions you will not only brush your hair, but you will be able to make new hairstyles according to your tastes or the occasion that arises to look beautiful, radiant and with a unique style.

Better results with the coating

Many of the ionic brushes have ceramic or titanium coatings on their surfaces that, apart from helping to make the antistatic function more effective, distribute heat evenly across the surface to obtain fast and good results in for soft, frizz-free hair.

Adjust your temperature

The designs of the ionic brushes are provided to work with enough power, and with the touch of a button you can control the right temperature for the type of hair or for the style you want to wear and thus show off shiny and healthy hair.

They are practical in terms of their uses

Ionic brush designs are lightweight and compact. In addition, they have ergonomic handles, so you can handle them easily and safely. The electronic ones have cables long enough to comfortably comb your hair. Those that use batteries you can take with you everywhere.

The bristles are rounded and spaced far enough apart for easy styling, leaving hair soft and radiant.

I can potential your benefits

To enhance the benefits provided by ionic brushes for even softer, silkier and shinier hair, the best way is to combine them with a shampoo whose ingredients are organic and natural, helping to eliminate frizz and hydrate your hair to look beautiful.

The most popular brands

It is not enough to know what an ionic brush is for, or what types are available on the market, so we have also reviewed the characteristics of some of the best models and compared them with the opinions of many users. Now we propose to analyze the best brands, among which we have Braun, Babyliss and Remington. The goal is to make the selection even easier for you.

The German company Braun GmbH is recognized internationally because its products combine a functional interior design with an aesthetic exterior appearance. It was founded in 1921 by an engineer named Max Braun, who decided to use his name as a brand. It all started with the manufacture of radio components, receivers and amplifiers.

As it happened with many factories inside and outside Europe, during the Second World War this company suffered a severe blow, however, from 1950, with the design of the first electric shaving device, a new stage for the company arrived. After the founder’s death in 1951, his sons took over the management of the company, beginning by expanding its product catalogue.

Today, Braun offers electric brushes, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, coffee makers, coffee grinders, toasters, mixers, clocks, calculators, and a range of hair care products such as straighteners, curling irons, dryers and brushes. Braun electric shavers are still manufactured today with the same principles but in a more refined and perfected way thanks to new technologies.

The Braun ionic brush is recommended by many users on the Internet, for its ability to eliminate static electricity to leave hair much more manageable, shiny and frizz-free.

The Conair Corporation is a multinational company born in the United States, known for its small appliances for personal care and beauty. BaByliss has already 60 years of experience in the male and female beauty market, creating high quality products for amateurs and professionals.

Among the BaByliss products we can find hair clippers, beard trimmers, dryers, straighteners, corrugators, curling irons, but also other accessories such as blades and brushes. The ionic brush of this brand leaves the hair loose, shiny and soft according to the comments of the users in the Network.

Although BaByliss is perhaps best known in the field of feminine beauty, it is also recommended by many men for its barber tools and hair clippers. The advantage of these products is that they are thoroughly tested before being dispatched to distributors, which guarantees high quality to users, not in vain this brand is one of the leaders in personal care.

At this point it’s hard to tell if this company is better known for its firearms or its personal care products. It must be said that both in one facet and the other it has been very successful and widely recognized throughout the world. This time we will refer to Remington Products, the American corporation that sells electric shavers, irons, dryers, curling irons, brushes, among other products.

The history of Remington is quite interesting, although it was born as an arms company and still produces war material, it was also famous for its sewing machines and especially for the first typewriter with a QWERTY keyboard, whose format we use in computers and various telephones.. In 1937, the production of shavers began and today it is one of the leading brands in terms of personal care and beauty.

If there are characteristics that users highlight, it is the quality of the products as well as their durability. The Remington Ionic Brush is lightweight and protects hair from static electricity, leaving it much softer and with great shine.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Actopp Cepillo Alisador Iónico de Pelo

Ventaja principal:

Este cepillo iónico cuenta con pantalla LCD e indicador LED, que te permite visualizar con mayor claridad la temperatura deseada. Además, puedes utilizarlo tanto para alisar el pelo como para peinarlo diariamente.

Desventaja principal:

Un usuario considera que podría ser más fácil de usar en pelo largo que en corto. Sin embargo, es capaz de cumplir sus funciones correctamente si le das un uso adecuado.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Cuenta con sistema de calentamiento rápido, que permite alcanzar la temperatura máxima en pocos segundos. Asimismo, incluye 5 niveles de calentamiento para adaptarse a tus necesidades.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Este aparato tiene una función de calentamiento rápido y calefacción MCH, que puede lograr una temperatura de hasta 80 °C en tan solo 30 segundos, así que no tendrás que esperar demasiado tiempo para utilizarlo. Además, cuenta con 5 niveles para elegir dependiendo de tu tipo de pelo.

En este sentido, en los primeros dos niveles alcanzan unas temperaturas entre 150 y 340 °C, por lo que está indicado para pelo fino o teñido. Por otro lado, en sus niveles más altos dispone de un rango entre 190 y 450° C, en este caso es para pelo normal, con mayor grosor o ligeramente rizado, que podría ser un poco más difícil de alisar y peinar.

Cuenta con un sistema anti calor, que brinda un control preciso y seguro, para distribuir de manera uniforme la temperatura entre el pelo y el cepillo, evitando quemaduras al pelo y en el cuero cabelludo.


Este cepillo iónico cuenta con un diseño moderno y práctico, ya que tiene una pantalla LCD, con un indicador de luz LED, por esta razón, brinda una mayor practicidad al momento de leer la temperatura seleccionada.

En este sentido, también cuenta con tecnología de apagado automático, que al no funcionar por 25 minutos, se apaga y te proporciona mayor seguridad durante su uso. Además, incorpora un cable giratorio de 360°, con un grosor de 2 mm y en forma de gancho, por lo que te permite colgarlo de forma sencilla, evitando que se enrolle al utilizarlo.

Por otro lado, incluye otros accesorios adicionales como 4 pinzas de pelo, manual de instrucciones y una bolsa protectora, para mantener todas sus piezas organizadas y seguras. Asimismo, en la parte del mango incorpora un botón, con el que puedes encender el aparato y activar su función iónica.


Este producto brinda una adecuada combinación de cepillo iónico y alisador, ya que puedes utilizarlo en su función ionizador para simplemente peinar o alisar el pelo según tus necesidades. Asimismo, es anti escaldado, antiestático, previene la caída y bloquea la humedad.

Por si fuera poco, es capaz de liberar hasta 6 millones de iones negativos, que no dañan el pelo y te brindan mayor suavidad y atractivo. Además, cuenta con 37 cerdas finas que te proporcionan un suave masaje en el cuero cabelludo, ayudando a la circulación de la sang

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