The 8 Best Eyelash Curlers of 2022

Eyelash Curler – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Over the years and the innovative makeup techniques that are now used, the eyelash curler has been a tool that has stood the test of time. Its purpose is to provide aesthetic curves in the eyelashes so that the gaze is the center of attention. Obviously, this tool has evolved and we currently have outstanding products such as the Nuonove 680932, a thermal curler that heats up in a short time to relax and separate the lashes, achieving a very natural and beautiful effect. On the other hand, there is the Euliq BDKJ-2, an electric and rechargeable instrument through the USB connection that provides a natural and long-lasting curl. 

The 8 Best Eyelash Curlers – Opinions 2022

Within the makeup routine there is an instrument that many women are afraid to use, we are talking about the eyelash curler, which can be manual or thermal and that gives greater impact to eye makeup. In this sense, we find different products on the market that deserve our attention because they are among the best eyelash curlers of 2022. For this reason, we present their description below so that you can make an intelligent purchase. 

thermal eyelash curler 

1. Nuonove Electric Thermal Eyelash Curler for Makeup 

For decades, women have used manual curlers and due to improper handling they ended up pinching their skin or mistreating their eyelashes. Consequently, Nuonove designed the innovative thermal eyelash curler 680932, whose function is to give them a natural curl, separating them to increase their volume without the risk of pinching or burning the skin.

Thanks to its pencil-like format of 12.5 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm and simple operation, some users have described this model as the best eyelash curler, since it is powered through a USB cable and has indicators lights to see if it has reached the right temperature.

As for the heat levels it incorporates, you can choose between 40°C and 60°C. It is enough to leave the device turned on for about 20 seconds before using it, in this way a better effect is achieved in the curling of the eyelashes. 

Due to its qualities, this device has been rated as the best eyelash curler of the moment according to several users, so we summarize some of these features below.


Autonomy: The battery provides up to 2 hours of autonomy, which translates into several uses of the device because it does not take long to curl the eyelashes.

Indicators: The built-in LEDs warn when the curling iron is ready to be used, if the battery is low or if it has been fully charged. All of these features make it easy to use the device.

Power: The curler has a power of 1W and several temperature settings, without the risk of skin burns or mistreatment of the eyelashes.

Design: The pencil-type format makes it very easy to store in any makeup bag, occupying the same space as a mascara.


Instructions: An instruction manual in Spanish is missing, however its use is simple, so this is not a limitation.

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2. Nuonove Electric Thermal Eyelash Curler Display

Nuonove offers this thermal eyelash curler that incorporates an LCD screen to see the chosen temperature. In this way you can control the level of heat while the lashes are being styled.

For its part, the compact design of this device allows it to be easily carried in a bag or any makeup case, and its operation is very simple, with a single on and off button, as well as an ergonomic format for easy grip. 

As for power, this is a USB rechargeable curling iron whose autonomy is approximately two hours and its heating time varies from 60 to 80 seconds, in order to be used and achieve the best results.

In this product we have distinguished several qualities and separated them into pros and cons so that it is easier for you to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, before making a hasty purchase. 


Temperature: The device reaches a maximum temperature of 80°C, which translates into shorter curling time and a longer lasting effect. 

Design: Thanks to its compact size, this curling iron takes up little space inside the makeup case and its ergonomic format favors a correct grip during use.

Power: A USB cable is included to charge the battery of the curler that offers approximately 2 hours of operation.


Maintenance: The curling iron cannot be washed with water. If mascara is stained, it should be wiped with a soft cloth after use.

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electric eyelash curler

3. Euliq Electric Eyelash Curler Fast Heating Natural Curl 

Unlike manual models, an electric eyelash curler uses heat to achieve a faster, longer lasting and natural curved design, without the risk of pinching the skin. 

In this sense, if you are looking for the best eyelash curler in this category, the Euliq BDKJ-2 model may be the answer to your question, since it adjusts to 4 temperature levels: 65°, 75°, 85° and 95°. °C, respectively, showing the degrees on its LCD screen for better control of the device.

Compared to other similar models, this one is distinguished by a 360° head to favor a more natural curve of the eyelashes. In addition, it includes a cleaning brush and a protective cap for the head. As for power, it comes with a USB cable so you can use the mobile charger or an external battery to power its battery for two hours. 

Although it seems easy to decide which eyelash curler to buy, we recommend you review all the features that we distinguish in this model. 


Temperature: The 2W power of this device allows you to adjust different temperature levels, varying from 65° to 95°C.

Head: The 360° design of the head favors a more natural curve of the eyelashes to achieve a beautiful curl effect in a short time.

Accessories: A protective cap for the head and a cleaning brush are included to remove impurities and traces of mascara. So you can maintain its hygiene with ease. 


Cleaning: The curling iron cannot be washed with water because its mechanism would be damaged. 

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4. Mistik Beauty Electric Eyelash Curler with Digital Control

The Mistik electric eyelash curler has become an indispensable tool for makeup enthusiasts, as well as for professional stylists who achieve a better effect on their clients’ eyelashes and very safely, without the risk of damaging their skin as can happen with a manual curling iron. 

In this model, we highlight its unique temperature level, 80°C, which allows natural curling, well-defined and long-lasting curves in a short time, because it only needs a few seconds to heat up completely. Regarding its operation, this is determined by a small 3.7V lithium battery.

In addition, the LCD screen allows you to view the temperature and see the battery level to charge the curling iron in a timely manner. For this, a USB cable is included that you can connect to the mobile charger, to the computer or to an external battery to power it.

Regarding other features of this device, we prefer to make a summary of pros and cons and invite you to read it below, in this way you can make a comparison between all the products that we present in our selection.


Presentation: The curling iron comes in a box with internal protection and includes a cloth bag for compact storage, ideal for travel.

Use: This model is easy to use, it heats up in a few seconds and by gently combing the eyelashes, a natural and long-lasting curl is achieved. 

Power and cleaning: A USB cable is included to charge the device when necessary, a functional brush to clean the curling iron and a protective cap for the head. 


Heat levels: The temperature cannot be adjusted to different levels, as it only reaches 80°C. 

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Other products

5. Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler 1 ea 52000

In the category of eyelash curlers there are other products that users continue to prefer instead of thermal models, and we are not talking about anything other than the manual curler. 

In this case, we present the Kevyn Aucoin model, a renowned makeup artist who has his own line of cosmetics and makeup, whose main characteristic is that it is slightly larger than conventional curlers, which favors a better hold of the eyelashes because it adjusts to the natural shape of the eye.

We can also say that this curling iron is made of stainless steel, it is light and its ergonomic design allows for easy use. For its part, the red silicone pad contrasts with the lash line to favor precision during curling, avoiding pinching the skin.

Kevyn Aucoin has specialized in making makeup products that can complement the use of this instrument. For this reason, some users may think that it is the best brand of eyelash curlers, so we summarize the characteristics of this product below.


Materials: The curling iron is made of stainless steel and nickel to offer high durability and resistance, while maintaining a lightweight and ergonomic design.

Replacement: An extra silicone pad is included to make the replacement when the first one is damaged.

Cleaning: The pad can be washed with soap and water and allowed to dry well before placing it back on the curler.


Price: The value of this product is much higher than some electronic models. But, the brand endorsement justifies the high cost. 

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6. Tweezerman 1034-R Classic Eyelash Curler with Pads

There is no doubt that traditional eyelash curlers are still among the best sellers, as many users prefer the manual mechanism of these instruments because they do not consume any type of energy.

In this regard, Tweezerman offers the 1034-R model that stands out, among other products, for the rounded design of the silicone pad that improves the curl of the eyelash. Furthermore, 3 replacement pads are included representing a smart purchase for a functional instrument and supply of spare parts. 

Regarding the curler, the double metal body and its ergonomic design allow a much simpler use and without the risk of pinching the skin thanks to the cavity that adapts to the different types of eye sockets. 

The evaluation of the positive and negative aspects, which we have found in this device, will help you to make a comparison of its characteristics. In addition, you will be able to compare them with the other products on our list, so do not miss the next section.


Supply: This curling iron comes with 3 replacement pads to have enough supply for a long time, even if you use the instrument frequently.

Design: The double metal body with small eyes facilitates a good grip for delicate hands and thin fingers, while the format of the head adapts to different types of eye sockets.

Effect: The curves of the eyelashes are maintained for a long time, and the manufacturer recommends using the curler before and after applying the mascara.


Pressure: Because it is a manual device, pressure must be applied carefully so as not to trap the eyelid skin between the pieces, because if it is not used correctly, this is inevitable.

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7. Beter Curler nickel plated 1 pc

It seems difficult to think that a cheap product is of good quality, but this manual eyelash curler proves that it is possible; since, unlike other similar products, it is obtained at a low cost to give a good finish to eye makeup. 

For this reason, some users have rated it as the best price-quality eyelash curler, representing a good investment for those young women who are starting to acquire their makeup products and want to get a good set of tools without significantly affecting their pocket..

About this curling iron we can say that it has been made of nickel with the right size to favor a correct grip, while the handle has an automatic return to facilitate its use. 

For its part, the silicone band helps protect the eyelashes, also improving the finish of the curvature to make it more natural. 

As you can see, all the characteristics of this model, in addition to being one of the cheapest, make it a considerable option to start using a conventional eyelash curler and obtain beautiful results in your makeup.


Format: The curling iron is made of nickel with a delicate and ergonomic size to provide a good grip.

Curvature: The silicone pad favors the curvature of the eyelashes with a more natural and long-lasting finish, without damaging them.

Price: This model has an affordable cost and its performance is efficient, so it can be a good investment.


Pads: Does not come with replacement pads.

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8. Kapmore Eyelash Curler Curling Tool 

Among other cheap products that we can recommend in this category, we have the Kapmore model that promises more glamorous lashes thanks to the other accessories included.

First of all, the curling iron stands out as such, with a non-slip design on the plastic handle that improves grip for beginners. Second, the adaptation of the curler for all types of eyes makes it an important tool for amateur or professional makeup artists. 

The pad, for its part, is made of silicone and can give all the lashes a more natural curve if the right pressure is exerted, without pulling or breaking them. 

It should be noted that this manual curler includes an eyebrow tweezer with a slanted edge design and very easy handling to remove unwanted hair. Also, there is a small lash comb that enhances the effect of the curler by helping to separate each hair and remove mascara residue. 

Now, we invite you to read the positive and negative aspects that we found in this product, widely recommended by users. 


Construction: The curling iron has a plastic handle with a non-slip design that also favors the grip, especially for beginners in the use of this tool.

Accessories: The purchase of this product includes 5 replacement silicone pads, an eyebrow tweezer and an eyelash comb that improves the effect of the curler.

Design: The combination of black and fuchsia on the body of the curling iron, as well as on its accessories, increases its appeal, resulting in a functional and beautiful tool for any makeup kit.


Root: Some users have had difficulty reaching the root of the lashes due to the thickness of the pad.

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Shopping guide

When it comes to makeup, there is an infallible tip and that is that the impact of your eyes will depend on a good curl of the eyelashes, and although many mascaras on the market promise voluminous effects, natural elongation, among others, the most ideal thing is to have the instrument suitable for giving lashes a better appearance. For this reason, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best eyelash curler, where you will learn how to choose the most suitable model for you.  

curling iron type

According to historical data, in 1931 the first eyelash curler was patented, which gained a lot of popularity due to its affordable price and ease of use. Its invention is credited to Charles Stickel and William McDonnell.

Although it has undergone some changes and improvements in almost 90 years since its creation, its operating principle is very simple and consists of placing the eyelashes on the curler pad, closing the pliers for about 10 seconds. After this time, the curler is slowly opened so as not to pull the eyelashes and it is removed from the eye. 

Now, although it seems very simple in theory, in practice many users find it difficult to use a manual eyelash curler.

Consequently, an electronic version was developed, whose design is manageable and its use totally intuitive. It is a pencil-shaped curler, similar to an eyelash comb, which comes with a thermal head and a resistance inside that heats up to a moderate and safe temperature for this specific area of ​​the face.

It is precisely the action of heat that allows the lashes to be modeled and achieve a lasting curved effect. Unlike the manual curler, with this device you only have to comb your eyelashes as if you were applying mascara, but exerting slight pressure for a few seconds.  

Temperature and autonomy

If you have decided to try one of these new devices, you will notice that when comparing eyelash curlers there are different models with different temperature levels. 

Some of them only reach between 40 and 60°C, but there are models with higher power that can reach up to 95°C and have a selector to choose the appropriate level. The advantage of this is that a higher heating of the thermal head allows a faster curl of the eyelashes, allowing you to save time when applying makeup.

It is important to note that these temperature levels are tolerable and safe to use in this area, but being able to select the heat level allows us to see how much temperature we can withstand during curling. 

Now, for these devices to work properly they use a battery that powers their system. Considering how much it costs and the long-term savings, it is advisable to choose a model with USB recharging, as this way you can charge it with an external battery, the mobile charger or even the computer. 

Most of these devices offer a maximum autonomy of two hours and the charging time is for a similar period. Taking into account that curling lashes takes little time, this charge will serve several uses. 

Pads and spare parts

In the case of manual models, it is very important to check the type of pad they incorporate. Usually this can be rubber or silicone. This last material has become popular for its easy maintenance and the care it offers to the eyelashes, preventing them from breaking and providing a more natural curling finish. 

In this sense, many models incorporate a pair or more replacement pads, since after several uses they can deteriorate, especially if they are not cleaned frequently.

In this way, the spare parts avoid the need to buy a new curling iron, protecting your investment for longer. For this reason, regardless of whether you have chosen an economical model, be sure to check if it includes several pads or what the price of the spare parts is. 

grip and maintenance

In both the thermal and manual models, the grip of the curling iron is a very important factor for its correct use. That is why manufacturers are concerned about offering non-slip models in the case of manuals and whose holes have the right size to place the fingers comfortably.

For their part, electronic devices with their pencil-type format have an ergonomic and light design that favors grip and, consequently, proper use. 

Regarding the maintenance of these tools, it is necessary to highlight the importance of cleaning them after each use to avoid accumulating dirt that can affect visual health, but also the performance of the device. 

For manual curlers, it is necessary to clean the pad with soap and water or with a make-up remover wipe. But, in the case of thermal ones, they must be cleaned with a dry cloth. 

Some products include a cleaning brush that allows you to remove any dirt or residue from the mask, since many of these electronic devices advise its use after applying the mask for a better effect. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an eyelash curler?

If it is a manual curler, it is recommended to use it with clean eyelashes, that is, without applying mascara, placing the open curler in front of the eye and with the eyelashes on the pad, being careful not to catch any portion of the eyelid skin. Then close it and press gently but firmly, turning upwards to better curl the lashes. Finally, it should be opened slightly and the procedure repeated in the other eye.  

But, if you have a thermal curler, you can use this before and after applying mascara, combing your lashes and putting pressure on them to curl them with the heat of the head. 

 Q2: How to make a homemade eyelash curler?

As it is a delicate area of ​​the body, we recommend using certified products recommended by professionals. However, searching online on how to curl your lashes without one of these tools, we found some cheap and safe techniques to do it. 

One of them is to use a teaspoon and wet it with hot tap water, dry it and place it horizontally on the eyelid. The lower edge of the spoon should be aligned with the upper flanges to press your finger on the hot metal for about 30 seconds. This method can also be applied to the lower lashes.

Another way to do it is by using a cotton swab and mascara. You only need to apply one or two coats of mascara and while it’s wet, use the plastic part of the wand, holding it horizontally along your upper lashes and pressing up to curl them. 

Q3: How to clean the eyelash curler?

It is recommended to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard. Although in general terms, the pad can be removed from manual curlers to wash it with soap and water, letting it dry well before putting it back on. A wet wipe or makeup remover can also be used. 

In the case of electronic models, these are not waterproof, so they should be cleaned with a soft cloth or a small brush. For this reason, some products incorporate a cleaning brush to keep the head of the curling iron free of traces of makeup.

Q4: When to use the eyelash curler?

The curler is useful for curling your lashes naturally. You can do this when you want to wear a neutral makeup, dispensing with the mascara because it gives a more open effect to the look. 

It can also be used before applying the mascara, in the case of manual curlers, and after applying it if you use a thermal model. In any of these cases, the eyelash curler will help you beautify your look, achieving a natural and attractive curl.

On the other hand, its use is also recommended before applying the false eyelashes, because in this way the natural eyelash will be curled and will have the same orientation as the synthetic one.

Q5: How does a thermal eyelash curler work?

This device works with heat to model the eyelashes. Some look like a mascara applicator and it is in the head where the heating element or ceramic is located to transmit heat to them and curl them while combing and pressing gently. 

For its operation, the device incorporates batteries or a rechargeable battery, a power button and, in some cases, a temperature selector. It should be allowed to heat for about 10 or 20 seconds, depending on the power of the curler, and then you can proceed to comb the eyelashes.

Q6: How to charge an electric eyelash curler?

Many of these devices require an initial charge before first use. They typically take no more than two hours to complete, and most come with their own USB cable. So you only have to connect them to a power source such as your mobile charger, a computer or even an external battery until the full charge indicator is displayed. 

Q7: How to prepare the eyelash curler?

Some people recommend applying a little petroleum jelly or aloe vera gel to the lashes from the root before using the curler, this creates a wet look on the lashes and using the curler will make them look longer and thicker.

Remember that both your eyelashes and eyelids must be clean and free of residue. The curling iron, meanwhile, must also be clean. If it is a manual one, it is advisable to pass a cotton swab with alcohol and let it dry well before using it. If it is thermal, it is recommended to clean it with a small brush and heat it at maximum temperature for a few seconds before combing the lashes. After applying the mask and using the device, allow it to cool down before cleaning it and putting on the protective head cap. 

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