The 9 Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants of 2022

Aluminum Free Deodorant – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Aluminum-free deodorants are an alternative for those who prefer to use products with a natural composition, since they have a lower concentration of chemicals and are less aggressive for the skin in the armpit area. In addition, this type of formula without aluminum salt is considered an ecological option. For example, Jason Tea Tree contains zinc ricinoleate, a compound derived from castor oil that is capable of absorbing odours. In addition, it includes corn starch for greater effectiveness. Likewise, with the aluminum-free Nivea Fresh Natural W2 deodorant, you will enjoy a sensation of freshness and skin protection for 24 hours.

The 9 Best Deodorants without Aluminum – Opinions 2022

Aluminum-free deodorants are a natural alternative that cares for the skin and the environment, since they do not incorporate aggressive chemical components. Here are nine products that users say might be the best aluminum-free deodorants.

Aluminum and paraben free deodorant

1. Jason Tea Tree Deodorant Stick

It is a purifying deodorant stick of 71 g, which provides you with a good amount so that you feel confident when carrying out your activities for many days, since it keeps bad odors at bay. In this sense, it is considered by some users as the best aluminum-free deodorant today.

On the one hand, it contains elements that absorb bad odours, such as corn starch, zinc ricinoleate and bicarbonate. On the other hand, it includes tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract, which have antimicrobial properties, to combat odor caused by bacteria.

We must also mention that this deodorant without aluminum or parabens has been clinically tested, so it does not contain other ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment, such as petroleum, GMOs, sulfates, etc. Therefore, it does not cause skin irritations and reduces long-term side effects.

If you don’t know which aluminum-free deodorant to buy, we invite you to thoroughly analyze some of the main features of this model.


Stick: One of the advantages of this deodorant is that it comes in a stick, so you don’t have to wait for it to dry before you get dressed.

Absorbent: It has ingredients that absorb bad odors, such as cornstarch and baking soda.

Safety: It has been scientifically tested and does not contain aluminum, GMOs, parabens or sulfates for added safety.


Shaving: As with most deodorants, this product can cause irritation when applied immediately after shaving.

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Nivea aluminum free deodorant

2. Nivea Fresh Natural W2 Deodorant

Many people have rated this product on the web as one of the best aluminum-free deodorants of 2022, since it has a formula with ingredients free of parabens or that can be aggressive with the skin of the armpits. In addition, the product has a light texture, so it is easily absorbed, while its mild aroma is discreet.

On the other hand, we have the issue of the presentation of this Nivea aluminum-free deodorant, which has been put up for sale in a transparent plastic container with a holding capacity of 75 milliliters of product. Likewise, it incorporates a white label, in which the logo of the iconic brand stands out, accompanied by the list of ingredients and advice on the correct way of using the product. The lid of the structure is threaded, which allows a quick and safe closure at all times.

Nivea is often named the best aluminum-free deodorant brand, and this time we’re taking a look at the pros and cons of one of their featured products.


Protection: This deodorant provides protection against sweat bacteria for 24 hours.

Freshness: You will enjoy a sensation of freshness on the skin, thanks to the oceanic extracts.

Packaging: The compact format of the packaging will not take up much space in the bag or backpack.

Content: Its 75-milliliter presentation is profitable, so you will not have to constantly invest in deodorant.


Alcohol: Because deodorant contains alcohol, it could be a bit harsh on sensitive skin.

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Sanex Aluminum Free Deodorant

3. Sanex Deodorant Roll on Zero Sensitive

It’s a roll-on deodorant, so it’s designed with a small sphere that can be gently rolled on the skin for safe and convenient application. In this sense, we must highlight that it is capable of maintaining freshness for most of the day and is specially formulated for people with sensitive skin.

This Sanex aluminum-free deodorant has been dermatologically tested and is 100% alcohol-free, so it does not cause irritation. Its vegan formula includes glycerin to keep the skin hydrated, as well as lactic acid, which fights bacteria and promotes cell renewal in this delicate area of ​​the body.

Thanks to its compact size, you can take it on a trip and use it on long work days if you need extra protection. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it is easy to remove with water and a neutral shower gel.

This could be the best aluminum-free deodorant of the moment according to the opinion of many users. That is why it is worth reviewing its pros and cons in more detail.


Protection: Thanks to its ingredients, it can provide up to 24 hours of protection against bad odors with a single application.

Practicality: It is a compact and lightweight product that you can carry in your travel bag anywhere without inconvenience.

Removal: It is easy to remove during the shower, with plain water and a little neutral gel.


Drying: Because it comes in a roll-on format, it leaves the skin slightly damp for a few minutes before drying.

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Effective aluminum-free deodorant

4. Greendoor New More Content Same Price Deodorant Cream

If you’re looking for an effective aluminum-free deodorant, you should add this Greendoor product to your shopping list. It has a natural composition that promises to block the bad smell of the armpits, reduce the level of sweating and, at the same time, provide hydration to the skin.

The product comes in a 50-milliliter cream presentation, contained in a convenient metal box with a screw-on lid, which allows quick access to the deodorant without wasting it. In addition, this container has such a compact size that you can carry the deodorant with you in the pocket of your jacket or pants.

Regarding the active ingredients, we must comment that the formula contains cocoa and shea butter, whose properties combat dryness, regenerate, soften and improve skin tone. Likewise, there is the babassu, a powerful antiseptic that nourishes and absorbs the perspiration generated in the application area.

This product has positive and negative aspects, which will be interesting for those who want to purchase a deodorant with a natural composition.


Presentation: Its cream presentation is quickly applied with the fingertip, which allows you to use a small amount of the product.

Nutrition: Thanks to babassu, shea butter and cocoa, the skin will enjoy nutrients that soften and prevent dryness.

Storage: The compact size of the container allows it to be stored in any drawer, shelf, backpack or pocket, without taking up much space.

Lid: The screw cap offers an airtight seal, which keeps the product protected.


Aroma: Its aroma may not be to everyone’s liking.

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Dove aluminum free deodorant

5. Dove Deodorant Cucumber Pack

Dove is a brand present in the personal care product market since 1955, which has been responsible for developing special formulas that adapt to the needs of different skin types.

For example, this pack of three units of Dove deodorant without aluminum of 200 milliliters, combines among its active ingredients ¼ moisturizing cream, cucumber and green tea, whose properties are responsible for providing protection, hydration and freshness to the skin. In addition to all these benefits, this product stands out as one of the cheapest in this list of recommendations.

Regarding the container used by the manufacturer, you will enjoy a metal bottle, designed to offer an ergonomic grip. The application method is by spray, which allows rapid distribution of the product, while the plastic cap protects the spray system, provides quick opening and secure closure.

Below, you will be able to know some positive and some less flattering aspects of this pack of Dove deodorants.


Aroma: Its aroma is soft and offers a sensation of freshness, which lasts all day.

Hydration: The skin acquires a healthy appearance and without dryness, thanks to the fact that the formula incorporates ¼ moisturizing cream.

Protection: Regardless of your type of sweating, you can enjoy up to 24 hours of protection with this deodorant.

Pack: With this product you will not have to constantly make an investment, since you have three units.


Aerosol: If you are one of the people who do not like to use aerosol deodorant, you will have to bet on another product.

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Aluminum free deodorant for men

6. Nivea Men Deodorant Spray 0% Aluminum Fresh Ocean

If you are looking for an aluminum-free deodorant for men in spray, which dries quickly, you could find the best purchase alternative in this model of the Nivea brand. Its aroma is made up of aquatic notes, making it a deodorant that leaves a pleasant and energizing fragrance.

On the other hand, given its formulation, it contains active ingredients that keep you comfortable for an average of 48 hours, fighting the formation of bacteria that cause bad odors. In addition, it dries quickly, which translates into practicality and, as is customary with this brand, the deodorant has been dermatologically tested, to offer a product that can be applied safely to the skin.

In relation to its presentation, it comes in a container without a lid that contains 150 ml of product, in an easy-to-use format. You just have to point at the area you want to deodorize, press the button for a few seconds and voila. 

This product deserves a place among your purchase options, given its qualities and the trust that the Nivea brand offers. Learn more about him.


Aroma: It is a deodorant with a fresh aroma and aquatic notes, so it could be appropriate for any occasion.

Protection: Its formula can control bad odor for 48 hours, being effective in fulfilling its function.

Quantity: The container has 150 ml of product, so the format is easy to transport in the backpack and take it wherever you need it.


Application button: As it does not have a protective cover, you must be careful when transporting it between your things, to avoid accidentally pressing the button.

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Sebamed deodorant without aluminum

7. Sebamed deodorant spray fresh PH body Perfume

Sebamed aluminum-free deodorant is a product specially developed to offer a double function on the skin, so that, with its daily use, you can avoid the appearance of a bad odor due to the oxidation of the cells on the surface of the armpits on contact. with the air Likewise, you will control the pH balance of said area, in order to provide it with greater softness.

In addition, there is the presentation of the product, which is a container with a transparent body with a containment capacity for 75 milliliters of deodorant. In the mouth, it incorporates a spray mechanism that allows a uniform application on the armpit, while the lid provides a secure closure, to keep the sprayer protected in the event of an unexpected fall. Likewise, the compact size of the product stands out, suitable for carrying it in a backpack or bag.

Let’s learn more about this aluminum-free deodorant formulated to balance the skin’s pH and protect against bad odors.


Application: Thanks to the built-in spray, you can apply the deodorant evenly and in a single pass.

Packaging: Its compact format packaging is easy to handle and store.

Protection: The deodorant eliminates the probability of a bad odor appearing, a product of the oxidation of the cells.

Lid: An easy-release lid is incorporated, so you can access the spray without inconvenience.


Moisture: You may have to wait a few seconds for the product to dry on your skin, but it’s really a short time.

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Other products

8. Vichy Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick

Commented as the best price-quality aluminum-free deodorant, this product stands out, whose formula is free of alcohol, artificial scents, colorants and preservatives, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

In addition, this deodorant incorporates zinc ricinoleate, a mineral extracted from castor oil, responsible for encapsulating the molecules generated during the perspiration process, just before coming into contact with the air. In this way, you avoid bad odors in the armpit area. Likewise, some moisturizing and soothing agents for irritations are added to the formula.

Finally, you will be interested to know that the 40-milligram presentation of this product has been provided with a convenient stick applicator, which helps save deodorant with each use. For its part, the lid with pressure closure is easy to handle and the container has a compact size.

This is a product considered among the cheapest deodorants in this selection, the details of which we explain right away. 


Application: Its stick applicator allows you to save deodorant in each of the uses given to the product.

Ricinoleate: Thanks to this ingredient, it is possible to block the action of odor molecules generated through perspiration.

No Residue: You won’t have to worry about residue as the deodorant leaves a clear appearance.

Aroma: The product has a neutral aroma, suitable for people with respiratory allergies.


Protection: If you exceed the stipulated protection time, bad odors could appear in the armpits.

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9. Lactovit Extra Effective Deodorant 

This deodorant has been formulated to help repair the skin of the armpits, so that you notice greater softness with each application, all this while protecting against bad odours. This is thanks to the fact that it has essential milk ingredients, which are of natural origin and are easily degraded to reduce the environmental impact.

It can be a good option for people with dry skin, since it does not contain alcohol or aluminum, while increasing moisture to avoid irritation. Also, it is good to point out that the manufacturer calculates about 48 hours of protection, so it is not necessary to apply it several times a day.

This product belongs to the LactoUrea range, which combines lactic acid with Pure Urea, two components that have a moisturizing and keratolytic effect. This is why this deodorant is used to heal scaly skin.

If you don’t know which is the best deodorant without aluminum, you should analyze in more detail the positive and negative characteristics of this model before making a decision.


Repairer: Combines pure urea with lactic acid, to progressively repair irritated skin caused by strong deodorants.

Moisturizer: This product is recommended for users with dry skin, since it incorporates milk ingredients that moisturize the armpits.

Protection: It is capable of protecting against unpleasant odors for up to 48 hours for greater peace of mind.


Smell: It may happen that, for some people, it is not a very effective product.

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Shopping guide

Every day, men and women use different types of deodorants to counteract the effects of sweating. However, not all of these products offer the same amount of protection and care for the skin, so it is important to know how to select them. Here’s a guide to buying the best aluminum-free deodorant.

Application Method

The method of application of the product is an aspect of interest that cannot be ignored in any comparison of aluminum-free deodorants, since there are several presentations in stick, cream and spray.

For example, the stick deodorant is a classic presentation present in the purchase catalog of the different brands, whose application is made directly on the armpit, which allows maximum savings of the product. To do this, the container incorporates a lower mechanism, generally composed of a wheel that, when turned, causes the deodorant stick to come out progressively.

On the other hand, there are cream deodorants, which must be applied with the help of the fingertips, while if you bet on a spray product, you will only have to point the sprayer at the armpit, keeping a distance of one or two centimeters, to press said mechanism and apply the deodorant in one pass.

These are three totally intuitive application methods, which you can carry out in less than a minute and whose selection will depend on the taste of each person.


Aluminum-free deodorants have a special natural composition, free of some chemical chains that, with constant use, deteriorate the skin. However, such variation in ingredients could influence how much the product costs. In this sense, it should be kept in mind that, more than an expense, it is an investment that you are making in favor of your personal hygiene, since these types of products are functional and, therefore, eliminate bad odors and benefit the care of the skin. In addition, its formulas are kind to the environment.

The ingredients are usually varied, so you can find deodorants enriched with natural oils and extracts, which penetrate the pores and deeply nourish the delicate skin of the armpits. Likewise, there are compositions based on babassu, shea butter and cocoa, whose function is antibacterial and, at the same time, softens and prevents the appearance of dryness. 

On the other hand, there are the active ingredients such as alum and zinc ricinoleate, which are the minerals responsible for blocking the action of the molecules generated during the perspiration process that, when in contact with the air, produce the bad smell in the armpits..

Whatever the combination of ingredients, the important thing is that they are completely natural and suitable for any skin type, especially those with a sensitive tendency.


The issue of the packaging in which aluminum-free deodorants are sold is usually an aspect that many buyers let go unnoticed, but in reality it is of great importance. This is because people usually carry these types of products with them when they go to the gym or on excursions. Therefore, the ideal is for it to be a compact structure, which can be placed in any trouser pocket or backpack, without taking up so much space.

Generally, aluminum-free deodorants have small-sized and ergonomically designed containers that allow a quick and safe grip. For example, in the market we can find deodorants with a metal bottle format, which are the largest; other models are rectangular or cylindrical and can be easily stored without causing discomfort; while, those that are shaped like a jar, fit in the palm of your hand. All of them with their respective screw or pressure cap.

aroma and texture

It is not just about purchasing a cheap aluminum-free deodorant, because if it does not have the desired aroma and a light texture when applied, then the purchase cannot be considered successful.

In this sense, it is important to ensure that the product has a fragrance that transmits freshness and, depending on the taste of the person, the perfume could be intense or soft. Similarly, there are deodorants with a neutral odor, especially for those who are sensitive to aromas.

With regard to the texture of the skin after applying the deodorant, the ideal is for the product to be absorbed quickly, leaving no residue or white spots that are not visually pleasing.

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