The 5 Best Ionic Hair Dryers of 2022

Ionic Hair Dryer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Traditional hair dryers have evolved over the years, offering more and more functions and features that improve hair health. In this sense, the ionic function is one of the most popular and requested among users of this type of equipment, since its particles seal the hair cuticles and reduce the unpleasant static effect. For this reason, it is important that, before deciding on one of them, you take into account the fundamental characteristics, such as size, power, speed, temperature, special functions and accessories. The market offers you a wide variety of models. However, we will focus on showing you the best ones. First of all, we have the Remington AC9096 Silk, which has a ceramic and silk coated grille. In addition, it includes a diffuser and a stylized concentrator. On the other hand, the Philips HP8232/00 has six temperature levels and offers a cold air function.

Buying Guide – What is the best ionic hair dryer on the market?

Ionic hair dryers have many advantages over conventional hair dryers, since they not only provide faster and more efficient drying, but also help combat frizz and make hair softer. Since the offer is wide, we encourage you to consult this guide to buy the best ionic hair dryer on the market. These are the main aspects that you should take into account.

Ionic hair dryer power

It is clear that one of the characteristics that we should look at when purchasing ionic hair dryers is their power. Although it is obvious, it is worth remembering that at higher power, the drying time will be significantly reduced.

And all this taking into account the particularities of this type of dryer. Not in vain, thanks to the action of the negative ions of these articles, which act by dividing the water droplets into smaller ones, the water evaporates more quickly. Therefore, the hair will be subjected to a dryer for less time, which means that the less exposure, the less punishment.

Typically, these dryers are available between 1,000 and 2,500 watts of power, so you’ll need to weigh up what your needs are. In the event that your hair is thick and difficult to dry, consider opting for a higher power. On the contrary, if you have fine hair, perhaps with a lower power you will have more than enough.

Dimensions and ergonomics

In addition to selecting a cheap hair dryer, it is vital to look at its size. It is an instrument that, depending on the person, will be used more or less frequently, so the ideal is for it to be manageable and not too cumbersome. If you are one of those who use the dryer even for hairstyles, weight is a factor to weigh seriously, since holding a very heavy dryer by hand could be very uncomfortable.

A bearable weight would be around 500 grams, so keep this in mind when selecting the model of your interest. But not only the weight is important, but also that it is ergonomic.

Ionic hair dryer programs

As important as the power of the ionic hair dryer is the existence of different options and drying programs. And it is possible that you do not always need to use maximum power, hence the need for it to be an adjustable model. In this line, betting on an ionic hair dryer with various heat settings is ideal.

Apart from the possibility of regulating the heat levels, it will be interesting that it allows you to adjust the air flow and even has a cold air option, as there are hairstyles that require it. In this way, you can use the minimum power for daily use and the maximum for deep drying or a slightly more elaborate hairstyle.

If you want to know how much an ionic hair dryer costs, you should know that all these factors will influence the final price.

Ionic Hair Dryer Accessories

Finally, you can consider that the dryer is accompanied by some accessories indicated to obtain specific results. For this reason, this comparison of ionic hair dryers also contemplates the importance of these extras.

One of the most praised accessories is, without a doubt, the diffuser, a great piece for curly hair and those looking for more volume. Nowadays, the usual thing is that the dryers incorporate this complement, but it is worth making sure.

Also, see if the model in question is also accompanied by other nozzles of different sizes, so that you can adapt them to the different needs that arise.

For example, a larger nozzle will serve to offer hot air to all the hair more evenly distributed, while a smaller one will focus the heat towards a specific part or strand.

The 5 Best Ionic Hair Dryers – Opinions 2022

1. Remington AC9096 Silk Professional Hair Dryer

Main advantage:

The work force of the motor of this dryer belongs to the high end of its category, so when you purchase it you will enjoy a high level of efficiency when drying, straightening and styling your fine or thick hair.

Main disadvantage:

There are those who comment that the weight of the dryer is a bit high, which could cause hand fatigue when handling the equipment during a long session.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a professional hair dryer with an elegant, compact and ergonomic design. Its operation is intuitive and the work modes adjustable, according to the needs of each person.

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Power and flow

One of the peculiarities of this model that has caught the attention of buyers is its workforce, making it worthy of positive evaluations in the different specialized portals.

It is a professional hair dryer provided with a maximum power corresponding to 2400 watts. In addition, the manufacturer incorporated an efficient alternating current motor, being a component that is characterized by offering a long useful life and greater intensity in each of the speeds.

One aspect that we cannot fail to mention is the level of the air flow, for which you have a maximum speed of up to 140 kilometers per working hour. Of course, when activating the turbo mode. In this way, you will be able to save time in each session, managing to dry your hair faster than usual.


Remington puts at your disposal a professional hair dryer with a fairly intuitive operation, which will help you straighten, shape and give your hair extra shine, without investing a long period of time in the process.

Among the work modes offered, you will find a total of two speed levels, which you can adjust by simply sliding one of the buttons on the handle of the equipment.

Similarly, it incorporates a second switch designed for you to select the temperature that best suits the needs of your hair, thus having six different heat intensities. Likewise, you will also enjoy a turbo function, which is characterized by increasing the power in the air blast by up to 10%.


The design of this professional hair dryer from the Remington house offers an elegant aesthetic, which is revealed through its garnet red casing with some black details, thus drawing the user’s attention.

In addition, it has a compact body and the grip area is ergonomic, highlighting a total of three operating buttons. On the other hand, we have the incorporation of a rotating mechanism for the power cable, designed to prevent its deterioration and thus facilitate the handling process.

Similarly, there is a small fastening hook at the bottom of the handle so you can hang the equipment comfortably. We cannot fail to mention the incorporation of a rear ventilation grille, which you can remove to remove accumulated dust more quickly.

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2. Philips DryCare Advanced HP8232/00 ThermoProtect Ionic Dryer

Although we have put it in second place, the truth is that many think that it is the best ionic hair dryer of this era.

The first thing to say is that it has a great value for money, being one of the cheapest of its kind but with the support of this renowned Dutch brand.

The Philips HP8232/00 is a professional quality dryer, it has a powerful 2200 W motor, providing an airflow capable of drying your hair in a few minutes. With the 14mm nozzle included in the pack, you can style your hair the way you want, always with brilliant results.

The function of ionizing the hair allows, through negatively charged ions, to considerably eliminate static electricity, with a conditioning effect for a more lively, shiny and tidy mane.

The Philips HP8232/00 has six levels of speed and temperature to suit your preferences and also has a cold air blow function to help maintain the hairstyle.

There are many hair dryers on the market, but few are promoted among the cheapest. Philips DryCare Advanced HP8232/00 combines several features which you can read about below.


Design: The model has an innovative and elegant design with a long grip handle. It is available in pearl white.

Power: The dryer works with an electrical power of 2200 watts, providing the strength for six levels of speed and heat.

Cable: For greater user comfort, this model incorporates a 1.8 meter long power cable, which allows greater mobility.

Control: This design is controlled through a button located on the handle, through which you can select the speed and intensity of drying, as well as whether it will be hot or cold air.


Intensity: Some users have expressed disagreement with the air flow, since they assure that it is not enough for dense hair.

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3. Remington Pro Air Turbo D5220 Hair Dryer

We are going to put an end to this list, but we cannot fail to mention beforehand this model that offers excellent features at an extremely attractive price.

The Remington D5220 dryer is the most powerful on this list, with 2400 W, 90 Km/h air jet and has the necessary features to leave your hair shiny and smooth.

It has a light that indicates the activation of the ionic function, and if we compare it with a normal Remington dryer, it provides up to 90% more ions, reducing frizz to practically nothing.

With the turbo function, this dryer allows you to speed up the drying job at the touch of a button. It also has 3 temperature levels and 2 speeds, so you can adjust it at your convenience.

The Remington D5220 includes a diffuser and heat concentrator, so it is suitable for straight and curly hair. In addition, it has a rear grille that you can easily remove and replace to clean the filter periodically, which is very important so that the dryer lasts longer.

Remington D5220 is a powerful professional styling tool that works for different hair types and could become the best ionic hair dryer of the moment, while also being one of the cheapest. Here its pros and cons.


Speed: The dryer emits an air current that reaches a speed of 90 km/h; this can be cold or hot.

Power: According to the drying needs, the user can select between several intensity levels that work with a maximum power of 2400 watts.

Design: The model has a modern, elegant and slim design of low weight, with a curved handle that allows a better grip. It is available in two colors.

Added: To improve performance and performance, this model has been equipped with an air diffuser that distributes heat, as well as a hook for hanging.


Size: For some users, this model does not have a size that allows its use on long hair, being limited for short hair.

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4. BaByliss v Pro Silence Professional Hair Dryer

With an extraordinary power of 2200 watts, this BaByliss brand model stands out for its professional design, as well as its great functionalities. It is a product that offers fast drying thanks to its flow of 110 km/hour. Hence, it can be considered the best ionic hair dryer of the moment.

This article consists of six speeds and temperature levels, so that the user can adapt them to their needs. It also has a practical cold air function. Black in color, it is a model that incorporates a professional AC motor whose duration is 5 times greater than conventional dryers.

If you are looking for the best ionic hair dryers of 2022 that are silent, bet on this article, since its noise level is just 81.8 dB. This means that it is 50% quieter than other similar models.

Opting for the best brand of ionic hair dryers will allow you to enjoy a model with all the guarantees and the best features on the market.


Power: This hair dryer with ionic function stands out for its power of 2200 watts. It also has a professional AC motor that lasts 5 times longer (1,000 hours) than conventional models.

Design: Black in color, this model sports a very professional and ergonomic design. This is added to its ceramic technology, which gives the whole a polished and high-gloss finish.

Speeds: One of the most interesting features of this model is that it is equipped with six temperature levels, as well as a cold air function to adjust to the user’s taste.

Quiet: With a noise level of 81.8 dB, this item is 50% quieter than other conventional hair dryers.


Diffuser: This model does not include a diffuser, a detail that some users might consider a drawback.

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5. Braun Satin Hair 5 PowerPerfection HD585 Hair Dryer

Ultra-power is one of the most representative features of this Braun model that consists of ionic technology. It has 2500 watts of power, so if you are wondering which ionic hair dryer to buy, and especially if you are looking for efficiency, you might be interested. Its extraordinary power is combined with its ergonomic and lightweight design, which translates into a shorter and easier drying time.

It is a white model that has three temperature levels, two air flows and a cold air function. Due to its qualities, it could be the best value for money ionic hair dryer.

Its ionic function allows hair to look frizz-free and much softer. Since it is accompanied by a diffuser, it is a great product for those who want a hair with more volume. This Braun model, thus, is the best example that finding cheap and quality ionic hair dryers is not an impossible mission.

Wearing silky and shiny hair is the desire of many people. The good news is that it does not have to be at a high price. Here we present the best ionic hair dryer for 30 euros.


Ergonomics: The ergonomic design is one of the distinctive qualities of this product. Its easy handling, added to its lightness, make hair styling and drying more comfortable.

Power: This Braun brand ionic dryer stands out for its excellent power, specifically, 2500 watts. Undoubtedly, this characteristic considerably reduces the drying time.

Temperature levels: The article allows you to choose between three temperature levels and two air flows. It also has a cold air function.

Accessories: This dryer is accompanied by a generic nozzle for all kinds of hairstyles, but also a diffuser for those who wish to obtain greater volume in their hair.


Noise: According to a user, this hair dryer is a bit noisy, so it is recommended to use it with caution, especially at night.

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How to use an ionic hair dryer

The beauty industry is so extensive and varied that new instruments appear every day that help enterprising and active women to enhance their appearance, whether with makeup, clothing or skin products. However, the area of ​​hair care has taken a lot of strength, due to current hairstyle trends. If you are a woman who wants to style her hair without causing damage, a good option is ionic hair dryers.

Read the instruction manual

An essential step that you must do if this is the first time you use a device of this type, is to carefully read the instructions in the user manual, as it will tell you the correct way to use it, as well as advice on its care. Although this can be tedious, it is very necessary, since you will avoid sudden accidents due to its misuse.

Check that you have the right

Hair dryers have evolved with advances in technology, so we recommend you consult different opinion pages to verify that your dryer suits the requirements of your hair. Take into account the brand, the size, its power, durability and extra functions that it has. Do tests with it and if you notice that something is not right, contact the seller.

Attach the correct nozzle

Generally, dryers have two different nozzles that adapt to the tip of the dryer, depending on the level of drying you want to apply. Depending on your needs, place the appropriate nozzle for your finish, following the instructions in the manual, which will show you how to change it.

connect it to electricity

Once you’ve decided which type of nozzle to use, it’s time to plug it into the outlet. Untwist the main cable and plug it into the outlet closest to your beauty space. You can plug it in a few minutes in advance to prepare the rest of the supplies. It is recommended to use a surge protector, in case other devices are connected to the outlet. In this way, you will avoid generating a short circuit.

Level the power

Each type of dryer has different functions depending on the manufacturer. The ions will work to quickly evaporate droplets of water from damp hair, leaving it soft and manageable. In addition, they will fix the root cuticle to stop frizz caused by static in contact with the air. Start with the lowest level and increase the power as required.

use it responsibly

Despite being a device with low power consumption and that it does not damage the hair too much, using it excessively can cause irritation to the scalp, due to the lack of natural moisture, causing sebum to be generated. Also, you can present forks or split ends, damaging the structure of your hair in general.

Let it cool before storing

To maintain its durability, it is recommended to let it cool for a few hours before storing it permanently, since the heat comes into contact with other surfaces, damaging the exterior of the product.

The most popular brands

Ionic hair dryers are popular beauty tools today. These emit ions that can modify the electrical charge present in the hair so that it does not affect the static of the hair. On the other hand, in this space we will mention some interesting information so that you can learn a little more about the most popular brands that specialize in the manufacture of ionic hair dryers.

Remington is one of the brands that has marked history in the world of beauty and styling. It is internationally recognized for launching the first electric shaver in the market in 1937 and over the years, Remington gradually included new innovative products that were well received in the market.

In 1990, he unveiled the first hair straightener that could work with wet hair, so the time it would take for women to fix their hair could be reduced much more. By then, the company already had a constantly growing range of products and was one of the market-dominating brands in hair care and grooming.

Today Remington has an extensive line of hair care and personal appearance products for both men and women and, mentioning some of them, you can find ionic hair dryers, ceramic or titanium hair straighteners, shavers blades and rotary, hair clippers, facial brushes, curling irons, epilators, body brushes, conditioners, tools for pedicure, cosmetics and microdermabrasion.

This is a company of German origin founded by Max Braun in 1921 in Frankfurt. Originally the brand began making parts and components for radios, following amplifiers and receivers; later it positioned itself as one of the first manufacturers to launch a device that combined radio and record player.

At the end of World War II in 1944, Braun had most of its factories destroyed and in 1945 with a small group of employees they began to rebuild one of them; 5 years later he launched the “S50” an electric shaver that combines oscillating cutting with an ultra-thin steel blade to cut with greater precision.

After Max Braun’s death in 1951, his sons took control of the company and began diversifying its products to avoid market stagnation, including a variety of completely renovated household products, radios, slide projectors, audio and hair dryers are some of them.

Currently Braun has a wide range of products among which you can find some such as: electric shavers, curling irons, ionic hair dryers, hair clippers, beard trimmers, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, among others.

BaByliss was born in 1960 at the hands of the stylist Le Lievre who invented a curling iron in the shape of a pincer that imprisoned the hair and left them with a wavy finish. The two capital B’s in her brand name come from the golden waves of famous actress Brigitte Bardot’s hair. He quickly began distributing his curling iron to professional hairstylists in Europe; this was the factor that prompted the BaByliss brand to become one of the most popular of the moment.

As the years passed, new equipment was introduced to the market, diversifying its range of products for men and women, among some of which we can mention: the straightening brush, ionic hair straighteners and dryers, hair clippers, epilators with a flash system, beard and varieties of accessories and spare parts.

Currently BaByliss is known worldwide, has 12 subsidiaries and presence in more than 61 countries, also has a group of 600 workers around the world. In addition to this, in 2015 it obtained in income a sum that exceeds 235 million dollars.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Ionic hair dryer or not

Ionic hair dryers have carved a niche for themselves in beauty and personal care items, thanks to the results they provide when it comes to achieving styled, manageable and smooth hair.

Its operation is based on the emission of negatively charged ions, which make the water evaporate faster; unlike conventional devices that release hot air by the action of a resistance. This feature allows the drying time to be shorter, saving time and effort when drying your hair.

Compared to the conventional hair dryer that could cause damage to the hair fibers due to prolonged exposure to heat, with these ionic dryers the hair can remain stable and safe during the drying process, becoming more hydrated, shiny and silky. However, the most relevant disadvantage of these products is their high cost, compared to traditional dryers.

Q2: Which is better, a ceramic or ionic hair dryer?

When it comes to reducing the drying time of your hair, as well as the progressive damage it could have due to the heat to which it is subjected, ionic dryers are the ideal devices. Thanks to its electromagnetic design, it allows you to carry out this activity in a shorter period and according to the volume of your hair. In this sense, if you have abundant hair, with a ceramic dryer you may need more drying time.

The ceramic dryer, on the other hand, uses a ceramic heating module that heats evenly, emitting positive and negative ions; which could cause swelling problems. Unlike ionizing equipment, which emits only negative ions that allow better handling of static, achieving healthier, frizz-free hair.

In terms of cost, ceramic dryers are cheaper than their ionic counterparts. This could be due to the novel technology of these devices and their positive effects on the hair.

Q3: How does an ionic hair dryer work?

Perhaps when you hear the term ionic it seems to you that it implies a complex process; however, it is an easy topic to understand. In nature, everything is made up of atoms in a neutral state, which, depending on the physical or chemical action, become positively or negatively charged. Manufacturers in their desire to innovate and provide you with better results for managing your hair, apply this principle in the design of their products.

Based on the fact that when hair is wet it has more positive charges, ionic hair dryers are designed with an electromechanical system that creates a magnetic field, which emits i

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