The 8 Best Ammonia-Free Dyes of 2022

Ammonia-free dye – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Currently there are many women who are looking to buy ammonia-free dyes to color their hair, since they do not contain chemical components such as acetate, ammonium, peroxide, parabens, ppd, among others, which can cause negative reactions, such as irritation in the skin, eyes, throat, nose, etc. It is for these reasons that the L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss dye nourishes your hair while offering total coloration without damaging it in the process. Another option recommended for its oils and natural components is Farmatint 380215, which provides protection to the hair fiber, while strengthening and giving shine to your hair.

The 8 Best Dyes Without Ammonia – Opinions 2022

There are different reasons why women dye their hair, some of them want to get out of the routine and make a daring change of look; while others want to hide their gray hair to look a little younger. Whatever the reason, when doing it, it is important to choose an ammonia-free dye that does not harm your health and that of your hair.

Loreal dye without ammonia


1. L’Oréal Paris casting crème GlossAmmonia-free coloration

Among the best ammonia-free dyes of 2022, this product stands out as it is made with natural ingredients (hazelnut, honey, coconut and goji), offering up to 70% coverage and coloration of gray hair. This dye is a reasonable choice for those who have never dyed their hair and wish to do so without damaging their hair fiber, since it allows their hair to look radiant, full of life and with volume, keeping it healthy.

On the other hand, the Loreal ammonia-free casting crème gloss dye creates visible and brilliant reflections, which can pass for natural thanks to its components and coloration.

In addition, this product could not only be considered as the best ammonia-free hair color by giving you a natural result, it also has a long-lasting effect of up to 28 washes, that is, you can enjoy the color you choose for a long time. It should be added that its application is very simple, since the container has nozzles that help to easily dose it through your hair.

Now, if you think that due to its qualities this could be the best ammonia-free dye of the moment, we invite you to learn a little more about its pros and cons below.


Texture: The texture of this dye is smooth to apply to your hair and dense to prevent dripping.

Conditioner: Bring a treatment based on hazelnuts to illuminate the reflections and leave your hair soft and with volume.

Formula: It is made with ingredients of natural origin such as royal jelly, which improves the appearance of your hair, restoring its vitality.


Durability: May last less time than regular ammonia dye. But, in the long term it is a healthy option.

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Ammonia-free dye covers gray hair


2. Farmatint gel 4N natural and long-lasting color


When looking for the best ammonia-free dye on the market, you must take into account its characteristics and components. This dye is made under dermopharmaceutical techniques with 97.3% ingredients of natural plant origin (soy, corn, wheat and oats), which deeply hydrate and nourish your hair, while strengthening its hair fibers and protecting it from external agents. such as sun, wind, pollution, etc.

In addition, this product adds to its composition a balm to apply after dyeing the hair, with an exclusive Active Color Complex formula with sun protection, which protects and keeps the color shining, with more volume and strength for up to 35 days.

Other important advantages that we must mention is that this Farmatint gray hair cover dye without ammonia has great coverage and coloration of up to 100%; and in turn, it has a gel texture, which is easy to mix and apply to the hair.

If you want to know a little more about this product, we present the following characteristics to consider.


Formula: This dye is made up of natural ingredients free of parabens, silicones, ammonia and paraffin, which contributes to having hair full of life.

Anti-breakage: The formula of this dye seals the hair cuticles, preventing it from becoming brittle and therefore the appearance of the famous split ends.

Presentation: The product container is designed to be able to easily mix and apply the content of the dye.


Sensitivity: It is recommended not to apply this dye to sensitive, damaged or irritated scalps, as it could increase the risk of generating allergy and itching.

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Ammonia-free hair dye


3. Phergal Naturtint dye without ammonia vegetable ingredients


If you are looking for an ammonia-free hair dye that, in addition to protecting your scalp, provides different benefits for the health of your hair, the Phergal brand Naturtint dye may be the option you need.

This product is developed based on dermocapillary ingredients, which minimize the appearance of some side effects such as peeling, dryness and irritation; and in turn, provide softness, shine and strength, reducing hair breakage by up to 80%.

On the other hand, this product adapts to your pocket, since in our list it could be positioned as the best quality-price ratio without ammonia.

Likewise, it is made with bio-botanical oils (meadowfoam seed oil, olive oleic acid and soy derivative) and natural ingredients (quinoa, shea butter, baobab and milk thistle proteins), each of which is capable of provide different properties that contribute to the health of your hair when dyeing it.

Despite being considered one of the cheapest, this dye also offers more advantages that you can see below.


Without aggressive chemicals: Its formula is free of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, silicones, paraffins, DEA, mineral oils, artificial fragrances and SLS. Which ensures the health and beauty of your hair.

Coverage: This dye covers 100% gray hair and offers color enhancement.

Repair: Contains ceramides and serum with keratin that repair, moisturize and soften the hair.


Tonality: According to the pigmentation of the person’s hair, it is possible that the result is different from the tone purchased in the first application.

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Ammonia-free dye Olia


4. Garnier Olia ammonia-free permanent color pleasant aroma


For those users who want to dye their hair without exponentially mistreating it, the Garnier ammonia-free dye has managed to create a formula made with 60% enhancing oils with natural flower extracts, which leave an intense color as a result.

It is a simple dye to apply, since you only have to spread it evenly on dry, unwashed hair, massaging with circular movements and leaving it to act for a period of 30 minutes. Then a small amount of water is added, massaging again, to finish washing the hair with plenty of water.

Olia de Garnier ammonia-free hair color has a creamy texture that gives off a pleasant floral scent and is easily absorbed by the hair; while offering great gray coverage. In addition, the color of this product can withstand many washes without losing its shine and tone. On the other hand, the dye is available in 21 different shades that you can choose according to the color you want to achieve.

This product has good qualities for the care of your hair. However, if you want to know more about its advantages and disadvantages, then we present them to you.


Application: This product has an ergonomic applicator that makes handling the dye a simple and fast task.

Ammonia-free: As it does not contain ammonia, this dye does not cause irritation or itching on the scalp.

Contents: In the box comes a revealing cream that is mixed with a coloring cream, an applicator, and a conditioner, to leave hair shiny and smooth.


Dryness: In the first wash, the hair may feel dry. However, this changes with the days.

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Ammonia-free permanent hair color


5. Syoss Oleo intense permanent coloration without ammonia


If you want to dye your hair and you are wondering which is the best ammonia-free dye that you could apply at home, the Syoss brand presents us with a dye with dual-action enhancing oils, which allow the coloring pigments to easily penetrate into the hair. The degree of coverage offered by this product is high compared to others, since it covers 100% gray hair, guaranteeing optimal color and extra shine.

Syoss ammonia-free permanent dye, after its application can help you achieve radiant, soft hair with the tone you chose for 6 weeks.

Now, this product not only dyes your hair easily, but also protects it during the process, since it provides hydration and softness properties, which allow your hair fibers to be strengthened, while your hair obtains a healthy appearance.

Most women today look for ammonia-free dyes to prevent their hair from being damaged every time they need to dye it, so learn more about the qualities of this product.


Fixation: The color pigments in this product easily penetrate the interior of the hair, achieving a uniform finish.

Use: This dye can be applied to any type of hair, thanks to its optimal coverage and coloration.

Softness: The formula of this dye is developed to avoid mistreating your hair, leaving it soft and silky.


Smell: The smell of this dye may be a little stronger, compared to others that do not have ammonia.

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Inoa ammonia-free dye


6. L’Oréal professionnel Inoa dye 60 ml


L’Oreal’s inoa ammonia-free dye is made with oils that are introduced inside the hair to its heart, achieving intense coloration for a month and a half, without damaging the hair fiber. 

An important aspect that we must highlight about this line of dyes created by this brand is that they are available in a range of 50 shades, ranging from blonde colors to reddish, brown, ash, etc. On the other hand, despite being a somewhat expensive product, compared to others, it provides an effective finish and coverage, an aspect that rewards the price paid.

When applying it, it must be left to act for 30 minutes for it to take effect, and then we will obtain a mane with a healthy and shiny appearance. In addition, we must highlight that with this dye you can lighten your hair up to 3 shades, if you have it dark and you want it lighter.

If you are looking for the best brand of ammonia-free hair dyes recognized worldwide, L’Oréal undoubtedly appears as a candidate for this qualification. For this reason, buying a dye from their line could be a wise bet.


Odour: When applied, this product does not give off any strong odor that could cause discomfort.

Texture: It has a creamy and foamy texture that allows the dye to be easily applied to the hair.

Guarantee: This brand offers you the guarantee of obtaining the exact color you want.


Content: If your hair is too long, you may need to buy two dyes for your hair, since this presentation only contains 60ml.

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Revlon Ammonia Free Hair Color


7. Revlon colorsilk permanent hair dye 


Ammonia, in the long term, can cause serious health problems, such as irritation of the nose, throat and eyes, as well as damage to the cornea of ​​the eye, dryness, allergies to the scalp, and skin burns.

The Revlon ammonia-free colorsilk dye stands out in our list for being one of the cheap products that can be considered of good quality and efficient in covering gray hair and coloring hair.

Being made from a gentle formula that includes apple extract, it not only nourishes your hair while you dye it, but also easily penetrates the hair fiber, pigmenting from the tips to the root.

A considerable aspect to highlight is the UV protection provided by this product, which allows you to keep the color of your hair bright. On the other hand, this dye comes with a conditioner to apply once the hair has been dyed, which contains silk proteins, which nourish and soften it.

Because it is a low-priced and good-quality product, you may want to take a look at the following pros and cons that we have prepared for you below.


Colors: This line has 25 different shades, so it is likely that you will find one that you like.

Shine: Being made with natural elements, its formula provides more shine to the hair, keeping it healthy.

Dye: The mixture of different dyes in its formula, plus the conditioner and the polymers, leave a multi-tonal color as a result.


Coverage: Its durability when covering gray hair may be a little lower than that of other dyes.

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Wella ammonia-free dye


8. Wella color touch pure natural tint 60 ml


The Wella brand introduces to the market a new formula with extra shine, which allows the coloration of each shade to be even more intense and resplendent.

And that is not the only novelty in this product, since it also has properties of natural waxes and keratin, which are responsible for structuring and strengthening the hair fiber of the hair. This dye is available in 77 shades, so it has a wide range so you can choose the color that best suits your personality.

To apply Wella ammonia-free dye you must first mix the touch pure natural color with a revealing emulsion; When smooth, apply directly to dry hair from roots to ends. It is important to let the product act for 20 minutes, to later remove it with water and your preferred shampoo. At the end, apply a conditioner or mask to leave your hair soft.

If you still can’t decide which ammonia-free dye to buy, we will mention below in detail some pros and cons of this product.


Colors: It is available in 77 colors, so the user can find the one they are looking for among them.

Practical: You can apply this dye yourself at home and obtain professional results.

Smell: Wella dye gives off a pleasant smell when applied.


Coverage: The formula of this dye has the capacity to cover only 50% of gray hair, so it is not recommended for people who have a large number of them.

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Shopping guide


Every day we are more aware of how important it is to keep our hair free of chemical components that can cause aggression to our hair fibers and scalp. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best ammonia-free dye, so you can have radiant hair full of life.

With or without ammonia

When choosing a dye, it is essential to observe the list of ingredients that it has. It is always important to choose products that are made from natural components, in order to care for and protect your dermocapillary health (scalp and hair fibers), since these generate the least negative impact on your hair; while they also provide great benefits, since in addition to dyeing your hair, they can moisturize, nourish and revive it.

Now, when choosing whether or not your dye should have ammonia, let’s remember that this ingredient is present in most of the dyes used in hairdressing, since its function is to raise the pH, opening the hair fiber, to that the color pigments penetrate the heart of the hair, allowing it to be fixed for longer.

What we must not ignore is that this chemical product in the long term can cause serious injuries; as well as it can irritate and dry out your scalp. For this reason, it may be better to buy dyes without ammonia, as they allow the hair fiber to restructure itself, regaining its strength and luminosity. In addition, a product of this type is usually economical, conveniently adapting to our pocket.

Types and duration

All dyes have a duration time after being applied, after this time they begin to lose their bright color and disappear. This period can vary according to the type of dye you want to apply to your hair, therefore, when making a comparison of ammonia-free dyes, they can be grouped into three different classes.

First of all, we can mention the temporary dyes without ammonia, which can be considered as the least invasive and aggressive for your hair, which is why they achieve a more natural appearance. However, they are the ones that last the least time, since they only dye the outer part of the hair fiber. Therefore, the color disappears with each wash.

On the other hand, semi-permanent dyes without ammonia turn out to be a little less harmful than other regular dyes, since they are made with natural ingredients that do not fully penetrate the heart of the hair. One drawback to consider is that this product does not have enough coverage for gray hair.

Finally, we find permanent dyes without ammonia that, despite covering the heart of the hair, do not cause excessive damage to the hair when compared to those that contain ammonia and other chemical products in their composition. They are the most popular among users, since they have 100% coverage and provide multiple benefits to dermo-capillary health.

Base color and desired shade

Many people think that by choosing a color they will be able to obtain that hue immediately, just as the models look in the boxes. However, there are many factors that you must take into account when applying a dye. The first aspect to consider is the base color of your hair, because if you have dark hair and want a blonde hue, just using the dye directly on your hair will not work. To achieve this result, you must lighten it little by little, as indicated by a specialist.

On the other hand, if you already have your hair dyed, or on the contrary you have never dyed it, you should seek advice from an expert in colorimetry, who will be able to recommend what type of shade to choose, when evaluating the pigmentation of your hair, the tone you want achieve and the color of skin you have.


As we well know, there is great competition in the market between the different beauty brands that offer ammonia-free dyes with natural components, but the truth is that few of them have been responsible for developing formulas that provide protection and quality with a wide variety. of tonalities Therefore, regardless of how much it costs, if you want to achieve optimal and professional results, you should not risk buying products from dubious brands.

It is important to choose those that are recognized for the quality they offer through their products. You can do this by doing a little research before buying, reading the comments of users who have already tried their products, and by seeking the recommendations of colorimetry specialists.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a dye without ammonia?

You first need to make sure you choose the hair color that best contrasts with your skin color and facial features. For this, the different brands of dyes have catalogs, which in turn have a list of a varied palette of colors, in which the product is available. Then, review the components and the recommendations of users who have already used that dye. When you are sure and have the dye in hand, proceed to read the instructions it comes with to apply it correctly.

Q2: Which is better, dye without ammonia or dye with ammonia?

Ammonia dyes may last longer while retaining one-tone color in your hair. However, these often damage the hair fibers, irritating and drying out the scalp, causing itchiness and hair loss over time. On the other hand, most ammonia-free dyes are made with ingredients of natural origin, which prevent your hair from being damaged while dyeing it. When used, these products strengthen the hair fibers, nourishing and moisturizing your hair, while leaving as a result a soft and shiny hair. The only negative aspect is that the coloring lasts for a shorter time. The final decision is yours, health over durability, or durability over health.

Q3: How to prepare a dye without ammonia?

After choosing the dye that best suits your tastes and needs, look at the products that come in the package, since apart from the dye they come with a color enhancer, treatments or conditioners. Likewise, look for the brochure with the instructions to mix and prepare the product correctly, leaving it to rest for the established time.

Q4: How to remove ammonia-free dye from hair?

To remove ammonia-free dye from your hair, you can do so using two types of removers: color separators or color reducers. Both products are effective in removing the artificial color generated by the dyes, without altering the natural base color of the hair. After applying it, it should be left to act for 20 minutes on the hair. After this time, remove with water and massage your hair with a 10-volume developer cream to darken your hair.


Q5: How to remove dye stains without ammonia?

If you have dyed your hair yourself and inadvertently stained a blouse or garment and did not realize it until after a few days, then we will give you some tips with which you can erase any trace of dye without ammonia in your clothes.

A product that easily and quickly removes stains caused by dye is lacquer. This should be applied directly to the stained area; so that the dye softens and can be removed with soap and water. Another tip is to use liquid soap with a damp cloth. For this you must apply the soap on the stain and rub repeatedly until it disappears.

Toothpaste is also known to remove any dye stain, you just have to put a little of it on the affected area, let it act for a few minutes and wash with plenty of warm water.

Q6: How to cover gray hair with dye without ammonia?

First you must choose a brand that offers quality and great coverage. You can consult the comments of the users and the characteristics offered by the manufacturer in terms of the percentage of coverage that each dye has to cover gray hair. When choosing that product that has 100% coloration, you must read its introductions to apply it correctly. After spreading it on your hair, make sure that the gray hairs have enough of the dye on them. Let it act for the time indicated by the brand, not a minute more, not a minute less, and at the end rinse with plenty of water.

Q7: Does a dye without ammonia cover the same as a dye with ammonia?

Most ammonia-free dyes have great gray coverage and offer subtle color shifts, keeping the root from falling out too much. If you want a great coverage, you should constantly apply this dye every month, so that the color acts with more strength and intensity. However, if you want a radical color change that lasts longer, ammonia dyes can offer you this. These have greater coverage for gray hair immediately, after applying the product for the first time.

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