The 9 Best Anti-Cellulite Creams of 2022

Anti-cellulite cream – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Anti-cellulite creams fulfill the function of eliminating fatty acids by activating them or accelerating cell metabolism, which allows said adipose tissue to be dissolved. In the same way, the different components of this type of product prevent the fat from lodging back in the cells and, therefore, decrease its appearance. In this sense, there are many highly effective creams in the fight against cellulite such as Somatoline CN174046.5, which has a natural formula with ginger and caffeine, which reduces inflammation and decongests the skin. Likewise, with Elifexir Minucell you will be able to dissolve adipose tissues, while reducing the appearance of stretch marks and providing moisture to the skin.

The 9 Best Anti-Cellulite Creams – Opinions 2022

Anti-cellulite creams are highly effective products that not only fight adipose tissue, but also provide benefits for skin health. Next, you will be able to know the main details of nine anti-cellulite creams that, according to users, could be the best of 2022.

Somatoline anti-cellulite cream

1. Somatoline Anti Cellulite Body Cream

This could well be the best anti-cellulite cream, according to the opinions of buyers on the web, since it has a formula with natural active ingredients, among which ginger extract and 5% caffeine stand out. In addition, this product is positioned for having an affordable price.

On the other hand, the presentation of this Somatoline anti-cellulite cream is 250 milliliters, which is suitable for a treatment of up to two months, applying a generous amount on the buttocks, thighs or other affected areas, for at least twice each day.

The product has been dermatologically tested, so you don’t have to worry about the appearance of skin allergies or irritations. Its gel texture is easily absorbed and, being soft to the touch, allows fingertips to glide easily when massaging, while its minty scent is refreshing.

Recommended as the best anti-cellulite cream of the moment, you will find this product positioned whose pros and cons we detail right away.


Presentation: You will have a profitable presentation, with which you can carry out a treatment of up to two months.

Lid: The screw cap integrated into the container allows for quick opening and safe closing.

Aroma: Its minty aroma offers a refreshing sensation, which is pleasant to the nose.

Assets: The natural assets act directly on all adipose accumulations, dissolving and draining them.


Redness: If your skin is hypersensitive you should be careful when applying the product, because it could cause redness.

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Anti-cellulite and firming cream

2. Elifexir Minucell Tightening Reducing Emulsion Reduces Cellulite and Skin

This cosmetic product belonging to the Elifexir line has managed to stand out among the best anti-cellulite creams of 2022, due to the triple action of its formula with ivy, escin, ruscus, carnitine and caffeine. In this way, you will be able to treat fat accumulations in the buttocks, thighs and lower legs, while firming the skin and providing it with the necessary hydration for an appearance full of life.

On the other hand, this anti-cellulite and firming cream has been marketed in a plastic container with a capacity to contain 200 milliliters of product. The cap is easy to release and incorporates a reduced mouthpiece, which allows you to apply the right amount of cream, in order not to waste a single drop. In addition, it should be noted that the cream has a light and smooth texture, which is easily absorbed without leaving an uncomfortable feeling on the skin.

Elifexir is commented as the best brand of anti-cellulite creams and, next, we explain more about the advantages and disadvantages of one of its products.


Packaging: Its compact packaging does not take up much space, so you can take it to the gym or when traveling.

Assets: The combination of carnitine and caffeine acts on fat cells, reducing them.

Applicator: Thanks to the reduced mouthpiece, you will not waste a single drop of cream.

Absorption: The product is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling, due to its light body.


Results: You may not get immediate results, so you must be consistent with the application and use the cream for several months.

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Reducing anti-cellulite cream

3. Nissòlia Fat Burning Anti-Cellulite Cream Slimming Treatment

Many people agree that this product could answer the question of which is the best anti-cellulite cream, since it has a natural formula, made up of a series of plant extracts and various essential oils, responsible for nourishing, hydrating and restoring the elasticity to the skin.

Likewise, these ingredients fulfill the function of stimulating blood microcirculation, which accelerates the oxygenation process and provides an effective drainage of dissolved fat. Also, this reducing and firming anti-cellulite cream offers antioxidant properties, thanks to the incorporated vitamin E.

On the other hand, there is the issue of product presentation, in a 200-milliliter plastic jar with a wide mouth, so you can quickly extract the cream; and its screw cap will keep the cream protected from light and external moisture.

If you have not decided which anti-cellulite cream to buy, you should review the details of this product.


Respectful of the environment: You will not have to worry about damaging the environment, because the product is free of petrolatum, parabens or paraffin.

Antioxidant: You will enjoy the antioxidant action on the skin, thanks to the incorporated vitamin E.

Formula: Its formula contains plant extracts and essential oils that nourish, repair and moisturize the skin.

Container: The spacious mouth of the container allows easy access to the cream to apply it.


Sensation of heat: You may experience a slight sensation of warmth on the skin, but this is part of the action of the cream.

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Shiseido anti-cellulite cream

4. Shiseido Advanced Body Creator Gel Cream

Shiseido anti-cellulite cream has managed to capture the attention of thousands of buyers, because it combines ingredients with active properties that fight cellulite, reduce measurements and reduce the appearance of orange peel skin on the dermis.

It is a product that, after penetrating the pores, quickly converts the accumulated neutral fat into free fatty acid, which is subsequently burned and drained. All this, thanks to the action of the caffeine complex and the Asian mushroom extract, while the grapefruit oil, together with the western hawthorn, prevent the proliferation of adipose tissue. For its part, the extract of fagus sylvatica favors the production of collagen.

The cream has been packaged in a small pink jar with a capacity of 200 milliliters, which could last for a month’s treatment. The screw cap, for its part, allows a quick opening and, in turn, a safe closing.

Next, you will be able to know the pros and cons of an anti-cellulite cream that helps you shape your waist, buttocks and thighs.


Container: The plastic container is compact and light, so you can carry it in your bag or backpack.

Effect: With this product you combat cellulite and at the same time reduce measures in the applied area.

Aroma: Its citrus fragrance helps secrete the hormone and neurotransmitter known as norepinephrine, which helps burn fat.


Absorption: There are those who comment that the texture of the cream is very dense, so it may take time to be absorbed.

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Elancyl anti-cellulite cream

5. Elancyl Slim Design Rebel Cellulite Standard

Elancyl is a well-known cosmetic laboratory of French origin, present on the market since 1971. This time, it presents an anti-cellulite cream that promises to dissolve localized fat deposits on the buttocks, thighs and lower legs. 

In addition, its formula with a caffeine complex helps to drain, reduce inflammation and detoxify the skin, while the other components and natural extracts allow the affected area to be reaffirmed and hydrated. In this sense, it is possible to smooth the dermis, gradually eliminating the well-known orange peel skin.

In addition, the Elancyl anti-cellulite cream has a profitable presentation of 200 milliliters, contained in a cylindrical container made of BPA-free plastic, so you will not have to worry about the release of contaminating particles in the product. In addition, the container has a format of 20 centimeters high, which is easy to handle and store, due to its compact size.

Let us know more details about this anti-cellulite cream with caffeine complex, which has been clinically tested.


Results: By constantly applying the product for 10 days, you will begin to appreciate firmer and smoother skin.

Active ingredients: The natural active ingredients of cecropia extract and caffeine act directly on the adipose tissues.

Applicator: The mouth of the container was reduced to apply the exact amount of product.

Texture: You can easily massage the cream, thanks to its soft and light texture.


Instructions for use: Instructions in Spanish are missing, but you can access the brand’s website and translate the information.

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Natural anti-cellulite cream

6. Fysio Anti-Cellulite Cream with Organic Beeswax

Cracked and dry skin is usually more susceptible to the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, so it is advisable to apply a cosmetic product on it that provides moisture, eliminates the adipose tissue that causes cellulite and helps nourish it. In this sense, the ideal is to acquire a natural anti-cellulite cream, whose composition is free of chemical substances that, with constant use, end up causing some type of irritation.

A product that meets these requirements is the present cream from Fysio laboratories, which integrates caffeine, beeswax, olive oil and cinnamon into its formula. These are organic ingredients that detoxify the skin, deflate it, moisturize it and retain said moisture, so that it looks fresh and full of life. In addition, all these assets improve blood microcirculation, oxygenate, burn fat and drain. In this way, the product effectively combats cellulite.

This is a cream with positive and negative aspects, which can be interesting if you are looking for an anti-cellulite cream that hydrates deeply.


Hydration: Thanks to beeswax it is possible to retain moisture, to achieve a more hydrated skin.

Assets: Its natural components act by dissolving fat, improving microcirculation and strengthening tissues.

Lid: The container has a metal lid with a screw closure, which offers a quick opening.

Organic: By having a natural formula free of chemical substances, you will not have to worry about the generation of skin allergies.


Touch: The cream has a slightly oily touch, but is easily absorbed with a gentle massage.

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Thiomucase anti-cellulite cream

7. Thiomucase Almirall Fat Reducer

With the Thiomucase anti-cellulite cream you will be able to reduce centimeters, eliminate fat and firm the skin, since its organic formula uses the Gotu kola plant as an active ingredient, belonging to traditional Chinese medicine, also known as centella asiatica. 

This component has great properties for the skin, since it enhances the production of collagen and combats flaccidity by providing firmness to the tissues. Similarly, this cream incorporates other lipid-reducing active ingredients, which penetrate deep to stimulate blood microcirculation and burn accumulated fat, which will later be drained.

On the other hand, we must comment on the container, which has a cylindrical shape with a holding capacity of 200 milliliters, making it a profitable presentation. The pump improves cream application, so you don’t waste a drop of product, while the snap-fit ​​lid provides quick opening and secure closing.

This is an anti-cellulite cream positively valued on the web, which has a series of advantages and disadvantages, mentioned below.


Dispenser: The built-in dispenser allows a quick and precise application of the product.

Active: Thanks to centella asiatica it is possible to smooth the skin tissue and recover its freshness.

Absorption: Due to the soft and light body of the cream it is quickly absorbed.

Lid: You can easily release and adjust the lid, since its closure is pressure.


Massages: You will need to perform energetic massages with the fingertips so that the cream penetrates, implying that the daily treatment takes longer to be effective.

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Effective anti-cellulite cream

8. Neoline Forte Firming, Reducing and Fat Burning Anti-Cellulite Cream

With this 100-milliliter presentation of anti-cellulite cream, you can begin to combat localized cellulite in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, legs and arms. Likewise, it is possible to return the usual softness and flexibility to the skin, gradually leaving the annoying orange peel in the past.

This is an effective anti-cellulite cream to eliminate accumulations of fat adhered to the tissues, which will be drained thanks to the action of caffeine, a natural active ingredient frequently used in the world of cosmetics, which is characterized by having great detoxifying properties. 

Also, this is a product with a smooth body and easy absorption, which provides the skin with thermoactive properties, which produce a heating effect on the affected surface, immediately after being applied, which allows it to dilute the fat and, therefore, therefore, combat any type of cellulite in depth.

Next, we present the advantages and disadvantages of an anti-cellulite cream that uses caffeine as an active ingredient.


Container: You will not have to worry about contaminating particles released from the container, since it is made of polymer free of toxic agents.

Application: This is a suitable cream to use on any area of ​​the body that you want to reduce and firm.

Thermoactive: Its thermoactive action helps to effectively dissolve fatty deposits in tissues.

Lid: The screw cap provides a secure closure, which prevents loss of properties due to air ingress.


Content: The content of the container may be insufficient for some people.

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Nivea anti- cellulite cream

9. Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Cellulite Cream

Nivea is an iconic brand, which since its inception has been dedicated to skin care, developing special formulas responsible for nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing, hydrating, firming, clarifying, protecting from solar radiation, reducing measures, among other aspects. Its catalog includes the anti-cellulite line, in which this cream stands out, considered one of the cheapest on this list of recommendations. 

Among the active ingredients of this Nivea cream anti-cellulite cream are lotus extract and carnitine which, together, treat tissue adiposity in depth, dissolving this accumulated fat to later drain it. Similarly, they improve the elasticity of the skin and provide firmness to the affected area, which are generally the buttocks, thighs and hips.

It is important to mention that the product is considered the best price-quality anti-cellulite cream, and it is dermatologically tested and free of chemical substances that can be aggressive with the dermis. 

Learn about the positive and other unflattering aspects of this anti-cellulite cream named as one of the cheapest.


Actives: You will not have to intensely massage the skin, since, when the cream penetrates, its active ingredients act immediately.

Versatility: The cream is suitable for any skin type, so there are no limitations to its use.

Applicator: Its reduced mouth allows you to control the application of the product, so as not to spend more than necessary.

Results: After using this cream, you will noticeably reduce cellulite and firm the skin in a considerable time.


Absorption: The feeling of having a protective film on the skin may linger, which can give the impression that the product has not been absorbed properly.

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Shopping guide

Anti-cellulite creams are highly positioned products in the cosmetic market. The reason is that they are used by women all over the world, who want to combat the annoying orange peel skin generated due to fatty accumulations in the skin tissues. Here is a guide to buying the best anti-cellulite cream.


Anti-cellulite creams have different formulas, so their results on the affected area may vary, as well as the cost of the product. However, it is recommended not to base the purchase based on how much a certain cream costs, since we must remember that many times what is cheap ends up being expensive. Therefore, focus your attention on the benefits provided by each of the ingredients and keep in mind that, more than an expense, you are making an investment.

Among the most used ingredients in this type of cream is caffeine, a substance that helps reduce inflammation, dissolve accumulated fat and drain it. For their part, ginger and carnitine are responsible for reducing cellular fat, as well as other fat reducers such as beeswax, olive oil and cinnamon, which stimulate microcirculation, hydration and moisturizing of the skin, through a barrier in charge to prevent moisture loss. 

In this way, the treated area improves its appearance to become healthier and more vibrant. In other words, the orange peel will gradually smooth out. On the other hand, there are other natural active ingredients such as Gotu Kola or centella asiatica, whose properties activate the generation of collagen and firm the skin.


The packaging of the cosmetic cream that we intend to buy is an aspect of great importance, since it keeps the product protected from light and air, which are external agents that can cause the loss of nutrients and active properties provided by the ingredients. For these reasons, when reviewing any comparison of anti-cellulite creams, we can notice that the issue of the type of packaging is among the first characteristics evaluated by buyers.

In this sense, most manufacturing laboratories opt for plastic containers, free of BPA or other toxic agents that can be released and alter the composition of the cream. These containers can be bottle-shaped, with a format no larger than 20 centimeters high. Likewise, there are jar-type containers, whose body is more compact with a wide mouth. In both cases, an easy-to-open and secure-closing lid is incorporated, either with a screw or pressure.

Additional benefits

Although anti-cellulite creams fulfill the primary function of penetrating the pores of the affected area and burning fatty deposits to later drain them, it is also true that these products offer another series of benefits for skin care.

In this way, we can mention the improvement in blood microcirculation, the significant contribution of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, substances that progressively regenerate the skin so that it looks healthier. There is also the issue of hydration and collagen production, which are related processes for the skin to recover its elasticity, since the surface with cellulite and even stretch marks is usually a bit dry.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that another benefit of anti-cellulite creams is that, depending on their ingredients, they can help reduce a few centimeters in the area of ​​the thighs and hips.

texture and aroma

No matter how good and cheap the anti-cellulite cream that has caught our attention is, if it does not have a tolerable texture and aroma, then the purchase may not be the most successful.

You must keep in mind that it is a product that will be massaged on the skin, so the ideal is that its texture is light, so that you can spread it easily, helping the fingertips glide without difficulty. Likewise, these characteristics will allow rapid absorption through the pores, so that the formula penetrates deeply and does not generate an uncomfortable sensation on the treated surface.

For its part, the aroma of anti-cellulite creams is usually citrus, minty or herbal, which provides a feeling of freshness and relaxation. However, verify that it is not an artificial fragrance, since this chemical composition is harmful to the skin. Instead, try as much as possible to make it a scent that is the product of a combination of natural ingredients.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to apply an anti-cellulite cream ?

The first thing to do to apply the anti-cellulite cream is to remove dead skin cells, weekly applying an exfoliant that opens the pores to remove impurities. Likewise, before using the anti-cellulite it is recommended to take a shower, in order to clean the skin. In this way, the cream will be better absorbed and you will take full advantage of the active properties of the product.

Then proceed to spread the selected cream or oil to combat cellulite; but try to apply the product with the help of the fingertips and making ascending, rapid and consecutive circular movements. Thus, the friction will generate the necessary heat to stimulate blood circulation and activate the anti-cellulite ingredients, which will allow the breakdown of adipose tissues that, when dissolved, go to the lymphatic system to be subsequently eliminated by the body.

Q2: How to make a homemade anti-cellulite cream ?

There are many homemade anti-cellulite cream recipes and one of them is the one made with coffee. It is an active ingredient with great diuretic and detoxifying properties on the skin. In addition, its granular texture, when rubbed on any area of ​​the body, serves as a powerful exfoliant. For this reason, caffeine is ideal for combating cellulite or orange peel skin.

To make an anti-cellulite cream with coffee, you only need to have a glass bowl at hand and pour 300 grams of sugar, 170 grams of extra virgin olive oil and 60 grams of coffee into it. You must carefully integrate the ingredients until a mixture with a slightly dense and smooth texture is formed, which you can store in a glass container and refrigerate. Thus, you will have a considerable amount of product to apply daily for a week. Of course, keep in mind that to get the desired results, you will have to use the cream for a long period of time.

Q3: When to apply an anti-cellulite cream ?

If you have decided to start using some type of anti-cellulite cream and you are wondering when it is appropriate to apply this product, you will be interested to know that beauty specialists r

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