The 8 Best Highlighters of 2022

Illuminator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Currently, women consider makeup as an everyday occurrence and have made highlighter one of the fundamental products of their daily beauty routine. Said cosmetic is appropriate for the face to stand out, since it provides light and shine. Therefore, if you want to know some recommendations, first we present the Maybelline New York Master Strobing Stick illuminator, its formula based on micropearls and creamy texture provides the good face effect, to look natural on a daily basis. For its part, the L’Oréal Paris Infallible, provides up to 24 hours of that touch of light that it gives to the face without the annoying mask effect.

The 8 Best Illuminators – Opinions 2022

Nowadays it is fashionable to show a radiant face full of light, which highlights each faction of it. For this reason, in the market we can find a wide variety of illuminators. Hence, to make your search easier, we have prepared a selection of 8 highlighters that show great acceptance among many users.

Maybelline Highlighter


1. Maybelline New York Master Strobing Stick Highlighter

The Maybelline New York Master Strobing Stick highlighter is considered one of the best highlighters of 2022 not only for being one of the cheap highlighters, but also for presenting a practical stick-shaped design, which allows a faster, more comfortable and easier application.

Speaking a little about its composition, it can be mentioned that this illuminator has a new formula, which includes micro-fine pearls and a creamy texture, which provides a good-looking effect with its application, since it gives a natural luminous look that defines and enhances features.

On the other hand, this highlighter is recommended for all skin types, so it can be used safely. Another aspect that makes this illuminator stand out is that you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to use it, you just need to apply it to the parts of the face you want to illuminate and then blend it with your fingertips.

In this product you could find the best illuminator for 10 euros. Therefore, we invite you to consult its pros and cons.


Strobing Effect: Enhances features in the eye and cheek area by creating a luminous effect.

Size: It is shaped like a lipstick, so its compact size is easy to carry everywhere.

Tones: It is available in two colors, for different skin tones.

Formula: Its new light and creamy formula facilitates a fluid and defined application.


Effect: Its effect is pearly and not shiny. However, it could be to the liking of many women. 

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loreal highlighter


2. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Illuminating Stick 24h

If you want to add a radiant, luminous touch full of vitality, even when your face may look tired at times, this Loreal illuminator will allow you to give light in a natural way to those areas that you want to highlight and enhance. Its creamy and very light texture blends with the skin in a flattering way, avoiding the undesirable mask effect, an important characteristic when choosing the best highlighter for your face.

In terms of design, the highlighter stick is practical and convenient to take everywhere, as it is shaped like a lipstick and contains nine grams. Likewise, it is available in two different shades for light and dark skin, standing out for lasting up to 24 hours on your face. In addition, this highlighter is three in one, since it can be used as a highlighter, shadow and lipstick, since it adapts to each skin type.

The best highlighter of the moment must be adjusted to the tastes and needs of each woman. Hence, it is convenient to know more about this product.


Texture: It is creamy and melts easily, so it adapts to all skin types.

Duration: Its effect can last up to 24 continuous hours, allowing you to maintain a face with good finishes and without frequent touch-ups.

Formula: It has a high pigmentation, which is why it renders and sculpts your face easily.

Presentation: Its innovative and modern stick-shaped design is comfortable to use.


Container: It is made of compact plastic, therefore, care must be taken when storing it so that it does not deteriorate.

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Essence Highlighter


3. Essence Glow to Go Highlighter Palette

Most women want a glowing tan on their face, neck, décolleté and shoulders at all times, even in winter. The Essence Glow to Go illuminator offers us a palette with four powder tones, two light ones to illuminate and two dark ones to tan; that can be applied individually or combined on your face, with a brush or with your fingers. It should be noted that this highlighter draws attention for its smooth texture and high pigmentation, so you can have a summer-looking glow as a result.

One of the advantages of this palette is that it adapts to all skin types, so you can apply and spread these illuminators on your skin without any problem. On the other hand, the content of this product is 14 grams in a convenient presentation to take anywhere, thanks to its compact design.

In the search for the best brand of illuminators, it is important to detail the benefits it provides. For this reason, learn more about it in the following pros and cons of your product. 


Quantity: This product contains 14 grams distributed in powders of 4 different shades.

Effect: It has very fine particles that melt into the skin, giving the appearance of a well-groomed complexion.

Texture: The texture of the powders is very soft, so its application is pleasant.

Finish: It has 2 pastel tones to illuminate and 2 darker tones to tan the skin, being very complete. 


Presentation: The powders could crumble on impact against any surface.

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liquid highlighter


4. L’Oréal Paris Wake Up & Glow Glow Mon Amour Illuminating Drops

This liquid illuminator L’Oréal Paris Glow Mon Amour is a product that innovates in the market, both for its presentation and for containing ingredients of natural origin, since its super-pigmented formula is enriched with coconut oil, being more kind to health. of your skin In addition, it comes with an applicator to spread the highlighter easily, without wasting a drop, leaving as a result a radiant face with a glow effect. Hence, it could be the best value for money highlighter, since it offers a good finish at a low cost.

Its light and fluid texture also allows it to be used as a highlighter for eyes, cheekbones, eyebrows and septum, as it blends very well on the skin, providing a natural and luminous appearance. Also, we must highlight that it is available in two shades, one light and one dark to adapt to the demands of any skin color.

This model is considered one of the cheapest. Therefore, we invite you to review its advantages and disadvantages in the pros and cons section.


Performance: With just three drops you can get good coverage of the face.

Application: It can be used alone or combined with a moisturizer.

Natural elements: It is enriched with coconut oil, which is a beneficial ingredient for the skin.

Effect: Offers a flattering glow finish to all skin types, notably improving the most tired.


Color: You must choose the tone that is most suitable for your skin, otherwise the glow effect may not be noticeable enough.

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w7 illuminator

5. W7 The Cheeky Trio 3-in-1 Palette with Bronzer

The w7 141122 highlighter offers a complete palette that gives shape and color to the face, since it contains three basic products that are used in any makeup routine in the same case, such as: an ivory tone highlighter, a warm pink blush and a tan bronzer. With this product you can easily apply contouring and strobing techniques on your face with a good finish.

When choosing a highlighter, you should not only ask yourself which is the best highlighter on the market, it is also important to check if the item is made with ingredients that can cause a problem for your skin. Fortunately, this product has ecological properties and is free of parabens, which is why it is indicated for any type of skin. In addition, its powder format contains soft particles, which allow the application to be comfortable and fluid.  

This palette is practical to carry in your bag everywhere. You can finish knowing its qualities below.


Packaging: They come in a single metal pallet, which can withstand bumps or falls.

3 in 1: This palette can recreate a semi-professional makeup, as it provides color, light and depth.

Portability: The palette measures 21 x 2 x 21 cm, and weighs 14 grams, making it easy to carry in any bag.

Color: Although it only brings a color palette to choose from, they are versatile shades that can cover the needs of your makeup and the desired finish.


Resistance: The powders should not be pressed with force, because they can come loose.

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becca highlighter

6. Becca Cosmetics Illuminator

The becca B-PROSSPP002 highlighter captures our attention, thanks to its Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed effect. It is an illuminating powder with a creamy texture, which leaves the skin with a silky effect, through multiple shades of pearlescent mineral pigments, which enhance the nuances of the face. Likewise, these elements are mixed with liquid ingredients, which create a special formula that prevents the formation of fine lines and, in turn, the skin from drying out.

This illuminator is presented in a beautiful round black container, which allows you to contain nine grams of this product in a Lilac Geode tone. Likewise, this highlighter is free of chemical components, such as phthalates, fragrances and sulfates; which is very important to take into account for the health of the skin when buying the best illuminator. 

In relation to its presentation, at first glance it looks like a normal highlighter, but its benefits go beyond when applying makeup.

If the description of the product does not convince you and you are still wondering which highlighter to buy, we can help you with the following pros and cons.


Packaging: The packaging is compact (2.3 x 2.3 x 13 cm), so you can take it everywhere.

Finishes: Leaves a velvety and radiant finish, with a soft pearlescent and luminous veil.

Uniformity: The product can be spread easily due to its texture, avoiding overloading some areas.

Cruelty-free: This brand is characterized by being a cruelty-free company, since its products are not tested on animals.


Price: It is the most expensive product on our list. However, its finishes and quality are of quality according to the opinions of the users.

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Nars Highlighter

7. Illuminating Nars

The use of a highlighter goes beyond the simple contribution of light, since thanks to their formulations they can provide additional benefits to the skin. Hence, Nars I0010194 highlighter contains ingredients that moisturize (Sodium Hyaluronate), condition (Vitamin B5), comfort (Indian Frankincense), and provide antioxidant (Polar Berry) and anti-inflammatory properties to our skin. Another advantage is that it can be used on the entire face or on certain features depending on the desired result. 

On the other hand, this illuminator stays fixed on the face and is long-lasting; its texture is pleasant and easy to work with a brush or simply with your fingers. Similarly, being made up of pearl pigments, it looks great on all skin types. Hence, just by placing a few well-blended drops on the nasal septum, the tear ducts and the cheekbones, the good face effect that every woman wants to reflect daily will be obtained.

If you love showing off a bright and radiant face, this highlighter could meet your needs. Here are the pros and cons that it can provide you.


Concentrated: With a minimum amount that we apply on the face, the desired effect is achieved, having a good performance.

Quantity: It brings 30 ml so you don’t have to worry about replacing it for a while.

Format: Because it is liquid, it can be mixed with other cosmetics such as foundation or sunscreen to achieve better results.

Effect: In addition to the luminous effect, it provides juiciness and life to any tired complexion.


Blending: It must be spread quickly when applying it, because it quickly sets and this could make it difficult to blend it.

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Yves Saint Laurent Highlighter

8. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Illuminator

The Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Highlighter stands out from the rest, having a different and modern design. Its appearance is shaped like a magic wand or brush in a golden color, which makes this product not only attractive and elegant to look at, but also makes it easy to apply it to the face with precision, thus avoiding unexpected accidents. 

On the other hand, its formula acts by illuminating our face immediately, thanks to a unique concentrate of crystalline pigments, called Luminocaptides, which attract light for 24 hours.

Another attractive feature is that this highlighter is also a concealer for dark circles, as it covers and illuminates the imperfections of our complexion. Therefore, it allows to erase the evidence of a tired face, since it quickly captures the light. In addition, its ultra-fine, emollient and silky texture adapts to all skin types, thus guaranteeing a good result for hours. 

So that you can choose a highlighter faster, we present the pros and cons of the Yves Saint Laurent model.


Application: With a small click on the lower part of the pen you can obtain the product.

Design: It is designed in the shape of a wand, so it is comfortable to apply.

Components: Contains a formulation that combines water and silicone to provide great luminosity and coverage.

Packaging: Its practical container that resembles a pencil allows it to be carried comfortably anywhere.


Quantity: It brings 2.5 ml, therefore, with frequent use, it can be finished quickly.

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Accessories for Illuminator

highlighter brush

Ecotools Brushes to Define and Illuminate the Face

The Ecotools 1654 highlighter brush is made up of two brushes, made with the aim of sculpting, illuminating and contouring the face, highlighting our favorite features in a natural way.

Where, the Sculpt brush through its sharp bristles, allows to define and sprinkle the shadow in the areas of the face that we want to highlight or minimize; while the brush is used to gently spread the powder over the facial features that we want to enhance, thanks to its wide fan-shaped bristles.

On the other hand, we do not want to forget to mention that this duo of brushes is eco-friendly, since they are made with vegan and renewable materials, such as bamboo, which do not cause a negative impact on the environment.

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Shopping guide

The illuminator is a cosmetic that is not only used in professional makeup, but is also used to give a healthy glow to our face every day. In order for you to acquire a highlighter that meets all the parameters of quality and durability, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best highlighter, where you will find the main characteristics that it must have.

Format and formula

When making a comparison of illuminators, we can see that there are different types that are presented in different formats according to each brand. To choose one, you must first think about the type of finish, the comfort and the results you want to obtain from the product, since not all of us have the same tastes.

In the market we basically find four presentations that stand out for being popular among users, such as: Powder highlighters, which are easy to apply by means of a brush and their results are intense. There are also stick ones, these highlighters are more common, since they allow easy handling. On the other hand, the liquid or cream presentations are the most recommended to show off a natural and illuminated appearance. Finally, we have the pencil highlighters, specially indicated to illuminate the eye area.

Regarding its formula, most of the illuminators contain color reflecting particles with pearl pigments, which keep the light and provide shine to the face, some also contain glitter, for a finish with extra luminosity.

Number of shades and finish

As for the number of tones, there are presentations that bring a single tone, while we can also find highlighter palettes that have two to four. However, before buying a highlighter you should make sure that the shade you choose is suitable for your skin color. When you choose a palette that has several highlighters, you want to make sure that each shade works with your complexion, so that you use them all, because if you choose one that has a color that you probably won’t use, then you could be wasting your money.

Now let’s talk about the finish, each highlighter comes with some differences that are noticeable to the naked eye. Most highlighters offer a shiny, metallic look to emphasize fine lines for a dramatic look. As there are also others with a satin result, which provide a more natural appearance, because they add only a soft shine to the skin. However, if you can get a palette that offers you versatility with different types of finishes, you will have more options when applying makeup.

Skin types and composition

Skin types vary according to certain characteristics in each person, these traits are what establish the type of product that we must use to obtain good results on our face. For example, dry skin products should not be used on oily skin. Therefore, before buying an illuminator, it is necessary to evaluate our complexion, in order to choose the one that best suits. In this sense, it is advisable to use powder highlighters for greasy dermis and, on the contrary, liquid highlighters for dry skin.

On the other hand, you should not only be guided by the cost to buy illuminators, since before choosing an economical one, it is important to first look at the composition of the cosmetic. Some people suffer from allergies or lesions on their face that can be aggravated by the use of products that have compounds that are harmful to health. For this reason, if someone suffers from a skin disease, it is best to consult a specialist to avoid unwanted reactions or effects.

Type of container

Most highlighter palettes are compact, round, rectangular, or square, depending on how much product you’re bringing. Some have practical and novel designs, in the form of a magic pen or wand, which are convenient to take on a trip or anywhere. 

In any case, regardless of how much it costs, it is best to choose a type of container that suits your needs, as well as your preferences for the application of the product. We also suggest that you consider under what circumstances you will use it.

For everyday use at home, the material from which the product is made does not matter; but on the contrary, if you are going to carry the highlighter constantly in your bag or take it on a trip, it is essential to choose those that are made with robust and compact elements, to offer greater protection to the contents of the container, generally this applies to powder highlighters.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an illuminator?

The illuminator is usually applied after the makeup base, although it can also be used before makeup. For pencil highlighters, avoid excess product, as these have greater coverage; This is applied to the areas you want to highlight on your face and blends with your fingertips or a brush. 

Now, to spread powder highlighters, it is recommended to use a brush over the area to be enhanced, without going over the entire face, as you will have an exaggerated glossy face effect. On the other hand, you can also mix the liquid illuminator with the base, before or after makeup, on the features to be illuminated, blending afterwards with a sponge.

Q2: Where to apply the highlighter?

To have a radiant and well-lit face, it should be applied to different areas of the face. It first spreads from the septum of the nose to the center of the lower lip. then it can be applied from the top of the eyebrow to the cheekbone in an arc. Then, subtly mark each one with the help of the tip of the little finger. The lower arch of the brow is an important place to highlight, so the highlighter is placed under the brow and blended out. Finally, you should give a light touch on the temples of the illuminator.

Q3: How to apply stick highlighter?

Stick highlighter is one of the popular formats these items are available in. It is also one of the most comfortable and easy to use, since its appearance is similar to that of a lipstick and allows you to apply the product without having to stain your fingers. First you must spread the makeup base that you are going to use; subsequently, slide the bar over the areas you want to illuminate, to finally blur it with a sponge. So you can get a natural look.

Q4: When do you apply the highlighter, before or after makeup?

This can vary depending on the type of highlighter you use, as some are designed to be used before applying makeup and others after. However, in general, to obtain a natural luminous effect, it is essential to apply it after the foundation. Because if it is applied before, its luminous properties may be overshadowed by other cosmetics. In the same way, remember to use it when you have already done all your makeup, so that you give it the extra touch of light that completes and enhances all your features.

Q5: Which highlighter is best for fair skin?

When we choose an illuminator, it is important to choose one that suits the tone of our complexion, since all illuminators are available in the market in different colors and therefore they are not the same. For fair skin, also known as diaphanous or porcelain, typical of redheads or blondes, it is essential to choose highlighters that provide a subtle pearlescent and pearly tone that enhances a natural look. Because of this, you can choose highlighters in neutral colors, such as medium/tan, rose gold, or champagne.

Q6: How to remove the illuminator?

To remove the highlighter from our face, we do not have to follow a rigorous and difficult process; you just have to follow your normal daily routine to remove your makeup. First, we have to wash the face with a soap that is suitable for our skin type, with this step we will remove most of the accumulated makeup. Then, on a cotton pad, pl

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