The 8 Best Argan Oils of 2022

Argan Oil – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Argan oil is a product that, in its 100% natural formulation, is capable of providing a high content of oleic acid and vitamin E. Both nutrients provide hydration to the skin and hair, as well as help their regeneration and prevent aging. For example, The Body Source AO 01 is a natural argan oil that will not only moisturize your skin or hair, but is also suitable for acne and psoriasis treatments. For its part, Satin Naturel 100 ml moisturizes and prevents wrinkles. In addition, it is easily applied thanks to its container with a dispenser.

The 8 Best Argan Oils – Opinions 2022

Argan oil is a product that will provide both our skin and hair with great regenerative, moisturizing and nutritional benefits. Its selection, although simple, requires a prior quality check. Therefore, below we present the eight best argan oils.

argan oil for hair

1. The Body Source Pure 100% Organic Argan Oil

This product has been recommended to buyers looking for the best argan oil due to its multiple properties provided by the eight essential acids and omega 6. These are applied to aesthetic care, moisturizing the skin, hair and nail cuticle. Likewise, it combats the signs of aging and is recommended for acne, psoriasis and eczema treatments.

When you buy this argan oil, you will be taking home a product of 100% organic origin, made with selected grains, cold pressed and filtered. The packaging process has been carried out in a 100-milliliter bottle with a format of 15 x 2.4 x 4.4 centimeters and a weight of 127 grams. 

In addition, it is important to mention that the glass is darkened with an amber tone, which prevents the direct passage of light and, therefore, favors the conservation of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. At the same time, it incorporates a dropper for a better application and greater use of this argan oil for hair.

If you are looking for the best argan oil of the moment, consider purchasing this product that is suitable for skin, hair and prevents aging.


Packaging: The darkened glass container protects the oil from the loss of nutrients due to the action of external light.

Presentation: The presentation of the product is 100 milliliters, so it will give you enough to treat various areas of your body. 

Dropper: The incorporation of a dropper helps to make better use of the product.

Use: The oil is suitable for moisturizing hair and skin, as well as being recommended for treating acne, psoriasis, wrinkles, among others.


Oily: The product can become very oily for thin hair or hair with this tendency.

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2. Simon & Tom Pure Organic Argan Oil Hair Serum

To get an argan oil with a high quality standard in the extraction process, you will have to include this product from Simon & Tom among your purchase options, which is emerging as one of the favorites of buyers in the market.

It is an argan oil for hair, specially formulated to hydrate, soften and give extra shine to each strand. Its presentation is 100 milliliters contained in a darkened glass container with a format corresponding to 3 x 7 x 15.5 and weighing only 231 grams. In addition, you will have a practical adapter and a secure polymer cap with screw closure.

It is important to mention that this hair serum is of organic origin and incorporates essential extracts suitable for curly, straight and wavy hair. Its pleasant aroma lasts throughout the day, while the nutrients in the formula penetrate the hair to moisturize it from the inside without leaving a greasy feeling.

Among the cheapest purchase options we find this argan oil, made with natural products and with a series of positive and negative aspects that you should know.


Applicator: You will be able to use the product more easily thanks to the built-in applicator.

Usage: The oil is suitable for use on any type of dry or damp hair.

Container: The selected container is made of darkened glass so that the light from outside cannot damage the product.

Closing: The polymer cap with a thread for the product is easy and safe to close.


Aroma: The product has a very subtle aroma and this could be negative for those who wish to enjoy its properties in this sense.

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pure argan oil

3. Satin Naturel A Certified Organic Vegan Argan Oil 100ml

When reviewing the purchase listings, you will find this product among the best argan oils of 2022. It is of natural origin and obtained from the cold pressing of argan seeds. Its use is suitable for moisturizing hair, face, lips and skin in general. In addition, it is suitable for wrinkle prevention treatments, offering natural cosmetics capable of providing positive results on the skin.

This pure argan oil has been packaged in a 100-milliliter darkened glass bottle, so you don’t have to worry about nutrient loss due to sun exposure. Likewise, the product is easy to apply as it incorporates a spray-type cap and a dropper, in case you want an exact measurement.

Satin Naturel is considered by many to be the best brand of argan oil, taking this model as an example, whose pros and cons you will learn about below.


Dropper: With the help of the dropper you can make use of specific amounts of oil.

Lid: The spray-on lid makes it easy to remove the oil and screws on securely. 

Packaging: Its darkened glass container allows the nutritional quality of the product to be preserved in a better state.

Treatments: The product is effective in regard to the hydration of the hair, cuticle, lips and skin in general.


Use: If you have any skin condition, it is prudent not to use this product to avoid adverse reactions.

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argan oil for face

4. Samarkand Organic Argan Oil 100% Pure Certified Organic 

If you are wondering which is the best argan oil, this product from the Samarkand house may be the answer to that question. It is an oil of organic origin, pure and certified, formulated to treat any type of scar caused by burns, acne, stretch marks, among others. 

It is also a highly efficient moisturizer for hair and skin. Its use extends to the execution of massages and could even be used to relieve headaches. 

It is important to mention the cold pressing process to which the argan seed used to obtain this product was subjected, which provides essential vitamins for skin nutrition. Proof of this is its composition of 45% oleic acid and 36% linoleic acid. 

This argan oil for the face has been put up for sale in a profitable presentation of 500 milliliters, whose plastic container has a format of 10 x 10 x 10 centimeters and weighs 499 grams.

By reviewing the positive and negative aspects of this product, you may find an answer to the question of which argan oil to buy.


No additives: Its formula does not contain any type of additives or dyes, so it is 100% natural.

Presentation: The product offers a presentation of 500 milliliters, which suggests a higher yield.

Treatment: The oil is recommended for the treatment of scars caused by burns and acne sequelae. It also moisturizes the skin and hair.

Pressed: The product has been cold pressed, which suggests a greater extraction of nutrients and vitamins.


Aroma: The aroma of the oil is very mild, so it is practically imperceptible.

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argan oil for hair

5. Aromatika Argan Oil 100ml Argania Spinosa Kernel Morocco

This could well be the best value for money argan oil and ultimately one of the cheapest in our selection, positively valued by buyers due to its effectiveness in regenerative skin treatments. 

Its natural formula based on the cold pressing of the argan seed does not have any type of additives, colorings or artificial aromas. In this way, the use of vitamin E contained in the oil is greater, as well as the rejuvenating effect of its oleic acid on mature skin.

It should be mentioned that this argan oil for hair is of Moroccan origin. Its container with a capacity of 100 milliliters has been made of darkened glass that does not allow the passage of light and the polymer screw cap offers a secure closure. In addition, it incorporates an easy-to-remove plastic cap with a small dropper for a better application.

Among the cheapest oils is this option of 100% natural Moroccan origin that could regenerate your skin, restoring hydration and softness.


Packaging: Its bottle darkened in an amber tone does not allow the loss of nutrients due to light.

Nutrients: Argan has vitamin E and oleic acid that enhance a rejuvenating effect on mature skin.

Lid: Its screw cap provides a secure closure to prevent the passage of air and avoid spills.

Usage: The product is suitable for mature and scarred skin as well as hair.


Dispenser: Despite not incorporating a dispenser, the product has been provided with a fairly effective dropper cap.

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Moroccan argan oil

6. Bionoble 100% Organic pure argan oil

Some natural oils stand out for helping in a specific way, however, argan oils have the great quality of being multifunctional, and this Bionoble model is no exception. Presented in a 50 ml bottle, this product is an oil that will hydrate and nourish your skin, while minimizing wrinkles and improving various dermatological conditions. On the other hand, your hair will also benefit, as it will recover shine, softness and, additionally, reduce frizz.

To give you the security you deserve, this argan oil from Morocco has been cold pressed and is completely organic. That is, it does not have any chemical element that could be harmful to you. In this way, it becomes an oil suitable for all skin and hair types.

As if this were not enough, its use will be extremely simple, as it comes with a glass pipette and a small pump to be able to dose the product.

This argan oil is a good option for those who want to find benefits for different parts of the body in one place.


Presentation: Its elegant presentation in a glass container together with a gift box attract attention. In addition, the inclusion of the pipette allows a much easier use.

Benefits: Both your skin and your hair will benefit from this argan oil, as it provides more shine, hydration and vitality to these parts of the body.

Natural: This product consists of completely pure and natural argan oil, without any type of chemicals that may pose a risk to whom the liquid is applied. 


Pump: The small dosing pump could be difficult to fit onto the bottle, which is a downside.

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Argan oil for the face

7. Amarizia Pure Argan Oil from Morocco

This is an argan oil for the face from the Amarizia house, which has managed to position itself positively in the market. Its manufacture, based on a technique of cold pressing the seed of the fruit of the argan tree, is completely natural. In this sense, you will enjoy a product with a smooth and dense texture, as well as a fairly fresh aroma.

The 4.5 x 4.5 x 13.4 centimeter container is made of darkened glass, which blocks the sun’s rays and prevents oxidation. In addition, it has a containment capacity of 96 milliliters of oil and a lid with a spray applicator.

It is important to mention that this oil is suitable for oily, dry, sensitive or mature skin and its use is recommended in moisturizing and/or regenerating treatments. It is also noteworthy that the product has been certified by the European Union, so its use is safe.

This argan oil has a series of quite interesting pros and cons that you should know before purchasing it.


Container: Its darkened glass container keeps the product protected from the impact of external light rays. 

Use: The product is suitable to be applied to the face or body in general, providing hydration and softness.

Aroma: The oil offers a fresh and natural aroma, which demonstrates the absence of additives. 

Certification: The product has certification from the European Union, offering a higher level of reliability when used.


Presentation: Its presentation is a bit small if you want to use the product in massages and other therapies simultaneously.

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argan oil for skin

8. R&M Beauty Oleo Premium Argan Oil

On this occasion, R&M Beauty Oleo surprises the personal care market with an argan oil for the skin. This has been conceived under an extraction process applied directly to the seed of the argan fruit. Thus, a completely organic oil with great moisturizing and regenerating properties is obtained, which will help you to noticeably improve the health of both skin and hair. In this way, you can significantly reduce wrinkles, remove spots and scars, as well as soften dry skin and close the porosity of each hair strand.

Regarding the oil container, the manufacturer used a bottle with a 5 x 5 x 15 centimeter format, with a capacity for 100 milliliters of product and a dispenser. In addition, the glass has been darkened in an amber tone that blocks the oxidizing effect that light rays may have.

If you are looking for a natural argan oil with a small format and easy application, think about purchasing this product, whose pros and cons we invite you to know.


Dispenser: The attached dispenser improves the product application process.

Formula: Its organic formula free of additives provides a greater number of nutrients and vitamins when applied in the respective treatment.

Use: The oil is applied directly to the skin or hair and it is recommended to do it at night and remove it the next morning.

Container: The darkened glass that was used for the oil bottle protects it from the corrosive effect of light.


Indications: The instructions for use are not in Spanish. However, its application is completely intuitive.

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Shopping guide

There are many argan oils on the market, but not all of them offer the same load of nutrients and vitamins for our skin. For this reason, it is important that your selection is not made lightly. It is vital to verify the manufacturing process and if it incorporates additives that gradually reduce the efficiency of the original properties of the product. Therefore, it is necessary that you review the following guide to buy the best argan oil.


Argan oil has a fairly simple organic composition, since it is the product of cold pressing a seed extracted from the fruit of the Moroccan tree that bears the same name. Before purchasing this type of product, it is important to verify its level of purity, since your goal should be an oil that does not incorporate any type of additives such as colorants, aromas or other compounds that alter its natural chemistry. In this sense, it would be advisable to make a comparison of argan oils prior to purchase, especially corroborating the aforementioned aspect.

What you should do is stay tuned and check that the label on the container indicates its purity, which in most cases is 100%. Also, keep in mind that the original aroma is considered a bit peculiar, since it combines the sweetness of vanilla and the warmth of coconut. For its part, the texture is soft and dense.


The issue of the container, although it may not seem like it, is of great importance, since, if it is not made of the right material, it could reduce the effectiveness of the properties offered by the oil.

For example, if the container is plastic, you run the risk that the polymer releases some toxic particles when in constant contact with the oil, which in the long run could generate an allergic reaction on the skin. For this reason, glass bottles are recommended, which preferably have been darkened in a violet or amber tone. In this way, the argan oil will be protected from oxidation generated by the impact of light rays. This is an aspect that could well determine how much the product costs.

Added to the container we have the built-in lid, which must be adjusted correctly to avoid spills, the passage of air and the subsequent loss of nutrients from the oil. In general, a black plastic cap with a screw closure is incorporated. The important thing will be to verify that the material is food grade and that the piece is correctly adjusted.

dispenser or dropper

As cheap as the purchased argan oil is, it will be important that it incorporates some application method that allows us to use the right amount, thus avoiding wasting the product. For this, the manufacturers have taken on the task of attaching different measuring instruments to the purchase package for a better application of the oil. We refer to a small cap adjustable to the mouth of the bottle, made of soft polymer and with a small central hole. In this way, you will be able to extract the product drop by drop as you need it. 

Likewise, there are laboratories that put at your disposal an independent dispenser or a cap with a spray-type applicator. The options are varied, so you will only need time to verify the included method and which one is the best for you.

Presentation and application

The presentation and the application are two characteristics that basically go hand in hand, since, depending on the area of ​​your body where you plan to use it, it will be the amount of product needed.

If we review the different argan oils, we will find that its standard presentation is 100 milliliters, but there are also products of 500 milliliters and even one liter. These last two offer greater performance and economy for your pocket.

Regarding the application of the oil, you will be interested to know that it can be used directly on the skin or hair, without fear of creating an allergic picture. Also, you have the option of pouring a few drops into the cosmetic products to be used and then shaking vigorously so that both products mix properly. 

This procedure is applied to shampoo, liquid body soap, moisturizing creams or any other personal hygiene product. Remember that argan oil is suitable for acne treatment, relieves the burning sensation of the burned area and regenerates the skin little by little. In this sense, it is also usually suitable for combating expression lines and preventing the rapid appearance of signs of aging on the skin, that is, wrinkles.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use argan oil?

The use of argan oil is very simple, so you only need to pour a few drops in your shampoo, moisturizer or liquid bath soap. In addition, it is suitable to be mixed with any type of essential oil or, if you wish, you can apply it directly to the skin. Similarly, it is necessary that you verify the information provided by the manufacturer before mixing it with any cosmetic product for daily use.

Q2: How to apply argan oil on hair?

To use argan oil on your hair, you have several options. The first one is to apply it as a mask on all your hair, leave it on overnight and remove it the next morning. Also, you can rub a few drops on damp or dry hair and comb as you usually do to start the day. Finally, this product is not greasy, has a pleasant aroma and does not generate any negative reaction when in contact with the sun.


Q3: What properties does argan oil have?

Argan oil has multiple properties that we can take advantage of both from an aesthetic and medicinal point of view. Remember that it has a high content of vitamin E, which nourishes the skin and hair. Likewise, oleic acid acts as a tissue regenerator. In this way, by using argan oil, we will be providing the area of ​​the body to be treated with a high level of hydration, softness and uniformity.

Q4: What does argan oil smell like?

Recognizing the aroma of argan oil will not be very difficult for you because it is quite peculiar. Of course, if the purchased product does not incorporate any type of additive and is in its pure form. The aroma of organic argan oil combines the sweetness of vanilla and the warmth of coconut, offering a fresh, relaxing and pleasant sensation on the nose .

Q5: How is argan oil made?

The argan is a tree that is cultivated in the south of Morocco and whose fruit is used for the preparation of this oil. The manufacturing process is completely manual and begins with the harvesting of the argan fruit, which is then treated to carry out the extraction of the almond that is inside it. To do this, all the pulp that can be used to feed livestock is removed. This task must be carried out carefully, since the almond cannot suffer any type of deterioration that causes oxidation and loss of its properties. In this way, it is exposed to an extraction process that can be of an industrial type, but that preserves the essence in its pure state and without adding any type of additives that alter its color, texture or aroma.

Q6: What is argan oil good for?

Argan oil is dermatologically indicated for acne, psoriasis and eczema treatments, as well as being widely used in case of burns or scars. Another application given to this product of organic origin is as a moisturizer, since it returns the natural softness to the skin. On the other hand, there is its function as a regenerator and antioxidant, especially for mature skin.

Q7: How to apply argan oil on the face?

To apply the oil to your face, carefully spread a few drops of the product, depending on your skin’s needs. If you plan to use it for wrinkles, you should place a couple of drops on your forehead, around your eyes, and in your mouth. To do this, you can perform a small massage with your fingertips so that the product penetrates more effectively. If you want to moisturize your lips you should apply a drop. Similarly, you can use the oil all over your face as a mask or place it on a specific area where you have the condition.

Q8: Which oil is better: argan oil or rosehip oil?

Both oils are of natural origin and provide a significant load of nutrients to the skin, which moisturize and regenerate it. In this sense, we could not say that one is better than the other, but there are some differences between them. Argan oil arises from a cold pressing process carried out on the almond of said tree, which is found in the south of Morocco. Likewise, rosehip oil comes from this same extraction procedure, but applied to the fruit of an oriental flower.

Regarding its properties, we have that argan oil contains oleic acid and vitamin E, while rosehip oil will provide your skin with antioxidants, vitamin A, C, B1 and B2. Hence, the use of both is recommended in a complementary manner.

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