The 9 Best Bella Aurora Creams of 2022

Bella Aurora Cream – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bella Aurora creams have become a world reference in cosmetics, due to their products for the treatment of skin blemishes. With more than 120 years of experience, the brand today offers different formulas adapted to the needs of users. One of them is the Bella Aurora L+ with targeted anti-blemish action, that is, it acts on small accentuated blemishes on the face, with proven effectiveness in 6 weeks. On the other hand, Bella Aurora B7 offers anti-blemish care and, in turn, reduces wrinkles and imperfections, serving as an anti-aging treatment for oily or combination skin.

The 9 Best Bella Aurora Creams – Opinions 2022

If you want to take care of your skin with the best products, with a proven track record and recognized quality, you can use Bella Aurora creams to treat facial blemishes, as well as moisturize and protect the skin from aging. For this reason, we bring you a selection of the best creams from this renowned brand on the market. 

Bella Aurora anti-blemish cream

1. Bella Aurora L+ Women’s Anti-Blemish Facial Cream for Blemishes 

Using a Bella Aurora anti-blemish cream allows you to progressively lighten the skin with regular use, managing to illuminate the face and unify the tones. In this sense, if you have localized blemishes on your skin, you can purchase the best Bella Aurora cream in this category, the L+, whose concentrated formula acts as a local depigmenting agent for defined blemishes. 

Its presentation of 10 ml in a small tube with a nozzle allows the product to be applied with precision directly on the stain. In addition, its composition with enzymatic exfoliants favors cell regeneration, while offering complete protection because it includes SPF 15.

It should be noted that using this product daily for 6 weeks, a clear improvement in skin tone can be observed. Even so, it is recommended to use it regularly to maintain its effectiveness over time. 

This product has other characteristics that we can better evaluate in the following summary of pros and cons that we have made to broaden your vision of it. 


Targeted effectiveness: The cream acts only on the targeted spot, so there is no risk of depigmenting healthy skin. 

Application: The design of the container allows the cream to be applied precisely where it is needed. 

Fragrance: This product has a citrus aroma that combines orange, tea leaves, jasmine and some olfactory notes of spices, making it pleasant to use.

Treatment: For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to use this product for at least twice a day for six weeks.


Duration: The 10 ml presentation can only last for a month, also depending on the number and size of the spots you want to lighten. 

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2. Bella Aurora B7 Anti-Dark Spot Face Cream

If you already have the L+ anti-blemish treatment and are looking for a moisturizing cream to enhance its effectiveness, B7 may be the product you need. 

This Bella Aurora anti-dark spot cream is formulated for daily skin care, highly effective in depigmentation and unifying skin tone.

In this sense, you can have in a single product everything you need to take care of your skin: sun protection, anti-wrinkle treatment and spot lightening. In addition to regenerating the skin, it promotes elasticity and provides luminosity, which can make you look younger. 

To use it correctly, it is recommended to apply it in the morning and at night, with clean skin and without makeup. Start by placing a small amount on the forehead with upward movements, then gently massage from the inside of the face outwards, in the area of ​​the nose and cheeks. Finally, apply linearly from the neck and chin to the ears, always ascending.

This is one of the best Bella Aurora creams of 2022 and that is why we present you a list of the pros and cons that we distinguish in it. 


Skin type: The non-comedogenic and oil-free formula makes it compatible for oily and combination skin, as it has sebum-regulating properties. 

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid is one of the components of this cream that provides high effectiveness in the treatment of wrinkles and expression lines.

Texture: Bella Aurora B7 cream has a light and velvety texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving an oily feeling. 


Value: The price of this product is high, if you compare it with other anti-blemish and moisturizing lines of the same brand.

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3. Bella Aurora Bio10 Anti-Dark Spot Serum Combination-Oily Skin

Over the years, sun spots can appear on the face, the same thing happens during pregnancy when hormonal spots can remain if they are not cleared up in a timely manner. 

For these situations, the Bella Aurora Bio 10 cream has shown great effectiveness, as it is a depigmenting treatment thanks to the concentrated active ingredients that attack high levels of melanin and lipofuscin, also reducing redness and those marks that appear in inflamed areas. 

This Bella Aurora anti-blemish cream is suitable for combination to oily skin because it is oil-free, reduces pore size and offers a matte finish. The treatment must have a minimum duration of 10 weeks, allowing the results to be noticed after the sixth week if the application is carried out in the morning and at night.

For its effectiveness, this may be the best Bella Aurora cream at the moment, but it is better to analyze some of its other characteristics first. Here we mention some.


Benefits: With this cream you can depigment existing spots and help prevent the appearance of new sun and hormonal spots. In addition, it also treats common redness in some skin types.

Formula: Among its ingredients we can mention vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, so it also acts as an anti-aging treatment because it prevents loss of elasticity.

Fragrance: By using this cream you will be able to perceive a pleasant fragrance of rose and peony, combined with fruity notes of peach and cedar. 


SPF: This product does not contain sun protection, so you must subsequently apply a sun fluid, those with SPF 50+ being recommended.

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Other products

4. Bella Aurora Double Strength Anti-Dark Spot Cream

For many users, the American company Bella Aurora can be considered the best brand of anti-blemish creams, as it has a history of more than 100 years with products that have been maintained over time due to their effective formula.

Such is the case of the Bella Aurora Double Strength cream, an intensive treatment that uses different mechanisms of action to combat skin blemishes, with the combination of powerful active ingredients such as Calcium Pantetein Sulfonate, which acts as a bactericide, depigmentation and regenerates the skin. 

Likewise, the bismuth salt prevents photoaging and provides fast-acting depigmentation. For its part, Bearberry and Mitracarpa extracts inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase and offer antiseptic protection. 

The classic formula is maintained using lactic proteins to achieve an even skin tone, reducing melanin levels. 

If you are interested in obtaining this product, you can review the positive and negative aspects that we find among its characteristics, since it is the best Bella Aurora cream with a value for money.


Moisturizing power: In addition to removing stains from the skin, you can use the cream on dry elbows and knees to deeply hydrate these areas, clarifying them as well.

History: The effectiveness of this cream has been proven by several generations of women and men who have used it and continue to buy it because the original formula is maintained.

Rejuvenation: With this cream your skin feels more hydrated, fresh and illuminated, without spots or acne, thanks to the powerful ingredients in its formula. 


Application: This product does not contain sun protection, so it is recommended to apply it only at night. 

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5. Bella Aurora Splendor 10 Anti-Aging Moisturizing Face Cream

If you are over 50 years old and wondering which is the best Bella Aurora cream to help you maintain youthful skin, this product can make all the difference. First of all, its use of epigenetics stands out to create a formula that acts directly on the 10 visible signs of aging.

Secondly, the Bella Aurora Splendor 10 cream maintains its anti-blemish power, acting directly on the regions with high levels of melanin and lipofuscin. In this way, it depigments the skin and unifies its tone.

Consequently, the effectiveness of this cream will be noticed in the reduction of visible wrinkles, toning and brightening of the skin. Likewise, it favors cell regeneration, so that the epidermal layers will be renewed frequently, maintaining a youthful appearance and deeply hydrated skin.

To learn about other aspects of this cosmetic, you can review the pros and cons that we summarize below.


Formula: This cream acts effectively on all skin types, especially focused on the most mature. For this reason, its use is recommended for people over 45 years of age, regardless of whether they have combination, dry or oily skin. 

Broad Protection: At SPF 20, this cream also offers barrier protection against UVA, UVB and infrared rays.

Quantity: The 50 ml presentation offers ample use time, since it should be applied a little daily in the morning, on the neckline, neck and face until it is absorbed. 


Complement: For greater efficiency, you should purchase the Splendor 10 Total Regenerator Cream for the night, as this is the treatment indicated for the day.

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6. Bella Aurora Sublime Day Intensive Anti-Aging Cream

The dermatology specialists at Bella Aurora are dedicated to improving their formulas, in search of excellence and the best treatment to slow down the signs of aging. 

One of his most recognized works is the Sublime anti-aging cream that offers intensive care with the microbiome repair complex. This means that its function is to protect the microorganisms that are part of healthy skin and strengthen its protective barriers.

In this way, the immune system is strengthened, which is visible in healthy, luminous skin with no signs of aging. 

With the use of this cream, the skin tone is unified, lightening existing spots and preventing the appearance of new dark marks. In turn, it protects from the sun’s rays and photoaging, deeply moisturizing the different layers of the skin. 

Analyzing the positive and negative aspects of the products offered in our selection will help you decide which Bella Aurora cream to buy, and here we show you some about this particular model. 


Natural ingredients: The cream has among its active ingredients the extract of Galanga leaves from India, which allows better absorption of the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid present in the cells, to fill in the most pronounced wrinkles and prevent the appearance of fine lines. expression.

Protective action: Strengthening the skin’s microbiome barriers favors cell regeneration and protection against climatic factors, indicated for mature skin. 

Absorption: The cream is easily absorbed thanks to its velvety texture, and can be applied to the neckline, neck and face.


Daytime treatment: Its formula is suitable for use during the day, so you should use another product such as Double Strength for nighttime hydration. 

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7. Bella Aurora Vitamin inFusion Night Repair Treatment

Bella Aurora has designed complete lines for comprehensive skin care, formulating exclusive creams for day or night. One of them is the Vitamin inFusion, a night repairman that eliminates the toxins accumulated in the skin during the daily work.

In turn, it helps fight blemishes and take care of the skin to activate cell renewal. All this has an anti-aging effect that will be noticeable with frequent use of the cream.

To achieve all these benefits, the formula of this cosmetic has a mixture of vitamins, plant and fruit extracts, as well as an anti-aging complex that restores firmness to the skin. 

Consequently, each morning it could be perceived as brighter, smoother and more uniform, regenerated to face new challenges. The application of this cream can be done on the neck, neckline and the entire face for greater efficiency.

Next, we show you the pros and cons that we distinguish between the characteristics of the product. 


Care: The combination of vitamins in this cream enriches the skin, eliminates toxins and promotes cell regeneration at night.

Anti- aging: Another benefit of this cream is that it is suitable for mature skin, restoring vitality and filling in wrinkles from the inner layers of the skin. 

Price: This is one of the cheap creams in our selection with a long-lasting 50 ml presentation.


Fragrance: Although the aroma described by the manufacturer is of floral and woody notes, for some users it is not pleasant and they associate it with a very synthetic smell.

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8. Bella Aurora Tinted Face Cream with Sun Protection 50+

Bella Aurora has proven to her customers that she can offer them high quality cosmetics at an affordable price. That is the case of Bella Aurora’s CC Cream, one of the cheapest in its category. 

Its function of facial cream with color and sun protection of 50 allows this product to be used daily as a makeup base or if you want as a single product, capable of moisturizing the skin, reducing spots and maintaining a matte finish, while protecting widely against UVB, UVA, infrared rays, among other environmental damage.

The versatility of this product lies in the color technology that auto-adapts to your skin tone, so you can buy it in a light or medium tone depending on your complexion and see how it offers uniform coverage, inhibiting the use of makeup base if you want. wear a natural look. 

Now we mention some positive and negative aspects that stand out in this product. 


3-in-1 effect: With this cream you manage to attenuate the spots on the face, protect the skin from the sun’s rays as much as possible and unify the tone of the dermis.

Application: The bottle comes with a pump-type dispenser that facilitates the application, without wasting the cream.

Makeup: You can use this product as a base for your makeup for a professional look, or you can use it alone for a natural, matte finish.


Tone palette: A variety of tones is missing to choose the one closest to your skin color, because in some dark complexions the medium tone is very light.

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9. Bella Aurora Splendor 60 Anti-aging Cream

Designed for mature skin over 60 years of age, this Bella Aurora cream promises a lifting effect thanks to its redensifying formula with high-quality hyaluronic acid.

The combination of this element with natural extracts such as that of the Edelweiss flower favor the treatment of the skin to moisturize it deeply, increase its elasticity and reduce expression lines as much as possible.

For its part, hyaluronic acid also acts on existing wrinkles to smooth them, giving firmness to the contour of the skin. This will help you achieve younger skin, also considering that the face will recover its luminosity. 

Like other Bella Aurora creams, this one has a powerful depigmentation effect that acts on sun and hormonal spots, also preventing photoaging. Undoubtedly, there are multiple benefits that this cosmetic offers mature skin if used daily, morning and night. 

Now we invite you to read a little more about this product in our summary of its pros and cons. 


Concentration: The formula with double molecular weight hyaluronic acid increases its effectiveness on skin over 60 years of age, covering wrinkles and filling in expression lines.

Application: It is recommended to use this product in the morning and at night, applying it to the neckline, neck and face for greater effectiveness.

Anti-spots: This product acts on sun and hormonal spots to depigment the skin without affecting healthy skin. 


SPF: The sun protection factor of this product is low, so you should complement its use with a 50+ cream. 

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Shopping guide

Bella Aurora has been around since 1890 and its cosmetics have become a benchmark for the effective treatment of skin blemishes. The key to its success has been the development of dermatological research to understand how skin blemishes are formed, their reasons and how to treat them effectively. In this sense, Bella Aurora has a great line of creams and anti-blemish products that makes it difficult to decide on one in particular. For this reason, we summarize the most important aspects to evaluate in our guide to buying the best Bella Aurora cream. 

Type of skin

The first factor to choose any skin cosmetic is knowing the type of skin we have. In this sense, we can distinguish four basic types: normal, dry, oily and combination skin. This classification is related to the balance in the production of sebum in the layers of the skin. 

Consequently, choosing a face cream should take this factor into consideration to help you achieve that balance. For this reason, when making a comparison of Bella Aurora creams, we find a wide variety of products designed for the needs of each skin.

In this way, anti-blemish and moisturizing creams formulated for combination or oily skin are available, so they omit or reduce the oils in their ingredients.

On the other hand, creams for dry skin contain powerful moisturizers to restore moisture in critical areas, and can be used on other parts of the body that suffer from dryness. 

There are also formulas suitable for all skin types, whose action is specifically concentrated on lightening blemishes, without affecting the skin’s sebum production. 


Now, it is important to know what you are looking for in a face cream so that its formula corresponds to what you need. As we mentioned at the beginning, Bella Aurora creams are known for being a highly effective anti-blemish skin treatment, proven by millions of women and men who have been using it for a century. 

Thanks to the constant innovation carried out by the team of dermatologists at Bella Aurora, its formulas combine different natural ingredients, flower and plant extracts, as well as other elements such as hyaluronic acid and sun protection to provide other properties to the creams.

Of course, this affects how much the product costs, but it is not a cause for concern, since Bella Aurora cosmetics are affordable for everyone. An example of this is the classic Double Strength cream that comes in a good and economical presentation, maintaining the original formula used since 1890 due to its high effectiveness. 

Age range and proper use

With the development of new cosmetic technologies, Bella Aurora has formulated creams for different age ranges, with the intention of meeting the hydration needs of young skin and slowing down the signs of aging in mature skin. 

Consequently, some creams come with the distinction for under 30 years, over 45 or 50 and even specialized formulas for over 60 years. Each of them has the necessary ingredients to attack the main problems that they may present.

Likewise, you will see that there are creams that you can use only for the day and others for the night, as well as comprehensive care cosmetics that can be used twice a day, both in the morning and at night, for greater effectiveness. For this reason, it is important to pay close attention to the description of the cream, to know the correct way of application and to be able to take advantage of all its benefits. 


On this aspect there are several points to mention. Firstly, there is the amount of cream contained in the product’s container, which can give us an idea of ​​its duration. Accordingly, there are Bella Aurora creams in 10 ml, 30 or 50 ml. Some of them must be applied twice a day, so their duration may vary, being necessary to purchase more than one bottle to carry out the minimum treatment of 10 weeks, indicated by the manufacturer.

Secondly, we must look at whether it has an application system such as a nozzle or dispenser that allows us to obtain the necessary amount of cream and apply it with precision, thus avoiding waste.

For some models, the lid is simply removed and the cream is extracted with the fingers to later spread it on the skin, neck and décolleté. It is very important to make upward movements and gently massage until the cream is completely absorbed. At that time, you can use other cosmetics, if indicated, or go to sleep if it is a night regeneration cream.

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