The 5 Best Makeup Organizers of 2022

Makeup Organizer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Organization is an essential factor when it comes to makeup, which is why if you are thinking of purchasing a makeup organizer, we tell you that it is important to take into account its structure and design, so that it adapts to the amount of makeup you have, the number of compartments, the materials it is made of, the level of portability it has, depending on its size and weight. After doing an extensive review, we found that the Ohuhu Transparent modelIt is the most promoted by customers, thanks to the fact that it weighs only 900 grams, it is offered in two presentations, large or small, it has a transparent design for a better visualization of the content and it is made of acrylic material that helps it resist the passage of time. time without problems. In the alternative option we find the  Compactor RAN5055 model, which has several drawers and compartments for makeup and brushes and is transparent.

Buying Guide – What is the best makeup organizer on the market?

Having your makeup well organized and tidy is the first step to improving your beauty. Because nothing is more stressful than having to search for what you need, in the middle of a pile of messy makeup products. In order for you to have all your cosmetics in order, all you have to do is follow the advice in our guide to buy the best makeup organizer based on the space you need and what is most comfortable for you.

Type of makeup organizer

Makeup organizers are diverse products that adapt both to our bathroom and to take them with us when necessary. For this reason, in any comparison of makeup organizers that we find, there are products designed both to have them fixed at home without moving them and to take them anywhere.

In the case of domestic models, the possibilities are remarkable. However, the most common models are those that include a chest of drawers to store small things, along with an upper area with compartments for larger pieces. The advantage of these models is that everything is close at hand, so you don’t have to worry about looking for things. Especially considering the transparent material with which many of these products are made.

As for laptops, most of them have a suitcase-shaped design, similar to that of a tool bag. A suitcase that opens at the top and unfolds to give you easy access to all your things without complications. In any case, if you prefer something different, there are also bag-type models that open completely and unfold, leaving ample space to store your things, while, once opened, you have all your makeup items at hand without having to look for them.

Space and dimensions

Another important aspect when choosing a makeup organizer is the space available inside. Something that depends both on the amount of makeup we have at home or on the one we want to take anywhere, if we are talking about a portable model. Therefore, it is important to see the measurements and especially the useful space that the product offers us inside.

In desktop or desktop makeup organizers, the space is usually distributed in drawers and in an upper area, as we have indicated before. However, what usually varies is the number of drawers and their measurements. This configuration usually offers two or three drawers, easy to use with a good size to store what you need. Something that also influences how much the product costs, although if it is in exchange for having plenty of space for your cosmetics, there is nothing better.

Something similar happens with the models prepared to take them with you wherever necessary. Whether it is in a briefcase-style format or in a roll-out format, the options are diverse in terms of size and available space. In any case, keep in mind that since they are products that you are going to take with you, their weight is also important, to prevent the makeup bag from being a significant weight when using it.

Manufacturing materials

To close our advice, we have to talk about the manufacturing materials of the product. Something very important given that these organizers are going to have considerable use, in terms of use, load and other important issues, typical of use. An inexpensive organizer is useless if in the end you won’t be able to use it more than a couple of times because it breaks.

Therefore, these materials must be resistant, no matter what they are. In general, in models of organizers made to be fixed, it is common to use high quality acrylic plastic and of a transparent type. A material that has a remarkable resistance and that is not affected in the event of an accident or spill. All this without forgetting that this material is easy to clean when necessary.

As for the materials of the portable models, to the normal resistance it is convenient to add the resistance that outdoor use requires. Something that must allow it to withstand possible blows, as well as the process of continuous opening and closing of the product, so it is worth taking a look at the zipper. This resistance must also be present in the handles or supports that help carry the product, to prevent them from breaking during use.

The 5 Best Makeup Organizers – Opinions 2022

We all want to have cosmetic products and jewelry organized and accessible at all times, but it is difficult to achieve, so it is always advisable to have an organizer. Check below the most sought-after models on the market.

1. Ohuhu Clear Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Main advantage:

Its large capacity and compact size is the most outstanding quality of this makeup organizer. You won’t need a big bulky drawer to keep all your cosmetics, jewelry, and makeup organized.

Main disadvantage:

One or another user has complained on the net leaving his critical comment in which he expresses that the drawers are a bit unstable when you remove one of them. However, many customers are very satisfied with their purchase.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Its excellent value for money and the high score that buyers have given it, suggests that this is a recommended product as a successful purchase.

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everything by hand

Makeup organizers are small boxes with multiple compartments that help us keep all our beauty gadgets together and organized. We all know how complicated it can be every morning if we have little time to put on makeup, so it is essential that we have on hand and organized the colors, palettes, brushes and lipsticks that we will wear every day, in order not to waste time looking for a cosmetic mess.

The Ohuhu Makeup Organizer will be your great ally and it is not in vain that it has the support of many buyers who highly recommend it. Thanks to its reduced dimensions of 24 x 20 x 15 cm, you can conveniently mount it on the dressing table and have everything you need close at hand; In this way you save space, and above all you save time when putting on makeup.

Practical and functional design

It is important when looking for a makeup organizer that it offers us an ideal design, that both the size and its structure can be adapted to all our makeup options; but also, that it harmonizes with the decoration of our dressing table. These attributes describe the Ohuhu Transparent, an organizer with great capacity in a compact size.

It is an organizer made up of two bodies, a practical chest of drawers that in turn integrates 3 drawers, and a comfortable and functional structure ideal for brushes, lipsticks and any taller product. Each chest of drawers has a handle and a black quilted backing for you to store delicate jewellery.

Its upper structure is made up of 12 staggered compartments specially designed to store lipsticks. Includes 3 larger compartments for other beauty products and a large section for larger things. Regardless of whether you have a lot of makeup, you will have everything in its place and properly organized.

resistant and versatile

This storage box is made of highly resistant transparent methacrylate (acrylic). This material stands out for its hardness and durability, it is resistant to weathering, scratching and is transparent. The Ohuhu makeup organizer is quite light in weight at 1.5kg, so moving it from one place to another will not be a problem. In addition, its two bodies can be used together (one on top of the other) or separately, according to your needs and tastes.

This organizer box can also be used for the purpose of organizing your desk. In the same way that you can store various makeup products, jewelry, costume jewelry, perfumes, etc.; You can also comfortably store: pens, pencils, small notebooks, erasers, markers, brushes, etc. Its translucent quality allows you to easily view everything you store, while maintaining order on the dressing table or in the office. In addition, you can easily clean it with just a cloth without much complication.

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2. Compactor 3370910060423 Polystyrene organizer

The second option when looking for the best cosmetic organizer on the market is found in the RAN5055 model from the French brand Compactor. This is a multi-purpose organizer, ideal for cosmetics and jewellery, which measures 24 cm wide, 18 cm high and 15 cm deep and is made of resistant transparent plastic so that you can conveniently see what is inside.

This organizer consists of 2 well-differentiated areas. A lower part with 3 drawers 3 cm deep, which you can use to keep all your jewelery pieces organized.

Each drawer has a handle and a canvas inside, which covers the entire base as a protection against scratches and sliding of the pieces inside, which you can choose to use or not according to your comfort. The upper part has divisions of various sizes for greater utility.

In order to determine a good decision about which makeup organizer to buy, it is important to take into account the amount of makeup you have so that you acquire the most practical for you:


Design – Compactor’s RAN 5055 makeup organizer earns second place on our list because it features a pretty attractive design that is practical and can look really amazing on your nightstand. It has good storage space and various drawers and cubbies.

Materials: the material used in its manufacture is polystyrene, so it has a transparent finish. Thanks to this you will be able to easily access the contents of its drawers, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Dimensions – It features dimensions of 24 x 15 x 18.7 centimeters, making it quite roomy for a standard amount of makeup. This will allow you to organize your basic makeup with ease.

Use: thanks to the design and the storage spaces, you can use this organizer both for makeup and for storing jewelry, in this way you can organize practically all your accessories so that you can find them with ease before each outing.


Drawers: Some customers have indicated that the bottom drawers can be a bit short for compact powders, so they advise removing the middle one so they can fit comfortably.

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3. Auxmir 360° Rotation Makeup Organizer

To be able to put on makeup until you look phenomenal, it is necessary to have all your makeup at hand and, preferably, in the same place to avoid looking for some products that you may need at the time you are getting ready to go out. Therefore, having a makeup organizer can be a necessary element, as it will allow you to bring order to your space.

This Auxmir model, for example, could be a good option to achieve organization in a comfortable way, since it comes with a 360° rotation, to be able to access each product without complications. In addition to that, the fact that it has 7 adjustable levels will provide the necessary capacity for all your makeup to fit in the same place, saving space in your home and preventing product loss.

On the other hand, the materials used in the manufacture of this organizer are of quality, so that the article can last over time, even if it is given constant use.

Having a makeup organizer will prevent you from losing your most precious items and will give you the opportunity to make the makeup process more comfortable and easier.


Tiers: The 7 tiers of this organizer will ensure you have plenty of space to put your makeup neatly.

Rotation: For better access to beauty products, the organizer can rotate 360°. In this way, you will not have to make an effort trying to find a product, because you will easily be able to locate it.

Materials: The plastic used in the structure of the organizer is resistant to constant use, preventing deterioration and giving it greater durability.

Stability: The rubber rings that the organizer has will provide the necessary stability to prevent the products from falling.


Rotation: Sometimes rotating the organizer can cause certain shelves to move out of place, which will require you to fix them after the rotation. This is a disadvantage, as something could fall out due to this.

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4. Compactor 3370910060355 Polyurethane Organizer

Another product of the Compactor brand that we include in this group is the RAN5048 model, which, due to its compact size, is the best makeup organizer to keep the most used makeup at hand, or ideal for those who do not have many cosmetic products, since measures 19 cm long, 12 cm wide and 16 cm high.

It has 2 parts that can be used individually or can be attached one on top of the other to take advantage of space. The upper part has in its left half a large open area in which you can place nail paints, creams or perfumes, and on the right several divisions, to place lipstick, eyeliner or brushes.

The lower part has 2 sliding drawers through handles, in which you can store jewelry items or other cosmetics, such as blush or powder.

Makeup organizers are one of the best ways to keep everything in order in your home. In addition, this will allow you to more easily access the product you need:


Use: the design applied to the Compactor RAN 5048 makeup organizer also makes it a jewelery box, so you can keep all your clothes and lipsticks organized in one place.

Dimensions – This model has dimensions of 18.8 x 15.8 x 11.7 centimeters, so it is not too big and not too small.

Materials: it is made of polystyrene, which makes it transparent to make it easy to find your favorite lipstick.


Capacity: Some customers consider this model to be more qualified for people who do not wear too much makeup as its capacity is a bit reduced.

Shipping: you should pay attention to the moment you receive the organizer since some people had problems discovering that it was broken.

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5. MWS Roll and Go Makeup Organizers

Among the cheapest makeup organizers is the Roll and Go model from the Spanish brand MWS, ideal for when you need to organize makeup in a small space or to store your cosmetics, jewelry and personal hygiene items when you travel.

It’s made of waterproof polyester on the outside and it has 4 compartments, each with a zipper closure and transparent plastic to easily view its content. It measures 24cm wide and 50cm long when extended and 24cm wide and 12cm deep when rolled up.

At one of its ends it has a fabric handle, with which it can be hung when it is unfolded to have easy access to its content. It stays closed with a magnetic clasp and is completely washable, even machine washable.

If you are interested in acquiring something more portable, you can take a look at one of the cheapest models that we have for you without neglecting the good quality and practicality that it brings you:


Type: The MWS Roll and Go Makeup Organizer stands out for its design. It is a roll-up type, so it is ideal to take on a trip.

Weight: Being the lightest on our list, the Roll and Go weighs just 118 grams, so it won’t add much to your suitcase.

Closure: and you won’t have to worry about your makeup opening and spilling, as this model has a zipper closure.


Transparent – ​​It should be noted that this organizer is not transparent like most that we have mentioned, so you will have to open each compartment to find what you need.

Finishes: Some buyers feel that the finishes on this organizer could be improved to prevent seams and zippers from breaking.

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Ohuhu Clear Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Ohuhu is a recent American company, with a growing boom in electronic commerce, dedicated to the placement of practical products that help meet the needs of home improvements.

Such is the case of the best quality-price makeup organizer of our selection, which is a very practical accessory to store, and keep organized, the different beauty makeups, and even jewelry items.

This organizer measures 24cm wide, 190cm high and 15cm deep in its entirety and is made of clear acrylic to help display its contents. It consists of two independent units that can be used as makeup boxes, in a single module or separately, depending on the space you have available.

The upper unit is divided into spaces of different dimensions, without a cover, to place elements of various sizes. The lower unit consists of 3 drawers approximately 3 cm high and includes 3 textile pieces in the form of a padded grid, to be used as a protective base, especially for jewelery items.

Considered by some netizens as possibly the best makeup organizer of the moment, the Ohuhu Transparent has certain characteristics that also nominate it as the best makeup organizer for 30 euros:


Variety: one of the ways to acquire the best model of makeup organizer for you or your partner is knowing the approximate amount of makeup you want to store, in this way you can choose the appropriate size. Ohuhu Transparent can be purchased in two presentations, small or large, so you can get the one that best suits your needs.

Compartments: one of the most interesting aspects among buyers interested in acquiring a good makeup organizer is the number of compartments it has, since in this way they can know if the space will be enough. The Transparent model from Ohuhu has three storage drawers and several upper spaces for lipsticks, creams and much more.

Materials: one of the most appreciated materials in the construction of a makeup organizer is acrylic, since it is transparent and allows you to clearly see the contents of the compartments, making the search faster. Ohuhu gives us the Transparent model made of acrylic, which will allow you to easily access what you are looking for without having to open each compartment.

Dimensions – The Ohuhu Clear Makeup Organizer features dimensions of 16 x 19.6 x 24.1 centimeters in its large version, making it roomy enough to store a large amount of makeup and jewelry. Its small version has dimensions of 24.1 x 11.4 x 14 centimeters so that you have a slightly more compact storage space.

Weight – This large makeup organizer has a total weight of 1.1 kilograms, making it quite sturdy. This will be very useful in case it falls, since its good finishes will give it a certain level of resistance.

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How to use a makeup organizer

In order not to have your makeup accessories cluttered or not knowing where they are when you go looking for them, you have decided to buy a makeup organizer. In this article, which we have prepared for you, we explain how to use the makeup organizer efficiently so that you have what you need at hand and your dressing table looks nice and tidy.

Select the place to place your makeup organizer

When you bought your makeup organizer, you should be aware that this accessory also serves as a decorative element for your dressing table or makeup table. Therefore, it is very important to locate the right place to place your makeup organizer, so that your room or dressing table looks organized and also, you have access to your makeup in a practical way.

Arrange your makeup by type on a countertop

Before proceeding to store your makeup in your organizer, it is important to group them, for example, lipsticks, palettes, compact powders, brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, among others, to later have them all in one place; in this way the process of saving the makeup will be much faster and easier.

You can start with the lipsticks you use the most, placing them in the compartment intended for lipsticks. If you have several types of lipsticks such as liquid or stick, you can place the liquid ones, which are longer, in the back and the stick ones in the front, in this way the organizer will look better aesthetically speaking. Then you can continue saving the palettes.

To do this, locate the side compartments that allow you to store your palettes properly. If your organizer does not have these compartments, you can use one of the trays it comes with to place them. You can continue with the brushes, placing them according to their size, the largest ones on one side and the small ones on the other side or in compartments, so that they are much more organized.  

Put more makeup in your organizer trays

In addition to compartments for lipsticks, palettes and brushes, you can use other types of compartments that your organizer includes, such as trays. This time, you can use them to store more makeup, such as creams or compact powders. They are also very useful for storing not only makeup, but also your most used jewelry such as earrings and bracelets. In this case, the makeup organizer would be a very versatile accessory that amplifies its use a little more.

Use your suitcase-style makeup organizer

In the market, there are some models of makeup organizers that are quite practical, because not only do they allow you to organize all kinds of makeup and accessories in them, but you can also move them from one place to another. These are the so-called suitcase makeup organizers. If you bought one of this type, you can store all your makeup in an organized way and take it with you wherever you want. You just have to make sure that the tab fits correctly in the slot to close it and not overload the suitcase much more than its capacity.

The most popular brands

Having everything at hand becomes somewhat complicated when it comes to makeup, whether for an important event, a special moment or for daily touch-ups, so it is generally preferred to have an organizer that allows you to quickly finish this task, but it is difficult to know which one to choose when there are so many models on the market. There are three brands that specialize in its manufacture and have become very popular, so we invite you to know what they are.

Songmics was founded 5 years ago, specifically in the year 2012 when it was discovered that countries such as Japan, Canada, Germany, England, France, the United States and Spain, (to mention a few) needed an exceptional range of storage and an organizational item for simplify and organize everyday life in a single product. An example of this is the makeup organizers it offers, made precisely so that users can have everything they need to complete the task of putting on makeup at hand and in one place.

In its beginnings, the company operated exclusively in a physical store, but it was not until the first catalog launched by virtual stores that this brand stood out in the home and personal care products market. For this reason they have patented a website according to consumer demand, where doubts are resolved, the characteristics of each product are specified, the range of products is updated and the guarantees included in each purchase are addressed.

In 2004, Giulio Epicureo, President of CIE Europe, imagined and developed Compactor, a revolutionary vacuum storage system. During a professional trip to Japan, he saw a valve that allowed air to escape in freezer bags and that is how he came up with the idea of ​​using it to create a bag that compacts linen, one of the most resistant fabrics in existence.

He then perfected his idea, covering this bag with a reinforced cardboard sleeve, facilitating the storage of bulky textiles, thus giving rise to the first product of the Compactor brand.

Chosen several times to be worthy of international awards, Compactor seduces more users every day, conquered by the good management of the space that it allows to achieve, its aesthetic and fashion line, and its level of quality that keeps everything it promises. To date, it offers 3 million assorted items, which has allowed it to become one of the European market leaders, achieving sales of its products in more than 40 countries.

This company is above all a human adventure, a story made of work and passion. In total, his team is made up of more than 100 people who contribute their skills in order to achieve truly useful copies for their clients.

It is a leader in highly useful items for the storage of makeup products. Their makeup boxes are mostly made of bamboo, double-sided varnished and are a practical addition to your bathroom cupboard, so you can comfortably perfect your face and keep a large amount of makeup well stored. In addition to this product, it offers a wide catalog with different lines of items, including toilet seats, children’s trainers, coat racks, shelves, tables for laptops, among others.

All its items come well packed so that they reach the user in perfect condition, ready to start ordering and organizing makeup or doing the activities intended with the product.

Each storage piece is made with high-quality materials and features a sleek, modern design. Homfa stands for eco-friendly, modern and high-quality lifestyle. From decoration to practical use, Homfa can always meet customers’ demand.

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