The 8 Best Hair Removal Creams of 2022

Depilatory Cream – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Searching for the best way to remove body hair has led men and women to try different techniques and processes; but one of the most effective products are depilatory creams, among which Collistar AEP01461 stands out, a formula suitable for all skin types, specially designed for men; easy to apply and provides revitalization to different areas of the body. On the other hand, there is Veet Sensitive Skin, a cream for women that, in addition to removing hair, moisturizes the skin, is easily applied and its effect is much longer lasting than using razors.

The 8 Best Hair Removal Creams – Opinions 2022

If you have never used this type of product to remove body hair, we recommend you review our list of the best depilatory creams, so that you know their characteristics, application and the opinions that other users have of them. This way you will have adequate information to make an intelligent purchase.

depilatory cream for men

1. Collistar Uomo Men Hair Removal Cream

Getting rid of hair is not something that only women do, as some men also prefer to remove it from their body. With them in mind, Collistar has created this depilatory cream for men that, in addition to being easy to apply, can work from the first few minutes of application.

This product, presented in a practical bottle that dispenses the amount through the nozzle, has a formula that works effectively to remove hair from men, without irritating, making it a suitable cream for men with sensitive skin.

In addition to allowing you to remove facial hair with ease, this cream also offers other benefits, such as hydration of the body and a calming effect that will leave the skin softer and smoother. By simply applying it to your hand, placing it on the area to be waxed and waiting a few minutes, you can effectively get rid of hair.

Men’s hair is usually thick, so they need a powerful cream to get rid of it, like this model from Collistar.


Benefits: In addition to helping with hair removal, this cream also relaxes the skin and moisturizes it.

Formula: With sensitive people in mind, this product is also suitable for those with delicate skin.

Application: Applying this product is really simple, because by squeezing the bottle you can obtain a small amount of cream and wait a few minutes for the hair to fall out when you remove the product.


Consistency: You may consider this cream somewhat liquid, so it is not recommended to combine it with water.

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Veet Hair Removal Cream

2. Veet Body Hair Removal Cream for Women With Pump 

For women with sensitive skin, this Veet hair removal cream is the solution to remove hair painlessly and in a short time, as it is formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E that protect the dermis during the hair removal process, in addition to moisturizing it for up to 24 hours..

With a very simple way of application, this is one of the best depilatory creams of 2022 that comes in a 400 ml presentation with a functional dispenser to obtain the necessary amount, avoiding waste.

The application is made with the included spatula to spread the cream in the area to be depilated, leave it to act for 5 minutes and begin to remove it in a small area. If the hair resists, it will be necessary to leave it for 5 more minutes. After this time, the same spatula is used to remove the cream and the skin is rinsed with plenty of water.

Due to its long history and numerous products for female hair removal, many users believe that Veet is the best brand of hair removal cream, and this model has several highlights that we separate into pros and cons below.


Formula: Dry skin will benefit from aloe vera and vitamin D. These are ingredients that moisturize the skin for up to 24 hours after waxing.

Dosage: The 400 ml bottle comes with a very functional dispenser to obtain a small amount of cream and cover the areas to be depilated, avoiding excesses.

Application: A spatula is included to spread the cream on the skin and remove it later, without having to stain your hands.


Limitation: This cream cannot be applied to the perianal area, face or nipples, for these parts you must use another specialized product.

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facial depilatory cream

3. Breett Depilatory Cream Women Men Facial Bikini Forearm

Some products to remove body hair are abrasive if you want to use them on the face, as this skin is more susceptible than other parts of the body. For this reason, Breett has formulated this facial depilatory cream with aloe vera and vitamin E, which removes hair in a short time and moisturizes the skin.

In this sense, Breett may be the answer to which is the best depilatory cream, since it also works in other areas of the body such as armpits, arms, legs and bikini area, so it is a very functional product to wax almost all the time. body.

Regarding the presentation, this product comes in a compact bottle of 125 ml, which can be carried in your bag or toiletry bag to shave on your trips and keep your skin much silkier.

Of this product we highlight its pleasant fragrance and simple application, in addition to other characteristics that we summarize in the pros and cons section that we invite you to read.


Utility: This cream is suitable for mainly removing facial hair as well as mustaches. It can also be used on the arms, legs and underarms, highlighting its versatility.

Action time: The product is applied to the area to be treated and in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes the hair is easily removed using a soft towel or sponge. 

Presentation: The 125 ml bottle of this cream is compact and easy to carry in your bag, backpack or toiletry bag to wax on any occasion.


Irritation: If you have any type of injury or wound on the skin, its application is not recommended, because it can make the area redder and more irritated. 

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Depilatory cream for genitals for men

4. No Hair Crew Premium Extra Gentle Intimate Hair Removal Cream

For many men, the quickest and most discreet way to shave their private parts has been with a clipper. However, the cuts and itching derived from this process can last for many days, causing discomfort at all times and at any time.

It is for this reason that a genital depilatory cream for men like No Hair Crew has gained much acceptance among users; because its totally vegan formula is designed to remove hair from the buttocks, groin and scrotum, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

This product stands out for its speed of action, since it can be removed in just 3 minutes after its application. This makes many users rate it as the best hair removal cream for men.

If you no longer want to shave your intimate area and you don’t know which depilatory cream to buy for this part of the body, we invite you to read the summary of the pros and cons of the No Hair Crew.


Ingredients: Marine algae are some of the ingredients in this vegan hair removal formula that offers a calming effect. 

Precision: With the included spatula, the product can be applied to the intimate parts with great precision and it is also used to remove it. 

Speed: The manufacturer indicates that 3 minutes are enough to remove unwanted hair. But, some users prefer to leave it for 5-6 minutes for greater effectiveness.


Aroma: The fragrance of this cream is not very pleasant, according to some users, but thanks to its fast action the smell is not long lasting.

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Depilatory cream for the intimate area

5. Smoopeel Hair removal intimate area 300 g powder/cream

Although for many men and women depilation of their intimate parts with hot wax is already part of their aesthetic routine, others continue to use razors for fear of the pain of this depilation. But, the use of the blades also has adverse effects. 

Consequently, we currently find a wide range if we are looking for a depilatory cream for the genitals, especially if we want formulas with natural ingredients, for a less abrasive action on the skin. One solution is this depilatory cream for the intimate area from Smoopeel made with a combination of different minerals such as calcium carbonate, strontium hydroxide, sulfur, among others, which comes in a 300-gram powder presentation that you must prepare, according to the instructions before application.

As it is a natural formula, this product serves as a depilatory cream for the pubis and if used regularly it can delay hair growth, making it softer when it grows.

It is normal to have doubts about this product, but with the summary of its characteristics you will be able to learn more about its benefits.


Unisex: The high-quality mineral formula in this depilatory cream is suitable for men and women, covering different areas of the body, including the pubis and genitals.

Instructions: The product includes clear instructions on how to prepare the cream and its correct application to obtain good results.

Fragrance-free: As it is a mineral product with no additives, this cream is fragrance-free.


Varied results: The manufacturer claims that results will vary depending on skin type, thickness, and hair density, so not all users get the finish they want.

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Other products

6. Amazon Brand Solimo Hair Removal Cream for Normal Skin

If you don’t suffer from sensitive skin, and want a cheap hair removal cream, then this product might be for you. Designed for normal skin, this product is convenient even with long and short hair. It is a pack of 4 units of 200 ml each bottle, so that you always have cream at home.

Just by waiting about 3 or 6 minutes you will begin to see the disappearance of your hair. To achieve this, the product has had to go through studies that validate its effectiveness, since they leave the skin without hair and with a fairly soft touch. Also, after waxing, the hairs begin to grow more slowly and finer, so you will need less and less cream.

When you apply this depilatory cream, you will notice that your skin will remain brighter and more exfoliated, as that is one of the purposes. In addition, its orange smell will leave your body with that rich aroma.

Sometimes the cheapest can be the best, and Solimo proves it with this alternative, as it offers quality and quantity for a low cost.


Quantity: With this purchase you will get 4 bottles of 200 ml each, that is, 800 ml counting all the content.

Smell: The mild orange scent can be very good, as it keeps your face fresh at all times.

Benefits: By using this product you will not only remove hair, it also serves to exfoliate and moisturize.


Skin: Sensitive people should not use this product, as it is not made for them. Doing so may have negative results.

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7. Taky Duo Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream

Of the cheap models on this list, the Taky Duo also stands out as the best value for money depilatory cream, as it comes in a 200 ml presentation, its cost is highly competitive and the positive opinions of users confirm its effectiveness.

About its formula we must mention that it contains moisturizing ingredients such as mint and green tea that nourish and soften the skin after waxing. Thanks to this, the effect is optimized and visible signs of irritation are reduced.

Depending on the type of skin and the thickness of the hair, this cream may need only 3 minutes to show its results, while in some cases it can be left for a maximum time of 6 minutes for greater effectiveness.

For its part, the included spatula facilitates the application and subsequent removal of the product, as it is recommended to avoid direct contact with water while the cream is acting. 

This is one of the cheapest products suggested by users and here we present its features in the form of pros and cons.


Quantity: Taky Cream comes in a 200ml tube, a good quantity for the low cost. 

Benefits: Hydration is another benefit of this cream, as it contains green tea and mint that soften the skin and nourish it.

Action: This product takes between 3 and 6 minutes to act to remove body hair, the exposure time being short for greater practicality. 


Allergy: Some cases of allergy have been recorded in the most sensitive skin, so it is recommended to do a test on a small area and wait 24 hours to see if it causes any irritation.

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8. Vichy Depilatory Cream 150ml

The most famous cosmetic laboratories and specialists could not be left behind when it comes to depilatory creams, as it is a product whose demand is increasing.

In this sense, Vichy, the French brand, presents its hair removal cream formulated with salts of thioglycolic acid, this ingredient is responsible for removing unwanted hair. On the other hand, there are Vichy thermal water and sweet almond oil to soothe and nourish the skin, respectively.

In this way, the dermis does not suffer from the abrasion of hair removal, the hair takes longer to grow and the skin feels soft to the touch. For its application, this product includes a spatula that allows a thick layer to be spread on the area to be depilated, the action time can be from 4 to 6 minutes, but never exceed 10 minutes, to finally remove it with the same spatula.

The characteristics of this product can be separated into positive and negative aspects, to make it easier for you to make a comparison. Here is our summary.


Presentation: The 150 ml tube of this cream allows easy storage as well as the simple use of the product, without wasting it.

Sensitivity: The properties of Vichy cream are effective for the most sensitive skin, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and redness.

Smell: The fragrance of this cream is very mild, it does not permeate the skin so it does not bother during or after its application.


Cost: The price of this cosmetic is high compared to the others. But, the quality of Vichy products is worth the investment.

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Shopping guide

Depilatory creams have become a beauty product widely used today by men and women, as most want to show a hair-free body and without suffering painful waxing sessions. So if you are looking for an effective and easy to apply product, we recommend you first read our guide to buying the best depilatory cream. 

formula and fragrance

Before starting a comparison of depilatory creams, it is necessary to know that some products can cause skin irritation as a result of hair removal. For this reason it is important to look for cosmetics that also include moisturizing and soothing ingredients to mitigate skin abrasion during hair removal. 

In the market we can find these beauty products that include natural ingredients in their formula such as mint, cocoa butter, aloe vera, green tea, vitamin E and even seaweed to moisturize the skin, calm irritation and soften it. These components also favor the weakening of the hair and delay its growth. 

Most of these cosmetics cannot avoid having a very particular smell, which can even be unpleasant for the most delicate noses. That is why many manufacturers add fragrances or essential oils to make the use of the cream more tolerable. 

It is also possible to obtain formulas based on minerals, which are totally odorless, while others cannot hide their smell with artificial aromas, for which it is recommended to ventilate the space well when applying the cream and then rinse with plenty of water. 


One factor that influences how much a depilatory cream costs is, without a doubt, the presentation; because the amount of product will determine its duration or the times you can use it. In this sense, there are creams that come in 60 ml, 125 ml, 200 ml or 400 ml tubes, but the price can also differ depending on the brand, since there are 200 ml cosmetics from very renowned brands, whose value can be more higher than the 400 ml presentation of another manufacturer.

For these cases it is important to consider the other characteristics of the cream such as speed, application and effectiveness, aspects that we will delve into in the following sections.

But before we must mention that it is convenient to acquire those creams that include a spatula or sponge to distribute the cosmetic on the skin, in this way you avoid touching it directly and that the fragrance, if you have it, penetrates your fingers. Generally, this supplement does not affect the price of the depilatory cream.

Application and time of action

The main unknown for many users when in doubt about whether to buy a depilatory cream or not is knowing how to apply it. In general, it is the same process: the product includes a spatula with which the cream must be distributed in the area to be depilated, a thick or thinner layer must be applied, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and left to act for the time stipulated. Later, with the same spatula, a small part of the cream is removed to see if the hair comes off easily. If this does not happen, it will be necessary to leave the cream for a few more minutes. 

After that time, the spatula is used to remove the cream with the hair. Finally, the skin is rinsed with plenty of water. For this reason, many manufacturers suggest epilation a few minutes before bathing.

Now, this procedure may vary slightly from one brand to another. Especially to what time of action refers. Some highly efficient creams only need three minutes to show their results. Other products may take 10-20 minutes to work.

Whatever the case, we emphasize the importance of not exceeding the maximum time established by the manufacturer, since if you leave the cream for a long period on the skin, it can suffer from burns, allergies and irritations.

Areas to wax

If you are thinking of buying a good and cheap depilatory cream, we suggest you identify which parts of the body that product is suitable for. This is very important because some cosmetics can be specific for the intimate area, while others only act effectively on more exposed and larger areas such as legs, arms, back, etc.

Also, to wax the face you will need a product designed for this area, since you cannot use the same cream with which you wax your legs to remove mustache and facial hair. 

The advantage is that multipurpose and special formulas have now been developed, so you can use the same cream for almost the entire body. Similarly, some products are specific for female or male hair removal, since their components are less or more abrasive to remove different types of hair. Let us remember that depending on the type of skin and genetics of the person, the hair can vary a lot from one part of the body to another, especially in the pubis. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a depilatory cream?

Depilatory cream is used as a painless technique to replace the use of razors, hot wax and other ways of removing body hair. The formula of this can vary from one brand to another, which is why it is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions to know how to apply it correctly. In general, you should apply a thick layer of the product with the help of the included spatula and distribute it in the area to be depilated, leave it to act for several minutes and remove it after some time. In this sense, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve excellent results.

Q2: How does hair removal cream work?

The composition of the depilatory cream weakens the protein structure of the hair, keratin. During the time of action it becomes thinner, dissolving the base of each hair until they can be easily removed or broken by removing the cream. The alkaline chemicals present in this beauty product are responsible for this function and although they can cause allergies in the most sensitive skin, they are safe ingredients for frequent use. 

Q3: How does the depilatory cream that weakens the hair work?

The depilatory cream has some chemical agents that, when they come into contact with the hair, are capable of reducing them into small particles that are easy to remove with the help of a spatula. The key to this removal is in the keratin that protects the hair from external aggressions, but that the depilatory cream is capable of weakening to cause body hair to fall out. The best thing about this process is that it is painless because the follicles are not removed. 

On the other hand, some products incorporate growth inhibitors that act directly on the hair follicles so that the hair grows weaker and finer, being much less noticeable than before waxing. 

Q4: How to shave your armpits with a depilatory cream?

Many hair removal creams recommend epilation before showering. Making sure your armpits are clean and dry, spread the cream on your armpits with a spatula and leave it to act for the time indicated in the instructions. After the time has elapsed, remove a small part to see if it had an effect. If the hair still resists, leave the cream on for a few minutes but without exceeding the maximum recommended time. Finally, remove all the cream and rinse with plenty of water. 

It is not advised to use deodorant after waxing or to carry out activities that accelerate sweating, so it is better to do this at night before going to sleep and use a post-waxing moisturizer. 

Q5: How to make a depilatory cream at home?

Creating a depilatory cream at home that is just as effective and painless as the ones you can buy online is a bit difficult, as chemicals and minerals are used to make it. However, there are some recipes for homemade sugar-based depilatory waxes or creams that work efficiently for quick hair removal. 

To make the most popular you will need 1 cup of sugar, ¼ cup of lemon juice and ¼ cup of water. You must place all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring them to a slow fire, stirring until the sugar dissolves as if it were a ball point candy. 

When ready, the mixture should be allowed to cool a bit, otherwise it could seriously burn your skin. Then you can apply it as if it were wax strips. It is normal for the skin to be red after this waxing, to calm it you can apply aloe vera directly on the treated area.

Q6: How to wax pubes with depilatory cream?

First of all, you must make sure to choose a product indicated exclusively for the pubic and intimate area, otherwise another regular depilatory cream could cause irritation in this area. Remember to carefully read the product instructions for its correct application and it is advisable that the hair is not too long so that the product works better.

Once you rinse the waxed area well, it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream to refresh the pubic area and exfoliate this area frequently to prevent new hair from growing ingrown.

Q7: How to treat a depilatory cream burn?

It is best to follow the instructions and not exceed the time indicated by the depilatory cream. But, if you have a minor burn, keep the affected area under cold water for 20 minutes, which will help relieve burning and irritation. It will also serve to wash the area well and keep it sanitized. 

It is also advisable to use aloe vera gel, previously refrigerated, so that the wound heals faster.

But, if the burn is very serious, oozes some secretion and is painful, you should go to the doctor to receive the appropriate treatment.

Q8: Which is better: razor or depilatory cream?

Both techniques are the most traditional for home waxing, but there is no doubt that the razor leaves a rough feeling on the skin and the hair begins to grow almost immediately after shaving. With depilatory cream, on the contrary, the skin is softer and the hair is weakened by the action of its ingredients, so its tip is rounded and

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