The 8 Best Cloth Pads of 2022

Cloth Compress – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

More and more women are opting for the use of cloth pads, leaving conventional models in the past, since, due to the ecological composition of the materials, their use is a more hygienic method. In addition, it is a way to help reduce environmental pollution. For example, the Rovtop RMP3 ES1 829ZWR pads have an anatomical design and secure fit by means of a clasp. In addition, its bamboo fabric core is antibacterial, absorbent and soft. Another recommended product is the Natissy 6 pack, a cloth compress free of chemicals or agents that cause skin allergies.

The 8 Best Cloth Pads – Opinions 2022

The models of cloth pads are usually varied, so their selection should not be made lightly. Instead, the best thing to do is to carefully review the proposals that the market has for you. Below, we present eight cloth pads ranked among the best this year.

Reusable cloth pads

1. Rovtop 7 PCS Reusable Charcoal

This is a product that, according to the opinions found on the different purchase portals, could be the best price-quality cloth pad, since it not only offers an ergonomic design, but it has also been manufactured with certified fabrics.

These are reusable cloth pads made up of a middle layer of microfiber, which, together with an inner layer of bamboo charcoal, offer maximum absorption, antibacterial protection and softness on contact with the skin. In addition, the entire outer area was made of a waterproof textile, so you won’t have to worry about the flow passing through the pad and staining your clothing.

Regarding the adjustment method, this 24.5 cm pad incorporates a pair of wings with a plastic clasp that you can easily open and close to join these parts. In this way, you will achieve better immobilization, for greater security when moving.

This model stands out among the cheapest pads, whose positive and negative details you will be able to know below.


Adjustment: You can easily adjust the compress because it has an easy-to-close clasp on the wings.

Washing: You will save time when washing it, because it can be put in the machine without deteriorating.

Duration: Its acquisition represents a long-term investment, since it has a useful life of up to three years .

Waterproof: It incorporates an outer layer in waterproof fabric to prevent spills.


Temperature: The compress may not be indicated for some people during the summer days, due to the increase in temperature.

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2. Viedouce Reusable Menstrual Pad 

The Viedouce WSJ-NL01 model is another interesting proposal for those looking for quality, reusable cloth pads. These pads feature high-quality manufacturing where the key is bamboo charcoal. A material that neutralizes odors and does not cause discomfort on your skin.

This inner absorbent is covered by two layers of microfiber and an outer layer type PUL. This combination prevents leaks, eliminates odours, and keeps your body dry during pad use. It also facilitates the cleaning process and generates a total useful life that can reach 3 years, with proper care.

As for the sizes, these are varied, thus adapting to the needs of each woman. Two carrying bags are also included, one for used pads and one for clean pads.

Take the leap into the world of cloth pads with this interesting proposal.


Materials: All materials are safe and are designed to adequately protect your body.

Cleaning: Contrary to what it may seem, the cleaning process is very simple and will not take you too long.

Sizes: The variety of existing sizes allows you to choose the ones that best suit your body, with three different sizes to choose from.


Color: The white of the fabric is not the most suitable color because, in the long run, marks remain on the fabric.

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Cotton cloth pads

3. Natissy Reusable cloth pads pack of 6 ecological

Recommended by many as the best cloth compress, this product offers an anatomical and washable design, which you can enter in the machine at a temperature of up to 95 ° C without fear of deterioration, but with the certainty that you will eliminate all bacteria for later use. trustworthy.

Another aspect of interest is that this pack of six cotton cloth pads has an ecological certification, which means that the fabric has not been treated with any type of chemical product that could affect your health or pollute the environment. In addition, the textile layers used to make the product are thin, which allows creating a comfortable effect, but at the same time offering a high level of absorption.

It is also important to comment on the incorporation of a layer of waterproof fabric, responsible for preventing the passage of liquids to the outside, that is, your clothes will always remain dry and clean in the event of a spill.

Due to its anatomical design with an absorbent and comfortable body, this product is valued as the best cloth pad of the moment. We provide you with more information below.


Packaging: This is a product designed for the environment, since its packaging is biodegradable.

Impermeability: A waterproof layer is incorporated, which prevents leaks towards your clothes.

Durability: Its useful life of approximately five years will save you money by not having to buy common pads.

Washing: You can wash the compress in a machine at a maximum of 95 ° C to eliminate any bacteria.


Glue: These pads do not have glue attached, so their level of hold may vary in relation to the level of movement.

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4. Imsevimse Compress with Organic Cotton Day Wings

A high level of comfort and absorbency is expected to be achieved with these cotton cloth pads, regardless of the intensity of your menstrual period flow.

This is because the manufacturer used a combination of high-quality fabrics such as organic cotton, which gives the product a pleasant soft touch, while the middle layer of polyester performs a waterproof function. In this way, liquids are prevented from passing through the bottom of the pad and causing unexpected accidents.

Each of the pads in this set has a pair of wings with snaps for quick adjustment. In addition, they are easy to clean, so you will only have to wash them manually or, if you wish, put them in the washing machine to simplify the task, being careful to use a cycle with a temperature not higher than 60 °C. Thus, you will eliminate bacteria and dirt without damaging the textile.

Here you can read the pros and cons of a model of cloth pads with anatomical design and secure fit.


Washing: These pads can be machine washed, which allows you to save significant time.

Wings: The pair of built-in wings conform completely to the panty, reducing the risk of spills.

Waterproof: The waterproof properties of the inner polyester layer prevent liquids from seeping through to clothing.

Absorption: Its high level of absorption allows you to use it at any stage of your menstrual period.


Clasp: The clasp closure may seem a bit large to some people.

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Ecological cloth pads

5. Teamoy Washable Pad Sets 

Among the best cloth pads of 2022 we find options such as the Teamoy batch, which we analyze below. We are talking about ecological cloth pads, designed to save on plastics and other materials typical of disposable products.

To prevent that, this bundle features a four-layer construction. The exterior is completely waterproof, while the interior combines microfiber and the absorption core made from bamboo charcoal. An ideal combination to prevent leaks at any stage of the period.

Regarding the placement, this is very easy thanks to the included brackets, which help you to comfortably fix the pad on the panties and prevent it from moving excessively. Something that is also helped by its anatomical design and its good range of sizes.

Although we are not sure which is the best brand of current cloth pads, this model would be a worthy representative of it due to its quality.


Materials: All materials are ecological and give you all the protection you need at any time.

Touch: The exterior touch is very pleasant, thanks to the waterproof exterior and with a very smooth finish.

Use: The use is as simple as placing the compress and fastening the wings with the included clasp.


Exterior: The exterior does not have much grip and can cause the pad to move on fabrics such as nylon or lycra.

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6. Mqupin Reusable Sanitary Napkins 

If you are looking for some ecological and cheap cloth pads, either to try them or not to spend more on them, this Mqupin proposal interests you. This set has eight high-quality cloth pads, made of organic cotton and with the usual ecological nature of this product.

Its construction guarantees a comfortable environment when wearing them and where there are no leaks, thanks to its high absorbent power. In addition, cotton breathes better than other similar materials, which is an extra in order to offer you more safety and comfort.

This approach also facilitates the process of cleaning the pads, which will hardly take you time. For the rest, their shape is anatomical and they include the usual clasp closure, with which it is easier to fix the compress in place and not move.

We summarize the most important details of this lot, located among the cheap pads in our selection.


Cotton: The organic cotton used in this product gives it an ecological and more pleasant touch.

Washing: Thanks to the quality of its materials, the cleaning and drying process is very simple.

Allergies: This model is ideal for women with sensitive skin or those with allergy problems.


Color: As with other similar models, white may not be the best option for the exterior.

Shelf life: Its shelf life is 1 to 2 years, somewhat less than that of other similar products.

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Organic cotton cloth pads

7. Hesta Set of 5 Antiallergic Organic Cotton Pads

This Hesta model is one that many consider to be the perfect answer to what is the best cloth compress, as it is made entirely of certified cotton, so it is a suitable product for sensitive skin and to avoid infections in the intimate area..

By acquiring these organic cotton cloth pads, you will be carrying with you a product with a high level of breathability and adequate impermeability. To make this possible, the manufacturer omitted the incorporation of a layer of synthetic fabric and, instead, combined two types of cotton: one organic for the center and another of pure nature, which covers it.

Regarding the design of these pads, we have that they have a pleasant soft touch, their body is thin and the wings offer an easy fit over the underwear, so you can use them daily without feeling that you are wearing them.

After reviewing the pros and cons of this model, your doubts about which cloth pad to buy will probably disappear.


Durability: You will not invest monthly buying pads again, since this product has a useful life of up to three years.

Waterproof: You will enjoy adequate waterproofing, thanks to the combination of pure cotton with another ecological type.

Certification: With this certified cotton you will not have to worry about allergies or infections, since it does not have chemical agents.

Breathability: The absence of synthetic fabrics allows good breathability for a fresh intimate area.


Absorption: This product is recommended as a panty liner, as it may eventually not absorb the intense flow of the menstrual period.

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8. Natissy Reusable cloth pads pack of 7 ecological

If you want to buy cloth pads with a modern, colorful design and suitable for use during any stage of the menstrual period, you should purchase this set consisting of a total of seven pads that are easy to apply and highly absorbent.

It is a product made with a series of layers of organic cotton fabric, which is characterized by not incorporating any type of chemical compound. This means that you will not have to worry about the sudden generation of allergies at the level of your intimate areas. In the same way, it is a material that will not harm the environment.

In addition, these organic cotton cloth pads incorporate a pair of wings with their respective closure snaps, which together provide an anatomical fit on the intimate garment. So you can move freely at all times without fear of the pad slipping and causing an unexpected spill.

Let’s know the good and the bad of this set of cloth pads, which we have summarized below.


Bag: A small zippered bag is incorporated to place the compress after use and transport it safely.

Cotton: You will not have to worry about generating allergies or infections, since the cotton used is organic and, therefore, free of chemicals.

Washing: You can easily wash these compresses by incorporating them into the washing machine.

Packaging: The composition of the packaging paper is biodegradable, so it does not pollute the environment.


Absorption: There are those who comment that these compresses should be used in conjunction with another method of protection, for greater safety.

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Shopping guide

Cloth compresses are an ecological alternative that helps reduce allergies and infections in the intimate area in women with sensitive skin. Likewise, with the use of this type of product, the volume of contamination generated by discarding conventional compresses is considerably reduced.

In this sense, the selection may not be as simple as you expected, since you will first have to review the main quality identifiers. For this reason, here is a guide to buying the best cloth pad, which we hope will be of great help.


Making a comparison of cloth pads before your purchase is the most convenient, since it will allow us to know the product in detail. In this way, we will take with us a design that really adapts to our needs of use.

Among the aspects to verify in this type of pads we have the method of adjustment provided on the underwear, which must be anatomical and safe to avoid any risk of leakage when walking, sleeping or exercising.

Therefore, the selected pad should incorporate a pair of lateral wings with a thin and flexible design. Thus, you will be able to easily fold these parts in an enveloping way over the garment, achieving a perfect fit that will make you feel that you are not wearing the cloth pad.

In addition, it is necessary that the wings have been provided with a pair of pins with a thin body so that they do not cause discomfort. It is also convenient that these pieces have a quick closing and opening for a complete practicality of use at all times.


The issue of impermeability may have a little influence on how much the cloth pad to purchase costs, but we must keep in mind that it is an aspect of great importance, which will determine the use that we can give to said pad.

For example, a pad with a fully waterproof outer layer prevents liquids from seeping into your undergarment, so you can move freely to run, bend over, or just walk. On the other hand, with less waterproof products you will have to be alert to change them more frequently. In this way, you will avoid any embarrassing incident, especially if you are away from home.

In any case, you have several options to select from, highlighting the pads made with an intermediate layer of polyester fabric or with a PUL fiber exterior. Likewise, other manufacturers opt for an internal lining with pure cotton, which, in combination with organic cotton, manage to retain moisture without sacrificing breathability. This is a more ecological alternative and equally of great quality.

Washing and materials

There are many aspects to verify when purchasing this product, so it will not be enough for it to be just a good and cheap cloth pad. In addition, the textile must have a fast washing method in which bacteria are eliminated, guaranteeing the hygiene of the pad.

In this sense, most brands offer the option of incorporating cloth pads in the washing machine, starting a gentle program with a temperature not exceeding 60 °C. However, you can find other designs that can be exposed to higher temperatures, which will logically depend on the type of textile used to make them. In addition, you must be careful with the detergent applied, since it will have to be free of bleaches and softeners. Thus, deterioration of the pads is prevented.

Another washing alternative is to carry out the manual process, for which you will have to rinse the compress in water. Then submerge it in a soapy solution, let it rest for a few minutes, rub gently and remove the excess under the tap.

transport bag

Having a small transport bag for the used cloth pad is an aspect that is positively valued by buyers, since it allows them to discreetly store the pad and carry it with them in their backpack without inconvenience. Therefore, when selecting a product of this type, you will not be able to let the incorporation of this convenient accessory go unnoticed.

In addition, you must check that said case has been made of a natural fabric, that it does not have any type of synthetic components, as well as that it has an easy access and quick opening zipper or, instead, it must integrate an adjustable cord that provides a secure closure.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use cloth pads?

To use cloth pads, the first thing you should do is select a model that suits your needs for use, that is, check its level of absorption, adjustment method and closure.

Later, you will need to review the instructions for use given by the manufacturer to know the time of use of the compresses and the correct way to wash them to avoid damaging the textile.

Next, it only remains to place the compress on your intimate garment, fold its wings downwards in an enveloping way and close the clasp arranged in said areas. Thus, you will achieve an anatomical fit without fear of the pad slipping unexpectedly. 

Q2: How to make cloth pads?

There are many web portals that explain step by step the manufacture of the well-known cloth pads, so if you want to make them from the comfort of your home, the best recommendation would be to check some of these sites. In addition, in this way you will obtain the necessary patterns for said task.

Once the definition of the model is finished, it only remains to capture the pattern on the cotton or polyester fabric, creating a layer-on-layer design, which you will then have to join with the help of a sewing machine. You will also need to attach a small clasp or Velcro to the wing area of ​​the pad to make it easier to fit over the garment.

Q3: How to wash cloth pads?

Washing cloth pads is simple, since you only need to rinse the textile in a container of water and then put the piece in the washing machine. To do this, you will need to use a gentle duty cycle with a temperature no higher than 60 °C. Likewise, it is important to avoid abrasive detergents with any type of bleaching composition.

Afterward, lay the pad out to dry in the open air, preferably in direct sunlight, to kill any remaining bacteria. Of course, everything will depend on the fabric of each model, so it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Q4: How often should cloth pads be changed?

The change time of your cloth pad may depend on the intensity of each woman’s period, as well as the level of absorption offered by the product to be used.

In this sense, there are compresses made to absorb abundant flows, which can be changed every four hours, while others with a thinner format and less capacity, are usually replaced in an average time of two hours.

In any case, the ideal is that you select a model that suits your needs to avoid the risk of spills and, at the same time, reduce the number of daily changes of the pad.

Q5: How many layers does a cloth pad have?

The number of layers incorporated into the making of a cloth pad will depend on what is established by each brand. Thus, we can find designs with three and up to six layers of varied materials.

For example, some pads may incorporate two intermediate layers of polyester, two upper layers of cotton and a lower one with waterproof properties. Similarly, other simpler models only use a middle layer, one or two upper layers and one back layer. Remember that, depending on the number of layers, it will also be the thickness and absorption of the pad.

Q6: Can cloth pads be used for incontinence?

Yes. In the market there are a large number of compresses, designed to be used during the menstrual period, as a salva slip and also by those women who suffer from incontinence.

However, not all models are indicated to efficiently fulfill this task, so you should check that the product has a high level of absorption and impermeability. In the same way, that its format adapts correctly to your underwear to avoid spills. 

Q7: How long do cloth pads last?

Cloth sanitary napkins have achieved an important position in the feminine articles market due to their ecological manufacturing and use, so, unlike conventional sanitary napkins, they do not have to be thrown away after each use.

In this sense, they are an innovative product, with a duration that can vary between two and up to five years. Of course, everything will depend on the quality of the fabrics used to make them and how careful we are when washing the compress.

In fact, with this type of product we save money monthly and, at the same time, we reduce a significant volume of waste, which would end up polluting the environment.

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