The 8 Best Rosehip Oils of 2022

Rosehip Oil – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the most used natural cosmetics, rosehip oil is one of the favorites of men and women for skin care, to reduce stretch marks and scars. And for this reason, we bring a selection of products in which two in particular stand out, one of them is the Kanzy Hair And Beauty Jo-Ro, made with 100% wild and unrefined seeds, to maintain its properties. This product comes in a 120 ml presentation and you can use it daily as a facial moisturizer. On the other hand, Cellularys Skin Shield Mos 001 offers 100 ml of oil with vitamin E, which can be used as an anti-stretch mark cream, as it acts as a skin repairer.

The 8 Best Rosehip Oils – Opinions 2019

Taking care of your skin with natural products is the best way to hydrate it, avoid premature aging and maintain a healthy appearance, for this reason we bring you a summary of the best rosehip oils of 2019, according to the evaluation of thousands of users, so that you You can choose the one that provides you with the greatest benefits and a positive value for money for your pocket. 

Pure rosehip oil

1. Kanzy Hair And Beauty 100% Organic Pure Rosehip Oil

Mainly used as a moisturizer for skin, hair and nails, Kanzy’s pure rosehip oil is a versatile cosmetic, as its antioxidant and rejuvenating properties make it the main ingredient in many homemade face care masks.

For its extraction, the cold pressing process of 100% wild and organic, unrefined seeds was used. With this, all the characteristics of natural oil are maintained to increase its effectiveness, without adding flavorings or chemical additives. 

The application of this product is very simple, just put a few drops on your hands and spread the oil on the face, abdomen, arms and areas with greater dryness. Also, it can be applied on scars and stretch marks to regenerate the dermis and improve the appearance in these areas, highlighting its rapid absorption into the skin. 

About this natural cosmetic we have observed some positive and negative aspects that we summarize below.


Absorption: This product is quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving an oily sensation. In addition, it does not have flavorings, being pleasant to use.

Elaboration: The wild seeds to elaborate this oil have been cold pressed, to maintain all its properties and the purity of the extract.

Applications: The wide use of this oil increases its versatility, since it can be placed directly on the skin, prepared with facial masks or combined with other oils and natural balms. 


Dropper: The design of the dropper could be improved to better dose the product, since it is not as precise as expected.

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2. Naissance Rosa Mosqueta Rubiginosa Vegetable Oil nº 246

If you are looking for a natural cosmetic to hydrate any type of skin, this pure rosehip oil seems to be a good option, as it is a vegan product that can be used in combination with other products or individually as a make-up remover or moisturizing serum. 

As the uses and applications of this product are varied, it could also be considered as the best rosehip oil to take care of the skin safely and easily. You should only apply a small amount after your facial cleansing and gently massage the entire face and part of the neck, always avoiding the eye area.

Similarly, the oil can be used as a base for massages if mixed with other essential oils, and combined with other natural products such as geranium oil to create a facial serum and reduce fine lines. 

Nissance is recognized for the natural products it offers for cosmetic use, which is why many users believe that it is the best brand of rosehip oil, so in this product we distinguish certain pros and cons that we summarize below. 


Composition: It has high levels of omega 3 linolenic acid and omega 6 linoleic acid that are necessary to maintain healthy skin and hair. In addition, it contains vitamins E, D and beta-carotene to moisturize mature skin.

Uses: This product can be used directly on the skin as a facial cleanser or mixed with other essential oils to prepare a moisturizing serum or used on hair and nails to strengthen them. 

Quality-price: This oil is available in presentations of 100ml and 250ml with a cost according to its benefits.


Smell: The aroma of this product is not an entirely pleasant perfume, but it retains its natural essence and does not contain chemical additives.

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Rosehip oil for the face

3. Cellularys Skin Shield 100% organic pure rosehip oil

Thanks to its anti-aging effect and high content of vitamin E, this product is widely used for facial care and the treatment of dry skin. Also, its ability to restore hydration in the dermis makes it appropriate to help in the disappearance of stretch marks, beyond being just a rosehip oil for the face. 

For this reason, many users recommend it, because its composition of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants act as a powerful healing agent, reducer of sun spots, and a hydrant for the hair. 

All these applications increase the versatility of this oil, which is obtained through cold pressing, in order to maintain all the qualities of the extract. 

Regarding the presentation of this oil, we can say that it comes in a 100 ml dark container with a drop dispenser, which allows you to use the right amount of the product without wasting it. 

Now we invite you to know the pros and cons that we distinguish in Cellularys Skin Shield’s rosehip oil.


Packaging: The 100 ml presentation with a dispensing dropper favors the application of the oil, without wasting the extract.

Formula: With the high content of vitamin E in this oil, its main use is focused on facial care and the treatment of stretch marks in pregnant women. 

Properties: This oil also helps in skin care, preventing premature aging, healing wounds and moisturizing the dermis, without leaving an oily sensation. 


Fragrance: The aroma of this oil is more pronounced than that of others on the market, something to keep in mind if you want to mix it as a base to create other balms.

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4. Babaria Rosa Mosqueta Pure facial oil 50 ml

Another rosehip oil for the face in our selection is this 50 ml concentrate offered by Barbaria, whose natural formula is distinguished by its ample capacity to retain water to increase skin hydration and, in turn, prevent the appearance of wrinkles. 

The way to apply this product is very simple, the face must be clean and dry to place a couple of drops with the dispenser and gently massage the face, extending it to the neck, while the oil is completely absorbed. In addition, in order to see changes in the medium term, it can be used day and night, keeping the product refrigerated, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Among the highlights of this oil we mention that it is one of the cheapest on our list and, due to the benefits of its formula, it can be considered the best value for money rosehip oil, so we invite you to read the pros and cons we distinguish in it. 


Benefits: This product helps treat stretch marks, skin blemishes and scars with visible results if used consistently.

Dispenser: The dispenser allows you to use a few drops and not waste the product.

Price: It is the cheapest on the list and has the backing of the Spanish brand Barbaria, noted for the quality of its cosmetics.


Packaging: Due to the color of the bottle it is difficult to know the amount of oil left, in addition to the fact that the lid is not airtight.

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Rosehip oil for scars

5. Organiterra 100% Pure Rosehip Oil 60ml Origin Patagonia

Coming from Chilean Patagonia, this product stands out for its high content of vitamins A and E and essential fatty oils such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, in addition to being one of the cheapest. On the other hand, it has a certificate of origin and because it is exported to more than 40 countries, it is widely recognized as a rosehip oil for scars, because it can treat old and recent sequelae of acne, sun spots, and even stretch marks. 

The process for obtaining this oil is cold-pressed from selected seeds of the best quality, so the resulting color is bright orange, a sign of its quality and completely natural origin. This is also a point to highlight, because by not having any type of chemicals or additives in its formula, the risk of allergic reactions is minimal.

As for the presentation, this oil comes in a 60 ml resistant plastic bottle, with an internal dropper that prevents spilling the liquid. If you want to know more about the characteristics of this product, we invite you to read the following summary.


Origin and validity: The oil is obtained from seeds from Patagonia in Chile, they have a certificate of origin and have a maximum age of 2 years to offer greater freshness.

Formula: The cold pressing process and without any type of chemical additives keeps the composition of this oil as natural as possible with high content of fatty oils.

Presentation: The 60 ml bottle with internal dispenser helps to use the right amount of oil for daily application. 


Absorption: The density of the oil does not help it to absorb quickly into the skin, and this is accentuated if you exceed the amount applied.

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6. SatinNaturel Pure Organic Vegan Rosehip Oil

Many users recommend this SatinNaturel product if you are looking for a rosehip oil for scars, since it is an organic product, with ecological certification and a completely natural formula that can improve the appearance of the skin with this type of marks. 

This is possible thanks to the high concentration of vitamins and essential fatty acids that this oil contains, since its seeds have been selected to obtain the best quality through a cold pressing process. And if you are wondering which is the best rosehip oil, SatinNaturel is a good option.

In addition, with the intention of preserving its properties, this product has not been mixed with any type of additives and has been packaged in a glass bottle to protect it from light and maintain its effectiveness for longer. Likewise, it comes with a dropper to use just the right amount and help the skin absorb the oil faster, without leaving an oily feeling. 

SatinNaturel is renowned for its line of products, including this rosehip essential oil that has numerous applications. Therefore, we summarize its positive and negative aspects below. 


Efficacy: This product acts as a powerful moisturizer thanks to the content of vitamins A, C, E and omega 3, 6, 9, and if used daily it leaves the skin velvety and healthier. 

Certification: The seeds from which this oil is obtained come from organic and sustainable crops, and the product has not been tested on animals, so it is an environmentally responsible essential oil.

Packaging: To preserve the intact properties of the oil, the bottle is made of high quality glass and protected against light, maintaining its effectiveness for longer.


Cost: This product is not one of the cheapest, its 50 ml presentation can cost 15 euros and the 100 ml one exceeds 20 euros. 

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Rosehip oil for hair

7. Vsadey Organic Rosehip Oil 100ml

When it comes to looking for a rosehip oil for hair, it is key that the product has a high quality and an efficient application system. Two issues with which Vsadey oil meets, which we analyze below.

This product is totally organic and is extracted by means of a cold pressing system, with which all the nutrients of the oil are preserved intact, without the deterioration generated by heat. The result is a completely natural oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids or vitamin C, among other components. Just what hair needs to look its best.

Regarding its applicator, this product has a traditional dropper. This allows you to apply the oil exactly where it is needed, without losing a single drop during the process. In addition, its presentation in a 50-milliliter format offers a good amount of product at a reasonable cost.

If you are not sure if this oil suits you, we will summarize its most outstanding characteristics below.


Nutrients: This oil is rich in vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids, with which to obtain adequate nutrition for the hair.

Cold: Cold pressing improves the quality of the oil and keeps its properties intact.

Applicator: The applicator is ideal for the oil to reach the base of your hair and give its best result.


Sensitivity: As with these oils, it is key to do a sensitivity test on a small area before using it on a large scale.

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Repavar rosehip oil

8. Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml

In a 15 ml presentation, this Repavar rosehip oil is ideal to carry in your bag or in your toiletry bag to have a powerful natural healing within reach. This product has in its composition growth factors that stimulate skin cell regeneration, accelerating said process.

For this reason, its use is indicated for the healing of interventions, recent wounds and old acne marks, since its improved formula provides elasticity to the skin, being also suitable for treating burns and irritations because it has anti-inflammatory agents. 

As for the application of rosehip oil, this product comes with a dropper that will help you use the necessary amount for the part of the body whose skin you want to regenerate, making a gentle massage until it is completely absorbed.

In addition, Repavar has an anti-aging line where rosehip oil is the main component to moisturize mature skin, improve its appearance and combat wrinkles. For now, we present a summary of the characteristics of this Repavar oil.


Potency: The concentrated power of rosehip oil and growth agents contribute to faster cell regeneration for wounds and scars.

Presentation: This oil comes in a compact container, similar to that of a silver lipstick with a beautiful and delicate design, ideal to take wherever you want.

Application: The dropper allows you to apply the oil in the right amount so that its absorption is more efficient. 


Quantity: It is the smallest presentation on our list, with a price similar to that of 50 ml bottles. 

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Shopping guide

If you have acne marks on your skin, sun spots or expression lines that are beginning to deepen, you should use a natural product with the efficient power to nourish and regenerate your skin. In this sense, we believe that it will be useful for you to read our guide to buying the best rosehip oil, where you will learn the most important aspects of this natural cosmetic and its benefits for your skin.

Origin and certification

By doing a little research on how this product is obtained, you will realize that the best rosehip oil comes from plants native to the southern Andes mountains, specifically those that grow wild or are cultivated in southern Mexico. Chile and Argentina.

Consequently, many laboratories have imported the seeds of this plant directly from Chile, for which certificates of origin are granted to corroborate the quality of the essential oil and its obtaining through the cold pressing procedure, as it is the one that best maintains the qualities, vitamins and essential fats of the product. 

On the other hand, in Europe there are organic rosehip crops and their quality is as good as those of Chile, so regardless of where the seeds come from, what you must take into account is that they do not contain any type of additives, flavorings or preservatives that affect its natural properties.


If we think about how much a rosehip oil costs, it is necessary to identify the presentation of the product. Generally, in the case of oil for cosmetic use, presentations of 15 ml up to 250 ml can be obtained. 

Regarding the packaging, some experts maintain that the best is the glass bottle with protection against light, which favors the conservation of the oil for a longer time. However, it is very common to get this product in resistant and light plastic bottles. 

Now, it is necessary to identify the type of dispenser included in the container in order to take advantage of every drop of oil and not waste it. In this sense, some come with a dispenser, while others include a dropper. Either of the two systems is equally efficient, just be careful not to abuse the number of drops to use, as it is always better to start with a few, gently massage the area to be treated and if you need more, extract a couple of extra drops. 


In any comparison of rosehip oils, you will learn about the different benefits and uses that this natural product offers for complete and economical personal care. 

We can start with its dermatological uses, since rosehip oil is rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as in essential fats of Omega 3, 6 and 9. All these components are recognized for their antioxidant and regenerative properties of the structure. cell phone. Therefore, the skin is the main organ that benefits, by restoring the dermal layers, improving the appearance of stretch marks, scars and the disappearance of spots caused by the sun or acne.

Likewise, this essential oil is used to treat expression lines, wrinkles and prevent premature aging, since the antioxidants in its formula have given highly effective results. Hair and nails can also be strengthened with the use of this oil, so it will only be enough to apply several drops a day to these parts and include them in your daily routine to notice the changes.

Among other uses, it is the base for massages with essential oils and its combination with other natural products to create cosmetics, make-up removers, moisturizing serums, handmade soaps and much more. 

brand and price

Like any cosmetic, the brand affects the price of rosehip oil, but since it is a natural product, it is normal to identify little-known manufacturers that offer high-quality oil, so it is always good to check the evaluations of other users. to know the effectiveness, performance and usefulness before making a hasty purchase. 

In this case, it is important to remember that the effectiveness of this essential oil will depend on your perseverance in its daily use, since it is not a magical product that with a single application will heal your scars and rejuvenate your skin. On the contrary, it is a moisturizing and regenerating oil that should be used frequently to keep the skin well nourished and help the recovery of epithelial cells for a younger and healthier appearance. 

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use rosehip oil?

You can use this product as part of your daily beauty routine. In the morning after washing your face you should apply a few drops and massage especially in the most marked expression lines. At night, you can moisten a cotton ball with this oil and apply it as a make-up remover, and after washing your face well you can gently massage the face and neck with several drops of the oil until it is absorbed. 

Q2: How to make rosehip oil?

Although cold pressing is the most recommended procedure to obtain pure and natural rosehip oil, there are also easy-to-prepare homemade options. You only have to get the rosehip seeds, that is, the wild roses that are found in forests and hedges. The best time for harvesting is autumn. 

When you have all the seeds, you should wash them a little to remove impurities and dry them well. Next, cut each seed in half and remove the edges. In this way the content of the seeds will be exposed. Now place these inside a glass jar with a tight lid and pour almond oil until all the seeds are covered. Then close the jar tightly and store it in a dry place away from light for at least 20 days. After this time, you can filter the mixture and pour it into a container with a dropper, so the oil will be ready to use on your skin. As a final recommendation, you can keep the container in the fridge to keep it cold and preserve its properties well.  

Q3: Which oil is better: argan oil or rosehip oil?

It is difficult to say which of these is the best, since there are more similarities than differences between these essential oils, since both have great nutritional properties and a high content of fatty oils that are capable of deeply moisturizing the skin, concealing scars and stretch marks on different parts of the body. Argan oil has tocopherol and phytosterols that are efficient against acne; squalene, a lipid that fights free radicals, as well as polyphenols and lupeol, elements that stimulate the production of keratin. Rosehip, meanwhile, is distinguished by being rich in vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene, antioxidants that prevent skin aging, in addition to omega 3, 6 and 9. 

For this reason, the two oils are widely used in natural cosmetics. Now, if you are looking for an oil that is less greasy to the touch, that absorbs quickly and helps you improve your acne problem, argan oil is definitely the right one. But, if you want to reduce expression lines, reduce the signs of aging and have velvety skin, rosehip oil will be a good ally to achieve this. 

Q4: Is rosehip oil suitable for sensitive skin?

Rosehip oil is suitable for any type of skin, especially dry and sensitive ones, because it helps in its regeneration and deeply nourishes it, increasing its elasticity. This natural moisturizer improves skin with dermatitis and, due to its regenerative properties, helps reduce inflammation of wounds and scars.

Q5: What color is pure rosehip oil?

Unrefined rosehip oil has a slight amber, reddish or orange tint, so if the one you buy is clear then it is not a completely natural product. Now, regarding the smell, this can also be an indication of whether the oil is completely natural, because if its aroma is of roses, we can say that the manufacturer added artificial fragrances. The true smell of unrefined rosehip oil is between the olfactory notes of acrid, that is, it is somewhat strong and pungent to the nose, even a little unpleasant for some people. 

Q6: How to use rosehip oil for blemishes?

This oil can be applied, specifically, every night on the skin spots that you want to lighten and on any part of the body. In the case of spots on the face from acne or a product from the sun, it is recommended to cleanse the skin well and apply the oil with a massage until it is completely absorbed. 

You can also apply it as a night serum combined with another cosmetic product to combat expression lines, or if you prefer to alternate your make-up remover with this natural oil, you will also get good results because it will help cleanse the pores and give the skin a more luminous appearance. 

Q7: How to use rosehip oil on the face?

The way you can use rosehip oil on your face does not differ from the way you normally apply other products. You simply have to place a drop of the oil on the tip of your index or middle finger and start distributing it all over your face and neck with circular movements. Avoid using too much product so you don’t end up with a greasy feeling on your skin.

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