The 5 Best Silk-épil Electric Epilators of 2022

Silk-épil Epilator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

It is usually necessary that, before choosing a silk-épil epilator, we take into account its power and the results it can offer us in a short time. The size that it presents as well as its design are linked to the handling and comfort that it can give when using it. The issue of its power, dimensions and effectiveness are relevant characteristics that will make you choose the most suitable product for your needs. From there, two models are positioned. We start with the Silk-épil 7 7-561, which is designed to provide the greatest comfort, since it is cordless, cordless, has a system of 40 tweezers that extract 0.5mm hairs, with six useful accessories. It is followed by the Silk-épil 9 9-561 model., which has an epilation head that is 40% wider compared to others, can be used on dry or wet surfaces, as preferred to remove hair, it also has a cordless function.

Buying Guide – What is the best Silk-épil epilator on the market?

The best electric epilators may be the ideal option to deal with the need to remove hair that is born in certain areas of the body. To choose carefully, you have to know exactly what the demands we have and take advantage of a guide to buy the best Silk-épil epilator like this one, which has the possibility of offering you, exactly, the elements that you should focus on more precisely.

way of use

One of the main questions to determine before knowing how much any electric epilator costs is how it should be used. Many women prefer to have their hair removal sessions dry, while others use the shower time to perform this procedure.

For this reason, it will be necessary to assess in detail whether the model under consideration is suitable for use in the wet and, if so, the appropriate treatment that should be given after use to ensure that its operating characteristics remain unchanged.

Another aspect to assess around this feature is the use of spare parts, since with frequent use there is the possibility of having to make changes from time to time to continue enjoying the service.


In any comparison of Silk-épil epilators, it must be validated if it gives the possibility of being used with a rechargeable battery or, if not, it must be used connected to the plug.

Although obviously a battery gives greater comfort in terms of movement and the possibility of using it in different places, the truth is that it may happen that the charge ends at a certain time and you have to wait for it to charge again to continue with the hair removal, which at certain times can be quite annoying.

But, if you choose a model that requires you to connect it, it is best to check the extension of the cable and, based on that, determine if it will be comfortable to use.

speeds and accessories

A good and cheap electric epilator will generally have 2 speeds that will be more than enough for it to perform the intended job efficiently.

When the lowest speed is used, the epilation is usually more painful but at the same time deeper, while the opposite occurs with the highest speed, so in each case you will have the possibility to choose what best suits each need.

As for the accessories, these vary according to the models and are based on options such as the possibilities of massaging the area, changing heads depending on the expected results, turning on lights that facilitate the visualization of the area to be depilated, among others.


When choosing equipment of this type, which you will necessarily have to use several times a month in different areas of the body, you must ensure that it has an appropriate structure.

In this case, what is referred to is that it be ergonomic to allow a good grip, with a weight that is easy to hold without causing fatigue in the hand, that it has dimensions suitable for the user and, finally, that the material is soft to the touch, but at the same time firm to the grip.

Manufacturer’s track record

Braun’s technology for this version of Silk-épil is intended to support the most sensitive skin, allowing it to have a hair-free surface according to the particular needs of each user.

Part of the confidence that it gives to the clientele is evident in a technology that seeks to reduce pain to a minimum, but also provide longer-lasting hair removal.

In this same order of ideas, it is a mechanism that can lead to the elimination of hairs up to 0.5 mm long, allowing the areas to always be free of hair, although they are still imperceptible to the naked eye.

The 5 Best Silk-épil Electric Epilators – Opinions 2022

1. Braun Silk-épil 77-561 Cordless Electric Epilator

Main advantage:

Thanks to the design and the tools equipped in this Silk – épil epilator you will be able to get rid of all those unwanted hairs quickly and practically painlessly and you will enjoy soft and smooth skin.

Main disadvantage:

As indicated by a buyer, the main drawback with this model of epilator is that it cannot be used while charging, which is why you should prevent this before you need it.

Verdict: 9.9/10

There are many places on the body where most people do not like to have hair and with an epilator like the 77 – 561 from Silk – épil you can get rid of them to show off any garment or swimsuit you prefer.

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Hair removal can be very painful for those who practice it for the first time and also, the method applied greatly influences. The most common are wax and machines, the former being one of the most used given the long-lasting results. However, you can use a machine from the comfort of your home and thus not spend money on going to the beauty salon.

Silk – épil 77 – 561 is a good quality epilator belonging to the Braun brand. This model is compact and is equipped with 40 Close-Grip tweezers designed to be able to remove hair from the root even if they are very short. In addition, they can work with hairs of 0.5 millimeters in diameter so as not to leave anything in their wake.

It is equipped with a lithium ion battery that offers enough autonomy to wax the whole body. However, you must make sure to charge it to the maximum before each use, so that you do not stay halfway.


Most doctors recommend waxing after bathing. This is due to the fact that, after being in contact with water for a while, the skin opens its pores and hair removal is facilitated. Although not everyone has enough time for it and prefer to use shaving creams as a filler.

One of the advantages of the Braun Silk – épil 77 – 561 epilator is that you can use it whenever you see fit. That’s right, this model can work both dry and wet in case you prefer to use it during the bath or before it.

Likewise, thanks to the design and the included accessories, this epilator can be applied to different parts of the body such as the armpit, legs, bikini line, among others. With this you can make sure you look good during the summer.


Another aspect that is recommended to evaluate before purchasing a model of epilator for the home are the accessories that they include. Depending on the model and manufacturer, certain options in epilators can add tools to the purchase, which facilitate the use of the equipment and, in addition, maximize it to fully enjoy your investment.

In the case of the Braun Silk – épil epilator, we must highlight the fact that with the purchase you will get a shaving head to leave the hair flush, a trimming comb in case you want to leave some hair, a high-frequency massage head to pamper your skin, a head for sensitive areas ideal for bikinis and a positioning head that will adapt to the natural curves of the body.

These tools will allow you to use the epilator on different parts with ease and comfort.

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2. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-561 Women’s epilator with Wet & Dry technology

This is one of the newer Braun models. It features the innovation of a 40% wider epilator head compared to other Silk-épil epilators, allowing you to remove more hair in a single pass for faster epilation.

In the same way, it incorporates Micro-Grip technology with an improved geometry of longer and wider tweezers, to improve the efficiency of hair removal.

It can also be used cordless, wet or dry, allowing you to epilate in hot water, which improves circulation and reduces skin sensitivity for a more comfortable and less painful epilating experience.

It also has a pivoting head to easily and smoothly adapt to the contours of the body and a Smart-Light light that helps you illuminate even the finest or smallest hair for greater efficiency in the process.

Braun could be the best Silk – épil epilator brand given its great track record that has managed to create trust and expectation in its clientele:


Head: the main advantage of this epilator is that it has a wide head, so you can cover a larger area when passing it. Through this, you can finish waxing large areas such as legs in a few minutes.

Usage: Like the first model, the Silk-épil 99 – 561 can also be used both wet and dry, so you have the freedom to choose the right time to get rid of those pesky hairs.

Cordless: can be used without power thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery. In case you run out of light, the epilator has smartlight, so you can illuminate fine hairs.

Accessories: finally, it includes six different accessories that will help you get the most out of this great epilator, among which you will find various heads, massagers and combs.


Power: Apparently, you need to charge the battery first to be able to use the epilator, since it does not support activation, being connected to direct current.

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3. Braun Xelle 5380 Epilator

Model 5280 is one of the first models in the Silk-épil range, making it ideal for women just starting out with electric epilators.

It features Close-Grip technology with 40 tweezers designed at the optimal angle to catch and remove even the shortest hairs (0.5mm). It has the Soft-Lift system of spikes that lifts the hair, taking it to the tweezers for its total removal. It includes the high-frequency massage system and a cold glove that cools the skin before epilation and calms it after to provide a sensation of relief.

It works with a power cable (2.5 m long) and can only be used for dry hair removal. It includes various cutting heads such as facial and sensitive areas. It has Smart-Light to illuminate the area to be waxed and includes a small bag, ideal for storing or transporting.

When in doubt about which Silk – épil epilator to buy, we invite you to evaluate the information contained in our comparisons designed to help you:


Head: one of the main positive features of this model is that it has a pivoting head, which is designed to better adapt to the natural curvature of the female body.

Smartlight: it also has the smartlight lighting system, designed to help you get rid of hair that is too thin.

Massages: and to improve the appearance of your skin after waxing, a massage head is included, which will help with blood circulation and pores.


Trimmer – Two of their buyers reported that after a few uses the trimmer head had broken. It is recommended to use it with care.

Noise – Perhaps for some tastes the epilator turns out to be too noisy while on.

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4. Braun Silk-épil 3 3170 Epilator with 1 cap

Reviewing user feedback, many agree that this model is among the best Silk-épil epilators of 2022 for various reasons. One of them is that it leaves skin soft and smooth for a long time, as it offers results that can last up to 4 weeks, removing hair from the root.

On the other hand, it has built-in massage rollers that help numb the skin during hair removal, thus reducing the sensation of pain associated with this procedure.

Plus, it’s perfect for use all over your body: legs, arms, sensitive areas like your bikini line and underarms, and even your face. The latter, obviously, making use of the accessories that are included.

Another important detail is that its Smartlight light helps to visualize the area to be waxed much easier, which is quite practical for removing even the finest and lightest hairs.

The best Silk-épil electric epilator of the moment must have a series of characteristics that have a beneficial relationship oriented towards the positive. Therefore, we will review below those of this model that can be quite useful to answer which Silk-épil epilator to buy.


Beginners: Its rollers are adapted to offer a better experience to those who start in this field of hair removal.

Thickness: When hair removal is done closer to the root, the new hair is made to have a finer thickness.

Speeds: It has two speed levels that you can adapt according to your skin or your hair removal routine.


Plug: It only works when the current is connected, which can symbolize a possible mobility problem.

Without case: It does not include a case where it can be stored after use, so that it remains well protected.

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5. Braun Silképil 1 SE1370 Corded Women’s Epilator

In this case, we will analyze what could be considered the best quality-price Silk-épil epilator. Among the most relevant aspects, we highlight that it incorporates a SoftLift tip technology, which is responsible for lifting embedded hairs to provide better results.

To carry out the work efficiently, it has a mechanism based on 20 tweezers that help remove hair, even if it is very short, without causing friction or damage to the user’s skin.

Under this same scheme, a head is available that is appropriate for the armpit area, thus ensuring that each area is treated according to its specific characteristics.

The best thing about all this is that the result will remain valid for up to 4 weeks, helping you to invest this time in other things that are of interest to you.

Without a doubt, knowing the characteristics of one of the cheapest Silk-épil epilators will help you choose the one that best suits you in terms of functionality and price. Based on this, we will review the pros and cons of this model.


Short hairs: The working mechanism of this epilator removes hairs, even the finest and shortest hairs up to 0.5 mm.

Design: It has a manageable size and an ergonomic design, as it has the activation button in an area that is easily accessible with the thumb.

Resistant: The plastic of the structure and the internal mechanism are made of resistant materials that offer a long life.


Speed: Due to its basic design, it has only one speed. However, this is useful for all skin types.

Heads: It has little variety in this aspect, which could lead to the hair removal job being a little longer than expected.

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Braun Silk-épil 7 7-561 Cordless electric epilator

This model from Braun is designed to be used wirelessly, both in dry mode and in the shower, to offer you a soft and comfortable experience that can become practically painless with regular use. It has the Close-Grip system of 40 tweezers to extract hairs from 0.5 mm with the idea of ​​leaving your skin free of unwanted hair for longer.

It includes 6 pivoting accessories, including a shaving head and trimming comb that transform the epilator into a complete electric shaver to first cut very long hairs to a suitable length for greater smoothness.

A head for sensitive areas and a high-frequency massage head, which emits pulsating vibrations that stimulate the skin to offer greater comfort during epilation. A head for facial hair removal and a positioning accessory that improves contact with the skin.

The quality – price ratio of this option catalogs it as probably the best Silk – épil epilator for 75 euros that you could find on the market:


Head: the Silk-épil epilator 77 – 561 has a pivoting head. Thanks to this, you will be able to pass the epilator through any area of ​​your body and adapt the cut perfectly. It is very useful to use behind the legs, in the armpits, etc.

Accessories: with the purchase of this Silk – épil epilator you will get a total of six accessories completely free. These are a shaving head, a trimming comb, a high-frequency massage head, one for sensitive areas, one for the face, and finally a positioning head.

Use: another advantage that you will get if you buy this model of epilator is that you can use it at any time. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you feel like shaving while in the shower, since the 77-561 model is completely waterproof. Therefore, it is considered as a wet and dry epilator.

Wireless: In addition, you will not always have to use it connected to the electrical current, since it has a rechargeable lithium battery so you can use it wirelessly. You can take it with you on a trip and shave your legs before going to the beach without discomfort.

Dimensions: the dimensions of this Silk epilator model are 20 x 25 x 45 centimeters, so that it is easy to handle and manipulate and thanks to its weight of only 431 grams, you will not get tired too quickly when using it.

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How to use a Silk-épil epilator

Among the most practical and easy to handle home hair removal systems are the modern electric epilators. With this method you get to remove unwanted hair from the root, which means that you will have a smooth and discomfort-free skin for a greater number of days and even weeks. The problem is that using this type of device for the first time requires a few tricks that not everyone knows, however, today we explain them in detail for you.

Prepare the skin

The most important previous step that you must carry out is to prepare your skin for hair removal, since dry, cracked or sensitized skin by external agents will make the process much more uncomfortable.

Our recommendation is that the day before you take a moment to exfoliate and moisturize your skin properly; You can use a body brush, exfoliating mitt, or a homemade recipe to fully exfoliate your skin in the shower. After showering, apply the moisturizing oil or cream of your choice.

Shave if necessary

Unlike waxing, a Silk-épil epilator is designed to cut even the shortest hairs. Going even further, this type of system seems to work better with short hair and, according to many users, epilation is less painful since long hair easily gets caught in the tweezers.

Our advice is that if you have very long hair, shave the area completely and wait a few days to use the epilator. Otherwise, you can proceed with peace of mind.

proper technique

The proper technique when using your Silk-épil will greatly influence the quality of your hair removal. When placing the epilator on the skin, you must move the razor in the opposite direction of hair growth; this implies that, for example, in the legs you start at the bottom and gradually work your way up.

Speed ​​is also an important issue. You should move your epilator slowly over the skin to allow the tweezers to do their job and remove all the hair in the area. Another very important consideration that helps reduce the feeling of tightness is to use our free hand to pull the skin down.


Once you have finished with the area to be depilated, you must proceed to the subsequent care of the skin. After hair removal, it is normal for your skin to be slightly irritated and with red spots as a result of the extraction; You can take advantage of this moment to apply cold compresses if you think it is necessary.

However, a shower with lukewarm water is usually enough; proceed to completely dry the skin and apply a moisturizing lotion. In the days after waxing, you should periodically exfoliate the area to avoid ingrown hairs.

Cleaning and storage

As a final step, you will need to clean your Silk-épil epilator and store it properly. To clean it, you only need to remove and place the head(s) used during hair removal under running water; many models include a small cleaning brush that helps remove hairs stuck in the tweezers.

Once you have carefully cleaned everything, dry the heads with a towel and proceed to store them in a safe, clean and moisture-free place until their next use.

The most popular brands

In the field of electric epilators, Braun’s revolutionary Silk epil model established itself since its launch as one of the favorite options for users looking for a clean and long-lasting method of removing unwanted hair. This range is part of the many beauty products that the Braun brand sells, so if you want to know a little more about this manufacturer, we share essential information below.

Braun is a German multinational known worldwide for manufacturing household appliances and consumer goods, its main field of action is electronics, and today it establishes itself as a well-known manufacturer of aesthetically functional products.

The company began its activities in 1921 when the engineer Max Braun began manufacturing radio components, but it would not be until 1930 that he would manufacture the first system specialized in facial hair removal; back then the use of precision machined blades instead of foam and razor blades was a relatively new and revolutionary concept.

However, his activities would be suspended with the outbreak of World War II and by the year 1950 he would definitively resume his mission of seeing the world full of clean-shaven men; From that moment on, he knew how to stay at the forefront by launching the most innovative shaving systems for both sexes on the market.

Due to its impressive track record, Braun has been able to devote its resources and research to making various products, the company divides its items into the following categories:

Shaving (with its electric epilators and shavers), hair care (including straighteners and dryers), oral care (with its electric brushes), health and wellness (ear thermometers and blood pressure monitors), home maintenance appliances, watches and calculators. Among the shaving products, the Silk epil range of epilators stands out with a series of precise and effective models for hair removal.

With this method, short hair of only 0.5 mm in height is removed from the root; Another great benefit is the possibility of maintaining smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. Braun would continue to set the market guidelines for decades and in 2012 it would become part of the De’longhi group together with other brands: Kenwood and Ariete.

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¿Cuáles son las mejores depiladoras eléctricas Silk-épil del 2022?

Eliminar el vello corporal no deseado ha sido desde siempre uno de los más desafiantes objetivos de belleza del ser humano, sin distinción de género y, aunque existen muchas opciones en el mercado, desde 1986, con el lanzamiento del primer modelo, la depiladora eléctrica continúa siendo uno de los métodos más usados. Aprendamos cómo elegir el mejor modelo.

Las depiladoras eléctricas son máquinas que remueven rápidamente los pelos desde la raíz, con la ventaja de que los resultados son más duraderos que los otros métodos de depilado, pero usualmente también más doloroso, aunque las nuevas tecnologías prometen reducir el dolor permitiendo su uso bajo una ducha tibia, con mecanismos de masaje incorporado o con la utilización de frío. Hacer una comparativa de depiladoras eléctricas es importante, ya que existen varios modelos disponibles y no todos se ajustarán a tus necesidades individuales o tu presupuesto.

A pesar del amplio surtido, en lo referente a marcas, podemos decir que 3 o 4 dominan este sector y entre ellas se encuentra Braun, una excelente marca que se adapta día a día a las necesidades, tanto del hombre como de la mujer, gracias a su innovación, precisión y rapidez.

Braun es una marca alemana de alta gama que lleva más de una década destacándose en el sector de las depiladoras eléctricas femeninas para uso doméstico con los modelos de la gama Silk-épil.

Las depiladoras Braun Silk-épil te ofrecen una piel suave hasta por 4 semanas, eliminan el vello desde los 0.5 mm, ofrecen accesorios de masaje para ayudarte a reducir el dolor, cuentan con accesorios para distintas partes del cuerpo o pieles sensibles y algunos modelos trabajan en seco o mojado, con baterías o cable para eliminar el vello indeseado de forma rápida y limpia. Hemos seleccionado 3 de los modelos más apreciados por los usuarios en cuanto a su durabilidad y funcionales prestaciones.

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